Days Short Recap Wednesday, June 29, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Evan was surprised that Jan had his child. Orpheus told him that he was the father of Jan’s baby. Jan was upset that she didn’t get to hold her baby. Shawn tried to make her feel better about it. Belle and EJ began to make love. JJ arrived in town to see Chad. He wanted to take see how he was doing. Jack and Jennifer also arrived to see Chad. Evan had a flashback of meeting Evan. Jan tried to kiss Shawn when Brady and Chloe showed up at the hospital. EJ and Belle talked after they made love. She felt guilty for being with him. Orpheus told Evan that Jan told him about being pregnant. He said that she told him that Shawn was the father. He told Evan that he planned on helping Jan pass her child off as Shawn’s. Chloe called Jan out for what she did to Shawn and Belle. Jennifer asked Chad if he wanted to pick out a dress for Abby. He said he hadn’t been in the room since Rafe investigated it. Jennifer assured him that he didn’t have to do it.

Chad talked to JJ about what happened to Abby. He assured him they were finally happy. Jack and Jennifer went into Abby’s room Jennifer said a prayer when she saw the bed. Orpheus continued to explain to Evan how he ended up helping her cover up her baby’s paternity. Jan told Chloe that Belle always had a problem with cheating on Shawn. She said she would never cheat on him. She was sure Belle was going to occupy her time with someone else. Belle told EJ that Shawn didn’t cheat on her. She said she was the one who cheated. EJ told her that she didn’t cheat on him because they’re legally separated. She let him know that Shawn accused her of getting separated so she could sleep with EJ. She wasn’t sure if she did that or not. Shawn told Brady that he should be talking to Belle about working out their marriage. He told her that Belle refused to understand what happened with Jan. Shawn walked away from him. Brady realized he should talk to Belle. EJ admitted to Belle that he wanted her for a long time.

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