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Kayla is in her office, on the phone with her son Joey. Kayla asks him about Thanksgiving and tells him that Stephanie and Chad went to Doug and Julie’s while Tripp is with Wendy and she’s stuck at work, but she and Steve will have a turkey dinner when he gets back from Greece. Kayla says she doesn’t know when that will be but then Steve arrives and surprises her with flowers. Kayla tells Steve that she’s glad he’s there as they hug and Steve wishes her a Happy Thanksgiving.

Chad tells Stephanie that he got all the food put up at Doug and Julie’s with a little of everything put aside for Kayla. Stephanie says it’s too bad that Kayla had to work as she missed a fun day which Chad laughs at. Stephanie admits it was a little awkward at times but feels it wasn’t that bad. Chad feels it wasn’t really a barrel of laughs either with Stephanie’s ex-boyfriend making eyes at her the whole time. Stephanie argues that Chad just imagined that and he was just trying to get to know Doug and Julie. Stephanie points out how sweet Everett was with the kids and how much they liked him. Stephanie tells Chad that after the initial weirdness, everyone enjoyed themselves very much. Stephanie asks where the kids are now. Chad says they asked to stay over so they are getting settled in their rooms. Chad suggests maybe that’s a good thing as maybe they could use some time alone since things have been very rocky between them lately. They get close until Everett walks in. Chad thought he left. Everett says he was just finishing his interview with Doug and Julie, calling them good people with fascinating lives so he hopes his piece on them does them justice. Chad suggests he go write it while it’s fresh in his mind. Everett says that’s the plan as he’s going to the Spectator office and he’s going to need Stephanie to come with him.

Xander has Thanksgiving dinner alone at home while doing the crossword in the Spectator. Sarah then shows up at his door with their baby Victoria and wishes him a happy Thanksgiving. Xander tells her that he obviously wasn’t expecting her. Sarah says they wanted to stop by and give him a little surprise which she calls hopefully something to be grateful for.

Alex and Theresa sit together in the town square. Alex calls it a really fun Thanksgiving. Theresa is glad he could join them. Alex tells her that her son is a good kid. Theresa talks about Tate being too busy to hang out with his mom outside of the holidays. Alex says it’s very obvious that Tate loves her. Theresa admits she’s really pleased with how Tate has adjusted to life in Salem. Theresa then asks Alex how he and Justin are. Alex says he’s still calling Justin “dad” even if he’s not his real father. Alex says it may be a little awkward but he’s a great guy and they love each other. Alex adds that Justin did invite him to Arizona to spend Thanksgiving with them and his brothers. Alex didn’t want to make everyone uncomfortable. Alex adds that maybe he should’ve gone as he knows family is important. Alex mentions that he should go check on Maggie as she and Sarah have to be completely shook. Alex can’t believe someone kidnapped Sarah’s baby.

Konstantin and Maggie sit together in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion. Konstantin tells her about being grateful that she invited him to stay for the holidays. Maggie mentions her and Sarah being grateful to him. They talk about Thanksgiving in Greece and what Victor had told Maggie about. Konstantin tells Maggie about the stories of Greek Gods. Maggie mentions kidnapping hitting close to home. Konstantin thinks back to having Theresa kidnap Victoria. Maggie doesn’t know what she would’ve done if Konstantin hadn’t saved her granddaughter. Maggie repeats that Konstantin is a real hero. Konstantin responds that he’s not and declares that he’s done something truly terrible to her.

Chad questions if Everett can’t write the article himself. Everett responds that he can and will but since Leo has been charged with murder, he needs Stephanie’s help to draft the Spectator’s official response. Chad suggests just saying that Leo is getting exactly what he deserves. Chad argues that Leo and Dimitri drove Nicole off the road and they can draw a line from that to her baby’s death. Everett calls it a little more complicated than that since they didn’t deliberately drive Nicole off the road. Everett calls it an accident and says Leo helped deliver Nicole’s baby. Chad argues that he had no choice. Chad complains that if Leo and Dimitri hadn’t been fleeing from the police, EJ and Nicole’s baby would still be alive and shouts at Everett to stop making excuses for that son of a bitch. Chad asks if Stephanie is with him on this.

