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Phyllis: Hey, derek, can you do me a favor? Um, and get housekeeping on this right away. Half a bottle of wine and dirty glasses are outside my suite. I don’t want it there. Hard night for someone. I don’t know who left it there. I don’t know. I don’t know. But could you get rid of it? Thanks.

Amanda: Well, hello. So, you run out of town, you leave us in the lurch for the chancellor-winters launch party, and then, worst of all, you don’t call, you don’t text.

Phyllis: I know. I’m the worst. Hi.

Amanda: Welcome home.

Phyllis: Aww, thank you. Thank you.

Amanda: So, when did you get back?

Phyllis: I don’t know. That depends. I mean, maybe too late or too soon.

Amanda: What do you mean?

Phyllis: Well, too late because I definitely ruined things with jack and too soon because maybe I shouldn’t have come back in the first place.

[ Chuckles ]

Diane: Enjoy your cookies, harrison, and don’t forget to thank mrs. Martinez.

Jack: How was your trip to the park?

Diane: Oh, we had a great time, and he ran around so much that he got really hungry.

Jack: That boy can always find a good excuse to have another dessert.

Diane: Yes, and I could not bring myself to say no. He is a growing boy.

Jack: Absolutely. You two seem to be really bonding.

Diane: Yes. You know, when I had kyle, i never — I never thought that i would spend so much of his life away from him. I just — I feel like I have all this leftover love to give, and I’m really lucky that I can give it to harrison. Family really does mean so much. Oh, speaking of, uh, we saw allie at the park with noah newman. The two of them seemed to really be hitting it off.

Jack: I am delighted to hear that. The more friends she has in town, the better the chances are she’ll stick around and put down roots. And nothing could make me happier than that.

Diane: And…?

Jack: And…?

Diane: And it wouldn’t have happened if it hadn’t been for me.

[ Chuckles ]

Jack: You’re not gonna let me forget that, are you?

Diane: Oh, jack abbott, are you actually smiling at me?

Imani: Oh!

[ Chuckles ] Fancy seeing you here.

Elena: Imani. How’s your mom doing? Nate told me about the stroke.

Imani: Um, amanda just got back from visiting her, so I’ll find out soon.

Elena: Well, if you ever need a sounding board while navigating your mom’s treatment plan, don’t hesitate to ask.

Imani: You know me. I never do. That’s why it’s so comforting to have nate around. He’s been so helpful, and I feel so taken care of.

[ Chuckles ] Listen to me, telling you. You know all about that man.

Elena: I like to think I do.

Imani: Except where to find him.

Elena: What do you mean?

Imani: You came here to see nate, but he’s having lunch with devon at society.

Elena: Oh. Good to know.

Imani: [ Chuckles ] It’s so funny how I know more about nate’s comings and goings these days than you do.

Elena: Mm.

Imani: Isn’t it?

Elena: Maybe for now.

Imani: Mm.

Nate: Your first choices for hire are aligning with mine.

Devon: I think that’s cause for celebration. You want to grab a dessert or something?

Nate: I wouldn’t say no to one of those fruit tarts.

Devon: They don’t have those today. The hostess told me on the way in.

Nate: If they didn’t have enough, why leave them on the menu?

Devon: I don’t know. That’s frustrating, isn’t it?

Nate: Damn right it is.

Devon: Yeah. Get people all excited about something and then can’t deliver?

Nate: Borderline criminal.

Devon: Right? It’s like, uh — it’s like getting up onstage and promising 50 podcasts at the launch of a new company without double-checking to make sure that you have 50 podcasts produced and ready to release.

Nate: Okay, hold on. I spoke to our content team, and they told me we had 50 in the pipeline.

Devon: And do you know what the pipeline is? It consists of anything from projects that we’re interested in buying to shows that are in development to series that are being produced and ready to air. So, no, we don’t have 50 podcasts ready to go, and now we’re scrambling. Who do you think you are?

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Jack: I wouldn’t read too much into my smile if I were you. My needle has barely moved from deeply suspicious and full of misgivings to cautiously trusting where you’re concerned.

Diane: Well, some amount of movement is better than none at all. I’ll take that as a win.

Jack: Whatever gets you through the day.

