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Maggie finds Brady at the Bistro, seated with a drink. Brady hugs her and apologizes for pulling her away from Thanksgiving. Maggie tells him that they had already finished and then asks Brady how many drinks he’s had.

Chloe and Philip finish eating at the Kiriakis Mansion. Chloe says she knows a great way to burn off Thanksgiving calories and kisses him. Chloe suggests they take a nice long walk to the river bank to check on their tree.

At the hospital, Belle asks Steve how Susan is. Steve says she’s doing okay and that Kayla is allowing Tony and Anna are keeping Susan and EJ company for awhile. Steve asks about John. Belle says he’s not returning her calls or messages. Belle knows John is worried about Marlena but she worries about going after her when she’s out of control like this. Steve assures that if anyone can find Marlena and get through to her, it’s John.

Devil Marlena shows up at Ben and Ciara’s door. Ciara says they were just talking about her. Marlena comes in and tells them to shut the door, saying they have to help her by hiding her.

Shawn enters the living room of the Horton House and finds John passed out in the chair, holding the rosary. John asks about Doug and Julie. Shawn responds that Julie is putting Doug to bed but they are lucky they’re alive. John thinks they are all lucky to be alive. Shawn calls Doug and Julie incredibly brave for calling out the Devil. Shawn adds that Julie said after Marlena knocked him out, Julie called on the power of love to protect her and Doug which worked. John laughs at Julie scaring Satan away. John is glad they are all okay except for Shawn getting cracked in the head. Shawn suggests John get to the hospital but John says that’s all on hold until he finds Marlena. Shawn asks John what happened to him, where he’s been, and what Marlena did to him.

Ciara and Ben ask what Marlena is talking about, if she’s okay, and why they need to hide her. Marlena responds that it’s John. Ben says they are here to help with whatever it is. Marlena never thought she’d have to tell anybody this and she’s afraid they may have a hard time believing her. Ben sits her down while Ciara gets her some water. Marlena is not sure where to start. Ben says she can tell them whatever it is. Marlena responds that the reason John is after her is because he’s been abusing her.

Maggie tells Brady that it doesn’t matter how many he’s had to drink as all that matters is that he called her. Brady then reveals that he hasn’t had a drink and he’s just been staring at it for an hour. Maggie is glad he called. Brady is glad she came. Maggie knows how difficult holidays can be and how hard he’s had it recently. Maggie suggests having the drink taken away. Brady regretted the minute he ordered it but couldn’t find the strength to send it back. Maggie says she understands as that’s the pull alcohol has over them as they can find that urge when they least expect it. Maggie can’t imagine how hard it was for Brady to find Kristen about to run off with Rachel and Kristen begging him not to turn on her in. Brady recalls the look on Rachel’s face and Kristen’s desperation which all broke his heart. Maggie says unfortunately for addicts like them, people can have just as much of a hold over them as alcohol, especially when it’s the mother of his child. Maggie guesses that Brady still loves Kristen very deeply. Brady informs Maggie that he heard from Kristen’s lawyer that she wanted to see him and he came really close, but he can’t do it as he has to end it. Maggie questions him ending up with a scotch instead. Brady admits the drink is not just about Kristen, but also about Chloe.

Chloe tells Philip that she’s feeling extra thankful for him and wants to celebrate by visiting their tree. Philip thinks back to ripping the tree out of the ground and tossing it in to the river. Philip tells Chloe that it’s an awesome idea but he’s so stuffed and it’s cold outside. Chloe questions him being afraid of the cold. Philip says he’s curled up on the couch with her in this warm house. Chloe then asks what about tomorrow. Philip questions missing all the sales on Black Friday. Chloe guesses he’ll be working anyways but says she wants to make a trip to see their tree so she can see how it’s doing.

