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Recap written by Christine

Ashley got back on the plane without Abby. Jack didn’t understand why they were leaving Abby behind when she was still deluded into thinking that Chance was alive. Ashley said Abby wasn’t delusional – she’d had hope, and she didn’t give up, and Ashley was so glad about that. Ashley swore Jack to secrecy and revealed that Chance was alive, and Abby was with him right now. Jack marveled at how Abby never accepted that Chance died, unlike everyone else. Ashley told Jack that Chance didn’t want to abort the mission and come home. Jack acknowledged that Chance always had a strong sense of duty. Ashley added that it was a point of pride for Chance that he’d never failed a mission. Ashley said that Abby was pulling out all the stops to convince him to come home, including a live stream of Dominic. Chance was torn up, because he wanted to be with his baby, but he felt compelled to stay here. Ashley knew Abby wouldn’t leave Chance’s side, which meant she’d be living under the constant state of danger and worrying that Chance would take off for Valencia and get killed for real. Jack didn’t think Abby would be able to stay away from Dominic that long.

As persuasive as Abby was, Jack wasn’t sure she’d be able to convince Chance to come home. Jack suggested they take pressure off Abby by going over Chance’s head. He thought that Ashley should call Christine. Ashley pointed out that Christine didn’t know Chance was alive. Jack thought it was okay to let Christine into their circle of trust. He was sure that Christine would be willing to reach out to her contacts at the State Department, who could let Chance know that his work was done. Ashley said Chance’s supervisors might want him to stay on the mission. She thought that they should stay out of it and let Abby and Chance work on this together. Jack asked what if things didn’t work out the way they wanted it to.

Kim and Abby talked while Chance was out taking a walk. Abby asked Kim to help her convince Chance to come home. Abby said Chance felt like he needed to complete the mission, but she didn’t come all this way to leave without her husband. It tore her apart to be away from their baby, but she had this feeling Chance was alive. Kim was glad Abby came, because she thought that Chance needed to be with Abby after all he’d gone through. Abby asked Kim to convince Chance that he was too injured to go back to the field. Kim said that wouldn’t be honest. Abby implored Kim to help her change Chance’s mind. They didn’t know that Chance was eavesdropping just outside the door. Kim didn’t think Chance would listen to her. She believed that if Chance went back to the states, it had to be a decision he and Abby made together. Chance walked in, so Kim stepped out.

Chance admitted he heard what Abby said. He hated that she was hurt, but he wished she could understand why he had to stay. She understood how he felt, but she said that he didn’t even know if he’d be able to complete the mission. She said he was injured and the mission was compromised. She suggested that his chief was coming up with a new plan that didn’t involve him. He didn’t think they should speculate about that. She said that the department had other options, but she only had one husband, and he was Dominic’s father. “You’re irreplaceable to us. Doesn’t that make a difference to you? Aren’t we enough to change your mind?,” Abby asked.

Chance wanted to be with Abby and Dominic more than anything, but he couldn’t leave. Abby asserted that he could. She had compassion for him after he lost his colleagues. He said they were his friends. She understood he wanted to do right by his friends, but it was time for him to do right by himself and Dominic. She told him to think about the promises he made. She showed him his wedding ring. She said they found it in the rubble from the explosion. Chance confessed that he took the ring off and put it in the rubble to sell that story that he died. He asked if she could forgive him, and she said of course. She said she’d been wearing the ring on a chain so it would be close to her heart. Abby reminded Chance that on their wedding day, he promised to give her the life she deserved and to keep the family safe and happy. They’d made a promise to have and to hold until death did them part, and she was going to hold him to that promise. She admitted it might not be fair, but she didn’t care because she was fighting for the survival of their family, and she needed him to fight too. Chance said he loved Abby more than he could ever show him. She challenged him to prove it. He asked for the ring, and she gave it to him. He put it back on. “Let’s go home,” he said, and she hugged him.

Kim returned and congratulated Abby on getting Chance to do the right thing. Meanwhile, Chance called his boss with the news. Chance’s section chief thought he was making the right decision. The State Department was going to give Chance and Abby security in Genoa City. Chance said he never failed at anything before. Abby said Chance didn’t fail – he gave the information to other people who could complete the mission. Kim assured Chance that he was making the right decision. She said she’d pack a bag for Chance. Chance was grateful to Kim and Errol, who was still in Dublin. Kim didn’t need that, she just wanted Chance to cherish the time with his family and listen to his wife, because she was smarter than he was. Everyone chuckled.

