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Ashley: Hi.

Abby: Hi. Hello.

Ashley: Thank you so much for meeting me. Hi, how are you? Nice to see you.

Devon: Thank you for suggesting this.

Ashley: Sure, thank you.

Devon: Yeah.

Ashley: So, did you already order?

Abby: No, no, we were waiting for you actually. Here you go.

Ashley: Oh, okay. Thank you. Actually, I think coffee’s good for now. I’m just gonna wait to order until we can catch up. Do you realize that I never get a chance to do this? I never get the two of you all to myself, ever, so I want to hear everything. How’s it going? What’s new?

Abby: Uh, I’m sure you have more news than we do. Um, are you happy to be back home?

Ashley: Oh, yeah, I am. I am. It’s good to be home. It’s good to be back in the house. Craziest thing of all is that, um, diane and I are actually making peace. Yeah, I never thought I’d see it in my lifetime, honestly. It’s happening and of course, it’s nice to be back on good terms with my brother, right?

Abby: Yeah.

Ashley: So, that’s all good. So, how’s my grandson? What’s happening with dominic?

Abby: He’s great. Aunt traci took him to the park this morning.

Ashley: Oh, I’m jealous.

Abby: His favorite place.

Devon: And traci is definitely one of his favorite people.

Ashley: Well, he’s got good taste. She’s one of my favorite people too. And you know what? She’s great with kids. Have you noticed that? How they’re just kind of naturally attracted to her?

Devon: Oh, yeah. We see that with dominic every time. He lights up when he sees her.

Ashley: He is getting so big. Every time I see him, he’s an inch taller, isn’t he? He just grows so fast.

Abby: Mom?

Ashley: Yeah.

Abby: I’m sure you didn’t invite us to breakfast just to talk about dominic, so…

Ashley: Um, well, there might be another reason why I wanted to meet with you.

Devon: Oh, yeah? Believe that you really are hungry for some breakfast? Or maybe you’re feeling a little crowded in that abbott house and you wanted to get some air? Or, maybe you wanna get some information on tucker?

Jack: Well, I sure don’t like the sound of that. What are our options?

Kyle: I found the tie, mom. It was in the back of the closet.

Diane: Ah, that’s the one. It’s my favorite.

Kyle: No, I’ve got it. I’ve got it.

Diane: Oh, let me straighten your tie. It’s your first day at your new job.

Jack: Okay. Keep me updated. Thanks. Your mother and I couldn’t be any prouder–

Diane: Or happier.

Jack: Or happier that you’re starting your first day as the chief operations officer of jabot.

Kyle: Well, too bad you’re not biased about me. And how smart and wonderful and talented I am.

Diane: Well, you are all those things and more.

Kyle: Thanks, mom.

Jack: Unfortunately, your first day already has a bit of a hiccup in it.

Kyle: Oh, what’s that?

Jack: I just hung up with the building supervisor and there is an electrical issue on the top three floors.

Diane: Our offices?

Jack: Exactly. Which means…

Kyle: We’re working from home.

Diane: Oh, no, it’s your first day.

Kyle: Yeah. It’s a little weird, but let’s do it. And as jabot’s new chief operations officer, I know exactly what I have to do first.

Diane: What? Are you gonna rewire the building?

Kyle: No, no, I have enough sense to stay away from electricity. But I’m going to make sure the problem is fixed.

Jack: Excellent. But wherever we are, this is a very important day. It is the beginning of a very special part of your career. And your mother and I have the privilege of witnessing it all. My father, your grandfather, would be very proud of you.

Kyle: This wouldn’t have happened without you, dad. And mom’s overly enthusiastic encouragement. But, um, seriously though. The fact that you believe so much in me, it means the world. I know I haven’t been the easiest son, but I really appreciate everything you’ve done to make this happen.

Jack: I don’t have a doubt in the world that this is the right decision.

Kyle: Neither do I. I’m actually excited about it. And thank you, dad, for making this happen, and thank you for having so much faith in me. I promise not to let you down.

Tucker: Hey, billy.

Billy: Well, well, well. Look what the cat tried to keep out, but you snuck in anyway, huh?

Tucker: Slow day at the office?

Billy: No, not at all. It’s nice and early. I guess not having a real job, your body clock must be all out of whack.

