Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Lauren and Michael have a little love in the afternoon at the Grand Phoenix as they both take a break from work.

Adam is a little worried that Victoria will return soon and take back her job. Sally persuades Adam to focus on doing a good job and not worry about Victoria returning home because there is a strong possibility that she won’t return home.

Chelsea and Lily tell Billy his podcast is too depressing and advise him to make it a little more fun and uplifting so people have hope and joy when they listen to it.

Victor tells Nick he had a meeting with all of Ashland and Victoria’s potential investors and told them Ashland was dying so the new company wouldn’t be a good investment. Victor also tells Nick that he had Michael put out the word in New York that nobody should invest in any company in which Ashland Locke is involved.

Victoria persuades Ashland they should use their own money to start the company since her father is just going to keep sabotaging any potential investors. Victoria also persuades Ashland to buy an entire office building for their new company rather than lease a few floors of office space. Victoria sends a text message to Nick telling him everything is coming together.

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