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So you want to give Everett a chance now?

Yeah, I do.

You suddenly seem so chill about him.

I mean, Steph, like I told you, I– I realize I’ve been– I’ve been critical of him, and I’ve made some unfair assumptions. And despite what you– what you clearly think, I can be chill. I’m chill. What? Why? Why are you looking at me like that?

Well, I’m obviously glad that you can be chill about Everett since I do work with him now, but it just– it feels like a . So I wonder what’s changed.

Hey, boss. I am just finishing up the response to Leo Stark’s murder charges. Do you want to take a look at it before I send it to the printer?

Actually, why don’t we put a pin in that for now?

Why? Are you having second thoughts about defending him? Because I assure you the readers are very caught up in this whole thing.

It’s not about Leo. It’s about you.

About me?

I’m sorry, Everett, but I have to let you go.

You’re firing me?

Yes, I am.

But why?

Again, I’m– I’m just not interested in selling you my half of the paper.

Yeah, no, no, no. You’ve made that very clear, which is–which is why you can keep your half, and I’ll give you my share of the profits. You get it all. That’s my offer.

Excuse me?

Yeah, I’ll be your silent partner. You reap all the rewards.

You can’t be serious.

I know when I say something like that, it makes me really sound like I’m in the %, but you know, honestly, I didn’t buy Gwen’s half for the money. I bought it to get rid of that pesky little problem named Everett.

Xander, answer me. I know for a fact that I’m doing a good job. You just told me that a few days ago. So what is this about? Why are you firing me?

Yeah, so Konstantin was able to catch up with the kidnapper and rescue my little girl. I mean, he–he put his life at risk to save her.

Sounds like he was in the right place at the right time.


Well, come on. Wasn’t it just a little bit too convenient?

What are you saying?

I mean, Sarah said that Konstantin was knocked out. He was on the floor when her baby was taken, that he had been attacked.

And not to mention my mom saw the kidnapper from behind. I mean, Konstantin couldn’t have faked that.


Unless what?

Unless he had an accomplice, a partner in crime.

But why? Why would he do that?

Well, maybe he’s like one of those firefighters who starts fires just so he can put them out and play the hero.

So you’re thinking that Konstantin arranged to have Sarah’s baby kidnapped?

Yeah, so he could come to the rescue. Listen, you know that I put him on notice the other day. I told him I had my eye on him, and I thought he was a liar. So maybe he figured if he saved your daughter, he could do no wrong in Maggie’s eyes ever again.

I hate watching you sucking up to poor little innocent Maggie who has no idea that you’re after her money. I just–I’m sick over it.

Oh, get off your high horse. You are doing the– the exact same thing! After all, we both know you’re only after Alex to get your hands on his inheritance.

[clears throat]


Everything OK here? Sounds like you two were going at it.

Um, Konstantin here was just saying–

That you’re only with me because you’re after my money. I heard. Now, why would he say that?

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

Mr. Meleounis here, whom I just met today officially, OK, for the record, has accused me of being a gold digger. Because I’m not sure if you are aware of this, but you are rich, and I’m not. And I have explained to him that we aren’t even in a relationship, but he seems to think that it’s highly suspicious that we are living and working together.

I see. So why is our relationship or lack thereof any of his damn business?

And that’s what I would like to know.

I–that’s kind of extreme, don’t you think? Konstantin faking a kidnapping because he’s worried that you’re on to him for lying about a tablecloth? Not to mention the risk if he was caught.

Yeah. But I got to tell you, this whole story just doesn’t sit right with me. I mean, think about it. The dude is a senior citizen, right? And from what you told me, the minute he volunteers to watch your little girl, he gets knocked out from behind.

Well, it could have been Maggie or Sarah. Thankfully, it wasn’t.

Sure, it could have been, but it wasn’t either one of them, was it? It was Konstantin. And then after being knocked out, this senior citizen leaps up, runs like the wind to chase down and locate this supposed kidnapper. Then he finds and subdues the kidnapper, retrieves the baby, but loses the perp. And in the process, he conveniently forgets what they look like. He can’t even remember one identifying feature.

Well, he had been knocked out.

Had he been?


And what was the motive, huh, for this mysterious kidnapper?

The–the police said that there was probably going to be a ransom demand.

