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[ Relaxing music ]

Brooke: You’re a good son.

Ridge: A good son that can’t help his father.

Steffy: You talking about granddad?

Brooke: Talking about how difficult it is.

Steffy: Oh, I wish he’d let us be there for him.

Ridge: Well, it’s his choice. Doesn’t want anyone to pity him.

Brooke: He doesn’t want us to worry.

Steffy: So, we’re supposed to just act like everything’s normal?

Ridge it’s not normal. I saw his hand shaking earlier. Pretended like I didn’t see it.

Steffy: God. Well, at least he’s back at work. Now, we can see him.

Ridge: Yeah, I’m happy about that.

Steffy: I’m still not used to seeing you in the design office.

Ridge: Not my desk anymore. That’s part of the deal.

Steffy: You did the right thing, letting granddad believe that he won the fashion challenge and giving up your office.

Eric: So, any time that you slant the hemline on something like this, it needs to be very, very subtle.

Rj: Yeah.

Eric: It makes all the difference in the world.

Rj: No, it– it definitely does. I definitely wouldn’t have, uh, I wouldn’t have thought of doing it. I really like the way that it makes the edges straight.

Eric: Yeah, it does. It gives the fabric some weight. It– it grounds the dress. It’s really good.

Donna: Mm, signature eric forrester.

Eric: Yes, it is, yeah. She knows all my secret weapons.

[ Rj and donna chuckling ] And now, you do too.

Rj: I’ve learned so much from you, granddad.

Eric: And me from you. I mean, this is just a very adventurous neckline.

Rj: Oh, come on. The– the neckline needs work. Honestly. That’s what it needs.

Eric: No, it doesn’T. It’s perfect. Well, we can work on it a little bit more if you want, but it’s gonna come out just fine. Don’t worry.

Donna: Between the two of you, I have no doubt it will turn out beautifully.

[ Eric chuckling ]

Eric: What I’d like to do is to get a little more adventurous with the, uh, with the color. Maybe, um, a red, uh, a fire– fire engine red. Um…

Rj: Hey, are you okay?

Eric: Yeah, I– I think so. Uh… be good.

Donna: Eric, you’re pale. You need to sit down.

Rj: Hey, hey, hold on, hold on.

Brooke: It’s really selfless of you, allowing eric to believe that he beat you in the fashion challenge.

Ridge: He was so invested. He spent hours finishing those pieces.

Steffy: So did you, which makes it even more heartwarming.

Ridge: Well, that’s the least I could do.

Brooke: Thinking that he won this challenge, it’s– it’s meant a lot to eric.

Ridge: Yeah, I know. He’s thrilled. Now, he’s rubbing it in my face.

Steffy: He couldn’t be more proud of himself.

Ridge: Why shouldn’t he? It’s quite a collection.

Brooke: And it’s really made him happy.

Ridge: I– there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for this guy. Nothing. After everything he’s done for me all my life, and now, I’m just… sitting there talking to doctors and specialists, and… all I hear is “nothing more we can do.”

Rj: Whoa, whoa, whoa. I got you. I got you.

Donna: Let’s get you… sit down. Sit down.

Eric: Okay. I’m okay.

Rj: Let’s just get to the chairs.

Eric: Yeah, I’m all right. I just had a senior moment.

Donna: Okay. Just sit down, eric. Come on. You almost passed out.

Eric: I’m fine.

Donna: Please.

Eric: Fine.

Donna: Take a sip.

Eric: Thank you. Thanks. Who are you calling?

Donna: Your doctor. He gave me his cell phone.

Eric: No, don’t do that, donna. Don’t call the doctor.

Donna: Okay, stop. You’re not talking me out of this.

Rj: No. Let’s just hold on a second, hold on a second. Do you want some more water? Can I get you some more water?

Eric: No, I’m okay. I’m all right. Don’t worry about me, all right? I’m feeling better already. Look.

Rj: No, you haven’t been feeling well for a long time, granddad.

Donna: This is donna logan.

Rj: Maybe…

Donna: I need to speak with dr. Colby regarding–

Rj: You need to rest and maybe working on this collection isn’t good for you.

Donna: It’s urgent.

Ridge: Dad and I would always work together whenever we could, you know. And then, he started wanting to do his own line. I just didn’t pick up on it.

Brooke: I just thought he needed to prove himself like he’s still got it.

Ridge: Yeah. I thought the same thing, so I indulged him. You know why? Because I wanted to win. Because I wanted to beat the best.

Steffy: And you did.

Ridge: Yeah. What a waste of time, huh? This whole competition was just time wasted with him. I was such a jerk.

Steffy: You and granddad always had fun teasing each other, and it always came from a place of love.

Ridge: You think this came from a place of love? No. I wanted him out. I wanted him to retire so I could take over ’cause I didn’t know he was suffering ’cause no one told me.

Brooke: You understand why.

