Y&R Short Recap Monday, June 27, 2022

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Recap written by Christine

Nick vented to Sharon about his frustrations with the way his family was handling things at Newman. Nick admitted he was kind of considering getting more involved at Newman, so he could have more of a say. Sharon urged Nick to do some soul searching before making a decision. A concerned Mariah encouraged Tessa to go to the doctor about her sore throat. Sharon and Nick agreed with Mariah. Tessa received a preliminary diagnosis of vocal cord nodules. It could stall or end her music career. Mariah supported Tessa. Jack accepted Phyllis’s invitation to talk. She told him she regretted ruining things. He accused her of having a pattern of destroying her romantic relationships. Allie and Noah went on jog and ran into Diane, who was watching Harrison. Noah was terse with Diane, because of what she’d done to people he loved. Allie thought Diane had changed. Noah respected Allie’s view on the importance of forgiveness.

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