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[phone ringing]

I’ll warm up the bottle, Eric. He’s probably just hungry.

[phone beeps] Hello?

Have you gotten Leo out of prison yet?

[soft dramatic music]

Wow, could you give me a break? It’s only been a couple of hours. And in case you’ve forgotten…

[baby crying] Hear that? That’s a baby I’m caring for.

Not my problem, Sloan. Do your job, because if you can’t get those wheels of justice in motion, I assure you my next call will be to the baby’s real mother.

Oh, I’m sorry that Cole took so long. I’m afraid the work of a district attorney is never ending, even on Thanksgiving.

No worries.

Can I refresh your tea? Or I can see if Cook left something in the fridge.

No, honey, I’m fine. So did everyone else in the house go out for Thanksgiving?

Oh, you’re home.

Well, that was very gallant of you to come to my defense like that. I don’t think anyone’s ever done that for me before.

Well the whole knight in shining armor routine is new for me too. But you had a rough enough day already, and Xander got exactly what he deserved.

[sighs] How’s your hand?

I think knights aren’t supposed to say how much that actually hurts.

It’s OK, Mr. Tough Guy, your secret’s safe with me.

Thank you. As long as you know that Xander’s problems, they’re not because of you.

Yeah, Xander’s got lots of problems because of me.

OK, well, still. The thing that’s eating at him the most is the fact that he always wants something that he can’t have. So he can throw all the little temper tantrums in the world that he wants, but he’s never gonna be able to take–

You know, why are we wasting our time talking about Xander? Why don’t I take my knight in shining armor home?



[soft acoustic music]

Maggie, I didn’t want to say anything until I had more information, but I think it’s very possible that Konstantin orchestrated your granddaughters kidnapping in order to score points with you and Sarah.

Maggie, I swear that’s not true. I would never endanger little Victoria like that. I had nothing to do with her kidnapping.

So was it just a coincidence that as soon as you were watching that little girl, some mysterious stranger wandered into–

No, no, no, not mysterious at all. I know who did it.

Are you saying you know who took Victoria?

[tense music]

I hate to break this up, but I need the kid now.

Oh, you are one sick son of a bitch, you know that?

And you are the monster who abducted Sarah Horton’s baby. Yes, I do.

Well? Don’t leave us in suspense. Who was it?

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

This is very hard for me to say.

Yeah. Maybe just spit it out.

I know I said you were mistaken, Steve, but I’m starting to believe you were not completely off base.

[tense music] The person who did it, who took Victoria, did it because of me, to force my hand.

Sorry, you guys probably want some space. I’ll just go up to my room.

Holly, wait, wait. Sweetheart, I’m so sorry about what happened at the hospital yesterday, snapping at you when all you were trying to do was make me feel better.

It’s really OK, mom. I know you were, like, super upset. I mean, I can’t imagine what you were going through, what you’re still going through.

Thank you.

Do you need anything?

[somber music]

Come here. Oh. You know what? I have everything I need right here in this room. And sweetheart, I just want you to know that I am so grateful to have you as my daughter, and I just love you so much.

Sloan? I’m gonna need you to acknowledge that you heard my request.

Oh, I heard you, all right, especially the part where you were threatening me and my son.

So what’s your response?

All right. I’ll leave my son home on his first night and come and deal with Leo.

Great. And then you can come here and tell me that it’s done. I’m staying at the White Dove Motel.


[tense music]

You hear that?

Oh, I don’t hear anything.

Exactly. Finally got the little guy to sleep.

Oh, sorry. I forgot to warm up the bottle.

It’s OK. Is everything OK?

Actually, no it’s not, I got a call from a client.

On Thanksgiving?

Yes, and it’s an emergency. I have to go deal with it. Are you gonna be OK here with the baby?

Yeah. Us men here, we’ll hold down the fort.

Thank you. You’re a lifesaver.


Happy Thanksgiving.


[soft dramatic music]


So I forgot that I turned the ice maker off because it was making so much noise, so we have peas.

Ah, why not?

[exhales sharply]

How does that feel?


Yeah, that’s the point, you know?

[both sigh] Alex, I hate that you got hurt.


