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Recap written by Christine

Jill and Billy were at the Chancellor house. He’d just accused her of losing faith in him. She assumed he was saying that because Lily told him about Jill’s job offer. He confirmed that he knew Jill was stepping down as CEO of Chancellor and that she wanted Lily to be her successor. Jill had hoped Billy would be happy for Lily. Billy was happy for Lily – he thought she would do amazing in the role, if she chose to take it. Jill questioned the “If” and Billy said he and Lily were a team, which Jill should know, since she put them together. Jill didn’t want to separate Billy and Lily. She was hoping he’d work at Chancellor Industries. He pointed out that she wanted him in a lesser role, so she wasn’t kicking him to the curb, but she wasn’t standing by him either. She asked him to try and understand why she had to do this. He said it was crystal clear. He asked what her plans were for ChancComm. She wasn’t sure, but she was thinking of selling. He could live with that as long as she didn’t sell it to Victor and Adam, because he didn’t think they should be rewarded after what they did to him. Jill couldn’t make that promise, because this was a business decision, and she would do what was best for Chancellor Industries. Billy’s voice raised as he accused Jill of siding with the Newmans over her own son.

Jill didn’t think that was fair. She asked if he forgot how he got the job at ChancComm in the first place. He asked how he could forget when she reminded him every chance she got. She hissed that she did so because it didn’t sink in with him. “You were at rock bottom one more time. Nobody believed more in you than I did!,” she stated. He felt like she was saying that he let her down and that she shared Victor’s low opinion of him. She told him to leave Victor out of it. He argued that Victor was the one who set the trap he fell into, and because of that, his own mother had given up on him. She denied giving up on him. He understood she was disappointed in him, but the feeling was mutual.

Jill asked if Billy actually thought he was fit to run an international conglomerate. He pointed out that he ran Jabot, and she laughed and replied that they all knew how turned out. He said up until a few days ago, she was thrilled with his work at ChancComm. She said he risked all that success to reignite his feud with Victor and Adam. Billy said this was about protecting his kids. Ashland’s nickname was the Locke Ness monster, and he’d been about to be Johnny and Katie’s stepfather. So Billy looked into Ashland, and so did Victor. For a second, Billy thought he and Victor were going to work together, and if Victor actually cared about Victoria as much as he pretended to, they probably would’ve. But, according to Billy, Ashland turned out to be more ruthless than everyone thought, and Victor identified with him. Victor and Ashland formed an alliance against Billy. Jill said Billy couldn’t let it go. She heard he paid Jesse Gaines a small fortune to stop the wedding, and he antagonized two of the most powerful men in the world. She asked how he thought that would win. He told her that Gaines sent him the video detailing all of Ashland’s crimes, and Billy had everything he needed to topple Victor and Locke. Jill asked what happened to the video. Billy said he deleted it to protect Victoria. Frustrated, Jill demanded to know why Billy went to such extremes. “Because I have already lost one kid and I’m not gonna let that happen again,” Billy snapped. Jill softened and said there had never been a hint that Ashland was a threat to the children, and she was sure Billy must know that Victoria wouldn’t put them in danger. She wanted to know why he was so determined to stop the wedding – did he have feelings for Victoria?

Billy said he loved Lily, and he thought he’d be with her for the rest of his life. He and Victoria were just co-parents. Jill asked why Billy was so compelled to keep Victoria from moving forward, even putting ChancComm at risk. He didn’t expect it to go this far, though he probably should’ve. She wondered if the gambler in him couldn’t resist battling his nemesis. Billy clarified that he’d set the war aside until Victor told him that he was coming after ChancComm. Billy wasn’t proud of some of the things he did, but he was trying to live up to his commitment to Jill, Lily and the staff, so he grabbed the only weapon he could get his hands on. “Blackmail,” Jill stated. Billy never intended to publish the article, but Victor and Adam hacked into ChancComm’s system and authorized its release. He admitted he shouldn’t have sunk to their level. Jill blamed herself for giving Billy too much power before he was ready. He said everything was fine until Ashland came into the picture. Jill thought Billy needed to be in a position where he was free to generate his genius ideas. He said he wasn’t going to accept the COO position at ChancComm. Exasperated, she ordered him to stop. “This is what’s wrong with you. You are so damn impulsive.” He thought she’d been wanting to say that the whole conversation. He sarcastically thanked her, and he left.

