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Recap written by Christine

Nikki entered her living room and found Victor deep in thought. He was trying to figure out the next move in the search for Abby, since nobody had seen her in Valencia. Victor’s investigative team interviewed almost everyone who served with Chance in Iraq, and none of them had heard from Abby either. Nikki was sure that was difficult news to break to Chance’s men. Victor said he was loved by everyone he served with. Victor got a call from an old colleague at Newman Enterprises. He let it go to voicemail, because he wasn’t in the mood for chitchat, given what was going on with Abby.

At Chance’s old colleague’s house in Majorca Spain, Chance and Abby debated whether or not he should stay and complete the mission or go home with her. He felt he owed it to the people killed in the explosion to see this through. Abby fell in love with Chance partially because of his sense of loyalty and duty, but she thought that what he was talking about now was revenge. He disagreed. He did want to make the criminals pay. However, Chance and his team had been close to bringing down the head of the operation when the explosion happened. Chance felt that if he gave up now, his friends would’ve died in vain, and he couldn’t live with that. Abby contended that this wasn’t the way to do it. She didn’t think Chance should put his life in danger again. Chance’s section chief was going to send Chance his orders as soon as Chance recovered.

Abby almost got the feeling that Chance didn’t want to come home. He assured her that he wanted to be with her and meet their son. It was almost all he’d thought about since he’d been holed up here. “Almost?” Abby asked. Chance couldn’t erase what happened to his team from his mind, or the anger he felt toward these bastards or the guilt he felt for surviving. Abby said that Chance survived for Dominic. Chance had told himself as much, but he said that the men and women in the safe house had families too. Abby’s heart broke for those people, but she said Chance needed to come home to his family.

Abby knew how difficult the grief was for Chance. He didn’t think she understood, and she countered that she and the rest of his family had been mourning for him. She hadn’t been eating or sleeping because all she’d been thinking about was him. She understood that he wished he could change what happened and exact some justice. He said he was trained to complete his missions. She stated that he was wounded and he barely made it out a live. She thought the fact that his section chief was waiting for him to heal before giving him orders was a sign that he might not be sent to the field again. She thought he could do the work from home. He countered that he was the only one who knew what the guys looked like. She told him he could send his boss a description. Chance was torn between his duty and his love for Abby. He asked how he was supposed to choose. She didn’t think he should make any decisions now, while he was exhausted. She wanted to go lay down together, and she thought once he woke up, he’d have a new perspective. She took his hand and they went to his room.

Later, Abby returned to the living room. She called Ashley crying and saying she didn’t know what to do. “Chance – Chance is…” Abby started to say. Ashley interrupted and asked where Abby was. They learned that they were both in Spain, and Ashley said Jack was here too. Ashley said she’d come to Abby. Abby thought she needed to do this alone, but Ashley refused to allow that. Ashley promised that she wouldn’t judge Abby. Abby agreed to see her mother, but not her uncle, so Ashley promised not to bring Jack.

Jack got back on the plane, dejected because the lead he’d followed was a bust. Ashley gave him the news and asked him to tell the pilot to go to Majorca.

Adam was on his way into Society. He got a call from the same person who’d tried to get in touch with Victor. The person shared some unpleasant news.

Victoria and Ashland were in Society. She checked her phone for the tenth time. He laughed, recalling how often he used to check his phone when he was on the verge of making a killing and was waiting for the prey to roll over in defeat. Victoria said she wasn’t checking to see if Billy and Lily spoke to Jill about the offer to buy ChancComm. She was hoping for an update from her father about Abby. Since it came up, she figured they should talk about how to handle Victor and Adam if Jill accepted the offer. Ashland asked what Victoria thought, since she knew Adam and Victor best. She knew they’d be less than thrilled, since Ashland’s lawsuit, or dropping of the lawsuit, was key to Newman Media’s strategy. But she did think they should tell Victor and Adam before they found out from someone else. He asked why they should rock the boat when their offer might get rejected. Adam walked in, and Victoria sensed he already knew.

Ashland invited Adam to join them, but Adam had lost his appetite. He asked if it was true that Newman/Locke offered to buy ChancComm. Victoria asked where he heard that. Adam knew Victoria was aware that Victor still had contacts at Newman Enterprises. Someone called and tipped Newman Media off. Victoria said she’d have HR refresh the staff on the consequences of violating the NDA. Adam took that as a yes. Ashland said he and Victoria weren’t in the habit of sharing future business deals with anyone. Adam was angry with Ashland. “You swore up and down that you were on board with Newman Media’s plan. We looped you into every detail. We covered for you. We trusted you. I mean we treated you like family,” Adam griped. Adam asked why Ashland went behind their back.