But I’m also so grateful that you came to my defense, twice in one day, actually.

Xander had no right to talk about you that way. And this Konstantin guy doesn’t know either one of us, and he’s claiming you’re after my money? Come on.

Yeah, well, those kind of assumptions come when you hang with guys as powerful as you.

Oh, yeah, well, they shouldn’t. I know Maggie likes this guy and all, and he seemed OK at first, but honestly, now I’m starting to wonder about him. I think I’m gonna swing by the mansion tomorrow. I wanted to scope things out, but I’m gonna be swamped at the office all day long.

What? The day after Thanksgiving?

Yeah, now that we got Basic Black in the fold, there’s a lot more work to be done. And if you want to come along with me, I wouldn’t say no.

Mm-hm. Um–yeah, about that, I’ve been thinking.

Go on.

[clears throat] Well, Alex, now that we have this working relationship…


I don’t know, where does that leave our personal relationship?

You’re saying someone kidnapped my granddaughter to force your hand?

It all goes back to my life in Greece. I am ashamed to admit that there are some people over there to whom I owe money.

Who are those people?

Well, it started with my loan from Victor for my restaurant. I had every intention of paying it back, but when I couldn’t, well, I went to this rather unsavory man who could help me with the loan.

A loan shark?

He has his hands in many sorts of businesses but all of them with connections back to the Greek underworld.

So you’re talking about the mob?

But I couldn’t afford to pay him either, so the interest accrued, and before I knew it, it was twice as much as the money I had borrowed from Victor.

So what does any of this have to do with little Victoria?

I’m getting to that. I think this man or one of his associates took the baby. They must have thought that they could use the child as some sort of leverage.

And as it turned out, they were right. My God, this is unconscionable.

Sure is. But Konstantin, I’m wondering… If this kidnapping is connected to you and this huge debt you couldn’t pay back, why did you wait until now to say anything?

[tense music]

Happy Thanksgiving.

Oh. Oh, hold on there. I have a little spit up on the shoulder.

Oh, well, I don’t mind a little spit up. What I mind is not getting a hug from my son who is now a dad.

I am indeed. Happy Thanksgiving, Mom.

Oh, honey. Mm. We could stand around here and hug each other, or do I get to see this sweet baby?

The boy, I just put him down. But look, you’re more than welcome to go take a look on him.

No, no, no, that’s OK. Number one parenting rule is don’t wake a sleeping baby. I could maybe tiptoe in and just take a little peek.



And I brought his present. Maybe he’ll let you open it for him.

Yes, well. Oh, to the newest Brady with so much love.

Well, I didn’t know his name.

Well, don’t worry. We don’t either because Sloan and I, we haven’t agreed on one yet.

Oh. Well, there’s always time for that. And where is Sloan? I’d like to congratulate the new mom.

She stepped out. She had some client emergency.


[doorbell ringing]

The staff has the night off tonight. I’ll get that.


I gotta say, Mom, you seem a lot better today.

I am, with good reason. Holly, there’s something I want to tell you, and I didn’t want to say it in front of EJ.

OK, what is it?

[soft dramatic music]

My baby is alive.

I asked you a question, Konstantin. If you knew these mobsters were the ones who kidnapped Sarah’s baby, why did you wait until now to speak up?

Because I–I didn’t put it together until today. But now I wonder, were they watching me all along?

Here? At the house?

They could have followed me here and waited for an opening. And when they saw that I was alone with your granddaughter, they jumped at the opportunity. I am so sorry, Maggie. I never meant to put your family in danger.

[tense music]


Look, Alex, I don’t mean to put you on the spot, OK? It’s just that we haven’t really defined what we had. I mean, we slept together in Greece because you felt sorry for me.

No, no. That is not what happened. And I told you that, Theresa, that was not pity sex.

OK, fine. After we had not pity sex, we said that we were gonna take a step back and take things slow, right?

That’s what you said you wanted.

Yes, it is. It was, it is. Um, just–

[chuckles] I mean, we are living together now, and even with separate bedrooms, you have to admit, uh… For people who are taking it slow, you don’t really share a bathroom, you know?


So I guess what I’m just trying to say is… Where do we go from here?

