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get rid of valentin as ceo of elq? Felicia: Any message from valentin? Sorry? You haven’t heard a word I said in the last 30 minutes. No, I did, yeah. You confronted ryan chamberlain. You told me three times. Oh. [ Clears throat ] Mm. Message received. I guess I’m still running on adrenaline from the experience. Your turn now. Tell me everything about your date with valentin. Spare no details. What’s this about you and my son? Hey, how was your juneteenth? Well, I spent most of it studying, but I did manage to come up for air and go to a prayer service

and a barbecue. Okay. Well, I admire your time-management skills. Ha! But between you and me, I’m beat. But I can’t let on, or my nurses won’t fear me anymore. Your secret’s safe with me.

[ Laughs ] You doing a little light reading? Not me. These are to ensure that you are feared for a long time to come, dr. Johnson. If you’ll just allow me to explain. Is your explanation gonna sound any better in here? Well, I’m trying to avoid brook lynn bursting it with another tirade. Oh, from what I can hear, she’s totally justified. But you said — i said we shouldn’t make any judgments until we heard all the facts. Now, what facts cause you to throw away your family’s legacy? How soon can you meet? I, uh, have an idea, but we’re gonna have to get creative. All right, I’ll meet you there. Sonny won’t see us coming. Leo: What are you doing to uncle sonny? Hey, willow. What happened with elq today?

[ Sighs ] I really don’t want to be the go-between. I suggest you reach out to michael yourself. And if he doesn’t respond, that means he doesn’t want to discuss elq with you. Hey, sonny, I don’t know if now is the time to pressure willow. She’s not really feeling well. Why don’t we get an iced tea or something? I understand. I just — if something happened, I just want to know. I know. I can reach out to valentin. H-he’ll tell me what happened. Willow, if you’re not gonna let me take you to G.H., Then I insist on taking you home. Sasha, sasha. For the last time, I’m fine. Hey, hey, hey. Hey. I’m fine. You okay? Oh, my god. Willow! A towel! Lie her down! Elevate her legs. Willow! Call 911. Willow? Willow, can you hear me?

Some of the quartermaines voted to remove valentin. Ne. Except ned. Ned? He sided with valentin against his own family? That doesn’t make any sense. And ned was leading the charge to force valentin out. Ultimately, he, uh, wasn’t happy with the — with the plan to merge elq and aurora. He felt that the role that michael and I offered him, I don’t know, was beneath him. But you and michael worked so hard to ensure elq returned to quartermaine control. I mean, doesn’t ned get that the merger is good for the company? I thought he would come around, you know? It was — it was bad judgment on our part. So ned betrayed his family to serve his own ego. Okay, but that doesn’t mean that valentin had enough votes to stay in control. Who turned? It’s — it’s nothing, buddy. I was just discussing a surprise for your uncle sonny with somebody. Brook lynn’s mad at my dad, and I heard her talking about it with granny tracy. Granny tracy. Um, you know, I don’t — I’m not sure that tracy likes to be called that. Why not? I guess it makes her feel old. I have to talk to my mom. Actually, I-I’d give them a — a minute, bud. Is my mom mad at my dad, too? Um… look, sometimes quartermaines get mad at each other, but that does not mean they don’t love each other. Then why do you fight? I guess it’s in our nature. Oh, like an instinct.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, I guess. We were — we were born to be mad at each other but still love each other. Okay. I’d like to cut up some apples for my horse, but I can’t do it alone. Want me to help you? Let’s go. Ah. You know michael and drew were trying to put me out to pasture. Siding with valentin was the only way I could stay in a position of power at the company. Your family’s company. Yes, my family’s company, where michael and drew would have sidelined me, okay, if this merger had gone through. So what was i supposed to do? You were– just stand back and let it happen? You were supposed to make a deal. Have you ever heard the word “compromise”? There was no compromising with drew and michael. They wanted me to do all the sacrificing, and they got everything they wanted. I’m not saying that they were right. I’m saying you have to look at the bigger picture. Which is? Is this really worth alienating yourself from all of your loved ones? Excuse me, but we’re having a private conversation. My apologies, anna. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop. Didn’t you? No, I just heard my son’s name, and naturally it caught my attention. Father, this is a surprise. Yes, for everyone. Well, there are, uh, plenty of tables outside. Anna, felicia, nice to see you. Well, wait. I-I have an idea. Why don’t we make this a foursome? Dr. Obrecht: Her pulse is steady, her breathing normal. Did willow hit her head or sustained any injuries before she fell? Not in my presence. Nina, please ask the bartender for a glass of juice. Okay. What happened? Lay back and rest. Do you remember what happened? No. Got it. Drink up, my dear. Do you feel dizzy? Lightheaded? I’m fine. I’m — I’m fine. Willow doesn’t need emergency care, but she should be examined at the hospital. Does she need an ambulance? No, no, no, no. An ambulance won’t be necessary. She’s okay. Thanks for your help. Willow, I’m gonna take you to G.H. No, no, no, there’s really no need. I’m — willow, you — hey, you have to listen to — listen to the doctor, unless you, you know, you want to stay here while sasha calls for the ambulance. Fine. Fine. Uh, yeah, let’s get this over with. All right. Careful.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Sasha? Everything okay? Willow fainted at the metro court pool. We’re taking her to G.H. Okay, I’m on my way.

