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Outside the Brady Pub, Eric questions Nicole saying she wants to hold his baby. Nicole explains that she thought maybe holding him might bring her a little solace. Eric is unsure, so Nicole says nevermind. Nicole says that Eric is just getting to know the baby and she shouldn’t have asked. Eric then tells her it’s okay and that she can hold him.

Inside the Pub, EJ remarks on Rafe eating alone. Rafe tells EJ that he heard about what happened to him and Nicole and he’s so sorry for his loss. EJ doesn’t want his condolences, he wants him to find the bastard who ran his wife off the road.

Dimitri shows up at Sloan’s apartment. Sloan questions what he’s doing there, reminding him that he’s a fugitive and she thought he was leaving town. Dimitri responds that he thought she was helping Leo. Sloan says that she is. Dimitri questions why he just heard that Leo is being charged with murder then. Dimitri thinks they both know that if anyone should be facing those charges, it’s her.

In the interrogation room, Harris asks Leo if his lawyer is on her way. Leo responds that she’s unfortunately not as she was otherwise engaged. Leo insists that she will be there though and prove he had nothing to do with the untimely demise of the baby. Leo argues that he instead brought the baby in to the world and feels proud, but now heartbroken. Harris blames Leo and Dimitri. Leo tells Harris to leave so he can mourn and wallow in self pity. Harris then exits the room. Jada tells Harris that she just heard about what happened to Gil and asks how Ava is. Harris responds that Ava will be okay as long as EJ doesn’t drop the hammer on her. Jada worries based on how EJ feels about Ava. Harris mentions missing his keys and asks if Jada has seen them.

Stefan asks Ava how she wants to decide who breaks in to the interrogation room. Ava refuses to do it. Stefan points out that he made a copy of the keys while Ava argues that she’s the one who swiped the keys which is riskier. Stefan argues that he’s the one on security footage. Stefan states that neither of them want to do this. Ava points out that one of them has to do it or else Clyde will be very unhappy. Stefan then gets an idea and suggests letting Mr. “I can’t tell a lie” decide for them.

Jada asks Harris if he lost his keys. Harris says he’s sure they’ll turn up. Jada suggests finding them sooner than later as she asks if he made any progress with Leo. Harris responds that he was having trouble tracking down his lawyer, so he figured he’d leave him in the interrogation room for awhile and maybe he’ll decide to make a deal. Jada asks to take a crack at him so she heads in to the interrogation room.

Rafe assures EJ that the department wants Dimitri found just as badly as he does and he has his best detectives on the case. EJ comments on Rafe sitting here enjoying his dinner. Rafe brings up EJ’s family resources and says there’s a pretty big chance that Dimitri is off in the Caribbean. EJ doesn’t care and wants him found. EJ declares that when he is found, he’s going to throw the book at Dimitri and Leo. Rafe mentions hearing the pretty steep charge. EJ asks if he takes issue with how he prosecutes criminals. Rafe points out that he’s an alleged criminal and in this case, he does not take issue but he is curious what EJ plans to do with Ava Vitali.

Ava questions Stefan deciding who breaks in to the evidence room by flipping a coin. Stefan says it’s better than rock, paper, scissors so they go with it. Ava calls heads and flips the coin.

Sloan questions Dimitri thinking she should be charged with murder and asks what he’s talking about. Dimitri reminds her how he stopped by a couple days ago with a premature, healthy baby boy in his arms and she assured him that he would be delivered to the hospital, but now he’s hearing that baby is dead. Dimitri knows there was no love lost between her and Nicole but questions if she despises her that much. Sloan asks if he thinks he killed Nicole’s baby. Dimitri asks if she didn’t. Sloan assures that she did not and that Nicole’s baby was born prematurely on the side of a road after a car crash so the baby wasn’t doing well. Sloan claims she did take it to the hospital but it was too late and the baby didn’t stand a chance. Dimitri asks why Nicole’s son is dead, but Sloan’s apartment looked like she ransacked the baby department.

Nicole holds Eric’s baby and calls him so beautiful. Nicole then questions how this could be and declares this is her baby.

Ava goes to the police station and sees Harris, who says he wasn’t expecting to see her again today and asks if everything is okay. Ava says everything is fine and that she just stopped by because she has something for him.

Rafe informs EJ that they just got forensics back and their team found fibers underneath Gil’s fingernails consistent with those from Ava’s blouse which lends credence to Ava’s story that he attacked her. EJ questions if he doesn’t think Ava is clever enough to falsify evidence. Rafe admits it’s possible but asks why she would, pointing out that she had no motive to kill Gil other than self defense. EJ decides that if Rafe is satisfied with Ava’s statement and the evidence, then he sees no reason to press charges. Rafe agrees. EJ says now he must tend to his wife while Rafe must find the bastard who killed his son. EJ then takes his food and exits the Pub.

