GH Short Recap Wednesday, June 29, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Carly’s business manager tells her that the Stillwater Investment Group already put her half of the Metro Court up for sale since they know she doesn’t have the money to buy it back from them.

Olivia tells Ned he made the wrong decision and threw away his family legacy. Olivia worries the family will all band together against Ned and they won’t be there to help him when he needs them. Olivia is also hurt that Ned didn’t confide in her about how he was feeling before he made his decision.

Leo overhears Michael talking to someone on the phone telling the person he has an idea and they need to talk because Sonny won’t know what is coming. Michael tells Leo that he is planning a surprise for Sonny.

Sonny catches Sasha when she faints at the Metro Court pool.

Liesl checks on Willow and tells her that she should go to the hospital. Sonny and Sasha take Willow to the hospital and TJ runs some tests and although all of them have not come back yet he tells Willow she is pregnant.

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