Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, June 29, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Amanda tells Imani she should go visit Naya in the hospital because even though she can’t speak she is sure Naya wants to see her and make sure she is okay.

Amanda advises Phyllis not to give up on Jack because they may find their way back to each other. Amanda also tells Phyllis to keep the peace between her and Diane for the sake of Summer and Jack.

Phyllis is very upset when she sees Jack, Diane, Kyle and Summer celebrating Diane’s new PR job at Marchetti.

Chloe and Chelsea argue because she wants to take the job that Kyle and Summer offered her to design a clothing line for Marchetti to as well as designing a clothing line for Fenmore’s. Chloe thinks doing both jobs would be too much work for Chelsea and that would lead to neither clothing line being the best it can be. Chelsea thinks Chloe is micromanaging her and stifling her creativity.

Elena wants to do a medical podcast for Chancellor Winters and Devon and Nate think it’s a great idea but they must get Elena out of her contract with Newman Media. Nate asks Imani to help get Elena out of her contract before Elena returns from the medical convention in Hawaii. Imani is reluctant to help until Nate tells her Elena will be in Hawaii for a week.

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