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Stephanie questions Chad wanting to give Everett a chance and suddenly seeming so chill about him. Chad claims he’s realized he’s been critical and made unfair assumptions about him. Chad insists that he’s chill. Stephanie is glad he can be chill about Everett since she works with him now, but it feels like a 180, so she wonders what’s changed.

Xander goes to the Spectator where Everett is finishing up the response to Leo’s murder charges and asks if he wants to take a look at it before it’s sent to the printer. Xander tells him to actually stop for now. Everett questions if he’s having second thoughts about defending Leo. Xander responds that it’s not about Leo, but about Everett. Xander informs Everett that he’s sorry but he’s going to have to let him go. Everett is shocked as he questions Xander firing him. Xander thinks back to Chad’s offer to be his silent partner. Everett demands an answer, saying he knows for a fact that he’s doing a good job which Xander just told him a few days ago. Everett asks what this is about and why he’s firing him.

Sarah tells Kayla and Steve how Konstantin caught the kidnapper and rescued her daughter, risking his life to save her. Steve remarks that it sounds like he was at the right place at the right time, feeling it was too convenient. Sarah asks what he’s saying. Kayla points out that Konstantin was knocked out on the floor. Sarah adds that Maggie did see the kidnapper from behind so Konstantin couldn’t have made that up. Steve suggests Konstantin had an accomplice and partner in crime. Sarah questions why he would do that. Steve says maybe he’s like a firefighter who starts fires just to put them out and play the hero. Kayla questions thinking that Konstantin arranged to have Sarah’s baby kidnapped. Steve confirms that and brings up putting Konstantin on notice and thinking he was a liar. Steve believes that Konstantin figured if he saved Sarah’s daughter, he could no wrong in Maggie’s eyes ever again.

Theresa complains that she can’t watch Konstantin sucking up to Maggie while she has no idea that he’s just after her money. Theresa says the whole thing is making her sick. Konstantin argues that she’s doing the exact same thing. Alex comes back in to the room as Konstantin tells Theresa that they both know she’s only after Alex to get her hands on his inheritance. Alex asks if everything is okay here as it sounded like they were going at it. Alex reveals he heard Konstantin say that Theresa is only with him for his money. Alex questions why Konstantin would say that. Theresa claims that she just officially met him today and he accused her of being a gold digger because Alex is rich and she’s not. Theresa says she explained that they are not in a relationship but he finds it highly suspicious that they are living together and working together. Alex questions why their relationship is any of Konstantin’s business. Maggie then walks in and says that’s what she would like to know.

Kayla thinks it’s extreme for Konstantin to fake a kidnapping because he’s worried that Steve is onto him about lying a tablecloth, not to mention the risk if he was caught. Steve says the whole story just doesn’t sit right with him. Steve goes over that Konstantin is a senior citizen and the minute he volunteers to watch the baby, he gets knocked out from behind, and then after being knocked out, the senior citizen leaps up and runs down a supposed kidnapper, retrieves the baby but loses the perp and in the process, conveniently forgets what they look like. Kayla points out that he had been knocked out which Steve questions. Steve asks about the motive for the mysterious kidnapper. Sarah says the police think there would’ve been a ransom demand. Steve brings up how there was no evidence of that, no suspect, prints, or signs of forced entry. Steve says he’s suspicious because he already thinks Konstantin is bad news. Kayla and Sarah find Konstantin charming. Sarah admits that when he first came and was getting close with Maggie, she felt he was getting too close, too quickly and that she told him to be careful about asking him to stay through Christmas. Steve asks Sarah when she told Maggie that. Sarah admits it was the day that Victoria kidnapped. Steve believes that Konstantin could’ve been hiding and listening in on their conversation. Sarah admits it’s possible. Steve points out that when Konstantin rescued the baby, Sarah’s feelings about him changed, so if that was his grand plan, it worked like a charm.

Chad tells Stephanie that she’s right that he feels a lot better about Everett and her history with him and working with him. Chad claims he just finally came to his senses. Stephanie questions him coming to his senses out of the blue and being just fine with everything. Chad says he’s not going to waste his time being suspicious and jealous when he can just do something about it. Stephanie asks like what?