John informs Shawn that he had been in the DiMera Crypt all this time and that Marlena put him there, but notes that it wasn’t Marlena. John says Marlena is fighting as much as she can but she’s no match for a force of evil as powerful as the Devil. Shawn insists on taking him to the hospital where Belle wants to see that he’s alive and well. John would love to tell Belle that everything is going to be okay but feels he can’t do that until he stops Marlena and saves her. John asks if Marlena said anything about her plans. Shawn thinks she just planned to finish them off until Julie drove her away. John suggests giving the rosary back to Julie but Shawn thinks John could use it a lot more right now.

Ciara questions Marlena saying that John has been abusing her. Ben says he’s so sorry and asks when this started. Marlena claims it’s been going on for some time. Ciara brings up John being out of town. Marlena hoped the time away would do him some good and help him deal with his demons but then he came home this morning. Ben asks what happened. Marlena shows them her bruised wrist and claims John did that. Ben calls it unbelievable. Ciara questions thinking John will come after her. Marlena claims that he was in such a rage when she left that she’s afraid to go back home. Ben repeats that he’s so sorry. Ciara points out that this doesn’t sound like John.

Maggie questions Brady saying this is about Chloe. Maggie knew Victor was trying to push them together but thought it was just his wishful thinking. Brady tells her that he and Chloe are not together but he does have real deep feelings for her and he can’t do anything about it because she’s with Philip.

Chloe looks at a picture of their tree on her phone and talks about the day they planted it. Chloe says it’s probably so much bigger now and she’s just sorry that she hasn’t had the time to go visit it lately. Philip comments on her working hard at Basic Black and how it’s going over there. Chloe says it’s been great and business as usual. Philip asks if there are no big developments to report. Chloe asks like what. Philip thinks back to overhearing Chloe tell Brady that he couldn’t tell anybody about the sex that happened on the conference table and Brady saying it would be their secret. Philip remarks that it seems like Chloe has been working long hours and he hasn’t seen her that much, so he thought there might be something big going on. Chloe tells him that there is one development. Philip asks if it’s a new product line. Chloe then says she needs to talk to him about Brady.

Shawn gets a call from Belle, who questions where he is and where Marlena is. Shawn informs her that he’s still at the house but Marlena got away from him. Belle asks what he means and if he’s okay. Shawn assures that he’s fine and so are Doug and Julie. Shawn adds that John is safe and just got here awhile ago. Belle asks if he’s hurt. Shawn says he’s a little worse for wear but he says he’s okay. Shawn then tells Belle that John is right here but when he turns to look, John is gone.

Marlena doesn’t blame Ciara for being skeptical. Ciara doesn’t mean to upset her, but John is madly in love with her and so gentle with her, so she can’t picture him trying to hurt her. Marlena claims that John flies in to bits of rage. Ben thought these episodes had stopped. Marlena says sometimes he’s normal and sometimes he goes in to an insane rage. Marlena claims she never thought John would hurt her, but he did and says she didn’t say anything because she didn’t want to believe it but it keeps getting worse. Marlena cries that she’s scared. Ben promises to do whatever they can to help them. Marlena says she’s a mess and goes to the restroom to clean up. Ben tells Ciara that this is unreal that John has been abusing Marlena for the past year. Ciara wonders if there’s more to this as she can’t imagine John hurting Marlena, Marlena putting up for it for a year, or John coming after her. John then pounds on the door, saying he knows Marlena is in there.

Brady tells Maggie that he blew it because Chloe admitted awhile back that she had feelings for him but he was with Kristen. Brady says he will always love Kristen as the mother of his daughter, but he feels like he’s been lying to himself for a long time about her and thinking she would change. Brady talks about Kristen’s insecurity and jealousy then says he feels like he’s talking about Philip. Brady tells Maggie that Philip freaks out every time he sees him and Chloe together. Maggie asks if Brady doesn’t push his buttons. Brady admits that he has but says he doesn’t do that anymore because he and Chloe are colleagues and dear friends but nothing more. Brady doesn’t think that Philip is ever going to have the capacity to be the man or partner that Chloe needs. Maggie asks if he’s voiced any of this to Chloe. Brady assures that Chloe is fully aware of how he feels about Philip but he’s trying to do the honorable thing here. Maggie questions if he’s just hoping the relationship implodes on it’s own. Brady admits that’s exactly what he’s hoping for. Maggie asks what if that doesn’t happen. Brady says he will accept defeat then and do nothing. Maggie points out that he’s landed in a bar like this. Brady insists that he doesn’t care whether he thinks Philip is right for Chloe or not, he’s not going to interfere. Brady then admits that it does hurt like hell to think that he and Chloe could’ve had a real chance if Philip wasn’t in the picture.

