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So how is your Thanksgiving going for you, Joey? No, no, that’s right. Stephanie and Chad went to Doug and Julie’s, and Tripp is with Wendy. And I am stuck here at work, unfortunately. But your dad and I are gonna share a turkey dinner as soon as he gets back from Greece. I-I don’t know when he’s coming back. Your guess is as good as–ah. well, lo and behold, he’s here right now, Joey.


Your dad’s here! Let me call you back, okay? We’ll call you back.

Hey, Joe.

All right, love you. Ah, you’re here. Thank goodness. Glad you’re here.

Happy Thanksgiving, sweetness.

Got all the food wrapped up and one of everything put aside for your mom.

Too bad she had to work. She missed a fun day.

Oh, oh, yeah, fun, so fun.

Okay, it was a little awkward at times.

A little?

Come on. It wasn’t that bad.

Oh, yeah, well, it wasn’t exactly a barrel of laughter either, especially with that ex-boyfriend of yours making eyes at you the whole dinner.

What? You totally imagined that.


All Everett was doing was trying to get to know Julie and Doug, show his gratitude for being invited. And he was so sweet with the kids. You saw how much they liked him.

Yeah, well, the kids dip their hot dogs in chocolate so.

Chad, you know after the initial weirdness, everyone very much enjoyed themselves.

Mm, mm.

Where are Thomas and Charlotte anyway?

They asked if they could stay over, so they’re getting settled in their rooms, which, um, I don’t know, maybe it’s a good thing.

Why would that be?

Well, you know, maybe we could use some time alone. Things have been very rocky between us lately, so we could maybe…

Hey there.


[clears throat] I thought you left.

Oh, I was just, uh, finishing up my interview with Doug and Julie, first couple of Salem, such great people, such fascinating lives. I hope my piece on them does them justice.

Well, you should go write it right now then while it’s still probably fresh in your mind.

That’s the plan. That’s definitely the plan. Um, actually, I’m headed over to “The Spectator” office right now. And, Steph, I’m gonna need you to come with me.


[sighs] Everett needs to talk to the crossword guy about making these things a little easier. I mean, a six-letter word for a large North American gallinaceous bird. Who would even know something like that?

[knock at door] Coming! Sarah.

[laughs] Uh, may I?

You may.

[laughs] Happy Thanksgiving.

And to you. And a very special first Happy Thanksgiving to this wee one. Sorry, I wasn’t expecting you, obviously.

Um, well, Victoria and I wanted to stop by and give you a little surprise, hopefully something to be grateful for.

[soft music]

That was a really fun Thanksgiving.

It was. I’m really glad you could join us.

Yeah, me too. Your son’s a really good kid.

Mm. Kid, wow. It feels like only yesterday where I was fixing him a plate so that the peas wouldn’t touch the mashed potatoes. Now he’s too busy to hang out with his mom unless it’s a national holiday.

Oh, come on. He loves you. It’s very obvious.

Yeah, I’m crazy about him too. I’m actually really pleased with how he’s adjusted to life in Salem.


Speaking of adjustments, um, how are you and your dad? Are you still calling him Justin?

I’m calling him Dad. Even so, him not being my real father, um, I guess it’s made things a little awkward between us. But he’s a great guy, and we love each other a lot. He actually invited me to Arizona to spend Thanksgiving with Bonnie and my brothers.

Oh, yeah? Why’d you turn him down?

I just didn’t want to make everybody feel, like, uncomfortable, given what we just learned. I don’t know, maybe I should have just braved and gone, but I know family is important.

No arguments there.

[laughs] Speaking of family, I should probably go check in on Maggie. She has got to be completely shook, Sarah even more so. I mean, can you believe somebody kidnapped her baby?


I am telling you, the people at home do not know what they are missing. Wait until I tell them about sausage stuffing.

[both laugh]

America’s culinary gift to the world.

And you are a gift to me, Maggie. I am so grateful that you have invited me to join in your family for the holidays.

Well, I was delighted you were here and so was Sarah. But the idea of Thanksgiving is at least a little familiar to you, yes?


‘Cause, I mean, Victor told me about this ancient Greek, um– it was like a religious festival that was called, um, Thesmophoria. Did I–did I say that right?

You said it perfectly, a celebration of the harvest.

Oh, in which only women partake?



You see, Demeter was the goddess of agriculture, and she had a daughter. “Per-se-feen.”


Oh, okay, all right, one out of two.

And Persephone was kidnapped by Hades, or so the myth says. And when mother and daughter were allowed to visit, he would bless the world with a bountiful harvest.

Ah, well, sadly, that kidnapping part, it hits a little too close to home. both: Mm.