Diane: You know, this has been a rather promising day so far. First there’s phyllis, who is vowing to be on her best behavior, and we’ve called a truce, and now jack abbott, of all people, is cautiously ready to trust me.

Jack: You are really tenacious in your drive to turn things around, aren’t you?

Diane: Have you forgotten? When I decide I want something, I pursue it relentlessly. And since I’ve decided that i want a fresh start here in order to rebuild my relationship with kyle, I…

Jack: Wait, what?

Diane: Well [Sighs] I think i might have overstepped with him, pushed too far too soon. Actually, if you have a minute, I wouldn’t mind your advice on how to fix it.

Phyllis: Thank you. Alright, here you go, just for you.

Amanda: Thank you.

Phyllis: So, um, I did everything I could to take responsibility for my past deeds, right? I told jack that I was sorry for what I did. I told him that I was sorry that I allowed all my old insecurities and my past demons to take over.

Amanda: Wow. So you did exactly what I told you to do from the start.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Amanda: How did he respond?

Phyllis: Oh, how’d he respond? He told me I was insincere. Yeah. That’s what he said. Even though I told him that i went to diane to offer her a truce.

Amanda: [ Scoffs ] No, you did not.

Phyllis: Yes, I did. I did that for my daughter because my daughter begged me to do it, even though it’s against every single fiber of my being to make nice with that bitch.

Amanda: Well, I am really proud of you, phyllis, for putting your daughter’s feelings first.

Phyllis: Of course. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for her. Nothing. That’s what us moms do, you know?

Amanda: Yeah. That mother/daughter bond is…

[ Sighs ]

Phyllis: Right. I’m sorry. I’m going on and on about myself. What’s going on with you?

Devon: See, my job is to make sure you can do yours effectively, and I know that this whole coo position is different than anything you’ve done in the past. But I do urge you to get up to speed on how things run around here.

Nate: I’ve been working hard to do that. I’ve met with all the department heads, and I’ve been sitting in on planning meetings. But I jumped the gun on the announcement. And I meant what I said before. I’m sorry.

Devon: Well, hey, i appreciate you saying it again. And I’m mostly just busting your chops ’cause I do know there’s a learning curve to all this.

Nate: Thank you. That’s a relief.

Devon: Yeah. However, if you do have any crowd-pleasing podcast ideas, I would love to hear them. Hey.

Elena: Hey.

Nate: Hey.

Elena: Does that offer apply to eavesdroppers? ‘Cause I caught the tail end of it, and I actually might be able to help.

Devon: Well, do you have a podcast idea?

Elena: It’s a little rough, but, yeah, I’ve been kicking something around in my head.

Nate: This is the first I’m hearing about this.

Devon: Please pull up a seat.

Elena: [ Clears throat ] So…a medical podcast. Proactive and preventative measures, patient advocacy, maybe segments about medical mysteries, where the patient presents their symptoms and they take the listener through the doctor’s attempts at finding a cure and finding a treatment.

Devon: That’s — I mean, that sounds like a great idea, a really great idea. I know a ton of people that would be interested in listening to something like that. What do you think?

Nate: Hmm. I don’t want to be a downer, but I don’t see how we can do it.

Kyle: Please have a seat. Thank you for meeting with us. We know how busy you are.

Chelsea: Please. You two are the ones in the middle of a seismic shift in regards to where and how you’re doing your business. Congratulations again on finalizing jabot’s acquisition of marchetti. I mean, everyone at fenmore’s is just buzzing about it.

Kyle: Wait. How — how could they know? We haven’t even gone public.

Chelsea: Oh, I mean, it’s fashion. You know, rumors and…

Summer: People in our business know what women are gonna be wearing six months from now. Why wouldn’t they know what’s going on in the boardrooms?

Chelsea: This is very true. Well, it is fabulous news. And I feel like something else is going on because you two keep making eyes at each other and lauren was insinuating something earlier. So, um, do tell — what else do you have up your sleeves? (Vo) at the tidy cats innovation lab.

Jack: Wait, how did you push kyle too far?

Diane: [ Sighs ] I asked him for help in finding me a job here. Well, I can’t rely on his financial support forever, and i wanted him to know that I fully intend to pay my own way.