But there wasn’t any evidence of that. As a matter of fact, basically there was no evidence at all. You said so yourself– no suspect, no prints, no sign of forced entry, nothing on the security footage. And yeah, I am inclined to be suspicious because I already think the guy’s bad news.

I think he’s charming,

Oh, Kayla, please.

Well, sorry, Steve, so do I. And look, I will admit, you know, when he first came here, and he was getting close with my mom, I felt like he was getting too close too quickly. He was giving her gifts and showering her with compliments. And so when she said that she was going to invite him to stay through Christmas, I told her to be careful. But now–

Wait, wait, wait. When did you tell her this? Do you remember?

Um, well, it was the day that Victoria was kidnapped.

OK. Well, do you think that Konstantin could have been hiding in the wings, listening in on your conversation?

Now he’s the Phantom of the Opera?

Well, I guess it’s possible.

OK. So when he rescued Victoria, did your feelings about him change? About him and your mom, about him staying for Christmas?

Well, yeah, of course. I mean I just told you how indebted to him I am.

OK. So if that was his grand plan, I’d say it worked like a charm.

You’re right. I–I feel a lot better about Everett and– and your history with him and you working with him. I just–I came to– came to my senses finally.

Just out of the blue, you came to your senses, and now you’re just fine with everything?

Yeah, I am. You know, and I just realized that, like, I’m not gonna waste all my time being suspicious and jealous. I can just do something about it.

Do something about it? Like what?

Are you dissatisfied with my work? Because you just told me a couple days ago how hiring me was the right decision. Circulation is up. Engagement is up.

I know what I said.

Then what changed your mind?

Look, Everett, you’re– you’re going to have an amazing severance package. I’ll write glowing references.

No, no, no, no. That’s not what I want. What I want from you is a straight answer. Why did you change your mind about keeping me on board as editor-in-chief? Xander, I relocated halfway across the country for this job; I uprooted my life. So I think I have a right to know why the hell you just fired me.

If you must know, well, I’m at a loss to explain it. It wasn’t my idea. It was my partner’s.

Answer me, Chad. What did you think you could do to get over your jealousy?

It’s just I– it doesn’t–I realize that it doesn’t matter to me whether Everett came to Salem thinking that you two were going to pick up where you guys left off. You know, maybe I misjudged the situation, and… maybe I was completely off base with what his intentions were.

Yes. Before the accident, I was going to propose.

Everett, I–

I know we were only starting to get serious, but it was maybe even a little too soon. But I–I knew in my heart that– that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. I just felt the same way when I woke up from the coma. I told you that my first night in Salem.

I remember. Everett, did you have the ring with you that night?

Yes, I did. But then, you know, you told me you were with Chad, and that– that changed things, obviously.

Chad, you weren’t wrong. I–I do think that Everett had hoped that there would be a chance for us.

I see.

But I promise that he knows now that there’s not, because I’ve moved on with you. What are you thinking?

Just that things have been, um, rocky between us lately, and I was worried that Everett would– would… take an opportunity because of that. But I know that I can’t– I can’t–I can’t blame people for my mistakes, and–and which is why I had to do something about it. I need to take responsibility for my actions. It’s that I– I want us to– I want to–I want to fix– I want to fix this. I want to–I want to– I want to fix what’s going on with us. I do want us to get back to living that wonderful life that we had before. If that’s what you want too.

Your partner? But I thought Miss Rizczech left town, that she was no longer involved in the day-to-day operations of the paper.

Well, she isn’t. I didn’t think Gwen even still read the paper, but apparently she does. And when she saw that editorial you did lionizing Leo Stark, well, I mean, she and Leo were best of friends once upon a time, but his most recent betrayal is still very raw for her. Therefore, your piece really upset her. Therefore, she called me, demanding that I let you go.

And therefore you had to give in to that demand?

Well, look, my history with Gwen is complicated, and this whole partner situation is tenuous at best.

Right. Well, I was just finishing up another piece defending Leo Stark. So am I safe to assume–

You are. Yes, it will never see the light of day. Look, I really am terribly sorry, Everett, about everything.

I don’t believe you.

Look, I–I hear what you’re saying, but I do genuinely like the guy, and he has made my mom so happy. And I know that you’re skeptical, but if he really did save my little girl, then I am obviously beyond grateful to him.