Philip asks why Chloe would need to talk to him about Brady. Chloe knows Philip and Lucas saw her and Brady walk in to the Salem Inn on the day that she moved out. Philip questions how she knows. Chloe informs him that Brady told her. Philip asks what Brady had to say about that. Chloe responds that Brady said Lucas basically confronted him and accused him of sleeping with her behind Philip’s back. Chloe says she wanted to talk to him about it, but wanted to wait until Philip mentioned it, but it’s been weeks and he hasn’t said a word.

When Devil Marlena went to the restroom, the Devil transformed in to John. “John” continues pounding on Ben and Ciara’s door, saying he knows Marlena is in there. Ben goes to the door. “John” yells for him to let him in. Ben tells “John” that he needs to go home and get out of here. “John” refuses to go until he sees Marlena. Ben then chain locks the door but opens it to tell “John” to go home. “John” questions it being his fault and tells him that everything Marlena is saying is a lie. Ben tells “John” to go home. “John” insists that he knows Marlena is in there, spewing filthy lies about him. “John” shouts that it’s over and he’s going to stop this once and for all, swearing to kill her.

Shawn suggests to Belle that John went to look for Marlena. Shawn goes to look and then finds John collapsed on the floor.

Devil John argues that Marlena is not the victim and shouts that she’s going to get everything coming to her. Ciara has Ben close the door. The Devil then transforms back in to Marlena outside the door.

Maggie wishes she could give Brady advice but she doesn’t know what to say. Brady tells her that it can’t be any worse than the advice he got from Marlena, who told him to throw Chloe on the conference table and ravage her. Maggie questions that coming from Marlena and says it doesn’t sound like her at all. Maggie wonders what’s gotten in to Marlena. Brady doesn’t know but says he obviously did not take her advice. Brady declares that once again, he lost the girl before he barely got the chance to get her. Brady starts to degrade Philip but says no more dumping on Philip since he is Maggie’s stepson and he’s sorry. Maggie responds that she loves Philip, but she loves Brady too and hates to see him in so much pain. Maggie wants Philip and Brady to be happy but unfortunately they both can’t have Chloe.

Philip tells Chloe that he didn’t ask about her and Brady going in to the Salem Inn because there was nothing to know. Chloe assures that nothing happened between them that night and that Brady only helped her with her luggage. Philip claims that’s exactly what he assumed. Chloe is glad but says she kind of has another confession to make. Chloe informs Philip that when Brady told her what they saw, she assumed Philip was going to fly in to another jealous rage and when he didn’t mention anything, she took it as a sign that he finally trusted her. Philip claims he’s learned his lesson and knows how important trust is in a relationship because once it’s broken, it’s all over…

Belle gets John in a hospital bed and asks how he is. John says he’s okay. Belle talks about how all this time John was in the Crypt while they just believed Marlena telling them that he was undercover but they should’ve looked harder and questioned her more. John argues that it wasn’t Marlena so there’s no way they could’ve known. John says all that matters now is that they need to find her. Kayla assures there’s no chance of letting him go as he’s staying in the hospital where they can keep an eye on him. Belle agrees and says she’ll keep an eye on him herself. Kayla notes that they are doing a CT scan for head injury and guesses he’s dehydrated and exhausted, so she believes he will be alright after fluids and rest. John jokes that he’s indestructible. Belle is thankful that Steve found him when he did, because there’s no telling what the Devil had in store for him.