Jack: So, you’re definitely putting down roots here. What about your life in L.A.?

Diane: Oh, there’s nothing i can’t walk away from there. And I really do want to pivot towards a career in public relations. So, I had this idea that maybe kyle could help me find something, but I regretted it as soon as the words left my mouth.

Jack: He was opposed to it?

Diane: Well, I… I think he was uncomfortable. I-I put him on the spot. I mean, he has enough to worry about, with taking over as ceo and moving a major international fashion house to the states, without having to deal with helping his mother find a job.

Jack: So, how did you leave things?

Diane: Well, I — i backpedaled. But then he said he would keep his ears open.

[ Sighs ] I’m just worried that I took one step forward and now I’ve taken five steps back. He didn’t mention any of this to you, did he?

Jack: No. And if he did, I wouldn’t share it with you. I cannot — i will not intervene, definitely not on your behalf.

Diane: [ Scoffs ]

Jack: Look, I supported kyle taking this job at marchetti because he needs to run something on his own. So I’m not about to tell him what to do.

Diane: Alright. It’s probably for the best because if you did, you would probably tell him to not even consider helping me.

Jack: This is between you and kyle.

Summer: I’m glad that you’re excited about marchetti’s move to jabot because we have a proposition for you. We would like to bring you in to design a new line for marchetti.

Chelsea: Wow. I-I wasn’t expecting that.

Summer: That’s not the reaction I was expecting. I thought that you would jump at this opportunity.

Chelsea: I-I-I love the opportunity. Um, it’s just I signed a contract to market my stuff exclusively at fenmore’s, so i don’t think I can.

Kyle: We already ran it by lauren. She said she doesn’t mind you working on both lines.

Chelsea: She’s agreed?

Summer: 100%. So, we would call the line “chelsea lawson for marchetti.”

Kyle: So we aren’t poaching you.

Summer: Think of it more as you’re spreading your talents across fenmore’S.

Chelsea: I love the sound of that. I mean, angelina — she is an icon. Those are huge stilettos to fill. When I heard she was retiring, you could have knocked me over with a feather.

Kyle: [ Chuckles ]

Summer: We think that you are the perfect person to lead marchetti into a new era. I love your work, the chances that you take. I want to see more.

Chelsea: Wow, I’m — I’m thrilled and honored that you would trust me to work for this legacy brand.

Kyle: Well, is that a yes? We want to go big with the news as soon as we can.

Chelsea: I really want to give you an answer, but I have to talk to chloe. You know, she is my partner. But as far as I’m concerned… start chilling the champagne.

[ Laughter ]

Amanda: Yes, so, I just got back from seeing naya.

Phyllis: Ah.

Amanda: She had a stroke. The doctors think that it’s because of her a-fib, um, but she has lost movement in half of her body. She can’t speak. And it’s — it’s been heartbreaking seeing her like this.

Phyllis: I am so sorry. I had no idea. I am so sorry. Can I do something?

Amanda: No, that’s — you see, that’s the thing. There’s nothing that anyone can do. I went there with every intention to stay for a while, but they said that she’s gonna be in the hospital for a week at least, and they’re only allowing one visitor. So, imani’s dad is there, so he — he stayed.

Phyllis: Okay. So, uh, what’s the prognosis? I mean…

Amanda: It’s too soon. It’s too soon to tell. But we’re lucky. We have in-home care. We have in-home rehab.

[ Sighs ] But this — this is just — it’s just gonna be such a long process. It’s gonna be months, not weeks. And now imani and I — we’re gonna have to juggle seeing my mother with all of the work at chancellor-winters, and I —

[ Sighs ]

Phyllis: I’m sorry. I mean, at least you got to see your mom.

Amanda: Yeah. You’re right.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Amanda: And I’m really happy that imani encouraged me to go first. She really — she does understand. I lost so much time with her, and every moment — it really — it matters, you know?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Amanda: But now I’m gonna have to prepare imani for seeing our mother in this condition, and — I don’t know — I think that there’s a part of her that’s scared, you know?

Phyllis: Yeah, sure, sure. I understand that. You have your hands full right now.

Amanda: [ Sighs ] Yeah.

Phyllis: Oh, I’m so sorry. You know, my problems are nothing in comparison. I’m sorry.