Tucker: I have a real job. You just don’t know what it is. Or where I’ll turn up next.

Billy: I’m sure if I look under enough rocks, I’ll find you soon enough.

Tucker: I’m a little surprised at you, actually.

Billy: Is that right? Why?

Tucker: Oh, that you’ve managed to, you know, let your desire to crush me not get the better of you. Jack seems to think that, uh, you’re a champing at the bit to really drop the hammer on me. Release that damning information you and he have. You know, if you’re gonna threaten to release damaging information, eventually, you have to release the damaging information.

Billy: Actually, I’ve rethought my position. I– I– I like the idea of hanging the sword of damocles over your head. You know what else I like?

Tucker: Well, I can’t wait to hear.

Billy: The fact that that damning information that we’re holding on to seems to be working.

Tucker: That so?

Billy: Well, you haven’t made any moves against jabot or the family.

Tucker: Mm. Or maybe I already have. Maybe I’ve already succeeded in sabotaging things and you and jack and ashley just haven’t noticed yet. Hi. Ooh, those look great.

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Billy: What’s the point of revenge if I don’t know if it happened or not? I don’t see it. If I don’t feel it, it’s not worth a damn thing without results.

Tucker: Well, there are many forms of revenge, billy. Some more insidious than others.

Billy: I don’t buy it. This is just another one of your defensive sleights of hand.

Tucker: Could be.

Billy: Yeah. I’ll give you this, tucker. You’re a smooth operator.

Tucker: Thank you. And, uh, just to keep you in the game as far as the sleight of hand thing, don’t give it a second thought. I’ve already lit the fuse.

Billy: I guess we’ll find out soon enough if you’re bluffing or if this is just another one of your unhinged plots.

Tucker: Well, it doesn’t matter, either way. You could still try to destroy my reputation by releasing that damaging information. But it might be too late.

Billy: Have a good day.

Tucker: Yeah, you too. I’ll see you.

Billy: See you later.

Ashley: Devon, tucker is your father, as you know, and, um, I– I do understand why you didn’t want to meet us at the club on thanksgiving for a drink. But I am concerned about your relationship with him. Do you communicate at all with him?

Devon: Yeah. Yeah, there’s been a lot of communication. And you don’t need to be concerned because I don’t want to have anything to do with him moving forward. Plus, I’ve been wanting him to be someone that he’s not for too long. And as I’m sure you’ve learned, he’s incapable of changing. So, it’s disappointing, but it’s necessary.

Ashley: I’m sorry. It must be difficult for you.

Devon: You know what? I think that if, uh, if I was the only one involved, I’d probably be dumb enough to keep trying with him. But we have a family and I just can’t risk him getting close to our son.

Abby: Wait, mom, after the way he treated you. You wanted to maintain a relationship with your family and keep your job and he just couldn’t handle it.

Ashley: I know, he exploded. I mean, maybe he’s remorseful. He said he was sorry, kind of.

Abby: Oh, my gosh. Please don’t tell me you’re falling for the “I’m sorry, I hurt you” act.

Devon: Yeah. I don’t think he’s capable of being truly sorry for anything.

Ashley: Well, yeah. He was a much different person, you know, when we were planning our life together. And I just– I thought that, uh– I thought that we were in love with each other. I guess I’d like to think that, um, some part of that was actually real.

Abby: Wait. Are you saying that you could forgive him for the things that he said and did to you?

Diane: Hm. You look handsome. Like a business executive is supposed to look.

Kyle: Mom, I’m not playing dress up. I am a business executive and I’m ready to dive into my first day at jabot. It’s time for me to stop pouting and put my oversized ego to the side and get to work.

Jack: I’m very proud of you, son. And if there’s anything good about today, it’s gonna be a very short commute.

Kyle: Well, I have a couple of things I need to take care of before I start the day. And there is a surprise in the works that I need to talk to mom about.

Jack: Oh, that sounds intriguing.

Diane: Um, are you going to ruin the surprise by telling him?

Kyle: Oh, not a chance. Nice try though, dad.

Jack: Listen, I have a meeting with billy at the coffeehouse. I will be right back.

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Kyle: As hard as it may be to believe, I think I finally have tucker in my pocket.

Diane: What do you mean?