[ominous music]

Ah, perhaps you are someone who can kidnap a kid, as long as the pay day is big enough, hmm?

Oh, what’s Greek for “the pot calling the kettle black”?

I am not the one who pretends to have any scruples. My aim here is crystal clear.

Yeah, to get your grubby hands on Maggie’s money.

That old bastard, Victor, made a grave mistake cutting me out of his will. And I will take what I am owed now from his widow, which I can only accomplish if this child’s mother is in my corner.

I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t saved my granddaughter. I know I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating. You’re a real hero, Konstantin.

No, I am not, Maggie. I have done something truly terrible to you.

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

So what, you can’t write the story on your own?

Uh, no, I can, and I will. The profile is all mine, but now that our star columnist has been charged with murder, I’m gonna need Steph’s help to draft “The Spectator’s” official response.

Okay, great, just say that– uh, that Leo Stark is getting exactly what he deserves. I just freed up your whole evening. How about that?


What? What, are you kidding? Leo and my swine of a nephew drove a very pregnant Nicole off the road. Now you can draw a straight line from that to her baby’s death.


So can the police.

It’s–it’s a little more complicated than that.

How so?

Well, Leo and Dimitri didn’t deliberately drive Nicole off the road, okay? It was an unfortunate accident, and, on top of it, Leo Stark helped deliver Nicole’s baby.

He had no choice; they were in the middle of nowhere, and she went into labor. And if Leo and Dimitri hadn’t been fleeing from the police, then my brother’s child would still be alive. So how ’bout you stop making excuses for that son of a bitch? Stephanie, surely, you’re with me on this one, yeah?

Victoria’s birth certificate.

Yeah, there’s been a small update in box A, where it says “Father’s name.” And it used to say “Rex Brady.”

You changed it to mine.

Well, it’s only right. You are her father, and now it’s official.

Thank you, Sarah. That–that means a lot.

I just– I wanted to show you how much I want you to be a part of our daughter’s life. And… I am just so sorry it took her being kidnapped to realize that.

It just boggles the mind, right, how somebody could break into that house in broad daylight, no less, and steal an innocent baby.

[sighs] Yeah, well. The good news is is that she was found and returned safe and sound.

Yeah, that’s right, thanks to Uncle Vic’s old friend, Konstantin.

Mm-hmm. Yeah, really fortunate that he was there and able to find her.

Right, thank God. You know, now might be a good time to pop in and check on Maggie.

Really? I’m kind of surprised that you’d be up for that. I-I thought that things were kind of strained between you two ever since you took over Titan.

We’ve had our issues, yeah. But out of respect for my father, I think I should be helping his widow. That’s what he would want. Why don’t you come along with me? I’m sure Maggie would love to see you.

[eerie music]

Just stay asleep kid, okay? Hopefully, by the time you wake up, this whole nightmare will be over, huh?

What do you think you’re doing? Get away from that child!

Uh, I’m not sure that’s a good idea.

What are you talking about? You haven’t done anything terrible to me.

Oh, yes, I did. I kissed you. It was very disrespectful to you and my dear friend, Victor.

Konstantin, I told you it’s forgotten. It’s–it’s– everything is fine.

No, it is not. You should have thrown me out on my ear, sent me packing. What happens instead? You invite me to stay through Christmas.

How could I not? You saved my grandchild. Konstantin, I’ve told you, you’ve been a great comfort to me. You’re a good man, Konstantin, and one– one tiny little lapse in judgment doesn’t change that.

Bye, Joey, I love you. And, listen, next Thanksgiving, we are all together.

For sure. We’ll talk soon, son. I love you. Love you.

Love you. Bye. Oh.

[sighs] Oh boy. I miss that kid.

Me too, but I am so glad he’s doing well. And I am so glad that you are back here with me.

[both laugh] So tell me, tell me, how was Greece? Um, were you and John able to uncover any new information about Konstantin?

Yeah, as a matter of fact, we were. And it looks like Maggie’s new friend has an allergy.

To what?

To the truth.

Look, I’m not a fan of Leo either, and I’m not defending him. But Everett hired me to protect the reputation of the newspaper. And right now, that means doing damage control on a very dicey situation.

So that means ignoring the fact that Leo is responsible for– at least partly responsible for the death of a newborn baby? My brother and Nicole are going through hell right now because of him.

And we are respectful of that.


But I hope that you can respect that this is also part of my job.

It’s Thanksgiving. You have to go tonight? Really?

Well, the way newspapers work is we need to issue a statement for tomorrow’s edition. So it’s not really the sort of thing you can kick down the road.

Everett’s right. We can’t put this off, unfortunately. But I will be home as soon as I can, okay? Okay?