Amanda: Phyllis, it’s not a competition.

Phyllis: Well, I mean…

[ Both laugh ] No. It’s not. Of course. Listen, um, it’s all about you, okay? It’s all about you right now. Um, what do you need from me?

[ Chuckles ]

Amanda: I’m okay. Really.

Phyllis: Okay.

Amanda: Devon — he — he has been by my side. I just — I don’t know what i would do without him.

Phyllis: Yeah. That’s great. You’re so lucky. Really, you’re so lucky, having a supportive man by your side. Wow. I wish I understood something like that, you know? I wish I had done more to support that in my life, you know? Support us or him. I don’t know. What– whatever. I don’t know what I’m saying.

Amanda: I think you’re saying you love jack.

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choose dove?

Phyllis: It doesn’t matter whether, you know, I love or don’t love jack. It really doesn’t matter. It’s — eh. It’s — it’s done. It’s over.

Amanda: What? That does not sound like the phyllis I know.

Phyllis: I would like to introduce you to the new and improved phyllis, the one that doesn’t live in a fantasy regarding jack and phyllis. I mean — [ Chuckles ] Yeah. Eh, we’re not meant for each other. Well, we’re definitely not meant for each other with diane jenkins living in town. I mean, can you believe this woman, that she’s coming to town and thinks that we all owe her something? She absolutely infuriates me.

Infuriates me.

Amanda: You’re gonna need to rein it in, phyllis.

Phyllis: [ Sighs ]

Amanda: If you do anything out of revenge, jack is not going to like it. Okay, what you need to do right now — just keep the peace. Just like you said you were gonna do that for summer, right? Just do it for jack, too.

Phyllis: Okay, well, you weren’t in the room. You didn’t see his face. You didn’t hear what he said to me, okay? He made it abundantly clear that I can’t control my destructive tendencies. You know what he also said? He said that I’m only happy when I’m chasing happiness.

Amanda: Jack didn’t actually say that.

Phyllis: Yeah, he actually said that, verbatim. Yeah. It’s too late for us.

Amanda: Or maybe it’s too soon to say. Phyllis, you are gonna have to do the impossible. You’re gonna need to be patient. Because I don’t think that you can just take what jack said in a moment of hurt and let it determine the fate of your relationship. Just give it some time, and maybe you’ll — you’ll find your way back. You’ll recapture what you were so close to having again.

[ Laughter ]

Summer: Could you believe the look on chelsea’s face when i made her the offer?

Jack: Kyle. Summer. Come on in.

Diane: I really should go and get out of your way, let you get to work.

Kyle: Wait, wait, wait. I’m — I’m glad we ran into you.

Summer: No time like the present.

Diane: Is everything alright?

Kyle: Well, I talked to summer about your job request.

Diane: Kyle, I — I — I know you have a lot on your plate, and I really don’t want to add to it.

Kyle: Summer and I discussed it, and we would like to offer you a job in the P.R. Department of the new marchetti.

Diane: [ Sighs ]

Kyle: What’s that look about?

Diane: I-I was just telling your father that I really regretted asking, that I know it wasn’t fair of me.

Kyle: I probably should have given you a heads-up on this.

Jack: You are the ceo of marchetti. You needn’t run your hiring decisions by me — unless you’re bringing her on as coo.

Diane: Well, I certainly hope not.

Kyle: Well, we want to set you up for success, so we’re gonna start you out slow.

Summer: The reason why this position is opening up is that not everyone is coming over from italy.

Kyle: And I know you know italian from your time in milan. So you could be a real asset for those employees who are relocating.

Summer: We should warn you, though, this isn’t a high-level job. We want to make sure that you get your footing.

Diane: And that I don’t mess up. I get it, and I’m grateful. I — I won’t let you down. I promise. Thank you. Thank you. And, summer, it’s — it’s not lost on me that this isn’t just coming from my son. I — I really appreciate your willingness to give me this opportunity. You know, before you two came in, I was just telling jack what an incredible day it’s been. I’ve spent time with harrison and then phyllis extended that olive branch and I didn’t think it could get any better. But it did.

Elena: What’s wrong with my podcast idea?

Nate: Nothing at all. But you’re the face of askmdnow, under contract with newman media.