Sarah presents Xander with Victoria’s birth certificate, updated to say that Xander is her father. Sarah says it’s only right since Xander is the father and now it’s official. Xander thanks her and says it means a lot. Sarah wanted to show him how much she wants him to be a part of their daughter’s life. Sarah says she’s just so sorry that it took Victoria being kidnapped to realize that.

Alex tells Theresa that it boggles his mind how somebody could break in to the house in broad daylight and steal an innocent baby. Theresa says the good news is that she was found and returned safe. Alex credits Konstantin. Theresa says it was really fortune that he was there and able to find her. Alex feels now would be a good time to check in on Maggie. Theresa is surprised since things have been strained between them since Alex took over Titan. Alex admits that they have been but he feels that Victor would want him to check on Maggie and invites Theresa to come with him. Theresa thinks back to kidnapping Victoria and says she’s not sure that would be a good idea.

Maggie tells Konstantin that he hasn’t done anything terrible to her. Konstantin brings up kissing her and says it was very disrespectful to her and Victor. Maggie says everything is forgotten and fine. Konstantin disagrees and says she should’ve thrown him out and sent him packing, but instead she invited him to stay through Christmas. Maggie reminds him that he saved her granddaughter and that he’s been a comfort to her. Maggie calls him a good man and says one lapse in judgment doesn’t change that.

Kayla and Steve tell Joey on the phone that next Thanksgiving they will all be together as they hang up. They talk about missing Joey but being glad that he’s doing. Kayla says she’s so glad Steve is back as they kiss. Kayla asks about Greece and if he and John were able to uncover any new information about Konstantin. Steve reveals that they were and it looks like Konstantin has an allergy to the truth.

Stephanie tells Chad that she’s not a fan of Leo either and she’s not defending him, but Everett hired her to defend the reputation of the newspaper which means doing damage control on a very dicey situation. Chad questions if that means ignoring that Leo was at least partly responsible for the death of a newborn and complains that EJ and Nicole are going through Hell right now. Stephanie says they respect that but hopes that he can also respect that this is part of her job. Chad questions Stephanie really having to go when it’s Thanksgiving. Everett points out that they need to issue a statement for tomorrow’s paper so they can’t really kick it down the road. Stephanie says they can’t put this off but she’ll be home as quick as she can. Chad says no problem as Stephanie then leaves with Everett.

Kayla tells Steve that he already confronted Konstantin about the table cloth. Steve says he had all sorts of excuses for why he lied to Maggie but he and John found out that he’s been lying about a lot more than that. Steve says that Konstantin said that Victor loaned him the money to start his restaurant and refused to let him pay him back which Kayla notes doesn’t sound like Victor. Steve confirms that they interviewed some locals who confirmed that Victor loaned Konstantin the money, but expected to be paid back, and when Konstantin started having trouble making some of the payments, it caused a big rift between them. Kayla questions why Konstantin would lie about that.

Konstantin comments to Maggie that Thanksgiving is an interesting tradition. Maggie talks about usually having more family but she didn’t feel in the mood this year without Victor, but if she did, she would’ve said she’s grateful to Konstantin. Maggie repeats that he’s been a source of comfort to her and she was always be in debt for saving Victoria. Konstantin says he did what anyone would’ve done. Maggie points out that he could’ve been killed and she’s just sorry that the kidnapper got away, so she prays the police catch them soon.

Alex questions Theresa not wanting to visit Maggie as he thought they were close. Theresa says that they are and that Maggie encouraged her to go to AA a couple years ago. Theresa claims that she doesn’t want to intrude on his family moment. Alex promises that she won’t be and that she’d be doing him a huge favor. Theresa then agrees to go with him. Theresa guesses she should check in on Maggie anyway since she really owes her one.

Xander holds Victoria and tells Sarah that he’s so glad she’s alright. Sarah mentions that Maggie increased security around the Kiriakis Mansion. Xander says he will make sure his apartment is secured for when Victoria stays the night. Sarah talks about having Justin draw up papers for shared custody to make it official. Xander tells Sarah that he really is looking forward to co-parenting with her. Sarah responds that she’s glad it’s all working out. Sarah adds that maybe someday. Xander asks maybe someday what?

