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[ Relaxing music ]

Donna: Please, eric, you heard the doctor.

Eric: Yeah, yeah. I did. I… I heard his advice, yeah.

Donna: But you’re gonna choose to ignore it.

Eric: I’m gonna choose to ignore it.

[ Donna sighing ] Donna, I’m gonna live my life the way I want to, right here at forrester, creating and– and– and designing. And at home, in our beautiful home with you. Side by side with you, snuggled up in my arms. I’m not gonna be hooked up to a bunch of old machines and– and being poked and prodded. Not– no hospital. No hospital.

Donna: But what if the hospital could help?

Katie: Hospital? What? What are you talking about? What happened?

Eric: Well, katie, in case you’ve forgotten, I’m dying.

Ridge: My dad is facing the biggest challenge of his life, and I can’t be there to help him.

Brooke: Not in the way that you want. But you are there for your father, ridge. You are. You’re giving him exactly what he wants and needs right now.

Ridge: What does he want and need? Me pretending that this isn’t real? That– that it’s–

Brooke: Okay, look. I understand your frustration.

Steffy: We all do. We all do. It goes against every instinct to go along with this, pretending that everything is okay when all we want to do is just reach out and hold him and help him somehow. I’ll always remember it as grandma being, you know, the stubborn one, but… granddad, he can be stubborn too. We don’t really have a choice but to let him play this out the way he wants. Live his life on his terms. ‘Til the end.

Brooke: Steffy is right. We have to give this to eric. We have to keep pretending we don’t know.

Ridge: Okay. But rj said that– that dad almost collapsed today. If any of us had seen that, then what do we do?

Steffy: It would have been impossible to ignore.

Ridge: Exactly.

Rj: Yeah. I– I’m glad I was there to catch him though. That was good.

Ridge: We’re all glad. Not just today, but this whole time you were there, you were a steady hand, literally. We have to give this to eric. We have to keep pretending we don’t know.

Ridge: Okay. But rj said that– that dad almost collapsed today. If any of us had seen that, then what do we do?

Steffy: It would have been impossible to ignore.

Ridge: Exactly.

Rj: Yeah. I– I’m glad I was there to catch him though. That was good.

Ridge: We’re all glad. Not just today, but this whole time you were there, you were a steady hand, literally. You helped him get his designs on paper one last time.

Katie: Eric, of course, I haven’t forgotten. I was just worried hearing you talk about the hospital.

Eric: Uh-huh. Nothing’s really changed. Nothing. I’m still dying. Like everybody else on the planet, and, you know, just a little sooner for me, that’s all. But just because I’m on a– on a fast track for– for– for dying doesn’t mean I need to throw in the towel and then crawl into some hospital bed someplace. No. No, I’m gonna spend it doing what I love doing most. Right here, creating.

Donna: I– I get that. I mean, we– we actually– we get that, but– but what if spending just a little bit of time in the hospital will prolong your life so that you can continue to create for many more years?

Eric: No, no, no. Being in a hospital is just– that’s just– it’s just sitting there and fading away and being forgotten. I’m not gonna do that. I have this collection to finish. I have to finish this collection and that’s what I’m gonna do. I may be gone one day soon and away from this office and I’ll be away from everywhere, but I’m gonna create this and– and it’s a line that’s gonna go on forever, never to be forgotten. You know, give this place back to ridge one day and– and then it’ll be done. That’s what I’m gonna do.

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Ridge: You’re gonna be here, right? You’re gonna help him. You’re gonna put every design on paper, every last one of them.

Rj: Every single last one of them. And I’m gonna do everything that it takes to do that, dad.

Ridge: Okay.

Rj: Even if, you know, there may come a time when it’s too much for him.

Ridge: When it’s too much for him?

Rj: Yeah.

Ridge: Have you met my dad? Too much for him? He’s gonna do this until the end.

Brooke: I’m so happy that rj can be there for eric. But what about the rest of us? I mean, what can we do to support him? How can we be there for him without letting on that we’re aware of the situation?