Elena: Which, yes, certainly it’s an obstacle, but it’s not insurmountable. That’s actually the reason why I’ve been thinking about this so much. Things at newman media have been so hectic, they keep taking askmdnow on and off of hiatus. And a podcast is a much more efficient way of reaching people these days. I also thought of another segment for caregivers, where the friends and family members of patients could ask questions about their diagnosis, about how to talk to doctors, about how to navigate the healthcare system.

Devon: It’s a no-brainer idea for me.

Nate: What about her contract?

Devon: Well, I mean, I — I live with a pretty great lawyer who’s our chief counsel, so she can take care of her contract, I’m sure, when she’s back from visiting with her mom. If not her, imani can do it.

Nate: Obstacles removed, with the exception of one. Are you sure you have the time to commit to this?

Chloe: Okay, bye. I am sorry I am so late. I — I was dealing with ironing out some last-minute production snafus.

Chelsea: Mm, anything I can help with?

Chloe: No. Crisis averted, thanks to my masterful managing and coddling of egos.

Chelsea: Well, that’s wonderful news because you are about to be faced with a new set of exciting challenges.

Chloe: Why do I feel like you’re just sugarcoating telling me about some other fires that i need to put out?

Chelsea: No fires. No fires. We have just been given a remarkable opportunity. It’s gonna make you want to cheer for joy. But try to keep it down to a low roar, and only dance on the tables for a couple seconds.

Chloe: Okay. Uh, out with it.

Chelsea: Now that the brand is going to be sold at fenmore’s, I have been asked to design for marchetti. Isn’t that incredible?

Chloe: [ Sighs ]

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Chloe: Thank you so much.

Chelsea: Um, maybe you didn’t hear what I just said?

Chloe: Oh, I heard you. Marchetti. Interesting offer.

Chelsea: Um, then why am i getting the impression that you don’t think this is an amazing opportunity?

Chloe: Well, because it is my job to be honest and deal with the harsh realities of this industry, and it is your job to be creative and, oh, so fabulous. That was the point that gloria made, right?

Chelsea: You’re oversimplifying and undercutting my business judgment yet again?

Chloe: No, I’m just trying to be realistic about how time-consuming this would be.

Chelsea: I can handle it.

Chloe: Not to mention all of the work that you already have to do on your own brand. You are spreading yourself way too thin.

Chelsea: I know what I am capable of better than anyone. What I don’t understand is why you would disapprove of this when lauren, your very own sister-in-law, supports it. This would be an amazing opportunity for everyone involved.

Chloe: [ Sighs ]

Diane: It means so much that I’ll be working for my son and daughter-in-law my first job back to town. And I won’t let you down. I promise I’ll prove my worth… after we all celebrate. Can I please invite you out?

Summer: Why not? We haven’t had a chance to raise a glass to all of the great things that have been happening lately.

Jack: You know what? You have a good time. I’ll hang out with harrison.

Diane: Oh, he’s busy with mrs. Martinez.

Summer: Come with us, jack.

Diane: Yes. Don’t you want to raise a toast to kyle’s new adventures as ceo of marchetti?

Summer: [ Chuckles ]

Jack: Who am I to get in the way of a celebration? Let’s go.

Kyle: Yes, that’s right.

Diane: Let’s go!

[ Laughter ]

Devon: Well, I’m not gonna get in the middle of this, so…

[ Cellphone ringing ] Actually…you know what? You guys can discuss whether or not you have time to take on a podcast, and I’m gonna take this call. Excuse me. Hello.

Elena: Okay. When you asked if I have time to commit to this, you were really asking if our relationship does.

Nate: Does it?

Elena: We’ve both been so busy lately. And I barely see you. I miss you.

Nate: I miss you, too.

Elena: And I know I haven’t been very good at hiding my feelings about you leaving medicine and going into the business world. And with your new position, you can’t really get away much, like coming with me to my medical convention. But that’s why I thought, if i do this podcast, I’d be joining you on your adventure. I mean, I’d even be willing to take a step back from the clinic.

Nate: Wow. This is everything I wanted.

Elena: Good. Because I love the idea of being a part of this family venture and being able to support you in your new role. And if that means us spending more time together, then that’s a bonus for both of us.

