GH Short Recap Thursday, June 30, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Cody decides to stay in Port Charles a little longer when his next job gets canceled. Cody tells Sam and Dante he wants to find a job in town he keeps thinking about Britt and the fact that Faison is her father.

Trina tells Curtis her court date has been set so Curtis asks Marshall and TJ for their help in coming up with a plan to prove Tina’s innocence. Spencer apologizes to Britt for what he said to her the last time they spoke. Spencer asks Britt for her help but, she tells him she can’t help him as long as he is still involved, with Esme.

TJ tells Willow she is three weeks pregnant, but he is going to set up an appointment with an OBGYN to confirm it. Sasha overhears a nurse making an appointment for Willow and it makes her relive the day Liam died.

The sleazy paparazzi photographer calls Sasha and asks her to get him a press pass for her appearance on Home and Heart Shopping Channel. Sasha tells the photographer she will get him a press pass, but he has to do something for her.

Rory tries to learn more about Esme to help Trina stop him when she sees him talking to Esme at the Metro Court pool. Trina tells Rory Esme is dangerous and she doesn’t want him to risk his career to help her. Rory tells Trina it’s too late, he is already involved and he is going to help her.

Willow tells Michael she is pregnant and they both feel happy that their family is getting bigger.

Britt agrees to help Spencer find Esme’s parents if he can get the samples she will run a DNA test to find out the identity of Rand’s parents.

Cody asks Spinelli to do him a favor and Spinelli doesn’t want to do the favor for Cody because, whatever he wants him to do, is duplicitous.

Marshall calls an old friend who tells him where to go to buy an untraceable cell phone. Marshall, Curtis, and TJ go to the address Marshall’s friend gave him hoping to find evidence to prove Trina’s innocence.

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