Steffy: I’ve been wrestling with this myself. We can’t possibly keep–

Ridge: Can’t possibly what? Keep up the charade of– of saying that everything is fine? This– we could have quality time with him. Instead, we’re doing this. We– we’re here talking about it, wasting it.

Steffy: We’re gonna have quality time, but I don’t want to pity him. That’s the last thing he needs. I just wish we could have an open, honest conversation with him, as honest as it can be. So, if he’s here at the office, behind the desk, knocking it out, another brilliant design, then fine. That’s just as meaningful. That’s what granddad wants. That’s gonna bring him joy, then you said it yourself, we need to respect his wishes.

Ridge: Come here. We will. Okay?

Donna: You know that I want you thriving and creating, but this isn’t about sending you to some hospital room to spend the rest of your days. This is about going to the hospital, doing a few tests and maybe this won’t be your last collection.

Katie: Exactly. Exactly. Eric, you can’t stop fighting. You can’t give up.

Eric: That’s not what I’m doing. I’m not. That’s not– giving up would be curling up in a ball in a– in a– in a hospital room somewhere. Between the sheets of some bed, someplace. I’m not doing that. It’s not what I’m doing. I have to stay here. I have to stay alive and I have to finish my last collection. This is my life, this is my passion.

Katie: No one is saying that you have to quit designing. Everyone can see how wonderful this has been for you. But– but you can do both. You can continue to design and look for treatment options.

Eric: What? From a hospital bed? No. Work from a hospital bed? Some people can do that. Not me. Not me.

Katie: Eric, please. Listen to your doctors. Listen to donna. Treatment could give you and look for treatment options.

Eric: What? From a hospital bed? No. Work from a hospital bed? Some people can do that. Not me. Not me.

Katie: Eric, please. Listen to your doctors. Listen to donna. Treatment could give you more time with her. Isn’t that a reason enough?

Eric: That’s it. It’s reason enough. I– I– I love your sister. Katie, I love donna. What she gives to me– she gives everything to me. I’m so– I’m so grateful for that.

Donna: You could have so much more though, eric. Years to come.

Eric: So, let’s hang on to that, all right? Let’s– let’s live those moments that we have. Let’s– let’s thrive on that. Grab those moments and live those– live those moments. Please. Look, I– I appreciate so much how the two of you who have supported me through this, both of you. It humbles me, it does, but I’m the only one who knows how I’m feeling and I’m the one who gets to decide what I’m gonna do. And I choose– I choose to move on with my life, to design. This is– this is what I wanna do. You have to trust my instincts.

Katie: What if your instincts are leading you away from– from possible lifesaving treatment?

Eric: No, my instincts are not wrong. My instincts tell me to finish this. To finish this collection. I have one wonderful collection left in me and this is it. And that’s what I’m gonna do. I need you to both– I need you both believe in me. Please.

Katie: Yeah.

Eric. Please.

Katie: Of course.

Donna: We do.

Eric: Okay.

Donna: Yes, we do.

Eric: Okay. Good. Now, I need your help.

Donna: My help?

Eric: Yes, I need your help too.

Donna: Okay.

Eric: Here’s what we’re gonna do. I want you to model this dress for me. This– the one in the middle, the purple. I want you to put that on, I want you to bring it to life for me, all right? And I want you to call rj and tell him to meet us in the salon. He can see my latest– the latest forrester fashion creation come to life.

Rj: I just got a text from aunt katie, and she says, um, granddad wants to meet up.

Brooke: Oh, well, that’s great. Must mean he’s inspired to work.

Ridge: Probably thinking about his next fashion show.

Steffy: The next fashion show won’t be a competition.

Ridge: Right.

Steffy: It’ll be eric forrester’s originals in the spotlight. But what if he doesn’T…

Rj: No. He’s going to finish. He’s working day and night. He’s gonna make it.

Ridge: All right, then go. Meet him and help him finish his couture line. Go ahead.