Anna and felicia don’t want us intruding on their lunch. Oh, why not? You and anna are friends. Very close friends, as I understand it. Felicia: Well, you know the old saying, victor — three’s company and four is a nightmare. All right, I tell you what, valentin. Why don’t, uh — why don’t you and I take a rain check? I’m sure you’d much rather catch up with your friends, anyway. You sure? Yes, of course. We can talk later. Business can wait. Ladies, always a pleasure. That’s my father — can’t stop making decisions for other people. Want me to leave? No, join us. If it’s all right with anna. Of course. I’d love to hear more about this business you have with your father. So once ned sided with valentin, the votes were split right down the middle, and we had a tiebreaker. Lucy.

[ Scoffs ] Of course. Ugh! She voted with valentin. He remains ceo, and now ned is chairman of the board. So valentin promised ned a more important role in the company in exchange for his vote. What about the merger?

[ Sighs ] The merger’s dead. I’m sorry. I know how badly you and michael wanted this to happen. It would only strengthen elq. I cannot believe ned is so blind. I’m not blameless here. I just assumed that ned would always side with the quartermaines. I mean, I — I should have done more to assure that. Oh, come on. No one saw this coming. Valentin did. He outmaneuvered us again. I mean, I would almost admire the guy if this wasn’t my family company. What does this mean for aurora? I hope willow’s okay. It’s me, liebchen. You don’t have to pretend to care for that woman. Aunt liesl, I am not a monster. Willow is wiley’s mother. Adoptive mother who’s denying you a relationship with your grandson. Yeah. It’s torture being kept from wiley. But sonny did remind me that one day wiley will be able to make his own decisions on who he spends time with. Hopefully michael and willow won’t totally brainwash him into hating me. And what will you do with yourself until that day comes? Aunt liesl, I have a whole life to throw myself into. You know? I do not lack distractions. And is one of those distractions a certain dimpled mafioso?

[ Chuckles ] You’re so silly. And it almost sounds like you approve of me and sonny. I approve of you being happy. And if your happiness means being with a man who hates mein scott, I won’t make a fuss. At least not much of one.

[ Laughs ] Hey, aunt liesl, you know I want your happiness, too, right? I know. Then why on earth did you say no to scott’s proposal? I took an mcat prep course at pcu. The instructor did a really good job of breaking down the harder subjects. Like physics? Oh, especially like physics.

