Y&R Short Recap Thursday, June 30, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Chelsea talks to Adam about her problems with Chloe and gets upset when Adam agrees with Chloe that taking the job with Matchstick would be too much for her. Adam thinks that Chelsea is trying to focus on work because she doesn’t have a personal life. Sally can sense that Chloe and Chelsea’s business partnership is in trouble and she tells Chloe that Chelsea doesn’t appreciate everything she does for their business.

Sally tells Adam later that she is considering hiring Chloe as COO of Newman Media. Sally advises Adam to come up with an amazing idea to prove to Victor that he is the right person to run Newman Enterprises not Victoria.

Victoria, sets up CA bank account for her and Ashland’s new company Destiny Media, and she puts 250 million dollars into the account and Ashland puts in, all the money he has left 250 million dollars. Ashland goes to look at the building he and Victoria plan to buy for the company headquarters. Victoria transfers the 500 million dollars from the Destiny Media account into another account and calls the Newman jet to tell the pilot to come pick her up in New York. Victoria is getting ready to go but she doesn’t know that Ashland has returned and he is about to come inside the hotel room.

Chloe tells Chelsea that their business partnership isn’t working, anymore.

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