Brooke: Yeah. Keep us updated. We need to know how he is.

Rj: Okay. I– I got to admit, I– I feel… terrible. I feel like I just betrayed his trust.

Steffy: No, no, no. You did the right thing. Not just for granddad, but for our whole family. Thank you.

Ridge: Yes, thank you. Now go. Finish your collection.

Brooke: I’m really proud of him. Everything he’s doing for your father.

Ridge: I know. That’s our son. Seeing my dad through this. It feels right.

Brooke: Yeah.

Ridge: We did good.

Eric: I actually love this space, you know. I’m surprised we don’t use it more often.

Katie: Oh, I’ve used it for a couple of events, press conferences, it’s nice. It’s more intimate, cozy.

Eric: Yeah. It’s nice.

Katie: Yeah.

Eric: I mean the– I suppose it could have to do with the fact that I beat the pants off of ridge at the fashion challenge.

Katie: That might be why you like it, yes.

Eric: Maybe so.

[ Eric chuckling ]

Rj: Hello? Hey, aunt katie, granddad. Do you– you wanted to see me for something?

Eric: Rj, we have a surprise for you. Stay right there.

Rj: That’s– okay.

Eric: Donna, we’re ready. Beautiful. The dress is very nice too. Very nice.

Donna: It’s gorgeous.

[ Eric coughing ]

Eric: I’m sorry.

Rj: Are you okay? Do you wanna take a break maybe?

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Steffy: Just tell me granddad will live long enough to see this collection on the runway.

Ridge: I would love that. But I can’t promise.

Steffy: I just wanna see him up there. He takes in the showstopper and he takes in the applause. Yeah, he should have a thousand more shows.

[ Ridge chuckling ]

Ridge: Let’s start with one, okay?

Steffy: I just wish he knew that we knew. We could tell him that we love him and that we’re there for him.

Brooke: Yeah. We all feel that way.

[ Brooke sighing ] But you made a good point earlier. We can’t pity eric. These are his final moments, not ours. We need to let eric do this his way. I’m just guessing that at some point, it’s going to be difficult to keep on pretending that we don’t know.

Ridge: Well, I’m sure the day will come when his condition deteriorates to point where… here’s what I know. This man is gonna stand tall as long as he can.

Brooke: Takes an enormous amount of strength.

Ridge: I know I couldn’t do it.

Steffy: Well, you’ve been extremely brave. Showing so much strength, holding us together.

Ridge: I think it’s gonna take all of us.

Brooke: Yeah.

[ Eric coughing ]

Donna: Okay, I think– I think we need to get some water.

Katie: I’m gonna– I’m gonna see what I can find.

Eric: Stop it! Stop it! I don’t want this. I don’t want any of this. I’m tired of it. I don’t want these long faces. I don’t want any sadness, all right? No sadness. I want– I want laughter and I want joy. And I want– I just got the best– I just got the best idea.

Katie: About a fashion show?

Eric: No, no, the funeral.

Donna: What? Er– eric.

Eric: No, I’m sorry. You got me wrong. I don’t mean funeral. I mean– I mean, uh– I mean, a celebration. Something that– that I can attend. The most wonderful celebration ever. A party!

Donna: A party?

Eric: Yes, a party with– with– with everyone. With all my friends and family and I can be there with a– with a glass of champagne, and everyone can laugh and have a wonderful time. And there’d be no tears. There’d be no crying and no tears at this party. Do you understand?

Donna: Eric, is that really fair? I mean, shouldn’t family and friends get a chance to say goodbye to you?

Eric: Yes, yes, and they can at my real funeral when that happens, whenever that is. And they can be there and cry as much as they want, but they shouldn’t spend a lot of time doing that because life goes on, and it should. This is what I want to do. And I would be very honored if you would do it with me, this final celebratory act of mine. The most– the most fun act I’ve ever had. A beautiful, beautiful celebration, and one final, final act. Yes?

[ Katie gasping ]

[ Eric laughing ]

Eric: Yeah, yeah.

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