Billy went to Crimson Lights where he ran into Adam. “Good to see you, Billy. How are you enjoying early retirement?,” Adam said. Billy said his offer to step down was contingent on Victor and Adam getting Ashland to drop the lawsuit, which never happened. Billy said that he guessed Adam and Victor didn’t have as much control over Ashland as they thought. He said never to trust a man who stole his best friend’s identity and mentor’s fortune. Adam heard Ashland and Victoria made their own offer for ChancComm. Billy said Adam got played. “I know how hard you worked to bring me down, you’re not going to have anything to show for it when I land on my feet again,” Billy said. Adam replied that Newman Media could still buy what remained of ChancComm, but it didn’t matter who bought it, because the truth was no one wanted Billy attached. Adam thought this was the price Billy was paying for releasing the expose on Adam. “The new and improved Adam still holds a grudge,” Billy said. Adam said that the next time Billy was wallowing in booze and self pity, which would likely be any minute now, Billy should remember that he brought all of this on himself. Adam left. Billy flashed back to a memory of Adam saying that he couldn’t wait for this whole thing to blow up in Billy’s face.

Adam went to the Chancellor house to see Jill. She demanded to know what the hell he wanted. Adam wanted to extend his condolences on her grandson. He said Chance saved his life once. Jill wasn’t interested in taking a stroll down memory lane with Adam, so she asked him to leave. Adam also wanted to discuss the future of ChancComm. Jill noted that Adam tried to bring the company to his knees. Adam suggested that Billy exaggerated the role Adam played in the PR debacle. He admitted he offered help to his new brother in law when Ashland fell victim to the same personal attacks that Billy launched against Adam over the years. Adam said that unfortunately, Billy wouldn’t listen to reason, not even from Victoria, so the courts were Ashland’s only recourse. “Poor Ashland. So vulnerable. So helpless,” Jill mocked. Adam understood that Jill was protective of Billy, who’d come to rely on her support. Jill cut Adam off and told him not to go there, since Adam owed all of his present-day success to Victor’s generosity and forgiveness. Adam thought Jill was a shrewd businesswoman who wouldn’t let personal issues get in the way of what was best for Chancellor. “I’m shrewd enough to know why you’re here. You are here to salvage the mess that you’ve made and get back into Daddy’s good graces,” Jill said. Adam maintained that Jill was misinterpreting things, but she disagreed. She said he wanted to trash Billy and shrink ChancComm’s value so he could pick it up cheap. “Ain’t gonna happy, Buddy. So brainstorm a plan B,” she said. He thanked her for the advice and said he’d be in touch. He left. Jill looked up at Katherine’s portrait and asked if she could believe that guy.

At Crimson Lights, Tessa presented Mariah with some kind of drink topped with a tower of whipped cream and drizzled with chocolate. Mariah asked what this monstrosity was, and Tessa said that the woman Mariah loved used to be a barista and knew all the tricks of the trade. Mariah thought it was obscene, but it looked obscenely delicious. However, Mariah kicked her caffeine tolerance when she was pregnant. Tessa was happy to drink it, but Mariah said it was hers. Tessa was just happy Mariah was taking a break from work. Mariah said this was actually her second break of the day – she spent the first one at Devon’s with the baby, and she even got him to giggle. Tessa said it wounded like Dominic was thriving, and Abby would be relieved when she got home. “Whenever that is,” Mariah grumbled.