Ridge: I do. I– this is not about rj, and I know he has a lot on his plate. I understand.

Steffy: Yeah, definitely. And thomas and I are really grateful that you opened up to us. I mean, yeah, it’s still a shock. Grandad seems so vital and alive.

Ridge: He is, he– everything we have, everything we are is because of him.

Brooke: It’s true. Everything he’s done for all of us. His love and his support and his encouragement. And everything he’s done here, what he’s built at forrester creations.

Ridge: A patriarch.

Steffy: He’s always been a sanctuary for me. When I couldn’t talk to you or mom about something, I– I knew I could go to him. And he’d give me just wonderful advice and guidance and not just for me, but for everyone. I don’t want to even think about him not being here. I can’t imagine him being gone.

Donna: Okay. Well, um, dr. Colby is gonna swing by and check on you, and, um, thankfully he was really close.

Eric: Look, it was just a dizzy spell, that’s all it was. You didn’t have to call the doctor.

Rj: No, we need to get you checked out. That’s– it’s a good idea.

Eric: Yeah. Well, it’s just gonna be the same diagnosis as it was before, right? And this– this– this senior moment of mine was just a blip on that same diagnostic radar. It’s the same thing.

Rj: Granddad. Granddad. We love you. Okay? We both love you. We wanna make sure that you’re not in any danger. Okay? We– we’re– this collection? We– we’re gonna have time to finish this. Okay? And we’re going to.

Eric: Good. I like that attitude, all right?

Rj: Yeah.

Eric: Let’s do some work. We can get some work done before the doctor gets here. Come on.

Rj: No, no.

Donna: Oh, no, no, no, no. You– you need to rest right now, eric.

[ Eric coughing ]

Donna: Oh…

Rj: What if we took you back to the house? Would you be okay with that? What if– what if we started working on–

Eric: Oh, no, that’s the worst idea and you’ll put me between– convince me to lay down on the bed and just sit there and wait to die. No, no, I’m not gonna do that. That’s not what I’m gonna do.

Donna: That– that– that’s not what we’re saying, eric. Okay? We’re not saying that. We just think that maybe this is depleting your energy.

Eric: No, this– this is what energizes me, donna. You know that. Being here at this desk. Designing, working, surrounded by my family and– and teaching my grandson. And– and– and loving you. This. And this is what I’m gonna do until I die, this. This is what I want.

[ Eric coughing ]

Donna: Oh, dr. Colby. Thank you so much for coming.

Colby: Eric, how are you doing? I see the coughing’s intensified.

Eric: I’m fine. I’m fine.

Donna: No, he– he’s not fine. He almost passed out and he’s– he’s coughing up blood again. I mean, I know eric doesn’t want to hear this, but his– his condition is getting worse. His symptoms are increasing, and– and they’re more frequent. Please, doctor, please. Tell me that there’s– there’s something you can do to help eric.

[ Eric coughing ]

Colby: One more deep breath in.

[ Eric inhaling deeply ] Tell me more about what happened today.

Donna: Uh, eric– eric was just standing there. He– he– he and rj were working and suddenly he just got disoriented.

Eric: It wasn’t a big deal. I just got lightheaded, that’s all.

Rj: It was a very big deal, dr. Colby. He was standing right here and he almost fell.

Donna: Yeah. And thankfully, rj was there to catch him or he would have hit the ground.

Colby: Has this been happening regularly?

Eric: No. What, the dizziness?

Colby: Yes.

Eric: No, no, it hasn’T. It’s just– just once in a while. Not– not very often at all. Look, I– just probably low blood sugar. I didn’t, uh, eat hardly anything today.

Colby: Okay. With your condition, nearly losing consciousness is an indication of a more serious issue.

Donna: He– he’s been so focused on this collection. I don’t– I don’t think he’s been taking care of himself as much as he should be. Eric, you need to eat and— and you’re not getting enough sleep.

Rj: Yeah. We keep telling him that he needs to get more sleep.

Eric: All right, you’re both right. You’re both right. I’ll, uh, I’ll have a great big lunch tomorrow.

Colby: Okay. To be perfectly frank, I think you need to go to the hospital.

Eric: Yeah. What today?

Colby: Yes.

Eric: No, I can’t go. It’s right in the middle of the workday. I’m not gonna go to the hospital.

Colby: Eric, your blood pressure is low. Okay? Your lungs are inflamed. The hospital can do a chest x-ray, run more tests so that we know better about what stage we’re at.

Eric: A test to what? A test to tell me what I already know? That my body’s failing me? We know that already, doctor. No, thank you.

Rj: Granddad, you need to listen to dr. Colby. He’s an expert.

Eric: I know.

Donna: Maybe– maybe if you go to the hospital, they’ll– they’ll make you feel more comfortable.