[ Laughs ] So I dug out the textbooks. I thought you could use them. Thank you. The entire G.H. Staff is pulling for you, epiphany. And I know dr. Robinson is helping you, but if you need anything, just say the word. We need help! What happened? Willow collapsed. No, the — the wheelchair is not necessary. I’m — I’m fine. Please, willow. You also collapsed three months ago. Because you weren’t eating. I-I’ve eaten today. It’s just stress. Well, let’s get you in an exam room and find out. Okay? Willow was out cold. What do you think it is? Tj a-and epiphany are gonna find out. Everything’s gonna be okay. You can’t know that. Bad things happen here.

I mean, I know you worried about willow, but that seems like an overreaction. Every time I come here, something terrible happens. Willow’s mom dying. Losing my baby. Okay, listen, I-I’m sorry, you know? Look, I know you’ve been through a rough time. I’m sorry about that. But maybe it’s best for you to, you know, concentrate on putting your energy into supporting willow instead of thinking about what happened in the past. That’s not gonna —

[ Doors slide open ] Hey. Where’s willow? Where is she? Bp is 80 over 50. Oh. Well, that’s pretty low, but I do feel much better. Any more fainting spells between now and the one three months ago? None. Okay. Any other episodes of weakness or — or dizziness? Uh, not really. Okay, do you want — do you want to be a bad patient or a good nurse? Come on. Four times… in the past three months. Some lightheadedness, but it quickly passed. I figured it was stress. Okay. Between nursing school, being a good mom, and everything else I have going on in my personal life, I feel like I’m juggling hundreds of balls in the air, too afraid to drop even one. Right, and, hey, that makes total sense. But, willow, this is your second time collapsing. I’m going to run some tests. I think stress might be a trigger, but I just — I don’t know if it’s the cause. How did you hear I turned down scott’s proposal? Well, maybe you shouldn’t have said no in the middle of a busy nail salon with lucy coe present. The blabbermouth must have told you

why I refused scott’s proposal. She did. She said you didn’t want to be staid or settled. Now, just explain this to me. How would marrying scott make you feel tied down? I’m an independent woman. I don’t need a man to make my life complete. Of course you don’t, but I thought that scott made your life better. In many ways. Then why don’t you make him a permanent part of it? He proposed on a whim as a way to apologize for upsetting me. I deserve more. Well, what if scott proposed to you again under the right circumstances? Would you say yes? It’s not really business. My father’s resumed his mission to keep the cassadines close. Really? You were never interested in family bonding before. I’m not. I’m pretending, to keep an eye on victor. That was your suggestion, by the way. Yes, it was. Well, good luck with that. Thank you. Let’s say we change the subject. I’ll drink to that. Aren’t you glad that you ran into us? I mean, we’re an upgrade from victor, don’t you think? I certainly do.

[ Chuckles ] Well, that’s my cue to get a refill. How you been? What, since you saw me two nights ago? I haven’t stopped thinking of you. Really? You think of me? Once or twice. You want to elaborate? I don’t think there’s anything else to say. I have thought this through, olivia. Yes, I am part of the quartermaine family. But you and brook lynn and leo are also my family, and I have to think about what’s best for our future. Ned, I don’t care about this company. I care about you and your relationships with your family and all the other quartermaines that voted to keep valentin out. Do you know how rare it is for all the quartermaines to come together on a common purpose? Now you are gonna be the enemy that everyone is rallying together against. Are you really okay with that? Michael and drew left me no choice. Yes, you had a choice, and you made the wrong one. I don’t think you realize how bad this is gonna get for you. I can handle whatever michael and drew throw at me. They are not your enemies. But your choices have made them your opponents. One day you are gonna need your family, and they might not be there for you. Why do I need them when I have you and brook lynn and leo? Honey, you really think your standing in this family doesn’t affect leo? Did you think about that? Or did you just not care? News of the elq vote got out pretty much as soon as it happened, as well as news of an angel investor trying to inflate the stock value, so shareholders left in droves. So aurora’s stock took a hit. Pretty big hit, yeah. A-and the shares I bought? I’m sorry, uh, carly. You likely took a very big hit as well. You have no idea. Look, you took a risk to help me and michael. I am going to help you. Yeah, I think it’s a little late for that. Well, I’m not gonna let you lose your house. My house? Well, I’m assuming that’s one of the assets. It’s bigger than that. I sold my half of the metro court.