Kayla suggests maybe Konstantin lied because he didn’t want to paint Victor in a bad light to his grieving widow while trying to cheer Maggie up. Steve doesn’t buy what Konstantin claims because all the little white lies are starting to add up, not to mention the bigger lie that Konstantin worshipped Victor and that they were best friends. Steve states that from what he and John learned from the people in Greece, he thinks Victor and Konstantin were actually enemies.

Alex and Theresa go to the Kiriakis Mansion. Maggie tells Theresa that she’s so glad to see her since they haven’t had a chance to catch up since Victor’s funeral. Theresa apologizes for not being better at keeping in touch with her and says she heard about what happened with Sarah’s baby, so she’s really sorry she went through that. Alex asks if they are okay now. Maggie admits she’s still a little shaken but the important thing is that Victoria is just fine and returned to them unharmed, thanks to Konstantin. Alex tells Konstantin that it’s good to see him again and introduces him to Theresa. Konstantin responds that they actually already know each other which Maggie questions.

Xander puts Victoria back in her stroller and asks if Sarah is saying she wants to get back together. Sarah stutters but admits she’s open to the possibility and assumes that he is too since they almost kissed yesterday. Xander can’t deny there’s still more than a spark but he wasn’t sure if there was too much water under the bridge. Sarah acknowledges that they’ve both done things to hurt each other that they regret and are now in a much better place obviously. Sarah adds that they do share a child, so maybe it’s something they should think about. Xander states that he has his thinking cap on as they speak. They get close again but Sarah says she has to get to work and drop Victoria back at home. Xander thanks her very much for the birth certificate and for the visit. Sarah then opens the door to leave right as Chad arrives. Chad apologizes if he’s interrupting but Sarah says she was just leaving. Chad comments on Victoria being beautiful and says it feels like just yesterday when his daughter Charlotte was that tiny and it goes too fast. Sarah tells Xander that she’s really glad she came and wishes Chad a happy Thanksgiving as she then exits. Xander assumes Chad is here to talk about the Spectator but he hasn’t changed his mind about selling to him. Chad then reveals that he ended up buying Gwen’s half instead, so he calls Xander his partner.

Everett and Stephanie to go to work at the Spectator. Stephanie tells Everett that they need to emphasize how terrible Dimitri and Leo feel and how they risked their freedom to help a woman in need, but then decides that’s too much and to start over. Stephanie points out that if it wasn’t for them, Nicole would’ve been alone when she went in to labor. Everett calls Stephanie brilliant and says he’s so lucky to have her talent in helping him on this. Everett notes his laptop’s battery going low and asks Stephanie to get the charger from his bag. Stephanie goes to get it but finds a ring box instead.

Theresa tells Konstantin that he must be confusing her with someone else because they’ve never met. Konstantin claims that they met in the town square when she gave him directions and he was very grateful. Theresa then claims she does remember now. Alex asks how long Konstantin plans to stay in Salem. Konstantin informs him that Maggie has asked him to stay through Christmas, but he has fallen for the town so he may never leave.

Kayla thinks Konstantin and Victor being enemies is a bit of a stretch. Steve says he’s just going by what he’s been hearing and he finds it strange that Konstantin inserted himself in to Maggie’s life while he owed Victor all that money. Steve thinks they should at least warn Maggie that Konstantin is not being honest with her. Kayla asks if he really thinks that’s a good idea when Konstantin has been a great comfort to Maggie and it just seems cruel to take that away from her. Steve feels he’s 90% sure. Kayla suggests instead mentioning to her family that he has suspicions and they can keep an eye on things. Sarah then enters and says she hopes she’s not interrupting. Steve says it’s actually perfect timing.

Xander questions Gwen selling Chad her half of the Spectator. Chad confirms the contracts were signed this morning. Xander notes that Gwen didn’t say anything to him but remembers that Chad didn’t want Stephanie to find out that he’s trying to fire Everett. Xander points out that they would be 50/50 partners, so Chad can’t force him to fire his new editor-in-chief. Chad asks why he’s so protective of Everett. Xander responds that he’s great at his job, so he can’t afford to lose him. Chad offers to make it worth his while.

