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Billy: Wasn’t sure I was gonna find you here? But I’m glad you’re home. Look, lily, I know that we could both use a little time to decompress from all this, but we don’t have it. Victor didn’t get back to me, and we need to figure out a way forward.

Lily: Oh. So now you want to work together? Funny you didn’t feel that way before.

Billy: I know you’re upset that I went and offered to step down without discussing it with you.

Lily: Yeah, you knew how i was gonna feel about it, and so you didn’t talk to me about it first.

Billy: Yeah, part of that is true. Because you would’ve tried to talk me out of it, and you probably would’ve succeeded. And believe me, the last thing i ever wanted to do was show up at victor’s house, humiliated, with my tail between my legs.

Lily: Well, then why did you?

Billy: To protect you. And chanccomm.

Lily: So, do you really think that’s how this is gonna play out? Or, actually, maybe you do. Maybe, in your mind, there’s a way for you to make a graceful exit and have everything still turn out all right.

Victoria: Billy really offered to step down from his co-ceo position? I mean, even if it stopped the attacks on chanccomm, I can’t imagine that he would agree to do this.

Ashland: Oh, he’s falling on his sword, taking full responsibility for his reckless publication about my past.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] But I just don’t know what to make of it. This would be the last thing that billy would do. Chanccomm was so important to him. Do you — do you think that lily pushed him to make this move?

Ashland: No, I sincerely doubt it. I ran into her earlier, and i told her that she’d be wise to cut billy loose, and I don’t think she took too kindly to that suggestion. But, uh, that was before, I’m sure, that she knew what billy had done. She probably knows by now, though.

Victoria: I wonder how my father and adam reacted to billy waving the white flag.

Ashland: The word “gleeful” comes to mind.

Victoria: Yes. So, that’s it, then. Mission accomplished?

Ashland: Well… pretty sure that’s what, uh… what — what billy thinks, uh, and victor and adam’s plan is to let him go on believing just that. Uh, they’re waiting for him to let his guard down, and, uh…

Victoria: Ashland, are you okay?

Ashland: Yeah, uh…

Victoria: What’s the matter? What is it?

Ashland: Uh…oof.

[ Breathes deeply ]

Elena: See? No worries. Just a little heat rash. Nothing serious.

Devon: Yeah? The nanny said the same thing, but I just wanted to double-check and make for sure.

Elena: Well, I will write down the name of an ointment you can pick up at the pharmacy. It’s over-the-counter. So it should clear up in a day or two.

Devon: That’d be perfect. That’d be perfect. Thank you so much for coming by. I appreciate it.

Elena: Yeah, of course. I’m glad you called. And just got off work, so it was no problem at all.

Elena: Mm, good. You hear that, buddy? Doctor says you’re gonna be just fine. I’m gonna get you some ointment and clear up that rash. You’ll be good to go.

[ Chuckles ] What?

Elena: It’s just… it’s nice to see you like this.

Ashland: Oh, thank you, sweetheart, but, truly, there’s no cause for alarm here.

Victoria: Are you sure you’re okay?

Ashland: Mm. You know, the effects of the initial treatments that i received in peru were — were a little rough, but the doctors told me to expect that. In fact, it’s probably good news, and it’s just a sign that the medication is doing its job.

Victoria: Maybe I should take you home.

Ashland: No, no, no, no, stop, stop. Stop, really. I’m feeling much better already. So, where were we? Um — oh, yes. We were talking about billy having to swallow that very bitter pill.

Victoria: Well, you really are enjoying this, aren’t you?

Ashland: Well, not as much as you might think. Uh, don’t get me wrong — I’m not feeling bad for the man, either. He tried to sabotage our wedding. Those are the actions of a small and — and spiteful person who deserves everything that’s coming to him. I mean, a year ago, even six months ago, I would’ve taken such satisfaction in grinding him into dust.

Victoria: So what is the difference now?

Ashland: I have higher priorities. I’m focused on getting stronger and improving my health so that I can spend as much time with you as possible. So, I will let adam and — and victor handle billy so they can have their fun torturing him.

Victoria: Actually, I think that would be a very big mistake.

Ashland: Really? I thought…you had let go of that.

Victoria: Let go of what?

Ashland: Well, your old urge to protect your ex, to save billy from himself.

Victoria: No. This actually has nothing to do with saving billy. It’s about what’s best for newman/locke.

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Billy: Look, lily, this might not be as dire as we think. Victor respects you, and with me out of the picture, he might not be as obsessed about coming after chanccomm.