Is she conscious? Did she, uh, hurt herself? She’s conscious. She’s being examined by dr. Ashford. Yeah, michael, she walked in under her own power. And why are you involved? Did you — did you say something to upset her? You know what? I don’t — I don’t have time for this. I need to see willow. She’s in the room over there. Okay. Hey. Hi. You okay? I’m — I’m perfectly fine. Tj and epiphany or just being overly cautious because this is the second time I fainted in the past several months. I’m running tests to find an underlying cause. Just rest, and I’ll let you know as soon as the results are back. Nurse johnson? So who am i gonna believe? The doctor or the woman I love downplaying her health concerns? You know how doctors are — all doom and gloom. I should just record “I’m fine” into my phone and hold it up every time someone asks.

[ Chuckles ] How’s willow? All I can say is that she’s alert and being treated. That’s promising, right? Keep thinking good thoughts. You want — can I get you some water? Some tea? I’m good. Thanks. And thanks for your help today. I’m sorry about michael. Brando told me things have been rocky between you two. Yeah, well, you know, family’s family. And willow’s the mother of my grandson. You always take good care of your family. You’ve been really good to brando. It — it meant a lot to him, I mean, to both of us that you were there for him when we lost liam. There’s — there’s nothing worse than losing a child. I never realized that you can lose what you love in an instant. But now I’m trying to be focused on being grateful for what I do have. Yeah, I mean, that’s what you gotta do, right? Yeah. I gotta go. You want to avoid a confrontation with michael? My son has, you know, enough to worry about right now. Well, I hope you know that even though you two aren’t getting along, michael knows that willow is in good hands with you. I hope so. All right. I’ll see ya. How about that second date? Yeah, sure. But we didn’t make plans. We can fix that. Okay. What did I miss? Valentin was about to tell me about his elq shareholders meeting this morning. Yeah, I’m still ceo of elq. Congratulations. I can only imagine how the quartermaines feel. Well, ned knows I’m good for business, and the others will come around or they won’T. Right. So now that your tenure has been renewed, I-I suppose that your schedule is gonna be quite full. I will always make time for you, darling. Are you free this week?

[ Cellphone chimes ] Everything okay? What? I’m gonna have to call you. Uh, this is business that I can’t ignore. What the hell was that about? My relationship with scott is a new experience for me. He’s very different from cesar and victor. Because he’s not deranged? Love was always a war of wills with those two.

[ Sighs ] You were obsessed with faison, and victor was obsessed with you. You know, obsession is not love, aunt liesl. With mein scott, it’S…fun.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. He’s a first for you with that. Just like sonny is a first for you. I’ve never seen you lose your heart so completely before. Aunt liesl, I’m not with sonny. We’re taking it slow. Any slower, and you’ll be standing still.

[ Sighs ] You know, falling in love with mike, or… just falling for mike in nixon falls — that was unexpected. It was easy because we hit it off. It hasn’t been quite the same thing with sonny. He came with baggage, which he has since shed. Don’t make your relationships more complicated than they have to be. Well… my history with romance hasn’t been really smooth. And my relationships with cesar and victor have been positively tortured. I thought all relationships were supposed to be difficult. But it’s easy with scott, isn’t it?

[ Chuckles ] Just like it is for you and sonny. If I’d run from my feelings for scott, I might still be with a narcissistic megalomaniac. Mm. You need a blanket? What I need is for you to stop worrying. Willow, I don’t think I haven’t noticed. Noticed what? How low-energy you’ve been lately. Gee, I wonder why that could be. Yeah, look, yes, you’re busy, you’re preoccupied, but so are thousands and thousands of other people. They don’t pass out twice in a matter of a few months. Wait. Don’t — don’t tell me you passed out more than twice? No, no, it’s not that. I-I…

[ Sighs ] I kind of lied to tj. I actually don’t remember eating breakfast this morning. And you told him you did? Willow, come — well, I-I thought I’d been taking better care of myself since the last time I fainted, but I — I had so many things on my mind. It’s possible I just forgot a meal or two. You have to tell dr. Ashford. He’s just gonna say, “you need to get some more rest. There’s nothing to worry about.” So what’s the point? Okay.