Kyle: I told him I’ve been so remorseful and completely humble with the family and I accepted the coo job.

Diane: And how did he react? Kyle: Like a larg

Kyle: No, he hasn’t given me the slightest hint, but he will. I’m sure of it. He needs me.

Diane: Kyle, you need to be careful. I mean it. Don’t get overly confident with tucker. He is a snake and a dangerous one at that.

Kyle: Don’t worry, mom. Tucker thinks he’s working me. He has no clue that I am working him.

Abby: Just the best, right?

Devon: Mm-hmm.

Abby: I don’t know what we’d do without him. Thank you.

Ashley: Merci. I really want to talk this through with you, please.

Tucker: I prefer to drink. You can do whatever the hell you want.

Ashley: Okay. You said that I wasn’t the woman that you married, but I’m exactly who I’ve always been. And that’s a woman who’s deeply in love with you. I love you.

Tucker: Oh, yeah. Those are such kind words, ashley, and I’m gonna hold them near to my heart.

Ashley: Okay. I know that you’re angry.

Tucker: Is that what you think this is?

Ashley: Yes. When I told you that I was gonna, you know, I needed to stay at jabot, I know that was a shock to you, but it’s not an insult to you as a man. It’s– it’s– it’s not a betrayal of what we have. I’m wearing your wedding ring. We are here in paris on our honeymoon.

Tucker: Yeah. And you’re here fixating on your family. Your one true love.

Ashley: Oh, come on.

Tucker: That and the company daddy built. You know, you and jack and billy, you are all emotionally stunted human beings. It’s disgusting. You’re all obsessed with each other. I made my choice. I put you first, ashley. And this is our one chance. This is our only chance to be more than a team, more than partners. To be two halves of a whole. But you–

Ashley: Tucker. Tucker. Come on. Look at me, please. That’s really sweet, but it’s not realistic. We’ve always been really different people. I don’t want you to change who you are. Who you are is why I fell in love with you–

Tucker: Don’t you dare dare to lie to me!

Ashley: I can’t– I can’t talk to you when you’re like this.

Tucker: Good. Don’t talk to me, please.

Ashley: So, are you saying that– are you saying that–

Tucker: What?

Ashley: We don’t have– what we have isn’t meaningful?

Tucker: We don’t have anything. We have nothing, ashley. You made me beg you. You made me cut open a vein and bleed for you, beg you to trust me! To believe in us. I had to love you, so– no, I didn’t just have to love you, did I? I had to worship you because that’s the only way to get this ice queen to thaw. Total devotion. And you gave me nothing in return. Just a little, oh, here’s some affection, a little sliver of affection. Here’s a little consideration. And only once I’d proven my worth to you, well then…

Ashley: Okay. Okay. Sh. Please just calm down.

Tucker: You want me to calm down? Don’t you tell me to calm down because you destroyed me, ashley! Destroyed me. Every thought, every plan, every vision of the future. You! Only you, for years. But I never really had a chance, did I? Right? What a fool. What an idiot I am.

Ashley: Maybe we should talk about this to– tomorrow, okay? And if you– you can keep your temper in– in check.

Tucker: I’m not keeping anything with you. I’m not keeping anything in check with you. I don’t care anymore. I don’t care where you sleep. Uh, I don’t care what you do. I’m done. Goodbye, ashley. You go to hell!

Ashley: Okay.

[ Ashely sobbing ]

Abby: Mom? Mom, are you all right?

Ashley: Yeah. Yeah, I was just thinking.

Abby: Not about tucker, I hope.

> Ashley: No. I was thinking about the fight we had and how he blew up.

Abby: Which wasn’t your fault.

Ashley: Mm. Yeah. I… I– I– I played a part in what happened though.

Abby: You can’t say that.

Ashley: Well, I’m not saying that what tucker did was right. It– it was wrong. It was completely wrong, okay? But I just feel like I’m partially responsible in some way for what happened in paris.

Devon: I don’t know if I agree with that, ashley. I think tucker is a narcissist. He can’t take the blame for anything. It’s never his fault.

Ashley: Right. I know. Um, you know what happened is that, um, I pulled a, uh, a change of heart on him, devon. And it– I think I could have handled it better. It doesn’t mean that I’m defending what he did. It’s just that, you know, the whole thing could have been avoided.