Steve joins Shawn at the hospital and comments that Marlena really got him good. Steve questions him not handcuffing Marlena. Shawn explains that he did, but she snapped the cuffs and then threw him across the room without breaking a sweat and he’s never seen anything like it. Shawn says Kayla looked him over and he’s fine, so he just wants to make sure John is okay and then find Marlena because anyone who comes in to contact with her is in serious danger.

Devil Marlena comes out from the bathroom and asks if John is gone. Ben assures that they will keep her safe and not let him anywhere near her. Ciara can’t believe that was John as she barely even recognized him. Marlena claims that’s not the man she married. Ben wants to call the police but Marlena says no because John has friends in the department and could talk his way out of it. Ciara asks about family. Marlena says Eric is out of the country, Sami is gone, and she doesn’t want to put Belle or Brady in a position to turn against their father. Ben feels there has to be something they can do. Marlena declares that there is and they have to leave town right now.

John tells Kayla that Steve saved his life today. Kayla acknowledges that John is Steve’s best friend in the world, so when they realized that Marlena was lying to them about where John was, nothing could stop Steve from finding him, not even the Devil. John says that’s his partner. Kayla feels she owes John an apology because she was so angry with him for playing the tape of Doug’s session with Marlena, but he knew something was wrong and the tape was the key. Kayla feels if they listened sooner, they could’ve stopped Marlena before she went after John, Doug, or Susan. John says either way, Lucifer would’ve found way to stop them but all that matters now is that they know what they are fighting and that they win the fight for Marlena’ sake.

Ben questions Marlena wanting them to leave town with her. Marlena claims it’s just for a little while because she’s afraid John would find her. Marlena knows they have their own family to think about with the baby coming so it’s a big decision. Marlena decides to go freshen up again while they talk about it, so she heads to the restroom. The Devil hopes for Ben to not let him down. Ciara tells Ben that they can’t just leave town. Ben points out that John has lost it. Ciara feels there has to be a better way to help than leaving town. Ben notes that Marlena has never asked anything of him. Ciara questions where they would go and says they both have jobs. Ben says Marlena is scared and needs their help. Ciara finds this all weird and out of nowhere. Ben says this could have been going on for a year. Ciara suggests trying to help John by calling Belle or Brady. Ben feels that it’s his turn to help Marlena after everything she’s done for him. Ben adds that they are about to have a baby because Marlena convinced him that he could be a good father. Devil Marlena then comes back in to the room and asks if they’ve decided.

Chloe thanks Philip for understanding and trusting her as he has no idea what it means. Philip suggests they go upstairs but Chloe says she has to get back to the Salem Inn because she has an early morning meeting in the town square. Philip notes that she can’t beat that commute. Chloe says she’ll see him tomorrow as they kiss goodbye. Chloe then exits the mansion. Philip remarks that all that talk about trust was right before she meets her boyfriend. Philip declares that there’s no chance in Hell that Chloe and Brady are going to make a fool of him.

Brady finishes a call with Belle, who informs him about John being in the hospital. Maggie asks if John is alright. Brady tells her that he will be alright but Marlena is not. Maggie asks what happened. Brady realizes this is why Marlena’s advice was so crazy was because it wasn’t her at all. Maggie asks what he’s talking about. Brady says it’s going to sound really crazy but Marlena has been possessed by the Devil again.

Steve goes in to see John in his hospital room, joking that he’s looking a lot better than last time he saw him. John says he was having a below average of Thanksgiving until Steve showed up. Steve asks if he’s doing okay. John jokes about wanting some of Kayla’s pumpkin pie. Kayla says they are still waiting on John’s test results. John talks about being grateful for Steve’s friendship but with everything going on, he’s extra thankful for Steve and Kayla today. Steve says they found John so they’re going to find Marlena too.

Shawn asks Belle how John is doing. Belle says he’s okay for someone who was locked in a Crypt for weeks but of course all he wants to do is go find Marlena. Shawn says he’s been holding off on officially reporting this. Belle understands he has no choice. Shawn then calls the police department to put an APB out on Marlena, noting that she should be considered extremely dangerous.

Ciara and Ben pack their bags and leave with Marlena.

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