Hey. Hey. If there is anything that I can do, I… I am here to help you, okay? Even if it’s — even if it’s just someone to lean on. At least that’s something. Will you let me do that? I can let you do that. Of course I care. I would never do anything to hurt leo, or you. Well, guess what, ned? You did. You just said that you didn’t

care about this company. I don’T. I care about our marriage. And you kept me out of the loop. What I ran into valentin and you in the stable the other day, w-were the two of you there plotting about all of this? No, no. Valentin was there to try to convince me to vote with him, but I hadn’t made up my mind yet.

[ Sighs ] It didn’t occur to you to confide in me? How do you think that makes me feel, ned? I’m your wife. Even when we disagree about things, I-I — I’m still on your side. You didn’t think you could trust me? It wasn’t about trust. Well, then what was it about? We made a promise. You said you were gonna keep me in the loop. After everything that led to our separation, I mean… you promised that we were gonna be a team, and you kept me in the dark, and that is not what a teammate does. We renewed our marriage vows because I really thought that you had changed for the better. If I’d realized how this would make you feel, I would have told you everything. You know what really scares me? Is that you didn’t even realize it. Leo. Honey, what’s the matter? Are you okay? Did you hurt yourself? I messed up. That was so abrupt. Valentin’s usually smoother than that. Anna, I can’t figure out what was weirder — the part where he took off without making a plan with you, or the part where he’s having lunch with victor. Yes, they’re equally weird. Weird. You never did tell me about your date with him. We had a lovely time. Details, please. Yeah, okay. So he took me to a double feature at a drive-in. We saw “notorious” and “casablanca.” Ah! Espionage and intrigue. You must have felt right at home.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, we kind of did.

[ Laughs ] Please tell me you made out in the front seat and missed half the movie. I’m not gonna tell you that.

[ Laughs ] I’ll take that as a yes. But you did agree to make other plans, right? Yeah. But as you witnessed, you know, we didn’t firm up those plans or… well, valentin did just solidify his position as ceo of elq, and that company is never without its drama. Sure, but my gut tells me that something else besides elq is going on. What are you doing here? I thought vampires burst into flame when touched by daylight.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, my dear liesl, please promise me you’ll never lose that wonderful sense of humor. As for what I’m doing here, well, I’m, uh, early for a business meeting, so I thought I’d drop by the pool and relax for a while. Nina I can handle victor. Enjoy yourself. Thank you. Listen, you hurt a hair on my aunt liesl’s head — oh, I promise. I’ll leave aunt liesl as pristine as I found her. I didn’t invite you to join me. I heard a rumor that your ambulance chaser proposed to you and you turned him down. And this is your business because? Because it signals to me that I wasn’t wrong to hold out hope all this time. There’s still a chance that you and i could be together. So willow is resting comfortably, and, uh, tj, um… ran some, you know, tests and is waiting for the results. Okay, well, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that willow’s okay. Right. Did you see michael? Can we, uh… yeah, yeah. He wasn’t too happy to see me. Well, you know what? If you weren’t there to — to catch willow, she could have been seriously injured. Michael should be grateful that you were there. Hey, listen. Can we not talk about michael, just for one second? Okay. What do you want to talk about? Can we just talk about us? Okay, reggie, cut to the chase. What are my options? I’ll give you guys some privacy. No, no, no, no. Stay. I want drew to hear this. Okay. Stillwater venture group is exercising their option to sell your half of the hotel. Okay, well, I-I have 30 days to raise the money. Carly, you could sell off all your investments. It wouldn’t be enough. Tell me what happened after I left the house.

[ Sighs ] Things got ugly. Did ned try to justify voting with valentin? No, you know ned. He just came out with the same old excuses.

