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Update written by Shane

At Laura’s home, Spencer comes downstairs looking disheveled from a long night and joins Laura at the table.  She asks how he slept.  He says that he didn’t.  Spencer looks very concerned about something and Laura tells him he can tell her anything.  Spencer tells her that this is his first morning of freedom and that it is perfect.  The conversation turns serious and Spencer asks Laura if she has ever done anything wrong but didn’t realize it until it was too late. Victor ruins the moment by knocking on the door and then barging in without being invited.  Victor tells Laura and Spencer that there is something he needs to discuss with the three of them.  Laura receives a phone call from Jordan asking her to come to the PCPD as soon as possible. She plans on briefing her on the Trina situation.  Victor uses Laura’s absence to quiz Spencer on what is wrong.  Spencer tells him that Esme might be pregnant.  Victor offers to have Esme dealt with so that Spencer will not be tied down to her for the rest of her life.  Victor says that he was worried that Spencer would be obsessing over Trina’s situation. Spencer asks what he means and Victor tells him that Trina has been arrested for posting the video of Cameron and Josslyn.  Cameron says that he needs privacy and Victor leaves. Cameron goes over in his mind all the times that Esme refused to answer Spencer on whether or not she made the tape of Cameron and Josslyn.  

At the PCPD,  Jordan tells Trina that she is going to walk her through how this process will proceed.  Jordan tells Trina that in a few minutes she will be escorted to the courthouse for her arraignment.  Trina tells Jordan that she will definitely be pleading not guilty because she did not make the video or leak it online.

At Alexis’ home, Harmony is making breakfast when Sam knocks at the door and asks what she is doing there. Alexis explains that Harmony is staying with her for a little bit. Alexis tells Sam that Harmony is not taking up residence there. She is just staying there until Harmony can get her own place. As Sam leaves she tells Harmony that she hopes that everything works out for her.  She gives Harmony a most unwelcoming look making it clear that Sam does not approve of her presence there.  Alexis also makes a facial gesture that makes it look as if she is reconsidering the living arrangement.  Alexis tells Harmony that she just can’t get over how well she seems to know the layout of her home.  She says it is almost as if she has been there before without Alexis’ knowledge.  Harmony admits she has been there before.  Harmony flashes back to a memory of entering Alexis’ bedroom while everyone is asleep with a syringe.

At the Metro Court, Carly and Ava go over Avery’s schedule for extracurricular activities at school.  Ava tells Carly how much Avery loves her time with Carly.  Sonny walks up and tells them that Trina has just been arrested for making the video of Cameron and Josslyn. Ava and Carly are not having it, Carly says they all know who made that video and then she and Ava say “Esme” in unison.  Carly says that Trina would never do that to Cameron and Josslyn. Ava says that she works very closely with Trina and she wouldn’t trust her anymore if she were her own daughter. Ava starts to leave and Carly asks where she is going. Ava says that she is going to make sure someone pays for this.  

Sonny tells Carly that Josslyn has been his stepdaughter for many years and he says that if he hadn’t heard about Trina’s arrest from Dante he would have probably learned about it from the Invader article.  Carly says that if Josslyn didn’t tell Sonny about the situation that is not her business. Sonny tells Carly that he will take care of Esme.  Ava comes by Sonny’s office and she tells him that Esme framed Trina and that she is sure Sonny has already figured that out.  Sonny has of course, and he has already asked for Spinelli’s help in clearing up the matter.

At the Metro Court, Carly and Sam speak about Monica’s legal moves to have Jason declared legally dead. Carly says that she feels they are moving on to quickly.  Sam tells Carly that they have to try to move on.

Esme sits at a table at Charlie’s, gloating over the article that says Trina has been arrested.  Nikolas arrives and tells her that her new digs must suit her.  She says that the accommodations are fine.  Nikolas and Esme talk about Spencer and she becomes more exasperated as the conversation continues.  She finally tells Nikolas that she needs some fresh air. Esme is again reading the article about Trina outside Charlie’s on the bench when she is startled by an unseen person.  Esme is later seen being pushed into a chair in Sonny’s office by one of his men.

Sonny looks at Esme and says, “Esme, nice of you to join me.”

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