Jada confronts Leo in the interrogation room and tells him to cut the crap as she heard he’s up for felony murder charges for the death of Nicole’s baby. Jada calls it no laughing matter. Leo calls it disturbing that the district attorney happens to be Nicole’s husband. Jada tells Leo that she could make the charges go away which Leo questions. Jada says all he has to do is throw his boyfriend under the bus.

Sloan tells Dimitri that this is all for her baby as Melinda has been helping her and Eric in the adoption process which is why she was there when he showed up the other day. Sloan says they just received their baby today and he’s out with Eric right now. Dimitri questions the baby being a boy which Sloan confirms. Dimitri congratulates her but goes over that a few days ago, he left her with a perfectly healthy baby boy, who then suddenly somehow dies and then she finds herself the recipient of a perfectly healthy baby boy who seems to have been born at the exact same time as the baby he left with her days earlier. Dimitri asks how stupid she thinks he is. Dimitri accuses her of taking the baby for herself.

Eric asks what Nicole means. Nicole repeats that this is her baby. Eric says he can’t even begin to imagine the kind of pain that she’s in right now, but this isn’t her baby. Nicole thinks back to holding her baby after giving birth. Nicole tells Eric that right after he was born, Leo put him in her arms and she’ll never forget his face. Nicole declares that this is the baby that she gave birth to and this is her son.

Harris questions what Ava has for him. Ava brought him food since he’s stuck at work all night. Harris thanks her and says the station gets so crazy sometimes that he forgets to eat. Harris adds that it’s no wonder he lost his keys and jokes that he’d lose his head too.

Stefan breaks in to the police evidence room.

Leo questions Jada wanting him to throw the love of his life under the bus. Jada offers him the phone to call Dimitri and say he’d like to meet up. Leo guesses that when Dimitri shows up, she and another cop show up to arrest him. Leo refuses to do it. Jada argues that there’s no reason that a man like Leo should be cooling his heels in a stuffy room like this, especially since he’s not the one they want. Jada says they want the big fish and that it might seem like they are partners in crime but that Dimitri is the criminal mastermind. Jada brings up that Dimitri tried to kill Stefan and Gabi, assaulted a police officer, and was the one who drove the car that ran Nicole off the road. Jada tells Leo to call Dimitri and he can be out in time for Thanksgiving dinner.

Sloan tells Dimitri that she did not take Nicole’s baby and that it is possible for two babies to be born on the same day. Sloan presumes that it’s possible that thousands of babies are born on the same day. Dimitri says they are talking about the baby he brought to her on the same day that she’s claiming the baby died. Dimitri doesn’t care if EJ and Nicole get to raise the baby as he cares about Leo going down for the murder of a baby who is still very much alive. Dimitri decides he’s going to call the police department to get this mess sorted out but Sloan stops him.

EJ exits the Brady Pub to find Nicole and Eric with the baby. Eric informs EJ that he and Sloan adopted this baby today while Nicole swears that he is her baby. EJ tells Nicole that the baby isn’t their baby. Nicole insists and repeats that she cradled him after the accident just like this and she saw him and that she would never forget his face anywhere. Nicole cries that this is their boy. EJ wishes that it was and says he’d give anything for it to be their baby but it’s not. EJ states that this baby is Eric and Sloan’s as they adopted him today and it’s time to give him back to his father.

Harris finishes a call with Rafe, saying that’s great news. Ava asks what’s going on. Harris informs her that it’s about her. Harris then announces that EJ has decided not to charge her in Gil Carter’s death. Ava is shocked and hugs Harris, thanking him. Ava declares that she has to go tell Tripp. Ava tells Harris not to work too hard and rushes out of the police station.

Nicole reluctantly hands the baby back to Eric and cries that she’s sorry, guessing her mind is just playing tricks on her and she wanted it to be true. Nicole apologizes to Eric. He says it’s okay but she says it’s not. Nicole says she should’ve been happy for Eric and repeats that she’s sorry. EJ says that’s enough apologies as she’s been through more than most people could handle in the last few days. Eric assures that he understands. EJ tells Nicole that he will take her home and they walk away together. Rafe then comes out from the Pub and sees Eric with the baby. Rafe asks if everything is okay. Eric claims everything is fine but Rafe says it doesn’t seem that way. Eric then admits that Nicole seemed to think that this was her baby.