Lily: Of course he will. If he can get our assets at a bargain price, it’s a huge win for them. Adam already told me that’s his goal. So you cutting and running isn’t gonna make things better, it’s gonna make things worse.

Billy: Okay. For the record, I did not cut and run, i sacrificed myself for the greater good of the company, trying to get him to hold his fire.

Lily: What is that gonna do? I mean, what more can they do to us? They basically got our employees to release the article, they’ve ruined our reputation, they got our one and only source to recant his story, which then allowed ashland to sue us. I mean, the damage is done.

Billy: Yeah, and I have a sick feeling that’s their opening moves.

Lily: Right. Well, we can’t focus on what

could happen. We have to deal with the current crisis. I mean, that’s how we got in this mess in the first place. You were so concerned with what victor and adam might do that you basically handed them the weapons to use against us.

Billy: You’re referring to the audio and video evidence adam gave rey, claiming that i threatened them?

Lily: It didn’t claim it, billy, it proved it. Okay? Look, I love you, and I know that you were just trying to protect me and chanccomm. But you’re so impulsive, and you don’t think about the consequences. And the consequences just keep snowballing.

Billy: Which is why it’s better if I just remove myself from the situation.

Lily: Yeah, but don’t you see how that could just make things look worse? It looks like an admission of guilt.

Billy: Then what do you suggest we do?

Lily: I suggest that we sit down with our lawyers and we weigh out all of the options and work together as a team. But I have to ask you, are you even capable of doing that?

Victoria: You know, I didn’t really want to get involved in this fight between my dad and billy in the first place. But now I realize that it gave adam an opening…to take advantage of the situation. And, boy, oh, boy, did he run with it.

Ashland: Well, you know, i don’t think you’re being entirely fair here. I mean, this plan has gotten me out from under a blackmail threat that has been plaguing me for decades.

Victoria: That’s true. And I’m grateful for that. I am. But the fact is, you are the one taking all the risks here, allowing that story about the fraudulent will to get out. And any leverage that they have against chanccomm is all due to your lawsuit.

Ashland: All true.

Victoria: So, if you were the one taking all the risks and you have all of the leverage, can somebody please tell me why — why, oh, why — is adam and newman media benefiting the most?

Ashland: Well, that’s a good point.

Victoria: Not to mention a big chunk of chanccomm consists of a division that i sold to them.

Ashland: I see where you’re going with this.

Victoria: You know, my father, he was never okay with me selling off this division to billy. I have to think that he would be a little bit disappointed if i didn’t try to get it back.

[ Both laugh ]

Ashland: My adorably brilliant wife. I really do love the way your mind works.

[ Chuckles ]

Chloe: Hi. Why’d you want to meet?

Sally: [ Breathes deeply ] To give you the best possible news. Adam called me into his office, and he wants to go ahead with the video project — with me hosting, like we discussed.

Chloe: That is so awesome.

Sally: I know. Right? And when I asked him about the budget, he said that we just need to write up a proposal. He acted like he wanted this, like, yesterday.

Chloe: That’s fantastic.

Sally: [ Breathes deeply ] I can’t believe this is happening.

Chloe: I can. Because it’s a phenomenal idea. This also means that we are gonna have to be putting in a lot of overtime to get this off the ground.

Sally: That is fine by me. Adam wants to capitalize on the buzz around victoria’s wedding dress, so we need to move fast.

Chloe: Well, your first video is gonna be crucial. I mean, we have to make sure that we get this formula just right.

Sally: Agreed.

Chloe: And I know that we already talked about you interviewing other designers, but…I mean, now that you yourself are on the map, I think that we should just showcase you. You know, your expertise, your — your insights.

Sally: Works for me. Especially now that I’ve given up any semblance of a personal life.

Chloe: What do you mean?

Sally: I’ve decided to take your advice. I’m officially backing off adam as a romantic option, and I have even told him as much. So you do not have to worry about that being a complication. I want my head 1,000% in this.

Chloe: I know what you’re doing, sally.

Devon: And I’m really enjoying getting to spend time with dominic these days.

Elena: Yeah, I can tell.

Devon: Thank you.

Elena: You know, I can’t help but think about when we first met. How devastated you were to have lost hilary and your child.

Devon: Yeah, it was a rough time.

Elena: I hope this doesn’t come out wrong… because I know they can’t be replaced by anyone else in your heart, but it seems like a lot of healing has taken place. You got this full life now with amanda and your brother and now this little guy.