Mm-hmm. Okay, yeah, no problem.

You already confronted Konstantin about this supposed antique tablecloth he gave Maggie, didn’t you?

I did, and he had all kinds of excuses for why he lied to Maggie. But John and I found out that he was lying about a lot more than that.

Like what?

Konstantin told Maggie that Victor loaned him the money to start his restaurant and that Victor refused to let him pay him back.

That doesn’t sound like Victor.

No, that’s because it was a big fat Greek lie. Now John and I interviewed several locals, and they all corroborated the same rumor. Victor loaned Konstantin the money but insisted that he get paid back. And Konstantin had trouble making the payments over the years, so no surprise, it caused a big rift between the two men.

Why would Konstantin lie about something like that?

An interesting tradition, a holiday all about giving thanks.

It’s a great tradition, actually. Although, I usually have to badger the family to say what it is they’re grateful for during the toast.

[laughs] I’m sure Victor would have loved that.

You knew him well. And, yes. He especially only contributed very grudgingly. So that’s why this year I’ve decided to let them off the hook because I don’t really feel in the mood for badgering. And even if I hadn’t and– and my turn came, I would have said I was grateful to you.

You embarrass me, Maggie.

No, it’s true, Konstantin. As I’ve said, you’ve been a source of comfort to me these past few weeks. And I will always be in your debt for saving my precious Victoria.

I did what anybody would have done in that situation.

You’re being modest. You could have been killed. I’m just sorry the kidnapper got away. And I pray the police, they catch him soon. Hmm.

Oh, yes, me too.

You don’t wanna visit Maggie? I thought you two were close.

Yes, that’s true. We are. Um, actually, she encouraged me to go to AA a couple years ago, a while back. She’s been very kind and supportive. I just don’t wanna intrude on your family moment.

You would not be intruding at all, I promise you. If anything, you’d be a buffer for all of us, in case things get a little awkward. And you’d be doing me a huge favor.

Okay. Okay, I’ll come.

Thank you.

I guess I should check in on Maggie anyway. I really owe her one.

Precious little angel. Oh, I’m so glad she’s all right.

My mom stepped up security at the house. It’s like a fortress, but I wake up every hour to check on her.

Yeah, well, I’m gonna make everything super secure here before she starts spending the night.

Great minds. Oh, I contacted Justin and told him to draw up papers to establish shared custody, so tell Sloan to be on the lookout for those.

I will.

I’m telling him to split everything down the middle, starting with the weekly schedule.

Fine by me. Oh, I really am looking forward to co-parenting with you, Sarah.

Yeah, I’m– I’m glad it’s all working out. And maybe someday…

Maybe someday, what?

[sweet music]

You know, maybe Konstantin lied about Victor’s generosity because he didn’t wanna paint him in a bad light, especially to his grieving widow.

Liar with a heart of gold, imagine that.

Well, isn’t that why he lied about the lace tablecloth, that it was from Victor’s childhood home, because he was trying to cheer Maggie up on her wedding anniversary?

Mm, that’s what he claimed, yeah.

But you don’t buy it.

No, I don’t buy it because all these little white lies are starting to add up, not to mention the bigger lie, which is that Konstantin worshipped Victor, and they were the best of friends.

But you don’t think that they were?

Baby, from what John and I learned in Greece from various sources, I’m pretty sure they were enemies. They hated each other.

Oh, Theresa, I’m so happy to see you here today. I mean, we haven’t had a chance to catch up since Victor’s funeral.

Mm, I know. Um… I’m sorry I haven’t been better at keeping in touch with you. Um, I also heard about what happened with Sarah’s baby. I’m really sorry that you went through that.

Oh, and Sarah, too, of course.

But you’re both doing okay now?

Uh, I’m still a little shaken. The important thing is, though, is that our sweet Victoria, she’s just fine. She was returned to us completely unharmed, thanks to Konstantin.

Did someone say my name?

[laughs] Konstantin, you’ve met Victor’s son, Alex, haven’t you?

Of course, I have, back in Greece.

Yes, good to see you again.

Good to see you.

Allow me to introduce you to Theresa Donovan.

Hi. How are you?

Actually, we already know each other.

You do? How?

So, uh, are you saying you wanna get back together?

I’m saying– I was thinking we– the hell with it, mincing words or whatever. I am open to the possibility, and I am assuming that you are too, seeing as we almost kissed yesterday and–

Well, I can’t deny there’s still a spark, more than a spark. I just wasn’t sure if there was too much water under the bridge.

Well, look. We’ve both done things to hurt each other over the last year, things we regret. But we’re in a much better place now, obviously.