Sloan tells Dimitri not to call the cops. Dimitri asks if she’s admitting that the baby is in fact Nicole’s. Sloan then admits that he is. Sloan says she didn’t plan to take him. Dimitri remarks that he used that line in shoplifting at the mall. Sloan argues that this isn’t funny. Dimitri says saying she didn’t plan it doesn’t exonerate her. Sloan argues that it’s not like that. Sloan explains that she and Eric have been planning for awhile to adopt a baby and right when they were about to get a child, Melinda said the mother changed her mind because of Sloan’s reputation and the mother didn’t think she was fit to be a parent. Sloan explains that she thought if a parent could find out the truth about her, they all could and that’s when she realized that her being a mother was going to be an uphill battle that she would quite possibly lose. Sloan says that then Dimitri showed up at her door with the baby in his arms. Dimitri asks if she thought “finders keepers” and tells her no. Dimitri realizes that’s why she agreed to help Leo since she knew that was the only way to get him out of town and if he was out of town, he’d never figure out her nefarious plot. Sloan argues that she agreed to help and that’s all he cares about while Dimitri complains about Sloan only wanting to play mommy to someone else’s kid being the only reason that Leo is in this mess. Dimitri says that Sloan has no conscience to do something so underhanded and criminal. Dimitri declares that Sloan is going to have to get the charges against Leo dropped or else he’s going to sing like a canary.

Jada warns Leo that if he doesn’t call Dimitri in the next five minutes, he will have no choice and the deal will be off. Leo complains that she’s asking him to betray someone he loves and cares about. Jada knows Leo thinks he’s deeply in love with Dimitri and that love can sometimes be blinding to the other person’s failings. Jada calls Dimitri a disgusting dirtbag which Leo argues is not helping her case. Jada questions if Dimitri is even capable of love, calling him a sociopath and psychopath. Jada asks if Dimitri even cares about Leo, pointing out that he left him holding the bag. Jada warns Leo that he’s going to hate a prison cell and EJ is out for blood, so the question is does he want it to be his. Jada gets a text and says she has to take care of something. Jada tells Leo that she expects an answer when she returns as she then exits the room.

Stefan searches through the evidence room until he hears someone coming and hides. Jada then enters the room on the phone and says she’s there now, so she asks what they are looking for again.

Rafe congratulates Eric on his new baby. Eric says he was just a little rattled which Rafe calls understandable since Nicole thinking it was her baby is really sad. Rafe still can’t believe Nicole’s baby didn’t make it. Eric brings up that EJ said their son was accidentally cremated, so they never got a chance to really say goodbye to their baby.

EJ brings Nicole home to the DiMera Mansion and says he will run her a bath and put on classical music so she can relax. Nicole tells EJ that she was so sure about the baby being her baby. EJ doesn’t think it’s surprising after what she’s been through. EJ calls it unimaginable trauma combined with the grief they both feel. EJ says her mind was just playing tricks on her. Nicole knows she said that, but the more she thinks about it, the baby’s face just looked like the baby she gave birth to and it was the way she felt when she held him. EJ points out that she had just been hurt in a terrible accident and she was still dazed when he got there. Nicole cries and asks EJ to just hold her so he does.

Sloan tells Dimitri that she will find a way to get Leo out of this mess but he has to get out of here before Eric comes home and sees him. Dimitri insists they shake hands on it, so they do. Dimitri then stops and mentions that he’s a little short on cash. Sloan calls him unbelievable and hands him cash, telling him to take it and get out. Dimitri says it was a pleasure doing business with her. Dimitri recommends she use every trick in the book to get Leo out fast, or else her whole baby switching scheme will be the biggest news of the century and her whole family dream will blow up in her face. Dimitri then exits.

Jada finds the file she was looking for in the evidence room on a Terrance Smith and then leaves while Stefan hides behind the desk.

Jada returns to Leo in the interrogation room and asks if he’s going to call Dimitri to give them the big fish so he can swim away free. Leo responds that he thought about it and he’s not calling anyone. Leo declares that he can’t and won’t betray the man he loves.

Dimitri returns to his motel room and declares that he’s going to get Leo out of this mess if it’s the last thing he does.

Stefan and Ava meet outside the Pub. Stefan informs Ava that he got the evidence but they have to find somewhere to offload it. Stefan adds that he was this close to getting caught and asks how it went on Ava’s end. Ava says she made sure that Harris will get his keys back as that was the easy part but it was slightly harder lying to his face.

Rafe returns to the police station and tells Harris that he was just looking for him as someone from the Sgt’s desk found his keys downstairs and he recognized the key ring. Harris thanks him and says he was looking all over but he didn’t remember leaving them there. Rafe suggests he dropped them somewhere and exits while Harris looks confused.

Eric goes home with his baby to Sloan. They talk about the baby doing so good. Eric then tells her that he ran in to Nicole and she had just gotten released from the hospital, so when she saw the baby, she said that it was her baby.

EJ guesses Nicole isn’t hungry so he will put her sliders in the fridge for later and says he will make her tea as he heads to the kitchen.

Sloan tells Eric that doesn’t make any sense for Nicole to think their baby was her baby. Eric says she was obviously overwhelmed with grief. Sloan asks what Eric did or said. Eric explains that EJ showed up and they managed to convince Nicole that the baby was not her baby.

Nicole sits at home and thinks back to holding her baby after giving birth and then holding Eric’s baby. Nicole doesn’t care what anybody says and declares that she knows that was her baby.

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