Devon: Yeah, yeah, I know. You’re absolutely right that I’m in a much better place. And I remember everybody telling me that things would get better in time and not believing them in the moment, but they were right.

Elena: Who knew, huh?

Devon: And you know I’m always grateful to you… for helping me get through that grief. Now abby is going through the same thing, and I feel terrible because I know exactly the kind of pain she’s feeling.

Elena: Abby is lucky to have you help her. And she obviously knows that because she’s trusted you with this precious little guy.

Devon: And I’m glad that she did. I’m glad that I can help her out for as long as she needs. You know?

[ Keys rattling, door opens ] Hey.

Amanda: Hi, elena.

Devon: How you doing, honey? Mwah.

Amanda: Hey, is everything okay?

Elena: Yeah. Devon just asked me to pop in and check on dominic’s rash, and he’s doing just fine.

Devon: Yeah.

Amanda: Okay. Well, that’s a relief. I have news.

Devon: You do?

Amanda: Yes.

Devon: Good news or bad news?

Amanda: I don’t know yet. The jury is ready to give their verdict in sutton’s trial. Nyquil severe gives you powerful relief

Amanda: Yeah, I-I know it’s short notice, but just get there as soon as you can, imani. I completely understand why naya doesn’t want to come. We will fill her in as soon as it’s over. Okay. Bye.

Devon: What do you mean she doesn’t want to come? Naya doesn’t want to hear the verdict?

Amanda: I think she’s — she’s just worried about the press, you know?

Devon: Yeah. Well, I told the nanny we were gonna be gone for a while, so I’m gonna grab my coat, then we can leave.

Amanda: Okay.

Devon: Okay?

Amanda: Devon, wait. Um… what if they let something go? You know how good of a liar he is. What if the jury believes him, and he walks out of that courtroom a free man?

Devon: Hey. First of all, stop thinking like that. Stay positive, okay? And if that happens, then you’ll simply find a new way to hold sutton accountable for what he’s done. That’s it. ‘Cause if I know anything about you, you don’t quit. The jury makes a mistake, yeah, that’ll be disappointing, but it’s not the end.

Amanda: Thank you. You always know exactly what i need to hear. I’m so happy you’re coming with me.

Devon: Oh, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be. Let’s go.

Amanda: Okay.

Billy: Look, I understand that you feel like I —

[ Knock on door ] Well, what a surprise. Come in. What can I do for the two of you?

Ashland: What a lovely place you have here. It’s quite a shame that we all couldn’t have gotten together sooner — under more pleasant circumstances, of course.

Billy: Again, what do you want?

Ashland: You know, imagine how it could’ve been. Our blended family. And victoria and I truly wanted us all to get along, if only for the kids’ sake. But you had other ideas.

Lily: Why don’t you get to the point, ashland? We have more pressing issues to deal with, as you well know.

Billy: Actually, I’d like to hear from you, victoria. Tried to get ahold of you for a while.

Victoria: I really don’t know what more there is to say, billy. I texted you how disgusted I was that chanccomm ran that garbage article. You know, I sold you my media division, and you are continually using it as a weapon against my husband and me.

Billy: Well, we never agreed to release that article — we were hacked — but you know that.

Victoria: Yes, but you authorized writing it, didn’t you?

Billy: Okay. So… you’re either in on the scheme to set us up from the beginning, or you’ve somehow figured out a way to, uh, justify it. Either way, that’s ugly.

Ashland: Well, we heard about your rather interesting offer. Presumably, you think that by stepping down as co-ceo that you will be protecting lily and chanccomm. And maybe now you can understand my desire to protect my company and the woman that I love by keeping gaines’ accusations quiet.

Billy: Yeah, I understand.

Ashland: Is it possible that you’re feeling a little regret about your…thoughtless, reckless, callous behavior?

Billy: I’m sorry. Are you two here looking for an apology?

Ashland: No. We’re actually here to make you an offer.

Elena: Mariah, hey.

Mariah: Hi.

Elena: Good to see you.

Mariah: Great to see you. How’s the hospital going? I mean, I’m sure that’s where you’re coming from, given the scrubs.

Elena: Yep. Actually, I just made a pit stop to check in on dominic.

Mariah: What happened? Is everything okay?

Elena: No, he’s fine. Sorry. I didn’t mean to alarm you. Devon just had a small concern about a heat rash, but, honestly, I think he was just being a little overprotective. I see it all the time with first-time parents.