[ Sighs ] It’s just business. It was best for his family. Yeah. Yeah, don’t worry. Drew and I are gonna come up with a strategy to turn things around. Hey, you look cold. I’ll get you a blanket, okay?

[ Sighs ]

[ Door opens ] Willow? Hey. Were you feeling dizzy again? No, no. I was just resting my eyes. Okay. Any news from the lab? I got the results back from one of your tests.

I mean, there’s gotta be something carly can do to hold onto the metro court. You don’t have the capital to buy back your half. Okay, so then we raise the money. Yeah. We have 30 days. Stillwater doesn’t have to wait the full 30 days. If you can’t demonstrate solvency — and you cannot — they have the option to sell as soon as they find a buyer. So I’m gonna lose the metro court? I went to feed comet. Yeah? Michael helped me cut the apples up for him. And did michael help you feed comet? No? Comet looked like he wanted to be brushed, but no one was around to help, so I got a stool, and I fell. Oh. We obviously need to hire a new stable manager as soon as possible. Okay, well, but, honey, why didn’t you come and get me and ned? ‘Cause you were mad at dad, and I didn’t want to bother you. Oh, honey. You would never be bothering us. You can always come get ned or I. Hey, it doesn’t matter what you may think is going on between your mom and me. You come first, okay? You — we’ll always make time to help you. Yes. We are a family, honey. We are quartermaines, and quartermaines stick together. Even when you’re mad? Even when we’re mad. How many stars are in the universe, victor? Billions. And those are the odds of my ever getting back together with you.

[ Chuckling ] Oh, come now, my darling. In your heart of hearts, you know this blustering mr. Baldwin could never satisfy you. But he does. You may believe he makes you happy now, but you’re a woman of the world. You have degrees in academic fields this courtroom clown can’t even pronounce. That’s why you turned him down. You’re leagues ahead of him. Leave, before I make you exit off the roof.

[ Sighs ] You can deny it all you want. But I know you’ll always carry a torch for me, as I for you. We belong together. All right. Why do you want to talk about us? M-maybe talk isn’t the right word.

[ Chuckling ] Okay. What do you have in mind? Hey… valentin got a text the other night when we were on our date, and he reacted exactly the same way. He was so flustered. Interesting. Yeah. Maybe it’s nothing. What? Don’t downplay me, anna devane. You have good instincts. You know it’s probably something. Is that a pep talk? I’m just validating your instincts. And whatever valentin is up to, it has nothing to do with his feelings for you. Why do you say that? I could see it in his face just now. He’s crazy about you.

[ Sighs ] Oh, god. I’m crazy about him, too. I really am. But I just can’t ignore the fact that he brings a lot of complications with him. Victor? Yeah. And as long as valentin’s in my life, so is his father. And that’s the man I think is responsible for murdering luke. You and me both. But valentin is not his father. But family ties are hard to break. Long time no see. Hmm. My apologies for a change in location, but we couldn’t very well discuss our business in front of anna devane and felicia scorpio. Wouldn’t do to have them catch on to our plans. Michael. How’s willow? Uh, you know willow. She says she’s fine, but… hey, can you tell me anything more about her collapse? She didn’t look well at the pool. She was upset about what happened at the quartermaines’. The next thing I knew, she passed out. Yeah, well, thank you. Thank you for being there for her. Actually, it was sonny who caught her before she hit the ground. He brought her into the hospital. He was very worried about her. Um…

[ Clears throat ] Did she, uh, tell you anything more about how she’s been feeling or… she insists that she ate. Yeah, well, she lied. She told me she doesn’t remember if she did or not. That’s not good. The more willow tries

not to worry you, the more worried you get. Exactly. And this is the second time that she’s collapsed. I’m trying not to get, you know, too dark about it, but… it’s hard. Yeah. I mean, what if something is really wrong with her? Don’ t make me wait.What did the test result say? Well, I can’t make a definitive diagnosis until all of your results are back, but this could explain why you fainted. Is it serious? In a good way. You’re pregnant.

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