Devon: Maybe. Maybe. But maybe your instincts kicked in and you sensed that something was off with the guy.

Ashley: Yeah, maybe. I have a lot of regret. I just– I mean, it– just because of how it ended so horribly.

Abby: Mom, you have to see tucker for who he really is. He is a rage-filled man who masqueraded as the love of your life.

Ashley: Yeah. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. You guys are so sweet. Thank you for being so concerned about me.

Devon: Of course.

Ashley: I know this has to be very hard for you.

Devon: Well, listen, I’ve defended tucker more times than I can count. So, it’s what it is for me. I just want you to know that you are the victim here and not tucker.

Abby: And you have to be done with him. You have to. Because I cannot go through this again.

Ashley: Okay. Okay, okay, okay, okay. I know. I just have to keep remembering that I’m not the only person that was affected by what happened in paris, right? A lot of people were. Like you.

Abby: Then, turn your back on him. Turn your back and walk away. Forget about this guy, forever.

Ashley: Thank you. You don’t have to worry about me, okay? My eyes are wide open when it comes to tucker mccall.

Abby: Good because it sounds like you’re giving him the benefit of the doubt.

Ashley: No, I’m not. Not at all. I mean, I can be forgiving but I’m not foolish, all right? And I mean, um, he’s just so arrogant, isn’t he? He always thinks he’s calling all the shots. I’ve– I’ve got his number though. Trust me.

Abby: Okay. And you’re not gonna be lured back into his orbit with his duplicitous charm?

Ashley: Abby, no, I’m not. No. Stop.

Abby: And the annulment?

Ashley: It’s moving forward. My biggest concern now is trying to figure out what he’s up to when it comes to jabot.

Devon: Well, it’s frustrating, isn’t it? I don’t know what he’s got going on or has planned for my company either.

Ashley: Well, what harm could he possibly do?

Billy: Thank you.

Ashley: Well, I just came from seeing tucker, so I thought maybe he reached out to you.

Jack: Actually, we were just talking about kyle.

Billy: Just to fill you in. Kyle has been trying to get jack to kick me to the curb so he could take over the co-ceo position. I confronted him about it and ultimately, he backed down.

Ashley: Well, that’s good, I guess.

Billy: His turnabout seemed a little, uh, you know, abrupt to me. I don’t think I told you this, jack, but I– I asked kyle if he would, you know, use audra to spy on tucker for us a while back.

Jack: You didn’t think it was important to tell me?

Billy: It was a spur of the moment and, uh, you know, kyle refused to use audra in order to spy on tucker for our benefit.

Ashley: Wow. Maybe he was being loyal to his girlfriend.

Billy: I don’t think kyle is really too concerned about us or the company. I think he’s watching out for himself.

Jack: Now, kyle, I know feels rejected and disrespected and wants to prove me wrong for not giving him what he wants.

Billy: I don’t know. Maybe there’s a connection here that we’re missing.

Ashley: What’s that?

Billy: Tucker is coming after jabot, which we all ultimately think he’s doing. He’s gonna need someone on the inside. Kyle is feeling boxed in, knowing that he’s not gonna get what he ultimately wants.

Jack: I don’t like where this is going.

Billy: No, neither do I. But I think tucker may have got his claws into kyle and turned your son against us.

Jack: Billy.

Billy: Hey.

Jack: Gee, nice talking to you.

Billy: Jack. I just had a very disturbing conversation with tucker.

Jack: Is there any other kind? Coffee, black, please?

Billy: He was wondering why we haven’t used the dirt we have on him to blow him out of the water.

Jack: Oh, good, he’s curious. That means we got under his skin. That can’t be all bad.

Billy: I told him that we were content in using the information to keep him guessing.

Jack: So, how did he react?

Billy: Ominously. I expected more bluster, more empty threats. Instead, he was– he was calm and measured.

Jack: What did he say?

Billy: He implied that he already set something in motion inside jabot that’s going to take us all down.

Diane: I am serious, kyle. Don’t get cocky about putting one over on tucker. He is shrewd. He could be setting you up as a test of some kind.

Kyle: I’m aware that’s a possibility, so I’m watching my back. But don’t worry, mom, I plan to be careful.