Stephanie asks Everett about the ring box. Everett tries to claim that it’s a case for his contact lenses but Stephanie opens it and sees the engagement ring inside. Stephanie questions why he has it. Everett then admits he bought it a long time ago, before the accident. Stephanie asks if it was for her and if he was going to ask her to marry him. Everett confirms that he was going to propose before the accident. Everett adds that he knows they were only starting to get serious and maybe it was too soon, but he knew in his heart that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her and he felt the same way when he woke up from the coma which he told her on his first night in Salem. Stephanie asks if he had the ring with him that night. Everett confirms that he did, but then she told him that she was with Chad and that obviously changed things. Everett remarks that he probably should’ve sold it and mentions all his medical bills but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. Stephanie tells him that she’s so sorry but Everett says she had every right to move on with her life. Everett wishes she hadn’t found the ring and suggests they just get back to finishing work, so she can get home to Chad.

Xander tells Chad again that he’s not interested in selling him his half of the paper. Chad says he’s made that clear and can keep it. Chad then offers to give Xander his half of the profits, so he’ll be a silent partner and Xander will reap all the rewards. Xander argues that he can’t be serious. Chad states that he didn’t buy the paper from Gwen for money, he did it to get rid of Everett as a pesky problem. Xander argues that Everett hasn’t been a pesky problem to him and if he gets rid of him, the paper will suffer or maybe even going under. Chad argues that he’s not the only man on earth who can keep it running. Chad points out that Xander would get to double his money and all he has to do is fire Everett and keep his name out of it. Chad feels it sounds like a no brainer.

Steve informs Sarah of Konstantin’s lies about the table cloth and says he knows they aren’t huge lies and there are reasonable explanations but he sees it as reason to be concerned. Sarah feels that Konstantin was just trying to make Maggie feel better and cheer her up. Kayla agrees but suggests Sarah keep an eye on things to make sure Konstantin isn’t lying about anything else. Sarah admits that she had her doubts about Konstantin as well as she thought he was overstaying his welcome and that Maggie was relying on him too much, but she’s come to see him as one of the good guys and a hero. Kayla asks why she’d say that. Sarah reveals that yesterday, he saved her daughter from a kidnapper which Steve questions.

Alex asks if the cops have any leads on the kidnappers. Maggie says no as she’s afraid they don’t have much to go on. Konstantin says he didn’t get a good look either but he assumed it was a man. Alex questions what the kidnapper’s motive was. Konstantin supposes it was money. Maggie says they think they were going to try to ransom the baby back to them. Maggie asks if she can get them tea. Theresa says that sounds great so Alex goes to help Maggie in the kitchen. Theresa then questions what Konstantin’s problem is.

Stephanie goes home to Chad, who asks how it went at the paper. Stephanie thinks that she and Everett put together a pretty good defense of Leo, noting that they had to get creative but they worked well together. Stephanie notes that she knows that isn’t what he wants to hear. Chad says it’s fine and she has to do what she has to do for her clients. Stephanie asks even if the client is Everett. Chad knows he was hard on Everett but promises to give him a chance.

Xander goes to the Spectator where Everett is finishing up the response to Leo’s murder charges and asks if he wants to take a look at it before it’s sent to the printer. Xander tells him to actually stop for now. Everett questions if he’s having second thoughts about defending Leo. Xander responds that it’s not about Leo, but about Everett. Xander informs Everett that he’s sorry but he’s going to have to let him go.

Kayla tells Sarah that she’s so sorry about the kidnapping. Sarah admits it was terrifying, but fortunately, Konstantin caught the kidnapper and rescued her daughter, risking his life to save her. Steve remarks that it sounds like he was at the right place at the right time, feeling it was too convenient. Sarah asks what he’s saying. Kayla points out that Konstantin was knocked out on the floor. Sarah adds that Maggie did see the kidnapper from behind so Konstantin couldn’t have made that up. Steve suggests Konstantin had an accomplice and partner in crime.

Konstantin comments that Theresa seems upset. Theresa complains that he almost blew their connection by telling Alex and Maggie that they knew each other. Konstantin tells her to lighten up as he’s just having a little fun with her. Theresa argues that there is nothing fun about this and she can’t watch him sucking up to Maggie while she has no idea that he’s just after her money. Theresa says the whole thing is making her sick. Konstantin argues that she’s doing the exact same thing. Alex comes back in to the room as Konstantin tells Theresa that they both know she’s only after Alex to get her hands on his inheritance.

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