Which is exactly what he was counting on. Sarah, I don’t mean to scare you, but your mother is a grieving widow. She recently inherited a fortune, which makes her vulnerable to predators. And if Konstantin has money problems back in Greece, and if he’s willing to do something as brazen as staging a kidnapping in your home–

Well, if that’s what happened.

If that’s what happened. But I got to tell you, my concern has kicked up to a whole new level.

Well, if he did fake this kidnapping and he had a partner in crime, I mean, who the hell is it?

I don’t know, but I intend to find out.

Forgive me if I overstepped, but I heard this woman came to Salem recently and immediately moved in on and in with Alexander here, and I was– since it coincided with this sudden windfall, I was concerned and– for her motives.

Well, you don’t need to be. For one thing, Theresa and I started spending time together before any of us had a clue that I was Victor’s son.

Is that right?

Yes, it is. And in the interest of full disclosure, yes, maybe I… would have chased a guy for his money, have chased a guy for his money in the past. But it’s not something I would do now because I have too much self-respect.

She’s come a long way since then, and I’m very proud of her.

[sighs] Well, thank you, Maggie. And you know what? Look at Alex. Who wouldn’t want him just the way he is?

Well, I’m sure Maggie would quibble with you about just the way I am, but–

Listen, why don’t we just drop all of this and enjoy our tea?

That sounds like a great idea.

First, I must apologize to all three of you. I spoke up out of concern for–for Victor’s family. And I know that I have hurt you, and I’m–I’m sorry. I hope that you can forgive me, Maggie.

Of course I do. I understand you care about our family, and I appreciate that.

Chad, you know I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t want to be. But lately, and I hate to say it, but it’s– we felt like an old married couple.

Minus the old married part.

You know what I mean. It’s like we’ve been going through the motions of a relationship, keeping it superficial, instead of dealing with the whole commitment and relationship goals thing.

I know. I know. I know. Which is why I– I thought that maybe it would be good for us to be alone tonight, just you and me. So while Thomas and Charlotte are with Doug and Julie having a sleepover, you and I can start working on those relationship goals. Before that, though, maybe we can just try to enjoy each other.

I’d like that.


A lot.


You don’t believe I’m sorry?

No, I don’t believe the reason you’re giving me for letting me go. The investigative journalist in me says that you’re hiding something.

Well, maybe if you knew Gwen, you’d understand her, uh, capriciousness.

Hmm, well, I guess I’ll never have the pleasure. Good luck, though, finding content to publish in the paper tomorrow.

Thanks. And look, Everett, if it makes you feel any better, I really do hate having to do this.

No, no. It doesn’t make me feel better. I guess I’ll clear out my desk.

Well, thank you for the insight. I mean, I should be used to difficult patients, but this one just threw me.

Understandable. And you know, it’s always good to get another perspective.

Yeah. Well, I’m glad that I stopped by. It was illuminating for a lot of reasons.

Well, I’m glad that I could help, and I’m glad that Steve was here also.

Yeah, me too, although I am praying that he is wrong about Konstantin because my mom will be devastated if she put so much trust in someone that doesn’t deserve it.

Yeah, I think she would be.

[sighs] And… as truly terrifying as it was to have my child kidnapped, once she was back in my arms, and Xander and I knew that she was fine, I don’t know. We started to see things differently.

How so?

Well, instead of this warpath that we’ve been on with each other, we’ve just realized that what’s most important is that we both care about our daughter and each other.

[sighs] Maggie, thank you for understanding that my suspicions only come from the deepest concern for your family.

Uh, you know, I– I don’t really have an appetite anymore for tea and scone after that really big dinner. Do you mind if I just–

No, no. Of course not.

I’m going to go with you.

At least let me send you home with some leftovers. If not, we’ll be eating turkey all week. Why don’t you come into the kitchen, and you can choose whatever it is you want.

Sure. Thank you.

We’ve got lots of turkey and stuffing and sweet potatoes, beans, string beans!

[speaking Greek] Oh, Steve.

I didn’t mean to startle you.

If you’re looking for Maggie, she just–

Oh, no. I’m looking for you.

I’m sorry your time with Maggie got cut short. I hate to cause problems between you two.

Please. Theresa, Maggie adores you, and I’m glad you came along with me. You are not the problem.

I’m not so sure about that.

Oh, come on. Can you believe the nerve of that guy? (Greek accent) I am Konstantin. I’m a judgmental know-it-all swooping in from Greece. God knows why, but I live to insult people.