Well… is there someplace you were hoping to go?

[soft dramatic music]

Well, we did go on one date already, right?


How do you feel about… another date, maybe? Or, I don’t know, is this situation just all just too messy for you?


That’s cool, Mom. Wow, these are the coolest.

Well, I got several different pair. I just I couldn’t decide.

Oh, of course you did.

So there’s a tiger, there’s a lion, there’s a panda.

No, I’m good with the sharks. I mean, they actually fit seeing that the little guy’s mom is a lawyer.

Oh. Honey, I got a pair for Nicole’s baby as well.

You heard what happened?

I don’t know how she lives with that pain.

Yeah, she had high hopes for this child.

Yeah. I was gonna stop in and check on her, but I thought I’d give her and EJ a little more time. Have you seen her?

Yeah, I ran into her today.

How did she seem?

Well, she was grieving, of course. But–

But what?

Well, I was out with him. And while I was out, Nicole asked if she could hold him, and when she did, she was convinced that he was hers.

Mom, how can your baby be alive? What makes you think that?

I don’t think that. Honey, I saw him.

What? Where?

Eric and Sloan adopted a baby boy today, a newborn, and I ran into Eric at the pub, and I asked if I could hold him, and that’s when I knew he was mine.

Did you say anything to Eric about it?

Of course, I did. And I told EJ, but neither one of them believed me. Honey, I know this– I know how this sounds, but it’s the truth. The baby that Eric and Sloan adopted, I gave birth to. He’s my baby boy.

Sloan Peterson, what the hell do you want?

To offer my condolences, first of all. I’m sorry for the loss of your child.

Thanks. What’s second of all?

I came here on behalf of my client, Leo Stark. You have to drop the murder charges against him. He is not responsible for the death of your son.

Really? Please, enlighten me, counselor. If Stark is not responsible for the loss of my child, then who is?

[tense music]

I have such deep regret about bringing these criminals to your doorstep, Maggie. But I assure you, I was never in what you might call cahoots with them.

It’s quite a story, Konstantin.

And a very troubling one, obviously. But I–I thank you for being honest. I know it couldn’t have been easy.

And I apologize to you for not coming to you and John earlier.


[tense music] Well, you’re just lucky little Victoria is safe. I’m gonna head home, Maggie. Kayla’s just finishing up her shift at the hospital, and I’d like to spend the rest of the holiday with my wife.

Of course. Wish Kayla a happy Thanksgiving for me. Thank you for your help.

My pleasure. You take care.

Thank you.

I can’t deny that our situation is complicated.

Uh-huh, right. Yeah. Yeah, so you want to just keep the romance part out of it? You just want to be roommates and coworkers? Yeah.

No, I didn’t say that.

What are you saying?

Well, I’m saying that we have a lot working against us. I have some family members that aren’t exactly thrilled about us being together.

[sighs] I thought you said you didn’t care what Xander said about–

I don’t give a damn what Xander says or thinks because he’s a jealous, vindictive loser, but he’s not the only one that warned me about you, Theresa.


Brady, yeah. He pretty much told me that I’d be risking everything by letting you into my life and into my company.

Hmm. Well, Brady and I have a very long history. Most of it’s bad.

I’m sure he has his own agenda. Bottom line, he’s not scaring me off because I don’t really scare that easily.

[soft dramatic music]

I’ve noticed that about you, and I have to say that makes me very happy because…

[laughs] As much as I’m trying to just accept this roommate living situation thing that we have going on here, I have to be honest, it’s just– it’s kind of killing me, Alex.



How so?

Screw it. I’m just gonna come out with it. Um…


[sensual music] I’m into you. I am so into you, Alex, like, “It keeps me up at night, I can’t wait to see you in the morning” into you. In fact, being this close to you right now is so hard just to pretend like I don’t want to rip off your clothes.

Well, then, if that’s the case… What do you think about taking this to the bedroom?

Sure, which one?

Darling, it’s not too surprising that Nicole would believe that the baby you adopted was hers. With this kind of grief, this magnitude, it’s overwhelming. And rather than trying to cope, she’s busy, subconsciously, trying to deny it.