Later, Abby and Chance prepared to call his mother. He thought Abby should talk first and prepare Nina. Abby did a video chat with Nina and said she was on an island in Spain. Nina was concerned because Abby put her life in danger. Abby said it was worth it. Abby knew Nina was with Phillip in Australia, and she asked if he was there. Nina said he’d gone out. Abby had news, but she said Nina couldn’t tell anyone except Phillip. Chance got on the phone, and Nina was shocked and overjoyed.

Abby called Ashley and brought her up to speed. Abby asked that Ashley do something for them.

Victor showed up at Society, where Billy was. They traded barbs. Victor saw Billy order another drink and asked if it was the first one. Billy thought Victor knew it wasn’t, but having an adult beverage wasn’t the worst thing a man could do. Victor said Billy certainly would know. Billy said the last time he saw Victor, he laid down at Victor’s feet, played the sacrificial lamb and begged for mercy, but that wasn’t going to happen again. Victor heard that Ashland and Victoria made an offer to buy ChancComm. He thought it was a good move on their part. When Billy came to Victor and offered to step down so Lily could run ChancComm, he’d thought Victor would contact him. Now Billy realized that all Victor wanted to do was watch him squirm and that he’d planned to wait for ChancComm to lose value so Victor could swoop it up. Billy said Victor had competition. Victor asked if Billy thought his Mommy would accept the offer. Billy said he wasn’t going to tell Victor that. Victor thought Victoria made the offer to spare Billy the humiliation of losing to Adam. Victor stated that Billy would have to face the music no matter what and pay for the consequences of his actions. Billy asked why Victor hated him so much. Chuckling, Victor asked why the Spartans hated the Athenians. Billy asked why Tom hated Jerry, then he said he wanted to hear Victor’s reasoning. Victor said Billy was sort of handsome and somewhat intelligent, which made Victor wonder why Billy cared about his opinion. Billy asked what Victor didn’t like about him. Victor loathed people like Billy. Victor said Billy was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, while Victor grew up in an orphanage and worked for everything he had. Victor thought Billy was like a guy born on third base who thought he hit a triple. Victor felt that Billy was entitled and spoiled and disrespectful of people’s values. Billy admitted he’d done that in the past. Victor wondered if Billy was ready to pay the piper and not get protection from Victoria. Billy said he didn’t need protection from anyone. Billy just wanted to make sure Lily wasn’t hurt because of his actions, and Victoria’s offer allowed that. Victor said that Billy didn’t own the company, Mommy Dearest did. Victor thought Jill knew how to set aside her emotions when it came to business, and she was a savvy businesswoman. Billy agreed, and that was why he didn’t think Victor should feel confident right now. Billy left.

At Lily’s place, Jill said she hadn’t worked out the timeline for her departure from Chancellor, but it’d be soon. Lily was flattered Jill thought she was ready to run Chancellor Industries. Jill clarified that she knew Lily was ready. Lily wondered what would happen to ChancComm and Billy if she took the job. Jill thought Lily saw the writing on the wall for Billy. Referencing the situation with Ashland and Gaines, Lily said that she and Billy got played by master manipulators, and that didn’t negate all the amazing achievements Billy made at ChancComm. Jill said there was no telling how much Billy’s mistake would cost. She felt like ChancComm might be more trouble than it was worth at this point. Lily stated that the company was still turning a profit, but Jill countered that it had significant losses too. Jill said that if they didn’t sell soon, Victor and Adam would keep coming after them and Ashland’s lawsuit would cause even more damage. Jill added that this wasn’t the first time Billy hurt the company by making a move against the Newmans. Lily clarified that she and Billy made decisions as a team. Jill thought this mess had Billy’s fingerprints all over it. Jill wondered how much worse shape the company would be in if Lily hadn’t been there to keep Billy in line. Lily thought Jill was being too hard on Billy. Jill contended that Billy used the company as a tool to exact revenge, and even he knew he went too far, or he wouldn’t have offered to step down. Lily hated this. She and Billy had accomplished so much together. She also didn’t want the amazing team at ChancComm to lose their jobs. Jill said if she sold, she’d stipulate that the new owners had to keep the current employees. Lily thought Jill was being too hasty. She felt like ChancComm could be going through growing pains, and if two years from now, ChancComm was a juggernaut, she thought Jill would regret selling. “What’s done is done and we’ve gotta focus on the future,” Jill firmly said.

