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Gwen has a nightmare about Xander finding out the truth about what Kristen did to Sarah and breaking up with her. Gwen then wakes up in a panic, so Xander asks her what’s wrong.

Chad joins Kristen in the interrogation room and says he just talked to her lawyer. Kristen complains about EJ being too scared to represent her himself and asks what they said. Chad says they did everything they could to keep her until the trial but the judge wouldn’t go for it. Kristen asks what they do now. Chad says he’s sorry but it looks like she’s heading back to prison.

EJ remains at Susan’s side in the hospital and says he’s sorry for everything. Nicole enters and says she came as soon as she heard about Susan. Nicole asks how she is. EJ says she will be okay. Nicole asks if EJ is okay.

Sami remains locked up and paces, saying she’s about to lose it. Sami starts pounding on the door, screaming to be let out until the door is then opened.

EJ tells Nicole that he is okay. Nicole says it’s wonderful that Susan will make a full recovery but worries about EJ not getting any sleep. EJ says Susan was so scared and didn’t want him to leave because she was scared that the Devil was coming after him. EJ adds that Susan finally fell asleep before Nicole got there. Nicole asks if she had another psychotic breakdown. EJ decides to step out with Nicole.

The guard holding Sami hostage is named Jason. Sami asks where her breakfast is. Jason says she doesn’t get breakfast today. Sami argues that he’s been keeping her here for three months so she has to be kept alive. Jason says she’s been a bad girl, so she doesn’t get what she wants until he gets what he wants. Sami asks what he wants. Jason responds that he wants his phone that she stole from him. Jason asks her where it is. Sami claims to have no idea what he’s talking about. Jason warns that if she doesn’t hand it over, he’ll do a lot worse than deprive her of food. Sami then gives in and hands over the phone, noting that it’s dead anyways. Jason says they’ll bring it back to life and asks who she called last night. Sami admits she called her mother. Jason guesses she doesn’t give a damn since Sami is still here. Sami argues that Marlena was desperate to help her but she’s in a lot of trouble too. Sami asks Jason what he would do if his mother was alone, terrified, and in grave danger. Sami pleads with him to let her get back to the people she loves.

EJ sits with Nicole and explains that he was celebrating Thanksgiving with Anna and Tony when Steve suddenly turned up with Susan. EJ adds that Susan was in the family crypt as Steve came looking for John, but found both of them. EJ talks about how they stabilized Susan in the ambulance, but when he first saw her with Steve and she looked lifeless, he just kept telling her to hang on. EJ notes that Susan was so happy to see him when she opened her eyes and was overcome with relief. Nicole questions Susan thinking that Satan wanted EJ dead. EJ admits the story was quite convoluted and something about Marlena being possessed by the Devil and demanding that Susan kill John or else the Devil would kill EJ. Nicole realizes that Susan thought by stabbing herself, Satan would take her instead. Nicole asks EJ if he thinks it was delusion. EJ admits he did at first and calls it impossible for Marlena to be the Devil but then Steve disagreed. Nicole asks why. EJ says Steve got a text from Kayla and had to step out. EJ still can’t believe what Susan did and the sacrifice she was willing to make. Nicole feels the threat probably wasn’t real. EJ says either way, Susan was still willing to die for him. EJ talks about being ashamed of Susan for years and pretending she didn’t exist, but she was still willing to sacrifice her life for his. EJ cries that he doesn’t deserve it as Nicole comforts him.

Chad wants Kristen to tell him that she won’t escape again. Kristen assures that she won’t but says it’s just not a given that she’s going back to prison. Kristen says she has money and can hire more lawyers to help her with the appeal. Chad says he’ll do anything he can to help but she’s going to have to start the process from prison. Kristen asks if he can get her something to eat then. Chad says to give him 20 minutes and exits the room. Kristen then quickly goes through Chad’s jacket and takes his phone.

Sami tells Jason about how her mother is being held against her will and is chained to the wall. Sami swears to make Jason pay if something happens to her mother. Jason tells her that she can yell all she wants but no one will hear her. Jason says he’s going to check who Sami called. Sami says he doesn’t have to as she’s happy to tell him. Jason questions who she called after her mom. Sami responds that she called her husband.

Nicole jokes that this shows EJ has a heart since he doesn’t normally wear it on his sleeve. EJ says she’s one of the few people who have ever seen that side of him. Nicole is honored that he let her.

Rafe and Ava kiss in bed until Rafe says he has to get to work. Ava says she’ll have to figure out how to spend her days now that she’s no longer scheming with Philip to steal Gabi’s company. Ava adds that she has to get a job but on the up and up this time which Rafe calls a good plan. Ava hopes he knows how grateful she is that he was able to put what she tried to do to Gabi in the past. Rafe reminds her they are putting all mistakes behind them and starting clean. Ava assures that she won’t do anything to mess up her second chance. Rafe says the same as they kiss.