Diane: Well, please do so. Look, I’ve had a lot of experience dealing with tucker and maybe that could help me help you figure out a way to outmaneuver him.

Kyle: Mom. I’ve got this.

Diane: All right, just promise–

Kyle: No, I appreciate you and how much you care about my well-being, but I can handle things.

Diane: I– I know you can.

Kyle: So, how about you trust me? Luckily, I have audra as an ally.

Diane: Okay. I do trust you. But I am worried about the fact that you see audra as someone who can have your back?

Kyle: Okay. Mom, what’s going on? Are you having doubts about our plan? I know it’s intricate with a lot of moving parts, but I can handle it. I mean, are you worried that I can’t pull it off?

Summer: Pull off what?

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Diane: Summer. Nice to see you. I– I– I didn’t realize, um, that you were here. Uh, how’s it going?

Summer: It’s good. Seems like I walked in on kind of a serious conversation. Sorry about that. Mrs. Martinez sent me in earlier. Hey, kyle.

Kyle: Hey, summer.

Summer: So, what is it that you’re trying to pull off?

Diane: Oh, oh. Today is kyle’s first day back at jabot as coo and we’re just really excited.

Kyle: And as usual, my mom is worried about me.

Summer: Wait. Why– why are you worried?

Kyle: She still thinks I’m eight years old.

Diane: Kyle.

Kyle: Well, I– I think her main concern is that I’m going to be disappointed when I return to work, not at the position I wanted, replacing billy as co-ceo.

Summer: Well, I think it’s really great that you’re back working with your family. Know how much it means to all of them.

Kyle: We abbotts are an all-for-one, one for all family.

[ Diane chuckling ]

Summer: And I know that it’s not my place to give my opinion on it.

Kyle: Well, that’s never stopped you before.

Summer: Right. And I agree with diane. I think that you should try to not let your pride get in the way of embracing this new position.

Kyle: Ladies, I promise you, I am up for whatever challenge lies ahead. So, summer, um, what brings you to the house so early?

Summer: I had a present for harrison that I wanted to leave on his bed. I was also hoping to catch jack. There’s this internal issue at marchetti that I wanted his advice on, so…

Diane: Oh, you just missed him.

Summer: Oh, okay. Well, I will catch him at the office then.

Kyle: Oh, yeah, about that. Um, the top three floors are dark. No electricity. So, gonna have to work remotely.

Summer: Oh, okay. And I guess top of my list is to file a complaint with the new chief operations officer.

Kyle: Yeah, I saw that coming.

[ Diane chuckling ]

Diane: Hey, why don’t you work here with us today? I’m sure harrison would love to see you when he gets home.

Summer: I do love seeing him right after school. He’s so energetic and chatty. I– I guess I could work from here. It would be really convenient.

Diane: And since you and kyle used to work together at marchetti, maybe you could, um, maybe you could run that problem by him and the two of you could figure it out together.

Jack: Tucker is bluffing. He cannot bring himself to admit we have beaten him.

Billy: I’m pretty good at reading a bluff, jack. He didn’t have any tells. He knows something that I don’T.

Jack: And that’s your read?

Billy: Yes, that is my read. He’s not bluffing. He’s got something planned for jabot. Some kind of attack. We need to figure out what it is and we need to stop it.

Jack: That is your opinion. Forgive me for being skeptical, but your reads of people in the past have led you into a lot of trouble.

Billy: Oh, is that right? Name one.

Jack: Billy.

Billy: This read is pristine, jack. I’m telling you.

Jack: You are a gambling addict. You have lost hundreds of thousands, if not more, at the poker table. Forgive me being skeptical of your pristine read.

Billy: That’s actually not true.

Jack: What part?

Billy: I mean, I’ve lost on the horses, sports, blackjack, and baccarat, but I’m a winning player at the poker table.

Jack: How do you figure?

Billy: Because poker is not gambling.

Jack: The hell it’s not.

Billy: Jack, all due respect, you don’t understand, okay? Those other forms of betting we’re talking about, you’re playing against a horse, you’re playing against a team. Playing against the dice or cards. With poker, you’re playing the person. You’re not reading the cards, you’re reading the person. You understand if they got a strong hand or a weak hand and you act accordingly. And I am telling you, tucker has a strong hand.

Jack: What is it that makes you think that?