Devon: Hey. So, do we have a verdict?

Elena: Yeah, well, I just have to tell you that… I am very excited to be a part of the team.

Devon: Yeah?

Elena: And I expect my chancellor-winters t-shirt.

Devon: [ Laughs ] Nice! Well, welcome aboard.

[ Chuckles ]

Amanda: You know, you can keep rushing around the hotel, dealing with these nonexistent emergencies, but I think that’s also called avoidance.

Phyllis: No, I’m not avoiding anything.

Amanda: Mm. Mm.

Phyllis: Mm. And here’s your sister. Sisters take precedence over friends, so… congratulations on the launch.

Imani: Oh, thank you so much. I wish you could have made it to the party.

Phyllis: Yeah, me too. Me too. By the way, I’m very sorry to hear about your mother.

Imani: Thank you.

Amanda: Thank you, phyllis. We’ll talk soon.

Phyllis: Alright.

Amanda: So, speaking of naya…

Imani: [ Sighs ] I am so glad that you could go see her. Thank you for keeping me updated and looping me in on the calls with her doctors.

Amanda: I was so happy to do it.

Imani: It’s times like these I’m glad I’m not an only child anymore.

Amanda: Well, your dad has been greatkeep, g me up to speed with everything.

Imani: Um…what was it like seeing mom in the hospital like that? This is the sound of nature breathing.

Amanda: I have to admit, seeing our mother in that hospital bed with all of the machines hooked up to her and her being so still, it almost broke me.

Imani: [ Sighs ] But she was happy to see you.

Amanda: It was a little hard to tell because she’s not communicating right now. But she is getting great care, okay? And your dad is taking such good care of her. He’s attending to everything that she needs. She’s really lucky to have you guys.

Imani: I haven’t done a thing.

Amanda: Come on. Imani, you doubled up on work so that I could go, I can be the first to see her.

Imani: No, I mean I haven’t done anything for mom.

Amanda: Well, now I am gonna take care of work so that you can go and be there with her in the hospital, okay?

[ Sighs ] Listen, you know how she is, right? She is probably more worried about you than she is about herself. She is not gonna feel whole unless she knows that you’re okay. I’m sorry. I’m sorry if I frightened you, okay? She’s —

Imani: Why would I be scared? Hmm?

Amanda: Because the strongest woman that you know, the woman who raised you — she just had a stroke and she’s confined to a hospital bed and you are remembering how much you love her and you’re worried that you’re not gonna be able to spend as much time with her as you wanted to.

[ Voice breaking ] And I’m sorry I can’t give you the answers that you want.

Imani: Were you afraid to see her?

Amanda: Of course I was. You know, I’m not gonna lie. It was difficult walking in there. But I’m so happy that I did. Seeing her in person — it made me feel so much better. I got to see how stable she was. I got to see her excellent medical team in action. You have to go. You have to go and you have to see our mother. And not just for her, but you need to do it for yourself because, imani, if, god forbid, something happens and you don’t get a chance to talk to her, I don’t think that you’re ever gonna forgive yourself.

Chelsea: I am tired of you looking for problems where they don’t exist. It’s like your first instinct is always to say no. Creativity requires you to say yes.

Chloe: I am a realist with a proven track record. And your creations are not made by forest animals and elves. The hard work, my work, starts when you finish a sketch. Yes, I may not be daydreaming designs, but I do know what it takes to make the sausage. And the ugly reality is that saying no is saying “yes,” yes to making sure that our existing obligations are fulfilled and that our line succeeds. Why would you turn down the chance to have more visibility, to really be able to make an impact?

Chloe: It is only a good impact if the work is done and the clothes are made.

Chelsea: Why do you always do this?

Chloe: What am I doing?

Chelsea: You’re managing me, handling me, keeping me quiet in a tiny little box because everyone knows I don’t know what’s good for me.

Chloe: That’s not what I’m doing.

Chelsea: Yeah, you know, every time we disagree, you go into babysitting mode. It has got to stop…now!

Summer: I am very excited to sit down with chelsea to map out our vision for marchetti.

Jack: You definitely have her locked in?

Kyle: We made an offer.

Summer: She just needs to discuss it with chloe.