Xander and Gwen lay in bed after having sex. Xander says he feels better not only because of that but also because Gwen always knows what to say and do when he gets off track in his head. Gwen wants to check her phone for messages as she’s hoping to hear from Jack but she has nothing. Xander suggests Jack didn’t have time over Thanksgiving and he will call her when he gets back. Xander knows how bad she wants to repair her relationship with Jack but reminds her that Maggie is going to talk to him to try to get him to come around. Gwen wonders how much of an effort Maggie will really put in since she loves Abigail and knows that Gwen tried to destroy her life. Xander says he explained to Maggie that she’s changed and only wants to make amends with Jack. Xander adds that either way, she still has him and he’s not going anywhere. Xander invites Gwen to join him in the shower as he heads to the restroom. Gwen then gets a call from Chad’s phone and questions why he’s calling her but it turns out to be Kristen.

EJ tells Nicole that it was nice while it lasted having her see him as an indominable force, powerful, and ruthless. Nicole assures that she still sees him as all those things. Nicole tells EJ that just because he’s vulnerable doesn’t mean he’s weak, it means that he’s human. She calls him a very attractive human in her eyes. EJ says he can’t be blamed about being worried about letting his guard down since he did that with Sami and they see where that got him. Nicole asks if EJ got any calls like the other night when he thought it was Sami. EJ says they never called back but if they do and it is Sami, he can handle it. Nicole asks why he should have to when he’s going through so much already. Nicole feels it is strange that EJ hasn’t heard from Sami before now. EJ asks why that’s strange since he told her that he didn’t want her in his life anymore. Nicole goes over how Sami went to see Gabi about staying in the mansion and it was her mission to get EJ to forgive her. Nicole questions Sami disappearing off the face of the earth and wonders why Sami would decide not to get back together.

Jason questions why Sami would call her husband when their marriage blew up in her face. Sami asks what he knows about her marriage. Jason says he read the tabloids and that EJ threw her out after she cheated on him with her ex husband. Sami argues that EJ was just upset for good reason over her lapse in judgment. Sami insists that EJ is her husband and still loves her, so if he knew she was in trouble, he would come running. Jason thought she called him. Sami says the phone went dead as soon as she called, otherwise EJ would be breaking down the door now. Jason seriously doubts that.

Kristen tells Gwen that she hasn’t forgotten about her. Gwen says she can’t talk right now. Kristen says to put Xander on the phone then, so she can tell him that Sarah is alive and well and never wanted to break his heart. Gwen pleads with her not to. Kristen says she just got word that she’s being sent back to prison, possibly as soon as today, so she needs Gwen to act now. Gwen asks what she expects her to do. Kristen orders Gwen to get her out ASAP or else she’ll call Xander and tell him where to find Sarah, then he will dump Gwen so fast that her head will spin. Gwen repeats that she doesn’t know how she’s expected to do this. Kristen argues that this is a piece of cake compared to what Gwen has done before. Gwen complains that she’s never broken someone out of prison before, so she doesn’t know where to begin. Kristen tells her to enjoy being single then and suggests maybe she’ll meet someone at Sarah and Xander’s wedding. Gwen pleads with her not to tell Xander or punish her for something she would do if she could. Kristen says she will tell her how to do this if she promises to do it. Gwen agrees, so Kristen says she will give her some help. Gwen then hangs up as Xander comes back and asks who was on the phone.

Rafe goes to the police station where Chad tells Rafe that he just told Kristen that she’s going back to prison. Rafe assures that Kristen won’t be switching with Susan again because Susan’s in the hospital. Chad mentions hearing the crazy story and asks about Susan. Rafe says Susan will be fine as long as she doesn’t get roped in to helping Kristen again. Chad doubts that anyone in town would help Kristen. Rafe notes that Lani was her best friend but she wouldn’t risk it. Rafe adds that Ava goes way back with Kristen and recalls Ava finding Susan last time Kristen switched places with her. Chad asks if he thinks Ava helped Kristen escape. Rafe explains how Ava said she went to the interrogation room looking for him and found Susan on the floor and claimed she never even saw Kristen. Chad asks if Rafe believes Ava. Rafe confirms that he does.

Kristen calls Ava and informs her that she got arrested. Ava says she heard. Kristen tells Ava that she needs a favor since she helped her last time she was in a bind and helped her escape. Ava says she can’t help her again since she’s in a good place with Rafe and she’s not going to jeopardize that. Kristen threatens to tell Rafe about how she helped her escape and then lied to his face. Ava argues that she can’t but Kristen says she will. Ava pleads with her. Kristen says she doesn’t have time to argue so she’s going to tell her exactly what she needs to do.

Sami tells Jason that no matter what happens between her and EJ, she’s still the mother of his children so he’d pay a small fortune to get her out of here. Jason remarks that he’d pay a small fortune to get her to shut up. Sami asks Jason to tell his employer that EJ will pay. Jason responds that his employer is not interested. Sami questions why they are holding her here and argues that she has to know who it is.