Yeah. I mean, I guess so, it’s just– it’s just uncomfortable, and it’s sad. Mom, she wouldn’t even give the baby back until EJ came out of the pub and convinced her to.

And then, was she able to accept it?

I mean, she seemed to, but–


I’m just not sure. Mom, you should have seen the way she looked back at him. When she was walking away, it was almost as if she wasn’t letting go of him.

[soft dramatic music]

I understand that you need to blame someone for the death of your son.

Not someone Ms. Peterson, Leo Stark. The only reason my son was born prematurely was because he was involved in a car accident with that slimy little bastard.

An accident that Leo is not at fault for. And as far as you trying to make the felony murder charge stick, your son was alive when he arrived at that hospital, meaning that he did not die during the commission of a crime.

Thanks for the refresher on the law, now here’s a refresher for you. If you’re so hell-bent on saving your client, then perhaps it would help your case to produce the driver of the car, my erstwhile nephew Dimitri. Oh, that’s right, you can’t. Then I’ll see you in court. My staff are off for the holiday, but I’m sure you know how to show yourself out.

EJ, wait, I just want to–

What the hell do you think you’re doing?

Look, I just wanted to talk to you a little bit more.

My staff may not be here, but I am more than capable of throwing you out myself.

No, no, I don’t want her to leave.

Nicole, hello.

Don’t you dare hello me. Why did you do it? Why did you take my baby?

[dramatic music]

Answer me, please! Why did you take my little boy?

Nicole, sweetheart, we talked about this. Nicole was under the impression that–

That the baby that Eric and I adopted this morning was actually hers. Yes, I know, Eric told me.

Really? What did he say? That I was crazy?

Look, I am truly sorry for your terrible loss, I am, but that little boy, our son, is not your child.

Who gave him to you? How did you get him?

That’s it, time to leave.

EJ, please, I need answers.

Not tonight.

Listen to me, please.

You should listen to your husband, Nicole, and put an end to this, truly, for everybody’s sake, but especially for your own.

Mom, stop!

No, I need to know! I need to know why she and Eric have my baby. I need to know, honey!

[dramatic music]

I am so sorry, Maggie. I have a feeling that I have ruined your holidays.

It’s very troubling, as I said.

As it is to me as well. But I do not blame Steve for being suspicious of me, no. I’m sure it serves him well in his chosen profession. And you are very lucky to have a friend who is so protective of you.

I am, indeed.

And he is correct. It is my fault that your granddaughter was in danger. Those people came here for her because of me.

Those people, they made your life hell for years, and I realize that, but I don’t condone your involvement with them, nor will I tolerate having my family, their safety, threatened in any way, which is why I need you to leave now.

[sensual music]

OK, so I may have had kind of an issue picking out an outfit this morning, and my clothes are all over the bed.

That’s OK. That’s OK, we’ll move them.

But they’re all over the floor too, so…

It’s OK, it’s all right.

So your room?

Sure, yeah, yeah. Except–

Except what?

I may not have changed the sheets since we moved in.

What? Are you serious?

Yeah. I mean, I’m busy, come on.

What? You’re the CEO of a multinational conglomerate.

Exactly. You really think I have time to change the bed sheets every day? Come on, the housekeeper’s coming tomorrow.

Well, tell her to wear a hazmat suit.

It’s not that dirty.

Well, I’m not getting naked in there.

OK. Couch it is.


Honey, I’m sorry that you had an uncomfortable moment with Nicole. I’m sorry for both of you.

She doesn’t deserve any of this. Now that I have a son, I just– I just feel blessed to be a dad. I just can’t imagine losing him.

You’re in love with him.

I am. Little guy’s got my heart.

I’m so happy for you. You waited so long for this.

Yes, I have.

Well, I better be moseying along. Give that little baby a smooch for me, would you, please?

You got it.

And one more thing, give him a name, please.

We’ll work on that. Oh, by the way, we’re planning the christening, so now we have a deadline.

I can’t wait. Looking forward to it. And, darling, don’t worry too much about Nicole. She’ll figure out a way through this.

[somber music]


Sloan’s gone? Why didn’t you go after her? Why did you let her leave? EJ, if you don’t go after her, I will.