Mariah: Oh, yeah.

Elena: I totally meant that as a figure of speech. I know devon would never refer to himself as dominic’s parent.

Mariah: I mean, even if he did, who would blame him? Biologically, if not legally, he is the father, you know? And now, with chance being gone, I mean, I’m sure abby would be happy to have him step into that role into her son’s life. And don’t get me wrong — he would do a great job.

Elena: So, mariah, how are you doing?

Mariah: Me? Oh, I’m great, yeah. I-I’m doing really, really well. Plaque psoriasis, the tightness, stinging…

Mariah: I am finally on the road to recovery.

Elena: I’m so glad to hear that. It was such a traumatic experience.

Mariah: Yeah, I know, uh — I know everybody’s been really worried about me since the kidnapping. I — I just needed time to get over it all. Got to reacclimate myself. Get back to a normal life. And tessa’s been so supportive. I mean, she’s the best girlfriend anyone could ask for.

Elena: Have you gotten a chance to talk to anyone about all of this? Like, a counselor, maybe?

Mariah: Well, that’s the benefit of having a therapist as a mom. No appointments needed. It just gets thrown in with every conversation. Uh, anyway, I’m back to work again, you know, making up for lost time. And I’m finally feeling like my old self.

Sally: The only thing I’m doing is putting my love life on the back burner and doubling down on my work ethic. I need all of my energy for my career.

Chloe: Oh. You think you can feel me, but you can’T. You were just trying to reverse psychology adam into chasing you. And you think it’s gonna work, but it’s not. He’s way too smart for that.

Sally: I know he’s smart, and I’m not playing any games. Adam has drawn quite the line in the sand, and I want to respect his wishes.

Chloe: And what if he changes his mind?

Sally: Adam has made his feelings quite clear. He’s still trying to get over what happened in his past and figure out how to be the best possible father to his son, and as you have mentioned multiple times whenever chelsea returns, I would be courting disaster if I went anywhere near her ex, so I won’T.

Chloe: Okay. If you say so.

Sally: I’m not gonna jeopardize this opportunity by trying to force something in my personal life that was never meant to be. So, I’m sure with your leadership and with adam’s deep pockets, everything about newman fashion will be fabulous.

Billy: I find it very hard to believe that you’re here to do us any favors. After all, you aligned yourself with the newmans and gaines to set us up.

Ashland: You know, I’m not about to allow you to play the victim in all of this. I did what I had to do to defend myself, my wife, and my company from your relentless attacks.

Billy: I already promised you that I would not attack you personally, and I would never do anything to hurt the mother of my children. I used your personal information as leverage — information that we all know is true, by the way.

Ashland: You know, relying on your promises and your self-professed concern for victoria got us nowhere. Now, whether you want to admit it or not, your actions forced my hand. I mean, do you really think that this is how I wanted to spend the first few weeks of my marriage, dealing with this crap?

Billy: [ Scoffs ]

Ashland: Now that your retraction is out there, the situations have reversed itself. Huh? You are the ones now that are going to be defending your credibility and integrity.

Lily: We can handle anything that you or your partners throw at us.

Ashland: Not without my cooperation you won’T. Now, I know that billy had asked the newmans to convince me to withdraw my lawsuit. I mean, do you really think that they can be trusted to follow through on that? Well, then again, you were willing to trust gaines, and look where that got you.

Billy: So let me get this straight. You’re saying that you are going to turn on the newmans?

Victoria: I think that ashland is trying to point out that it was a waste of time going to my father when he is the only one that can cancel the lawsuit.

Ashland: Yeah, and just so that we’re clear here, I could choose to prolong this as long as I want, release those recordings of you making those ugly threats and keep them in everybody’s news feeds for as long as I like.

Lily: Yeah, we know what you’re capable of. But it sounds like you want to cut a deal, so why don’t you just get to the point and tell us what you’re after.

Ashland: Well, our strong preference is to come to a swift and a final resolution. In contrast, victor and adam are willing to watch you flail in the wind while chanccomm’s value plummets.

Billy: What’s your plan?

Ashland: Victoria and I have neither the time nor the desire to play those games, and we are actually here to make you and lily and, more precisely, jill a very lucrative offer.

Lily: [ Chuckles ] Lucrative for whom?

Ashland: All parties involved. We would bring chanccomm into the newman/locke fold.

Billy: You’re offering to buy chanccomm.