Billy: Some players, they watch another player’s breath or they watch their eyes. If you’re looking at my chips, I assume you have a strong hand. You’re looking at your own, I assume you have a weak hand. Me, I watch the hands. Are you tapping on the table? Are you fidgeting? Are you playing with your chips? Fumbling about. Are you touching your mouth? Are you touching your face? Those are all signs of weakness? The hands don’t lie.

Jack: And what were tucker’s hands doing?

Billy: Nothing. They didn’t move. I’m not saying he’s got pocket aces or anything like that. Seems to me he’s holding a three and a five and he’s looking for a straight. It’s sneaky confident. Like he’s already got someone on the inside of jabot.

Jack: I– I don’t think so. Who would trust him, let alone collude with him?

Billy: Somebody pretty high up. Maybe somebody new. Maybe it’s someone who’s been around a long time or maybe it’s someone who’s both.

Jack: Oh, wait. You– you don’t still think that tucker has his claws into kyle?

Devon: You’re aware that tucker has an involvement in mamie’s investment in chancellor-winters?

Ashley: Yeah. Yeah. To what end?

Devon: Well, he claims that his only interest is shoring up the company for my benefit and for dominic’s future.

Abby: And devon thinks there’s more to it than that.

Devon: I’m certain there’s more to it, which is another reason why I cut him off.

Ashley: Wait a second. So– so possibly tucker’s interest in chancellor-winters, it’s his project, right? So maybe he’s telling the truth when he says that he has no interest in going after jabot?

Abby: I don’t believe it. I just don’t believe it. If it’s not one thing, it’s another with this guy. He is not going to be happy by burning down one company. He won’t be satisfied until he burns down the whole world. My mom’s alzheimer’s never changed how much we love her.

Kyle: As much as I would like to help with your problem at marchetti, I have a lot to do.

Summer: Yeah. Like getting the lights turned on at the office for starters, huh?

Kyle: Exactly. And I really need to run an errand before I dive into that, so I’m gonna step out for a moment.

Summer: Sure.

Kyle: I’ll see you both later.

Diane: Okay. Hm.

Summer: Well, I guess if– unless it’s to discuss harrison, kyle really doesn’t want to be in the same room as me.

Diane: Yeah, I kinda noticed that and I’m sorry. And I’m sorry if it upsets you.

Summer: Yeah. We are getting a divorce and yes, we have both moved on, but I don’t know, I just think it would be nice if we could at least be friendly with each other.

Diane: Well, I think it would be nice if you could find your way back to one another. If so, do you think that you would give the marriage another try?

Summer: Diane, I really don’t think that there’s any point in hypothesizing about that. I mean, kyle made his choice. I just don’t want there to be animosity between us.

Diane: Well, I don’t think that kyle feels animosity. I think he– he finds it awkward. And probably more so when I’m meddling. Trust me, he’s as sad about the situation as you are.

Billy: I would love to give kyle the benefit of the doubt.

Jack: And why is it again you can’t do that?

Billy: Because I’m having a really hard time trusting his sudden turnaround from anger to contrition, okay? I know he’s your son and you love him and it’s hard to believe that he would be involved in something this shady, especially with tucker.

Jack: That’s right. I don’t want to believe that. In fact, I don’t want to have this conversation.

Billy: I saw something in his eyes this morning. He’s not bluffing. He’s up to something, okay? And kyle’s sudden flip to team player, it’s a little too coincidental if you ask me.

Jack: Look, I know you think you can read people. You’re the consummate poker player. And maybe you’re right, maybe tucker already has a plan in motion, but that does not mean kyle is involved. I refuse to believe that.

Billy: I don’t want to believe it either. He’s your son. He’s my nephew. I love the kid and I fully understand what kind of train wreck this is gonna set off for all of us if I’m right.

Jack: And kyle knows how devastating this kind of betrayal will be. That’s why he would never be involved in this.

Billy: Okay. Okay. I’ll drop it, for now. But I’m gonna keep digging and I’m gonna stay on guard, jack. And I promise you if I am right, I won’t say I told you so. Where are you going?

Jack: Anywhere but here.

Billy: Jack, wait.

[ Knock on door ]

Tucker: Hey. How’s your first day on the job?