Nicole, listen to me, look at me. Darling, look at me. I understand how upsetting it must have been to see Eric out with his son today.

Not his son, my son, our son. And I need to get him back, I need to get him back from her!

Nicole, going after Sloan, all that will do is make her angry and make you even sadder. You know this. Darling, look at me. We will discuss this further when you’ve calmed down, all right? But now, know that I love you and that we will figure this out together. OK?

I just want my baby boy back. God. Please bring him back to me, please.




Who needs a bed, right?

Sheets just get in the way.


Yeah, the couch was, um, enjoyable.

Wow. The floor wasn’t too bad either. And just for the record, that was not pity sex.

[soft dramatic music]

Thank you for saying that. But you know, um… maybe just to be on the safe side, we could maybe have dinner first next time.

Next time, huh?

Mm-hm. Assuming there will be a next time.

Well, there will be if I have anything to say about it.

[chuckles] Maybe next time, we could even try a bed.

A bed?

You want me to leave?

I’m sure you understand. The safety of my family will always be my first priority.

Of course, I understand and I respect that, but it’s just that I don’t know where I will go.

I suggest the Salem Inn for at least a night until you can book your flight back to Greece.

Back to Greece? But, Maggie, I cannot afford to.

I know. I get it.

[sighs] Money is obviously an issue for you. And because of your debt with that mobster was incurred because of my husband, your debt to him, I will pay off.

No. No, I cannot let that happen.

I insist. I believe you’re a good man, Konstantin, who got himself involved in a very bad and dangerous situation. And as I’ve said before, I don’t condone you’re borrowing money from a criminal because I understand you were desperate, and I’m not judging you. I’m just simply saying that I cannot have that danger in any proximity to this house or to my family. So I will give you enough to cover your stay at the Inn and then I will pay for your flight back to Greece. I’m sorry it’s come to this.

As am I. More than sorry, I am heartbroken. I care for you, Maggie. Your friendship is a blessing to me. But of course, I respect you and want to keep your family safe, and I shall respect your wishes.

Good. Then it’s settled. I’ll pay off these terrible people, these criminals that have kept harassing you and who kidnapped my precious granddaughter, and then, maybe, Konstantin, you can get your life back.

Thank you, Maggie, for all that you’ve done. Your presence in my life, your kindness and support mean more to me than you shall ever know. Now I will go pack my things.

Hey, John, I’m sorry, man. I know we said no calls on the holiday, but I didn’t think this could wait. I just came from Maggie’s, and you’re never gonna guess what Konstantin is claiming now. He said that Sarah’s baby was kidnapped by Greek mobsters he owed money to. No, no, I didn’t believe him, but Maggie did. So I think we need to step up our investigation and get that creep out of her life before she gets in any deeper.

Took you long enough. Did you talk to EJ?

I did.


The charges against Leo are gonna be dropped in the morning.

Good work. I knew you could do it.

Hey, take this.

Thank you.

[sighs] How are you feeling?

I’m better now, thanks to you. I’m so sorry about earlier.

Mm-mm-mm. There’s no need to apologize.

Listen, I know that you don’t think it’s possible that Sloan’s baby could be ours, but–

But you do. And I’m not gonna try and convince you otherwise.

You’re not?

[sighs] Today has been one of the longest days of my life. I’m sure you feel the same. But it’s still Thanksgiving, and we have a lot to be grateful for. I have a feeling things will look a lot different in the morning.

I hope so. I just feel so bad that I fell apart in front of Holly. I saw the look on her face, and she just– she looked so worried. Where did she go? Do you know?

Holly, this is a nice surprise. Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Is something wrong? Is your mom OK?

Actually, no. I was just with her and, Eric, she still believes your baby is hers, so that’s why I’m here. I had an idea. I thought–I don’t know. I thought maybe it will help put her mind at ease.

OK, OK, what is it?


I was wondering if you’d be willing to get a DNA test done on your baby.


Don’t worry. Look, I know the kid isn’t hers. He isn’t my brother, but I thought maybe if we could just prove it to her, then she’ll have to let this go. God, I know it’ll be hard for her to face the truth, but at least this way, she’ll know for sure that the baby isn’t hers.

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