Kyle: You know, I was thinking, when we were talking about P.R. As reinvention, we’re building on a well-known italian luxury brand. And we want to make it accessible to our U.S. Market.

Summer: Which our partnership with fenmore’s allows us to do that.

Kyle: Well, and with summer’s creative genius…

Summer: And kyle’s business acumen, we really can’t fail.

Jack: The numbers don’t lie. It promises to be a profitable venture.

Diane: And I couldn’t be happier to be part of such a talented team.

Summer: Cheers.

Kyle: Cheers.

Summer: [ Laughs ]

Diane: Cheers. There’s an invisible threat in your backyard

Nate: Just the person i wanted to see.

Imani: Oh, as a matter of fact, I wanted to talk to you, too. But you first.

Nate: How long would it take to get elena out of her contract with newman media?

Imani: Uh, why would I want to do that?

Nate: I want to do a deal with her so that she can host a medical podcast for us.

Imani: Um, I thought I heard something about her heading out of town.

Nate: She is, for a conference in hawaii. That’s why I want to speed this along. I want her free of any newman obligations so she can sign contracts as soon as she gets back.

Imani: Hmm. I’m not sure. You know, we have so many other things on our plate, and our team is already pretty swamped.

Nate: Mm. That’s why it’s so good to have friends in high places.

Imani: [ Chuckles ]

Nate: Look, I need some help with this. Personal favor. And like you said, we should do for each other.

Imani: It’s just —

Nate: Truth is, devon’s been giving me a hard time about jumping the gun on the podcast announcement at the launch party, and elena’s idea might help me redeem myself.

Imani: [ Chuckles ] Okay, for you, I’ll find a way.

Nate: Thank you.

Imani: Mm.

Nate: By the time she gets back from hawaii, right?

Imani: Uh, how long exactly will she be out of town?

Chloe: Here I am, just trying to look out for my best friend, and all you can do is call me a micro-manager.

Chelsea: I am the creative engine, and you — you are the brake that keeps us from moving forward.

Chloe: Oh, yeah, you know what? Maybe I am the brake. And guess what. It keeps you from crashing and burning.

Chelsea: Really?

Chloe: And you know what? You are right about one thing. This has to stop because I am not going to sit here and allow you to insult and disparage me for trying to keep our business on time, on budget, and on track. Some people find value in that.

[ Cellphone alarm sounds ]

Chelsea: Oh, you know what? You should get that. You should get that. It may be another one of my fires you need to put out.

Chloe: No, I have to go get bella — or, as you like to call it, micro-manage my daughter. Sorry, but we’re gonna have to fight about this later.

Summer: Hi, mom.

Kyle: Grab a seat.

Phyllis: [ Clears throat ] Yeah, nothing. So, what’s going on here?

Diane: Oh, we’re having a family celebration to toast the fact that summer and kyle have hired me at marchetti. Would you care to join us, now that we’ve declared a truce?

Phyllis: Well, I’m here to see abby to thank her for taking care of the launch party.

Jack: Yeah, we haven’t seen her.

Summer: Actually, I’m glad that I ran into you because i wanted to talk to you about going over some ideas for hosting fashion shows at the grand phoenix.

Diane: Oh, thinking ahead.

Summer: If you’ll excuse us.

Kyle: Of course.

Diane: Wow. I’m impressed. A week ago, I would have expected phyllis to pour that champagne over my head. Maybe we can co-exist.

Jack: [ Inhales deeply ]

Summer: Mom?

Phyllis: I’m okay.

Summer: No, you’re not.

Phyllis: Yeah, I’m fine, summer. I’m fine. You know what? I want to ask you a question. The job you offered me at marchetti — is that the same one that diane’s doing?

Summer: Mom, no, not even close. I wanted you to be my head of marketing. What we offered diane is a junior-level P.R. Gig. Look, it was kyle’s idea, and i only agreed to it because I’m here to support kyle, just like you are here to support me, right?

Phyllis: Yeah. Right. I will support you. I will support you because i love you. Yeah.

Summer: I love you, too.

[ Laughter ]

Diane: Yeah, that was a good one.

Kyle: [ Laughs ] Okay.

Jack: That’s true.

Diane: [ Laughs ]

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