Kyle: Uh, I haven’t really started yet. There’s an electrical problem at the building. Hey, you’re not behind that, are you? As a way to disrupt things?

Tucker: By shutting off the lights? Do I look like an amateur to you?

Kyle: I just wanna make sure you’re not messing with me on my first day.

Tucker: I know. As much as I enjoy the idea of billy and the rest of them working in the dark, no, it wasn’t me.

Kyle: Okay. So, um, I want to meet face to face. No text. No emails.

Tucker: Okay, good.

Kyle: So, now that I’m coo, how exactly do you plan to take advantage of my new inside position?

Tucker: I thought you’d never ask.

Rsv is out there.

Summer: Look, I know that it was more my fault than his. I’m the one that started things moving towards what eventually became the divorce.

Diane: Yeah. And kyle sealed the deal.

Summer: True. Maybe he did it because he was hurt. Maybe he slept with audra because he wanted to hide from his feelings. I don’t know, but he was definitely doing it to make a statement that he was moving on.

Diane: Well, it was the wrong statement to make. Kyle is smarter than that.

Summer: Look, diane, I know that this is hard for you to witness your son going through all of this. It’s hard on a lot of people.

Diane: No, it’s– it’s more than that. To be honest, I don’t like audra. I don’t trust her. I don’t want her in our lives.

Summer: Forget about audra. Kyle is, in time. I think right now, he’s just going through one of his phases where he’s flexing his muscles trying to prove to everybody that he’s the big man on campus.

Diane: You’re probably right. I’m just– just worried that he’s gotten himself into something that he can’t get himself out of.

Billy: Hold on. Hold on a second, okay? You can’t just walk away. This is too important. We gotta figure this out.

Jack: So, what if we let this play out? And when it does, it’s too late for us to fix it?

Billy: Jack, I get it, okay? I understand. He’s your son and it’s got to feel awful even entertaining the thought that he would be involved in something this nefarious–

Jack: We don’t know that kyle has done anything and you don’t know how I feel, believe me. I don’t know how I feel! And let me finish this, whatever concerns we have will be on tucker. And if he has kyle… if tucker mccall has my son in his clutches, he will find himself in a world of pain and he will not see me coming.

Billy: Look, the more I think about this, the more I’m convinced that ashley is the one person that can stop tucker in his tracks.

Ashley: I don’t think that tucker wants to burn down the entire world. I think he wants to own it.

Abby: Mom, I’m sorry, but I just don’t see how someone as beautiful and smart as you could be fooled by someone as deranged as tucker. Why are you still talking to this man?

Ashley: Okay, abby. I’m sorry. Maybe it was misguided. I thought that I could reach out, reconnect with him and maybe manipulate him and find out what he’s up to. But I realize the only person that has any influence over him is you, devon. You are his– you are his achilles heel.

Devon: Yeah. I don’t think that me or you could manipulate that guy.

Ashley: No, you don’t have to manipulate him. He is so desperate for your love and for your approval and he just craves to have your forgiveness.

Devon: Well, what are you getting at? Do you think that if he gets it and he thinks that I forgive him, that he’ll what? Open up and tell us what his plans are?

Ashley: Well, no. You won’t be able to fake it because he’d see right through that. It would have to be sincere.

Devon: Right.

Ashley: I guess what I’m trying to say is that if there’s any real emotion left inside of tucker mccall, you’re gonna be the only person that can bring it out.

Tucker: There are actually many ways we can take advantage of your position. Uh, just this morning, I set the wheels in motion with billy. Muffin stump?

Kyle: No, I’m okay. How did you do that?

Tucker: I let him believe that there’s a metaphorical bomb taking away at jabot. And if he took the bait and it seemed like he did, he and jack will certainly go sniffing around for said bomb, so I need you to find out what they suspect is about to happen so I can anticipate.

Kyle: Mm-hmm. And I assume I am the bomb.

Tucker: Very good. You’re a lot smarter than you look, kyle. No offense.

Kyle: Oh, I’m sure. And I would be right under their noses supposedly helping them dig. So, how do you intend to use me, specifically?

Tucker: What do you mean?

Kyle: Since I’m your inside man, I’d like to at least know some of the details of your game plan.

Tucker: You’ll know what you need to know when you need to know it, okay? Right now, you just keep playing spy and you let me know what you find out.

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