Everett questions if Xander is not satisfied with his work since he just told him a couple days ago that hiring him was the right decision and everything was up. Everett asks what changed his mind. Xander offers him an amazing severance package but Everett demands a straight answer as to why he fired him. Everett argues that he uprooted his life and moved halfway across the country, so he has a right to know why he fired him. Xander then admits that it wasn’t his idea, but his partner’s.

Stephanie asks Chad for an answer as to what he thought he could do to get over his jealousy. Chad claims he realized it doesn’t matter to him whether Everett came to Salem thinking they would pick up where they left off. Chad says maybe he misjudged the situation and was completely off base with what his intentions were. Stephanie thinks back to finding out that Everett was going to propose. Stephanie then reveals to Chad that he wasn’t wrong as she does think Everett hoped there would be a chance for them. Stephanie promises that Everett knows now that there’s not, because she has moved on with Chad. Stephanie asks what Chad is thinking. Chad responds that things have been rocky between them and he was worried that Everett would take an opportunity because of that, but he knows he can’t blame people for his mistakes which is why he had to take responsibility for his actions. Chad tells Stephanie that he wants to fix what’s going on with them and he wants them to get back to living the wonderful life they had before, if that’s what she wants too.

Everett questions Xander as he thought Gwen left town and was no longer involved in the day to day operations of the paper. Xander responds that she isn’t and he didn’t think she still reads the paper, but she does and she saw his article on Leo. Xander claims that Leo’s most recent betrayal of Gwen is still very raw to her, so she called him, demanding that he let him go. Everett questions Xander having to give in to that demand. Xander says his history with Gwen is complicated and the whole partner situation is tenuous at best. Everett says he was just finishing up another piece defending Leo Stark. Xander confirms that will never see the light of day. Xander repeats that he’s terribly sorry about everything. Everett says he doesn’t believe him.

Sarah hears what Steve is saying, but says she genuinely likes Konstantin and he has made Maggie so happy. Sarah says if Konstantin did save her little girl, then she’s beyond grateful to him. Steve says that’s exactly what Konstantin was counting on. Steve doesn’t mean to scare Sarah but says that Maggie is a grieving widow with a lot of money and brings up that if Konstantin has money problems back in Greece and was brazen enough to stage a kidnapping. Kayla questions if Konstantin had a partner in crime, who the hell it would be. Steve responds that he doesn’t know, but he intends to find out.

Konstantin says to forgive him if he overstepped, but he heard Theresa recently moved to Salem and immediately moved in with Alex, so he was concerned for her motives. Alex tells him that he doesn’t need to be as they started spending time together before any of them had a clue that he was Victor’s son. Theresa says that is true and admits maybe she has chased a guy for his money in the past, but claims that’s not something she would do now because she has too much self respect. Maggie says that Theresa has come a long way since then and she’s very proud of her. Theresa thanks Maggie. Theresa then asks who wouldn’t want Alex just the way he is. Alex jokes with Maggie, who suggests they drop all this and enjoy their tea. Konstantin apologizes and says he spoke up out of concern for Victor’s family and he’s sorry for hurting Maggie as he hopes she can forgive him. Maggie assures that she does and understands he cares about their family which she appreciates.

Stephanie assures Chad that she wouldn’t be there if she didn’t want to be, but lately they have felt like an old married couple, like they’ve been going through the motions of a relationship instead of dealing with the commitment and relationship goals. Chad says he knows as they hug. Chad thought maybe it would be good for them to be alone tonight as the kids are sleeping over at Doug and Julie’s. Chad suggests they can start working on those relationship goals and just enjoy each other. Stephanie says she would like that a lot as they kiss.

Xander questions Everett not believing his reason for letting him go. Everett believes that Xander is hiding something. Xander says maybe he’d understand if he knew Gwen. Everett guesses he’ll never have the pleasure. Everett wishes Xander luck in finding content to publish in the paper tomorrow. Xander adds that he really hates having to do this. Everett says that doesn’t make him feel better. Everett guesses he will clear out his desk.