That’s–that’s a pretty good impression.

You like it? It’s good? All right. I got you. Ready? Bobby De Niro at the dentist.

No, no, no, no, no, no. Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t.

OK, all right, all right, all right, all right, all right. We’re laughing. It’s OK. We’re good.

[sighs] Forget about what Konstantin said, OK? At the end of the day, he has no idea what he’s talking about because he doesn’t know you.

Are you sure about that, Alex?

Well, I’m so glad that you and Xander were able to work things out.

Yeah, me too, for Victoria’s sake. I didn’t want her to grow up without a father. And I think if I’m being honest, I was just scared to trust Xander again, and even more scared that–

That what?

[sighs] That I might let myself fall in love with him again.

But you’re not worried about that anymore?

No. Well, we–we didn’t close the door on that. So I think we just have to wait and see what happens between us.

So there is a chance you could work things out.

What is it this time, Mr. Johnson?

The same thing we discussed before, Mr. Meleounis. I don’t think you’ve been entirely honest with Maggie.

Is this about that damn tablecloth again?

Not about that. This is about you telling Maggie that when Victor loaned you the money to start your restaurant, that he gave you a free pass, and he forgave the loan.

And that is right, and I am very grateful for that.

No, but that doesn’t really sound like the Victor we knew, does it? So I thought I’d look into it.

Look into it?

I just got back from Greece, and I talked to a whole lot of people who told me a very different story about your history with Victor Kiriakis.

You flew all the way to Greece to try to dig up dirt about me?

My wife and I care about Maggie, and we don’t like to see her being taken advantage of. So here’s the deal. I won’t tell Maggie about any of this on one condition.

Let’s hear it then.

You trot on back to your Greek taverna, and don’t you ever show your face here again.

[knocking on door]

What now? I’m just going to get rid of whoever this is real quick.

Excuse me. It’s not really the best time, Everett.

I can see that, and I’m sorry to interrupt, but it’s–it’s about work.

Work, what do you mean? It’s Thanksgiving.

Don’t worry. I’m not going to drag Stephanie away again. I just–I want to let you know that I don’t think we’ll be working together any longer.


I just got fired.

Oh my God. What–what happened? I thought Xander was thrilled with your work. He said so multiple times.

Well, apparently his silent partner decided to break her silence, and now I’m out of a job.

Gwen. No, it makes sense. You know, she–she likes to make everybody as miserable as she is.

Wait, wait. So–so what’s Gwen’s problem?

As I understand it, she and Leo Stark have bad blood, and somehow–

Oh, no. So the problem was with my PR strategy? Everett, I’m so sorry. This is all my fault.

No, no, no. Your PR strategy was brilliant. This is not your fault, Steph. This is a personal vendetta. I only came by to let you know this because I’m the one that hired you. So I don’t know what your position will be with the paper after this. You’re going to have to talk to Xander about that.

Oh, I have plenty to say to Xander.

No, no. Don’t give him a hard time, not on my account.

So–so who’s going to put out the paper tomorrow?

Yeah, very, very good question, something Xander probably should have thought about before he fired the person whose job it is to do so. But it’s–it’s not my problem anymore. I just came by to let you know, give you a heads-up.

Well, thanks. But what are you going to do? You just moved here, signed a lease. You just bought all that new furniture.

Figure something out. Been through a lot worse, as you know. Anyway, happy Thanksgiving.

Hey, good luck.

Thank you.

You are blackmailing me into leaving the country?

That’s one way to look at it, or you could see it as a way to improve your life circumstances. Because while Maggie looks sweet and forgiving, which she is most of the time, I don’t think you’d like to be on the receiving end when she finds out that you’ve been conning her.

Ah, Steve. I didn’t see you come in.

Hey, Maggie.

What’s going on?

Your friend Steve here wants me to leave Salem.

What? Steve, why?

Because he’s upset with me because… I lied to you.

You lied to me? About what?

You remember that tablecloth I gave you for your anniversary?


Well, the truth is it was not Victor’s. It did not come from Greece.

Ah, it didn’t?


But there’s more.

I bought it at Saxton’s.

Bargain basement.

Yes. I–I was trying to do something nice for you. I thought it might bring you some comfort. At least, that was my intention.

I see.