Tessa reminded Mariah that she should put herself in Abby’s shoes. Tessa asked what if one of them died suddenly, far from home without ever getting the chance to say goodbye. Mariah said she’d be devastated if that happened, but wild horses couldn’t tear her away from her child. Mariah said nobody knew where Abby was or when she was coming back. Mariah admitted that Abby contacted Devon and had him set up a live stream with Dominic. Tessa thought that was a good sign, but Mariah wasn’t enthused.

Noah joined Mariah and Tessa, and he noticed Mariah’s off-menu drink. Tessa said she’d make him one if he listened to her songs. He knew it had taken awhile, but he went on a walk today, and he immersed himself in her music. He pretended he didn’t enjoy it, then he admitted that he actually loved it. He thought the music was haunting and unique. Tessa smiled brightly. Mariah huffed because she told Tessa that same thing all the time, and Tessa only believed it now that it was coming from Noah. Mariah laughed. Tessa said it was different because Mariah was biased. Mariah said she knew genius when she saw it. Noah thought Tessa had a hit. Tessa had been scared that Noah wasn’t talking to her because he didn’t like her songs, and he didn’t know how to tell her. He promised he’d always be honest with her.

Tessa asked what Noah had in mind for the album. He said they both knew inspiration took time. Tessa stepped away to take a call from her manager. Noah heard Abby left town, and he assumed that was upsetting to Mariah. Mariah was upset, but she admitted Tessa had been right, as usual – Abby was doing the best she could. Mariah said she’d hate people criticizing her when, or if, she was a mother. Noah said that Mariah was free-spirited, so she’d have the kids with purple hair. Noah would love Mariah’s kids like crazy, and people would disapprove of the children, but who cared? Noah noticed things seemed to be going well for Mariah and Tessa. Mariah said they had a crazy few months, but they were in a good place. Noah was glad. He said it wasn’t always easy remembering why you got together in the first place. Mariah commented that someone really did a number on Noah. Noah didn’t want to talk about it. Mariah was glad Noah was back. She hoped he was staying because he wanted to be here, not because he was avoiding something or someone in London. He said he was glad to be back in Genoa City. He was relaxing, recharging and thinking of what came next. Mariah said the iconic album cover for Tessa came next. Noah was honored Tessa asked him.

Mariah sent Noah Christian’s pee-wee basketball schedule and told him it was a fun diversion. Tessa returned, and Noah asked her about her thoughts on the cover. She wanted something evocative, something that had a new thing to discover every time you looked at it. Noah showed Tessa some designs, and she loved them. She thought she and Noah spoke the same language. They were excited to work together.

Devon was at home with the baby. He bounced Dominic as they walked around, until he fell asleep. As soon as he put the baby in his bassinet, the doorbell rang. Amanda rushed downstairs and answered before it woke the baby. Imani came in, and she and Amanda quietly admired Dominic. Imani asked what it was like having a baby around 24/7, and Devon said it was never a dull moment. Devon asked what Imani and Amanda were doing today. Imani realized Amanda didn’t tell Devon the news. Amanda said she was just about to when Imani came over. Imani wanted to be the one to tell Devon. Imani said she and Amanda were going house hunting for her parents, maybe choosing something across the hall from Devon and Amanda’s or right downstairs, so Naya could pop in 24/7. Devon looked a bit alarmed, and Amanda assured him that Imani was teasing. Amanda and Imani were actually looking for a space for their new law office. Amanda was excited about starting the new chapter of her life after the trial. Devon asked Imani how she thought it would be after so many years of working for her grandfather. Imani said she liked a challenge. Devon offered to help with setting up the office space or finding a designer. Amanda said Naya made the same offer, but she and Imani wanted to do this on their own. He wished Amanda luck. “She doesn’t need luck. She’s got me,” Imani said. After Imani and Amanda were gone, Lily came over and visited Devon and looked in on the baby. She loved seeing Devon dote on Dominic.