Ashland: And we’d be happy to keep lily on as ceo. She would maintain full autonomy.

Lily: And billy?

Ashland: Out.

Billy: And you’re gonna go along with this? You agree to exploit the damage that victor and adam have done? Kick me out of the company?

Ashland: Oh, billy. Always slow to catch on. This is all victoria’s idea. Lash impact goes sky high.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Victoria: Before you complain about this offer, I want you to remember how desperately i begged you to leave us alone. And for one moment, in italy, when you deleted that gaines video, I thought that you were actually gonna do the right thing. But you just couldn’t help yourself. You came after us the minute you got back.

Billy: That’s not what happened. I was trying to stop victor and adam from coming after our company.

Victoria: By doing something that would hurt me and my husband.

Billy: I told you that i never intended on releasing the information about ashland. And I don’t expect victor or adam or ashland to believe me… but I would hope that you would know that’s true.

Victoria: You see, that’s why I’m not willing to put that kind of power in your hands. You just can’t handle the responsibility. I am, however, willing to give lily a chance.

Lily: Why do you think that i would even want to work for you and ashland? I mean, I’ve seen for myself that ashland can be as ruthless as victor and adam.

Ashland: Well, if you’re worried about me, then that’s easily resolved. For one thing, I won’t be taking an active position in managing the company. I’m focused on my health.

Victoria: We promised you complete autonomy, and ashland and I, we are people of our word. Also, you might consider the fact that, since newman/locke have merged, we own some media properties that could potentially be folded into your division.

Ashland: You could end up running a company that’s larger and more influential than just chanccomm. I’m, quite frankly, excited to see what you would do with an opportunity like this.

Victoria: Yes, and if that doesn’t inspire and motivate your career ambitions, think about what’s best for billy.

Lily: How is pushing him out of a company that he’s so passionate about best for him?

Victoria: Running it into the ground isn’t in either of your best interests. Neither is standing by and watching it being taken over by adam, of all people.

Lily: Oh, my god.

[ Chuckles ] Even now you’re trying to protect billy.

Victoria: All I’ll say is that I can’t stand the idea of adam besting either of us, especially after what he’s done to our family. But most importantly, I want a quick and peaceful resolution to this lawsuit, because it’s what’s best for the children.

Billy: You’re worried about the children? Then why go along with this lawsuit in the first place, knowing that we were hacked?

Victoria: I’m sure that you need some time to talk over your decision, even though your choices are limited.

Ashland: We’ll be in touch.

[ Door closes ]

Imani: Where’s devon? Isn’t he joining us?

Amanda: Yeah, he needed to take care of a few things at home. Thank you. Um… I’m glad, because I wanted to speak with you privately. I wanted to know how you’re feeling about the verdict.

Imani: Uh… I wanted my grandfather brought to justice, and now he’s a convicted felon. I should be thrilled.

Amanda: But?

Imani: Now that it’s happened, I’m having a hard time processing this whole thing. It doesn’t seem real. I grew up idolizing him. He was the center of my whole world.

[ Sighs ] I guess you’re in the mood to celebrate, though.

Amanda: I understand that this is hard for you. You have a very long, complicated history with sutton. He’s the grandfather that you have known and loved your entire life. But he’s someone very different for me.

Imani: I know. And I’m not trying to bring you down or tell you to have sympathy for him.

Amanda: Good, because he is the man that excluded me and my twin sister from the family. He robbed me of my chance of ever knowing my father. So what is hard for me is… trying to feel sorry that he’s finally getting what he deserved.

Imani: This needed to happen, and once I’m over the shock, I’ll be just as happy about it as you are.

[ Sighs ]

Amanda: Okay.

Imani: What kind of sentence do you think he’ll get?

Amanda: I don’t want to speculate on that. You know, what I’m more interested in knowing is what’s next for our family. You know, I know that we are going into practice together, but what’s next for naya?

Imani: She’s considering moving to genoa city.

Amanda: What?

Imani: Mm-hmm.

Amanda: That — that’s amazing. I would love that.

Imani: Really? You want her in our faces, attempting to micromanage every aspect of our lives?

Amanda: I’ve never experienced anything like this before, so I’m sure that it will drive me crazy at some point, but, right now — I don’t know — that kind of sounds wonderful.

[ Both laugh ]

Imani: Okay. Wait till she starts nagging you about having kids. She’s eager to be a grandmother.

Amanda: Well, there is a baby at my place right now, if she wants a baby fix. We have a lot of catching up to do.