Eric: Oh, they have pills for that. They’re gonna have pills that make me feel better. They have lots of pills for that. You have a– a pill to make me better so that I can– I can live? So I can keep living? Do you have that pill? No, I didn’t think so. Look, I don’t want to go to the hospital. I’m gonna stay here. I’m gonna do what I want. I’m gonna live my life. I’m gonna squeeze the life out of every moment I have left. And I’m gonna live it for myself, right? I’m gonna live ’til I die.

Steffy: Granddad is at the end of his life and we have to pretend that we have no idea.

Brooke: Right. Nobody is supposed to know.

Ridge: But we do know.

Brooke: Yes, we do know. And it’s taken a terrible toll on rj too. I’m worried about that. Just happy he’s been able to lean on luna.

Steffy: Yeah, it has helped out granddad.

Ridge: Why can’t we just go over there and shake him and say, “hey, dad, we know what’s going on. “We’re here to help you.”

Steffy: I hear you, and I want to do that too.

Brooke: We can’T. We can’t say anything. It’s critical that we don’t upset him.

Steffy: [ Sighing ] Fine. I mean, if he’s here and he’s creating and it gives him peace, maybe it’ll prolong his life.

Ridge: Give him something to hold on to.

Brooke: He does love designing, that’s for sure. Just hope he doesn’t overdo it.

[ Steffy sighing ]

Ridge: Come here.

Brooke: You know how we’re talking about eric this way. You know, our eric. Our sweet, sweet eric.

Ridge: It’s all right.

Rj: Hey, you’re– you’re here. Um…

Ridge: Whoa, whoa. Is it my dad? What’s going on?

Rj: Yes, the doctor was just with him in the ceo office.

Brooke: Did something happen?

Rj: He’s okay. It’s just– I think things have taken a little bit of a turn.

Steffy: What do you– what do you mean?

Rj: He– he has these dizzy spells sometimes, but this– this was different. I think– I think his condition is getting uh, getting worse.

Eric: That was some house call, you know. The house is one thing, but for him to come to the office. Come on.

Donna: Okay. And he urged you to go to the hospital. I really think you should listen to him.

Eric: Well, if I thought it was important, I would.

Donna: Eric, sweetheart. What if it was another tia?

Eric: Well, it’s nothing we haven’t dealt with before. Right, donna? And now that I’ve had these crackers, I’m back to my old self. I mean, really. Let’s– let’s go home. We can play some racquetball or some pickleball.

Donna: Stop. I’m really not in the mood to joke right now.

Eric: I’m not joking. I’m serious about it. We can play something. I’ve got plenty of juice.

Donna: It was really scary. Stop it. That was scary for me, please. I mean, you–

Eric: I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

Donna: You almost collapsed. You were– you were just standing there talking, and if rj hadn’t– hadn’t held you, you could have hit your head. Or maybe never woken up.

Eric: Or maybe died, you think? I would’ve died? Donna, it’s not my time. It’s not my time. Not yet. You’re not gonna get rid of me that easily.

Donna: Stop.

Eric: There you are. Beautiful smile. I love it when you laugh.

Eric: Okay, okay. Okay.

Donna: I’m sorry.

Eric: Whatever happens, you’re gonna be fine.

Ridge: What’s going on with dad?

Rj: I don’t know. It came on suddenly, whatever it was.

Steffy: You said he got dizzy.

Rj: Yes, he did. We were talking, he was really excited about the new design. Everything was really positive and then he– he couldn’t find a word, and then he just– his whole body went weak.

Brooke: Oh, my god.

Rj: I was scared he was gonna collapse.

Brooke: Did you call 911?

Rj: We called– donna wanted to call his doctor, so we called his doctor, and he came and examined him in the office.

Steffy: What did the doctor say?

Rj: He’s– he’s very worried about him. He’s been worried about him. He said that he shouldn’t be here working. He– he should be in a hospital.

Ridge: All right. So, is– is that where he is? Is that where he went?

Rj: Well, you know how stubborn granddad is.

Steffy: He refused to go.

Rj: Yeah. He said it was low blood sugar and he said it was no big deal.

Ridge: Oh, okay. Great.

Brooke: It’s more than that.

Rj: Yeah. It’s obvious his– his illness is progressing, and we– we– shouldn’t we do something?

Steffy: Well, granddad can’t be alone. Someone needs to be there with him.

Rj: He’s almost never alone. It’s always donna or me or katie are always with him. We have that covered.

Ridge: Why are we doing this? Why can’t we– we be open and honest with each other? We’re standing here, he’s over there. I just want to be with him and hold his hand and make sure that he’s all right. Share whatever pain he has, whatever– he must be so scared right now.

Brooke: Ridge.

Steffy: Hey, you are there for him, loving him every single day. You’re here, dad. It’s okay. It’s okay.

[ Ridge sighing ]

Donna: Do you know how much I love you, honey bear?

Eric: I do.

Donna: Yeah.

Eric: I also know how hard this has been for you. Thank you. You’ve been so strong for me. Until my last breath… thank you.

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