Days Short Recap Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Evan met with Orpheus at the prison. Orpheus wanted Evan to get his help the next time he escaped prison. Evan thought the devil test failed for him. He was consumed by getting revenge on Ben and Ciara. He realized he could have been with his son if he were a better man. He said he had a chance to be with David, but he blew it. He regretted not going on the run with his son. Orpheus dropped the bomb that Zoe moved to New Zealand with her ex and the baby. Evan was upset, but Orpheus told him to focus on family matters that were close to him. Shawn told Jan about Belle being upset with him. He told her what happened when he ran into her. Julie walked in while he was telling Jan about keeping her out of prison. Julie didn’t blame Belle for being upset with him for doing that. Julie told Jan that she was a snake and should be in prison. She told Shawn he was being naive. Jan and Julie started arguing with each other. She told Shawn about the gitt Hope gave Ciara and Ben (the boat). She assured Shawn that he and Belle would get back together.

EJ wanted to go back to making love to Belle, but she wasn’t comfortable after Sami’s visit. She thought things were different while she wasn’t in Salem. She thought it was a bad idea to be with each other now that she’s in town. She wondered if EJ was using her to get back at Sami. EJ wondered if she was using him to get back at Shawn. He reminded her that she ran to him every time she had a fight with him. They started arguing. She was about to walk away, but he insisted they talk about it. Sami and Lucas were happy about being engaged. She was sure they would last this time because she didn’t have any secrets from him. She thought about Belle defending the man who kidnapped her. Lucas reminded her that she and Belle had a tricky relationship. He reminded her that she was the reason why Jan was in town. Belle admitted to EJ that she wasn’t ready to walk away. She knew what she wanted and kissed him. Jan promised to be a good mother to her baby. Orpheus told Evan that he had another child. He told him about his baby with Jan.

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