Come on.

Yes, yes. There’s more.

[sighs] Indeed, there’s more. When I told you that Victor, uh, forgave the debt to my restaurant, I– I was lying again because I– I wanted to spare your feelings, to think the best of your husband. And God knows, the man was not too generous with his finances, and he was not known for his generosity. But I loved him dearly, nonetheless. And–

As did I.

I swear, Maggie, everything else I’ve told you has been the God’s honest truth.

Wait, wait, wait, wait. Aren’t you leaving something out?

Well, what are you getting at?

Why don’t you tell Maggie about the kidnapping?

My head is spinning, honestly. I mean, so much has happened between Xander and me. Some of it is so wonderful, and some of it is truly terrible. And there just wasn’t very much in between.

I remember.

So I feel like no matter how hard I try to put my feelings for him behind me, I just can’t seem to outrun them. And at the same time, I don’t want to do anything to screw up our ability to co-parent civilly.

Well, it sounds like you have your priorities in the right spot.

I know that Xander isn’t your favorite person.

No, but I love you, and I want you to be happy. And listen, I remember when I tried to bring Steve home to my family. I mean, they did not want me to be with a bad boy. I know how hard it is.

I mean, well, actually my mom is Xander’s biggest fan.

Um, excuse me. Alex and I were having a private conversation. Besides which, you don’t even know what you’re talking about.

Surely you remember that I saw you and Mr. Meleounis talking right here just the other day.

Ha, ha. Yeah, he was just asking me for directions.

That’s what you said, but got to say, he didn’t look that lost to me.

You know, I know why you’re picking a fight with me, and it has nothing to do with Mr. Meleounis. You know, I got a text from my editor-in-chief at Bella telling me that you were trying to poach her away to go work with you at The Spectator. Well, guess what, you. I just gave her a big raise, so she’s not going anywhere. Good luck with that dumpster fire you call a paper.

You know, only an idiot like you would hire someone like her to revive Bella.

Someone like her? Now, what’s that supposed to mean?

It means that if I just inherited the kind of money you did that I wouldn’t waste a penny of it on a vapid schemer like Theresa Donovan. God, Uncle Victor must be rolling in his grave, knowing that his secret son has put all his faith in this worthless piece of–

Well, where were we? Not in the mood?

No, I–I am. It’s just–

No, no, no. That’s OK.

It was just– I–I feel bad that it was my decision that got Everett fired.

No, no, no. I imagine there was more to it than that. And frankly, those are his decisions to make. So even if the idea originated with you, the buck stops with him.

Yeah, you’re right.

You feel better?



Yeah, I do.

Hi, Miss Rizczech. This is Everett Lynch. We don’t know each other, but I imagine you know my name since you just fired me by proxy. Listen, I hope you don’t mind that I got your number from my, well, former copy editor. I have a few questions, and I’m hoping we can speak.

What the–

I think Theresa’s been insulted enough for the day, so why don’t you go ahead and apologize now, huh?

God, what happened?

Never. It’s all right. I’m fine.

What the hell?

Let’s just forget it. Let’s get out of here.

Let me see it? You need ice. Come on.

Oh my God.

Wow. Well, that was very gallant of you to just come to my defense like that. I don’t think anyone’s ever done that for me before.

Yeah, well, the whole knight in shining armor routine is a little new for me too. But you already had a rough day, and Xander got exactly what he deserved.

How’s your hand?

Oh, I’m not sure knights are supposed to say how much that actually hurt.

It’s OK, Mr. Tough Guy. Your secret’s safe with me.

Oof. Thank you. I hope you know that you are not the problem for Xander.

Oh, he’s got lots of problems with me.

OK, but still, the only thing that’s really eating at him is the fact that he always wants something that he can’t have. And he can throw all the little temper tantrums in the world, but he’s never going to be able to trade places with me.

Kidnapping? What are you talking about?

Maggie, I didn’t want to say anything until I had more information, but it’s very possible that Konstantin orchestrated your granddaughter’s kidnapping in order to score points with you and Sarah.

Maggie, I–I assure you that’s not true. I would never endanger sweet little Victoria like that. I had nothing to do with the kidnapping!

So was it just a coincidence that as soon as you were watching that little girl, some mysterious stranger just wandered into–

No, no, no, no, no, no– not mysterious at all. I know who did it.

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