Nicole asks EJ why Sami would do a complete 180 and leave when she said she would stay and fight for their marriage. EJ guesses she just changed her mind. Nicole feels it’s not like Sami to give up, especially on EJ, as she would be in his face until she broke him down. Nicole questions why Sami would just disappear. EJ responds that it’s because of him.

Kristen asks Ava if they are clear on this. Ava says absolutely. Kristen tells Ava to get to work and hangs up. Kristen deletes the call history but Chad comes back and catches her with his phone. Chad questions who she called. Kristen claims that she was calling Brady. Chad calls her unbelievable. Kristen says she was desperate and wanted to speak with Rachel but claims that Brady hung up on her. Chad gives her the food that he went to get and says he has to go. Kristen thanks him for the food and for trying to help as knowing that he still cares gives her hope. Chad tells her to hold onto that because right now, it’s all she’s got.

Gwen claims to Xander that Chad was on the phone. Xander questions why she would want to talk to Chad DiMera. Gwen says she didn’t and that he called her. Xander asks why. Gwen claims that he just wanted to blast her again for lying about her miscarriage and trying to blow up his marriage. Xander argues that he needs to get over it since he still has his family and some people have a lot less. Gwen asks if he’s talking about himself since he talked about Sarah earlier, so maybe it’s still bothering him. Xander assures it’s not and that he needs to forget about her. Xander says he already is as he kisses Gwen.

Sami pleads with Jason to tell her who is behind this. Jason says they’ve had this conversation every day since she got here. Sami complains about a thug dumped her here after chloroforming her at Rafe’s house. Jason assures that he will never share the information about his employer. Sami complains about being hungry and asks if she can have her breakfast. Jason agrees but says he’s taking his phone with him as he then exits the room.

Nicole asks EJ why Sami would leave because of him. EJ says he pushed her away and told her that he never wanted to see her again, which he meant. Nicole says he had every right to be angry after she cheated on him with Lucas. EJ admits perhaps he was too cruel. EJ talks about being vicious towards Sami for over a year, verbally and emotionally abusive. Nicole suggests they shouldn’t talk about this now while EJ is exhausted. EJ says he was up all night and had a lot of time to think. EJ says watching Susan scared and helpless reminded him of what he went through after the warehouse fire. EJ recalls not wanting anyone near him. Nicole says he went through very severe trauma. EJ says Susan did too but she didn’t turn cold and start lashing out at people trying to care for her. EJ points out that Susan wants him as close as possible. Nicole says they are very different people. EJ feels that doesn’t excuse his behavior. Nicole talks about how EJ was severely burned and covered in bandages. EJ talks about thinking he wanted to die every day instead of living as a shell of the man he was. EJ says he begged Sami to put him out of his misery but she refused and kept fighting, long after he had given up. EJ admits he didn’t show her any bit of appreciation and that he was a monster. EJ understands Sami felt lonely and rejected, so she betrayed him with Lucas, but that doesn’t change the fact that she saved his life. Nicole notes that it sounds like he feels more than anger towards Sami. EJ states that he’s still immensely grateful for everything she did for him, but she doesn’t know that because he told her to stay away and she has. Nicole feels that it sounds like EJ regrets it. EJ responds that he doesn’t regret a decision that he made about Sami. Nicole asks if he’s sure because he sounds like he wishes he handled it differently. EJ says as far as his recovery goes, his behavior was atrocious but that doesn’t justify his wife breaking her vows and was unfaithful, then lied to him to his face about it repeatedly. Nicole asks if EJ would’ve forgiven Sami if she told him the truth. EJ says it doesn’t matter because she didn’t and now she’s gone, so he’s moving on. EJ thanks Nicole for coming to check on him. EJ says he’d been feeling terribly guilty about how he treated his mother and everyone he’s cared for, while Nicole did not scold or mock him for his behavior of being a bastard but she listened and gave him hope that things can be better moving forward. EJ reminds Nicole that he’s right where he wants to be and with the person he wants to be with, unless she’s still pining after Rafe after their conference table sex. Nicole insists that she’s not at all as she’s right where she wants to be too as she’s moving on.

Rafe enters the interrogation room. Kristen asks if there’s any news. Rafe informs her that the van to take her back to prison is on it’s way. Kristen guesses there must be a bunch of red tape, forms, and paper work. Rafe says he took care of all that, so as soon as the van gets there, she will be on her way.

Ava goes to see Gwen at the Salem Inn. Gwen asks who she is. Ava responds that according to Kristen, she’s her new partner in crime.

Susan wakes up in her hospital bed to see Xander and asks what he’s doing there. Xander says he heard what happened and brought her flowers. Susan questions him doing that when they don’t know each other. Xander claims he wanted to thank her for what she did to him. Susan asks if they are on hidden camera because she can’t think of a single thing she’s ever done for him. Xander responds that she opened his eyes about his unfaithful fiancée and saved him from the biggest mistake of his life. Susan responds that she’s sorry but she doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Jason brings Sami her breakfast. Sami apologizes for taking his phone and says it won’t happen again. When Jason goes to leave, Sami then knocks him out with the food tray from behind and runs out the door.

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