And we do share a child, not that that’s a reason that we should get back together. I just–maybe it’s something we should think about it.

I’ve got my thinking cap on as we speak.

Oh, sorry, I should– I have to get to work and drop Victoria at home, so.

Thank you very much for the birth certificate, Sarah. And for the visit.

Yeah. Okay. Oh, hi, Chad.

Hi, hi. Uh, sorry, I’m not interrupting anything, am I?

No, no, I was just leaving.

Okay. Is this little Victoria?


Oh, she’s sleeping. She’s so beautiful.

Oh, thank you.

Sarah, it feels like yesterday that Charlotte was that tiny.

Yeah, it goes fast, huh?

It goes too fast.

[chuckles] Well, I’m really glad I came. Happy Thanksgiving.

You too. Congratulations.

Thank you.

I assume you’re here to talk about the paper, but I haven’t changed my mind, mate. I have no interest in selling you my half.

Yeah, no, that’s fine. I ended up buying Gwen’s half instead. Hi, partner.

And I think we need to emphasize how terrible both Leo and Dimitri feel about the accident.


And that they risked their freedom to help a woman in need.

“Risked their freedom.” “woman in need.”

No, wait, it’s too much. Start over.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Totally.

“If it weren’t for them, Nicole would have been alone when she went into labor.”

Oh, my God. Brilliant. God, you are good at this. “Alone when she went into labor.” I’m so lucky I have the benefit of your talent on this. Oh, uh, my battery’s starting to go. Would you grab my charger? It’s just in the front pocket of my laptop bag.

Oh, yeah.

Did you find it?

No, I– I found this.

[mysterious music]

Mm, I think you’re confusing me with somebody else ’cause we’ve never met.

Oh, you hurt an old man’s feelings. Of course, we have. A couple of weeks ago in the town square, you provided very helpful directions to a very confused newcomer. And that would have been me, and I was very grateful and still am.

Oh, yeah, I– actually, I remember now. Surprised I didn’t put it together before.


So, Konstantin, how long do you plan on staying in Salem?

Maggie has asked me to stay through Christmas, although I must say I have fallen hard for this charming little town. I may never leave.

[unsettling music]

Victor and Konstantin enemies? That’s kind of a stretch, don’t you think?

Baby, I’m just going by what I’ve been hearing. Bottom line, I think it’s strange the way Konstantin inserted himself into Maggie’s life, especially when he owed Victor all that money. I think, at the very least, we should warn Maggie that the guy’s not being honest with her.

Do you really think that’s a good idea? I mean, he has been a great comfort to her, and it just seems cruel to take that away from her when you’re not % sure.

How do you feel about %?

[scoffs] Look, I’m just saying that maybe instead of upsetting her for no reason, maybe you mention something to her family that you have suspicions, and they can just keep an eye on things.

Ooh, I hope I’m not interrupting.

No, no, no, come on in. Come on in.

Actually, it’s perfect timing.

Gwen sold you her half of “The Spectator”?

Contracts were signed this morning.

She didn’t say anything to me about it.

Well, I told her to keep it on the DL.

Because you don’t want Stephanie to find out you’re trying to get rid of her ex.

[clicks tongue] You remember.

Well, I’m sorry to burst your bubble, partner, but you can’t get much more equal than /. You can’t force me to fire my new editor-in-chief.

Why are you so protective of Everett?

Cause he’s great at his job. I can’t afford to lose him.

Okay, then what if I make it worth your while?

Is this what I think it is?

Oh, yeah, it’s just a fancy contact lens case.

You don’t wear contacts.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I do. Um, the coma did this weird thing to my eyesight, where it’s like sort of…


Oh! That’s where I put that thing. It’s, uh, yeah, I remember now.

It’s not a “thing.” It’s an engagement ring. The question is, why do you have one?

Okay. Um. The truth is, I bought it a long time ago, before the accident.

For me? Everett, you were gonna ask me to marry you?

Yes. Before the accident, I was gonna propose.

Everett, I–

I know we were only starting to get serious, but, uh, it was maybe even a little too soon. But I knew in my heart that, uh– that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. And I felt the same way when I woke up from the coma. I told you that my first night in Salem.

I remember. Everett, did you have the ring with you that night?

Yes, I did. But then, you know, you told me you were with Chad. And that–that changed things, obviously. Here. I probably should have sold it. Uh, God knows I got all these medical bills I’ve gotta pay, but, uh, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Everett, I’m so sorry.

No, no, please, don’t be. You had every right to move on with your life, okay? You thought I ghosted you. I just wish you hadn’t found it. It’s–it’s embarrassing.

Everett, it’s–it’s not.