Lily needed advice. Devon saw the article and retraction ChancComm put out. Lily said the story was true, but the Newmans blackmailed their source into retracting. Lily said that Jill had had it with Billy and she was thinking of selling off ChancComm. Lily swore Devon to secrecy, then she told him Jill was thinking of retiring and making her CEO of Chancellor. Devon loved the idea of Lily running his grandmother’s company. He said Neil would be so proud of her. He noticed that she didn’t look happy, though. He asked if she talked to Billy about it. She said Billy was happy for her, but he was upset with himself and with Jill for not believing in him and furious with Adam and Victor for the sabotage. Lily was afraid of what Billy would do with that anger.

Devon thought that what really hurt was that Adam and Victor took advantage of Billy’s strengths. Lily said Billy would do anything to protect ChancComm from Adam and Victor. ChancComm was Billy and Lily’s baby. Devon understood. Lily admitted she wasn’t innocent either – she also got drawn in and was willing to do whatever it took to protect what she and Billy built. Devon said the difference was Lily reined herself in and Billy couldn’t. Lily wasn’t upset with Billy, because his heart was in the right place. Devon said that Lily’s relationship with Billy was different than her marriage. Lily agreed. Even though she and Billy disagreed a lot, she never felt like the relationship was in jeopardy. She said they never betrayed each other, and she never questioned how he felt about her. Their relationship was more important than any job. Devon said all Lily had to do was make sure Billy knew this.

Imani and Amanda went to Society after office hunting. They couldn’t believe how far they’d come. From Imani serving Amanda with a restraining order to going into business together. This was such a spectacular day that they decided on champagne. Imani’s treat. When Amanda wanted to buy, Imani explained why she wanted to pay instead. Imani had never considered working for anyone besides Sutton. Imani clarified that she’d actually thought of doing other things in the past, but when she brought up the idea in front of their grandfather, she’d learned to keep her mouth shut. Now she got to work with her big sister, and she couldn’t wait to get started. Amanda loved that she gained a sibling and a partner.

Amanda and Imani both loved one potential office space. They thought they might be on the same page, but Imani’s favorite was the high rise, and Amanda’s was she storefront. Imani thought that the high rise was aspirational and it’d speak to their clientele. Amanda said they weren’t focusing on corporate law, and they didn’t want a location that felt elitist. Imani thought the storefront was too far from the courthouse, and the high rise lent an air of professionalism and legitimacy. Amanda though they should impress people based on their results, not their address. Imani said that while Amanda had an impressive track record, Imani was just starting out. Amanda said she was also the mentor, so maybe Imani should take her advice and take a breath. Imani was going to have some champagne, but Amanda said they had to figure this out first. Amanda brought up the converted Victorian. Imani liked it too, and they listed its assets. It was gorgeous, homey, classic street level and close to the courthouse. It was perfect. Amanda toasted to Sinclair and Benedict. Imani suggested Benedict and Sinclair.

Amanda came home after Lily left. Amanda thought she and Imani found an office. “That’s faster than I anticipated. ‘cause Imani can be a little Imani,” Devon said. Amanda laughed and said she toned Imani down a little bit. Devon proudly announced that something special happened today – Dominic reached up and grabbed his own rattle and shook it around. Amanda joked that Devon would probably be filling out college applications soon. Devon was thinking Dominic could go to Stanford like Neil and Mattie. Teasing, Amanda asked if Yale wasn’t good enough, and Devon said he’d add it to the list. The phone rang just as they kissed. Ashley let Devon know that Abby was coming home. The call ended. Devon was subdued, which prompted Amanda to ask if Abby was okay. Devon said she must be fine because Ashley said once they landed, Abby wanted to come get Dominic.

Lily found Billy at Crimson Lights and asked what he was thinking about. He wasn’t ready to share that. He said he and Jill didn’t see eye to eye. He was going to come up with his own solution that didn’t involve a handout from Chancellor Industries. He told her not to worry – when he got knocked down, he got back up, and she could count on that. So could Adam.

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