Jill noted that Lily never said if she was interested in the offer to be CEO of Chancellor. Lily said of course she was interested. She was sure that when Jill imagined this moment, she’d thought she’d be passing the torch to Billy. Jill would’ve loved nothing more than to hand the company to Billy, but once again, he’d proven to be unreliable. Lily didn’t think that was true. Jill thought Lily needed to stop defending Billy. Jill said Lily was the reliable one, and she’d exceeded expectations. Lily was drawn to the idea of adding to the rich history of Chancellor. Jill said that old bat Katherine would’ve wholeheartedly agreed with the choice to promote Lily. Jill reminded Lily that her dad, Neil ran Chancellor too. Lily said he didn’t run it for long, but Jill said it didn’t matter. She knew Neil would be so proud to see Lily behind that desk. Lily wasn’t okay with leaving Billy out in the cold. Jill had hoped that Lily would hire Billy at Chancellor. Lily suggested they be co-CEOs again, but Jill didn’t want her son in a position to call the shots or have any say in decision making. Jill said Billy could be COO, or whatever Lily thought was appropriate, but Lily had to be in charge, alone.

Lily was torn because she knew Billy would be hurt. Jill told Lily to stop putting Billy’s needs above her own. Jill stated that Billy was a grown man who’d find a way to deal with it. Lily thought that was a little cold. Jill was adamant that Lily couldn’t let her personal life stand in the way of her success. Jill said that relationships didn’t always last, but a career was something you could count on and build a future on, not just with money – being a boss was very empowering. Lily felt like she and Billy were in it for the long haul, so she couldn’t just ignore his feelings like Jill could. Jill clarified that it killed her to set this condition, but she had no choice. She acknowledged that Billy made great strides in his personal life, but professionally, he didn’t understand that there were some risks that weren’t worth taking.

Billy came home and told Jill and Lily not to stop talking on his account. Lily said they were discussing a project, and Billy asked if that’s what they were calling him now. Jill noticed Billy had been drinking. Billy said he took a cab home – he was capable of being responsible, despite what she might think. Lily asked Jill if she could talk to Billy alone. Jill said that even if she and Billy fought and hurt each other’s feelings, she’d always be his mom and she’d always want what was best for him. He knew, but he said that her opinion on that wasn’t always right.

After Jill left, Lily told Billy about the job offer. Billy thought it was amazing and that Lily would be great at running Chancellor. He assumed she’d take the job. Lily said there was a lot to consider. “You can’t turn this down,” Billy stated. He said it’d do wonders for her career and take her out of the line of fire at ChancComm. Lily revealed that Jill was thinking of selling ChancComm. Billy wasn’t surprised, but he didn’t like the idea of it – ChancComm was his and Lily’s baby. Lily said that Jill was on board with Billy working with her at Chancellor. She added that he’d be second in command, and he noted that he’d be working for her, not with her. Billy said, in Jill’s mind, he’d just failed the “Big Boy Ready to Lead” test. Lily didn’t think it was that simple. Billy continued that Jill was offering him a corner office at Chancellor to keep him out of trouble, and he thought she wanted him to be grateful. “Aren’t you?,” Lily asked. Billy felt like he was losing everything, the job he loved, his dignity, his partnership with Lily. Lily promised Billy that he wasn’t losing her – she was with him no matter what. Even if she accepted the job, she really hoped he’d consider coming to Chancellor with her.

Jill ran into Victor at Society, and he was happy to see her. Victor was sorry about Chance. Jill said Chance was a hero who should be here making a new life with Abby and their baby. Jill announced that Jack left her a voicemail that Abby had been located. Victor was pleased to hear that. He hoped Ashley would be able to convince Abby to come home. Jill said that being a concerned parent was hard. Victor agreed. Jill said Victor knew what she was going through, thanks to him. “After what you and Adam did to my son.” Victor acted like he had no idea what Jill meant. Jill thought they could start with the way he attacked Billy and her media company and called Billy a liar, even though they all knew everything in the Ashland article was true. The only thing Victor would acknowledge is that Billy brought it on himself. Jill conceded that point, but she said Victor egged Billy on every step of the way. Victor said Jill had to bail her son out of another failure. Jill said she and Billy would be fine. Victor thought Billy had gone too far, and he asked what Jill was going to do about it. “Wouldn’t you like to know,” Jill asked, laughing. She left.

Ashley called Victor and said she was bringing Abby home. He thought that was wonderful. The call ended, and Ashley told Jack that it was his turn.

Jill walked into the Chancellor mansion and Jack called to tell her Abby was coming home. She was relieved. Jill took a moment and looked at Katherine’s portrait. Billy showed up and said it didn’t take Jill long to lose faith in him.

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