[ Chuckles ]

Devon: You’re a thirsty little guy, huh? There it is. Where’d you go? Where’d you go? Peek-a-boo!

[ Laughs ] There he is. What? Where’d I go? Hey! There you go. A-boo-boo-boo-boo! A-boo-boo! Give me a smile. Give me a smile. There you go. That’s the one right there, man. We’re gonna send that to your grandma and your grandpa. Maybe they’ve heard from your mama. No, we probably want to push the release to maximize the song’s chances of charting, don’t you think?

[ Baby fusses ] Okay. Okay. It’s okay. We’ll do some more walking. You’re the boss, buddy. It’s okay. Oh. Shh.

Billy: Well, it looks like, to me, that newman/locke and newman media are in a tug-of-war. And chanccomm is the rope.

Lily: Look, I don’t know how much stock we can take in their offer. I just — I can’t imagine victoria wanting to upset her dad right now. Is this a trick?

Billy: I mean, what else do they have to gain, besides acquiring a great company?

Lily: I mean, who knows? Maybe they want to drive a wedge between us. I mean, you saw how much they were buttering me up while also putting you down.

Billy: Lily, everything they said is true. And I… I genuinely believe that they meant what they said about you. ‘Cause who doesn’t admire you? I sure as hell do. Look what you’ve accomplished. And I know you’re upset that i went to victor and offered to step down, but I hope that you know that is only because i believe in you so much. And without my baggage, you can not only revive our company, but it’ll thrive with you in command — I know it.

Lily: Billy, I know that your intentions were good, but did you really think that victor would get ashland to withdraw the lawsuit? That was never gonna happen.

Billy: What are you saying? Are you thinking of giving up?

Lily: I mean, look, we — we can’t even discuss that, okay? I-it’s not up to us, it’s up to jill. But what really matters to me is that how we are. You know? You can’t make unilateral decisions on things that we should be deciding together.

Billy: Look, I can walk away from the company. I really don’t care if my pride takes a hit. But I couldn’t stand it if things change between us personally. Are we okay?

Lily: [ Breathes deeply ] Yeah, of course. What matters to me is that we’re good.

Ashland: You know, you’ve been…quiet since we left, sweetheart. What has you worried?

Victoria: Well, you know, i just can’t stop thinking about johnny and katie and how this situation might impact them. Whatever we do, we’ve got to protect them from the fallout.

Ashland: Well, of course we do. And — and we will.

Victoria: You know, maybe this is a good time to send them to boarding school. Just temporarily, until the end of the school year.

Ashland: You know, I know that isn’t a decision you would make lightly.

Victoria: It’s just that everyone who deals with billy has to expect dramatic highs and devastating lows. This failure, this public humiliation, it’s just — I know that billy’s gonna go off the rails again, and I don’t want the kids to witness it.

Ashland: No, it wouldn’t be easy for you, either, would it?

If you have this…

Victoria: But we agree my concern is purely about the kids. I have no intention of — of rushing to save billy.

Ashland: Not even a little bit?

Victoria: You know, whatever lily might think, I’ve learned the hard way that there’s no upside to it. And he only resents it when i try. The last time that billy was in this position and his life was falling apart, he beat himself up about it, and… the kids were scared, and they were confused. So, I — I just find that my instinct is telling me that i need to protect them from it the best that I can.

Ashland: And where does that leave billy?

Victoria: In the long run, I’m sure he’ll be fine. It might actually be the best thing for him. And jill, she’ll come — she’ll come through for him. She always does.

Ashland: Hmm. Well, he sure is fortunate to have such a supportive mother.

Victoria: Yes. And then, hopefully, when the dust settles, she’ll find him a position that he cannot use as a weapon.

Ashland: Hmm. Well, whatever it is that you decide… I’m sure you know that I will support it 100%, and there might be an advantage to having the kids out of the house should my condition worsen.

Victoria: I was thinking the same thing. And, really, I mean, there are a lot of positives to the kids doing something new like this. They’ll have opportunity to gain some independence.

Ashland: You’ve sold me on the idea of it, but what are the chances that billy will buy into it? I mean, he’s gonna be unemployed soon with nothing but time on his hands, and he’ll probably want to spend a lot of that with his kids.

Victoria: You let me manage billy.

Lily: Hey, jill. It’s — uh, it’s lily. Uh, can you call me when you get a chance? I just, uh…need to discuss the situation at chanccomm.

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