Sarah thanks Kayla for the insight and says she should be used to difficult patients, but this one threw her. Kayla says it’s understandable. Sarah is glad she stopped by and calls it illuminating for a lot of reasons. Kayla is glad she could help and that Steve was there also. Sarah prays that Steve is wrong about Konstantin because Maggie would be devastated. Sarah adds that it was truly terrifying to have her child kidnapped, once she was back in her arms, she and Xander started to see things differently. Kayla asks how so. Sarah explains that instead of the warpath they have been on with each other, they realized that what’s most important is that they care about their daughter and each other.

Konstantin thanks Maggie for understanding and claims his suspicions only come from the deepest concern for her family. Theresa claims she no longer has an appetite and Alex decides go with her. Maggie offers to send them home with leftovers, so she takes Alex and Theresa to the kitchen to choose what they want. Steve then walks in and startles Konstantin. Konstantin asks if he’s looking for Maggie but Steve assures that he was looking for him.

Alex and Theresa walk through the town square. Theresa apologizes for cutting he and Maggie’s time short and for causing problems. Alex assures that Maggie adores her and that she wasn’t the problem. Alex mocks Konstantin and jokes with her. Alex tells her to forget about what Konstantin said because he has no idea what he’s talking about since he doesn’t know her. Xander then walks up and asks if Alex is sure about that.

Kayla is glad that Sarah and Xander were able to work things out. Sarah says she didn’t want Victoria to grow up without a father and admits she was scared to trust Xander again. Sarah adds that she was even more scared that she might let herself fall in love with him again. Kayla questions if she’s not worried about that anymore. Sarah says they didn’t close the door on that, so they just have to wait and see what happens between them. Kayla asks if there’s a chance they could work things out.

Konstantin asks Steve what it is this time. Steve says it’s the same thing as before as he doesn’t think he’s been entirely honest with Maggie. Steve brings up Konstantin telling Maggie that Victor gave him a free pass and didn’t expect to be paid back. Konstantin claims that is the truth but Steve says that doesn’t sound like the Victor they knew, so he decided to look in to it. Steve reveals that he just got back from Greece where he spoke to a whole lot of people who told a very different story about Konstantin’s history with Victor. Konstantin questions Steve flying all the way to Greece to dig up dirt on him. Steve shouts that he and Kayla care about Maggie and don’t like to see her taken advantage of. Steve tells Konstantin that he won’t tell Maggie about any of this on the condition that he goes back to Greece and never shows his face here again.

Chad and Stephanie continue kissing until there’s a knock at the door. Chad says he’ll get rid of them but opens the door to see Everett. Chad tells him this isn’t the best time. Everett says he’s sorry to interrupt but it’s about work. Chad argues that it’s Thanksgiving. Everett says he won’t be dragging Stephanie away and just wanted to tell her that he doesn’t think they will be working together anymore because he just got fired. Stephanie questions what happened as she thought Xander was thrilled with his work and said so multiple times. Everett responds that apparently, his silent partner decided to break her silence and now he’s out of a job. Chad claims it makes sense since Gwen likes to make everyone as miserable as she is. Stephanie asks what Gwen’s problem is. Everett says he understands Gwen and Leo have bad blood. Stephanie says it’s because of her PR strategy then and blames herself. Everett assures that she was brilliant and it’s not her fault as he calls this a personal vendetta. Everett says he just came by to let her know since he hired her and she’ll have to talk to Xander about her position in the company. Stephanie says she’ll have plenty to say to Xander but Everett asks her not to do so on his behalf. Stephanie asks who is going to put out the paper tomorrow. Everett responds that Xander should’ve thought about that before he fired the person who does so, but it’s not his problem anymore. Everett says he just came by to give Stephanie the heads up. Stephanie thanks him and asks what he’s going to do since he just moved here, signed a lease and bought all his new furniture. Everett says he’ll figure it out as he’s been through worse. Everett wishes them a happy Thanksgiving while Chad wishes him good luck and he exits.