Come on. Let’s get back to work, all right? The sooner we finish, the sooner you can get home. To Chad.

Again, I’m– I’m just not interested in selling you my half of the paper.

Yeah, no, no, no, you’ve made that very clear, which is why you can keep your half, and I’ll give you my share of the profits. You get it all. That’s my offer.

Excuse me?

Yeah. I’ll be your silent partner. You reap all the rewards.

You can’t be serious.

Yeah, I know when I say something like that, it makes me really sound like I’m in the %, but, you know, honestly, I didn’t buy Gwen’s half for the money. I bought it to get rid of that pesky little problem named Everett.

Right, but he’s not a pesky little problem to me. He’s worked out great. I mean, if I get rid of him, the paper will suffer. It might even go under.

Really, he’s the only man on Earth that can keep us in the black–

No, of course not, but–

Okay, then listen. You get to double your money. All right? All you have to do, for all of it, is to fire Everett and keep my name out of it. Now, to me, that sounds like a no-brainer.

[tense music]

So that lace tablecloth was from the bargain bin at Saxton’s?

Look, I know these aren’t huge lies, and there might be reasonable explanations, but you can see why I’d be concerned.

Well, yeah, I-I can. Um, and I don’t love that he’s lied to my mother. But, um, I-I think it’s like you said. He was just trying to make her feel better and cheer her up.

I agree with you. But I think what Steve’s trying to say is that maybe you could just keep an eye on things and make sure that Konstantin isn’t lying about anything else. What?

Well, honestly, I had my doubts about Konstantin too. I thought he was overstaying his welcome and that my mom was getting too dependent on him, but… I’ve come to believe that he’s one of the good guys, a hero, in fact.

Why would you say that?

Well, yesterday, he saved my daughter from a kidnapper.

What? What kidnapper?

Do the cops have any leads on the kidnappers?

No, I’m afraid they don’t have that much to go on. I only saw the person from the back when they ran out with the baby.

And you weren’t able to give them any kind of description.

Pfft. No, I didn’t get a good look. I was too focused on the child.

But you said it was a man.

I assume it was. Not to be sexist, but I’m not certain a woman could have hit me that hard.

Well, I don’t know. You’d be surprised.

Yeah, but what do you think the kidnapper’s motive was, really?

Money, I suppose. Hmm?

Hmm, yeah, sounds about right, just pure, wanton greed.

We think perhaps the kidnapper was gonna try to ransom the baby back to us.

[sighs] Right, probably.

Yeah. Where are my manners? Can I get the two of you anything? Uh, tea?


That sounds great.

And how about I help you out in the kitchen?

And how about I take you up on that?


[unsettling music]

What the hell is your problem?

[inhales deeply] How did it go at the paper?

Um, I think Everett and I put together a, uh– a pretty good defense of Leo. We definitely had to get creative, but, um, we worked well together, which I know isn’t what you want to hear.

No, it’s fine. It’s fine. I mean, you gotta do what you gotta do for your clients, right?

Even if the client is Everett?

Yeah, look, I know I was a little hard on him. More than a little. I promise you I’ll give the guy a chance.

[dark music]

Hey, boss, I’m just, uh, finishing up the response to Leo Stark’s murder charges. Do you wanna take a look at it before I send it to the printer?

Actually, uh, let’s just put a pin in that for now, yeah?

Why? Are you having second thoughts about defending him because I assure you the readers are very caught up–

It’s not about Leo. It’s, uh– it’s about you.


[tense music]

I’m sorry, Everett, but, um, I’m gonna have to let you go.

Sarah, I am so sorry. What an ordeal.

It was terrifying. But, fortunately, Konstantin was able to catch up with the kidnapper and rescue my daughter. I mean, he risked his life to save her.

Sounds like he was in the right place at the right time.


Oh, come on. Isn’t it just a little bit too convenient?

What are you saying?

Sarah just said that he was knocked out on the floor when the baby was taken. He had been attacked.

Uh, not to mention, my mom did see the kidnapper from behind. I mean, Konstantin couldn’t have made all that up.


Unless what?

Unless he had an accomplice, a partner in crime.


You seem upset.

Yeah? Upset? Yes, of course I’m upset. God, you almost outed our connection, telling Maggie and Alex that we know each other.

Oh, would you lighten up?

I was just trying to have a little fun with you.

Fun? Fun?


There is nothing fun about this. I can’t watch you sucking up to poor innocent Maggie when she has no idea that you’re just after her money. This whole thing is just– it’s making me so sick.

Would you get off your high horse? You are doing the exact same thing. After all, we both know you are only after Alex to get your hands on his inheritance.

[dramatic music]

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