Konstantin questions Steve blackmailing him in to leaving the country. Steve calls that one way to look at it, or he could see it as improving his life’s circumstances. Steve warns that Maggie looks sweet and forgiving but he wouldn’t like to be on the receiving end when she finds out he’s been conning her. Maggie then comes in and greets Steve as she asks what’s going on. Konstantin reveals that Steve wants him to leave Salem. Maggie asks Steve why. Konstantin says that Steve is upset with him because he lied to her. Maggie questions what he lied about. Konstantin then tells Maggie about the tablecloth not being Victor’s or from Greece. Steve tells Maggie that there’s more. Konstantin admits he bought the tablecloth at the bargain basement, saying he was trying to do something nice for Maggie and bring her comfort. Steve tells Konstantin to continue. Konstantin then tells Maggie that when he told her that Victor forgave the debt to his restaurant, he was lying again because he wanted to spare her feelings to think the best of her husband, but he was not too generous with his finances. Konstantin claims he loved Victor dearly nonetheless. Maggie says she did as well. Konstantin swears that everything else he’s told her has been the God’s honest truth. Steve asks if he’s leaving something out. Konstantin asks what he’s getting at. Steve then suggests he tell Maggie about the kidnapping.

Sarah tells Kayla that her head is spinning since so much has happened between her and Xander as some of it was wonderful and some of it was terrible with no in between. Sarah says no matter how hard she tries to put her feelings for him behind her, she can’t seem to outrun them but she doesn’t want to screw up their ability to co-parent. Kayla says she has her priorities in the right spot. Sarah knows Xander isn’t Kayla’s favorite person. Kayla says she loves Sarah and wants her to be happy. Kayla recalls when her family didn’t want her to be with Steve, so she knows how hard it is. Sarah points out that her mom is actually Xander’s biggest fan.

Theresa tells Xander that she and Alex were having a private conversation and that Xander doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Xander reminds her that he saw her and Konstantin talking in the town square just the other day. Theresa claims that he was just asking for directions. Xander says he didn’t look that lost to him. Theresa argues that he’s just picking a fight with her because he’s trying to poach her editor-in-chief from Bella but she just gave her a big raise so she’s not going anywhere. Theresa wishes Xander luck with that dumpster fire he calls a paper. Xander remarks that only an idiot like Alex would hire someone like Theresa to revive Bella. Alex asks what that’s supposed to mean. Xander remarks that if he just inherited the money that Alex did, he wouldn’t waste a penny on a schemer like Theresa. Xander adds that Victor must be rolling over in his grave, konwing that his secret son is put all his faith in Theresa who he calls worthless. Alex then punches Xander.

Chad wants he and Stephanie to pick up where they left off but realizes she’s no longer in the mood. Stephanie says she just feels bad that her decision got Everett fired. Chad argues that they were his decisions to make and the buck stops with him which she agrees with. Stephanie tells Chad that she feels better and they continue kissing.

Everett walks past the Brady Pub and calls Gwen, leaving a message saying they don’t know each other but he imagines she knows her name since she just fired him by proxy. Everett reveals that he got her number from his former copy editor. Everett says he has a few questions to ask her.

Alex tells Xander that Theresa has been insulted enough and demands that he apologize. Xander refuses as Sarah rushes up and questions what happened. Xander tells Sarah that he’s fine. Sarah says he needs ice and they walk off together. Theresa calls that very gallant of Alex to come to her defense like that as she doesn’t think anyone’s ever done that for her before. Alex calls the knight in shining armor routine new for him too but says she had a rough day and Xander got what he deserved. Theresa checks on Alex’s hand. Alex admits it hurt and hopes that she knows she’s not the problem for Xander. Theresa states that he has lots of problems with her. Alex argues that Xander always wants something he can’t have but he’s never going to be able to trade places with him…

Konstantin questions what Steve is talking about in regards to the kidnapping. Steve says he didn’t want to say anything until he had more information, but it’s very possible that Konstantin orchestrated the kidnapping to score points with Maggie and Sarah. Konstantin swears he would never do that and that he had nothing to do with the kidnapping. Steve questions if it was just a coincidence that a mysterious stranger just wandered in as soon as he started watching the baby. Konstantin then shouts that it was not mysterious at all and reveals he knows who did it.

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