Victoria thought Adam’s outrage was misplaced and ridiculous. She reminded him that he was the one who orchestrated this elaborate take-down of ChancComm. Adam wondered if Ashland had been playing them all along, making Adam and Victor do the heavy lifting so Ashland could swoop in for the kill. Victoria thought Adam was out of line. She noted that Ashland was the one who put everything on the line and was facing a costly and arduous public lawsuit all while fighting for his life. Adam countered that no one twisted Ashland’s arm. Victoria said ChancComm was originally part of Newman Enterprises, so she had every right to take it back. Adam told Ashland that Victoria was trying to protect Billy and his job. Victoria replied that Billy made his bed and he could suffer the consequences. Ashland said it was just business, and if he and Victoria made an offer, it was because they were doing what was best for their company. Ashland said he initiated a lawsuit once ChancComm published the libelous article. He held up his end of the bargain, and now ChancComm was fair game. Adam surmised that this was all Victoria’s idea. Victoria told Adam to have a nice day.

Ashley called Victor and gave him and Nikki an update on Abby. Nobody knew why Abby was in Majorca, but Ashley said she’d keep Jack updated, and Jack, in turn, would pass the information on to Victor. The call ended.

At the main house, Victor wasn’t sure Ashley would be able to convince Abby to come home, since she had such a stubborn streak. Nikki implied that Abby got it from Victor. Adam showed up, and Victor was eager to tell him the good news, but Adam said it’d have to wait. Adam let Victor know what Victoria and Ashland did. Adam said Victor brought Ashland into the family, and he double crossed them. Adam expected this from Victoria, but he’d thought Ashland was on Newman Media’s side. Adam assumed Nikki knew about this, and she said whether she did or not, it was none of his business because she worked for Newman/Locke, not Newman Media. Adam apologized. Nikki appreciated how frustrating it was to be the last to know. Victor seemed unfazed, and Adam didn’t understand why he wasn’t more angry. “We could’ve let Ashland suffer with his past being exposed, except we came up with this plan to protect him and Victoria. And this is how they repay us?,” Adam complained. Victor just hoped this was Victoria’s idea, because if it was, it meant she was looking out for her company. Victor’s only concern was that Victoria was protecting Billy Boy. Adam had suggested that, and Victoria denied it. Victor assumed that meant Victoria was trying to correct the mistake she made when she sold the media division to Chancellor Industries. Adam added that it meant they couldn’t trust Victoria or Ashland. Victor said you couldn’t trust anyone in business. All Victor cared about was cutting Billy off at the knees. Getting ChancComm was just icing on the cake. Adam asked if Victor was just going to let Victoria and Ashland get away with this. “It has all just begun,” Victor replied.

Back in Majorca, Abby texted Devon that she needed him to do something for her. Ashley showed up at Kim’s house and hugged Abby. Ashley knew that Abby would be in Spain and that she’d need Ashley. Abby said she had that same intuition, which told her Chance was still alive, and she was right. Chance was asleep in the bedroom. Ashley was stunned and excited to tell everyone. Abby said Chance was physically okay, but struggling emotionally, and he didn’t want to come home. Abby said she knew who Chance was who she married him, and she fell in love with him partially because of his sense of loyalty and dedication, but now she was worried his dedication was too strong. He was insisting on completing the mission. Ashley thought this meant Chance was in a fragile state of mind, and they had to have empathy for him as a leader and soldier. Abby said she had to prepare herself for battle. Chance walked out and was upset. “Abby what the hell is Ashley doing here? Did she come with you? Did you lie to me about coming alone?,” he yelled. Abby clarified that Ashley and Jack had come to Spain on their own. This is exactly what Chance was trying to avoid. He wondered how soon until his cover was blown. Ashley assured Chance that Jack didn’t know anything about this. Abby and Ashley swore they’d never endanger Chance. Ashley was only here to support Abby, and Chance, if he’d let her. Chance was sorry he lashed out, but he wasn’t leaving. He told Abby to go home with Ashley and play the grieving widow a little longer. Abby refused to leave. Chance said it was too dangerous, but Abby said that when she thought he was dead, part of her died with him. He told her to go back to Dominic, but she said that they both needed to go home to their son.

Abby handed Chance her phone. It was on a live stream of Dominic. Chance said that Dominic was everything they prayed for – his sparkly eyes, and his handsome smile, and he needed his dad. Abby reiterated that Dominic was the reason Chance survived, and she told him he needed to come home.

Billy and Lily were at home, and he posed a hypothetical question. He asked what she’d say to a reporter who asked what she was doing staying with a man who tanked her empire. Why didn’t she cut him loose? She said she should but she loved him, they were partners, and she believed in second chances. He thought that was one of the nicest things she’d ever said to him. Just as he leaned in for a kiss, there was a knock at the door. It was Jill. Billy hugged his mom and invited her in, where she hugged Lily. Lily gave Jill her condolences on Chance. Jill said everyone told her to keep her distance and give Abby space to grieve, but then she heard Abby was missing and that Jack and Ashley were in Spain looking for her. Billy was caught off guard because no one told him about any of this. Jill sniped that Billy was too busy ruining her media division to pay much attention to family.

Billy thought it was a bit of an exaggeration to say he ruined ChancComm. He conceded that they took a hit, but he and Lily saw a way forward. Jill also came here because she got Lily’s call wanting to talk. Billy didn’t realize Lily called Jill. Lily was sorry to have had to make that call while Jill was grieving for her grandson, but time was of the essence. Jill understood. Billy told Lily that he still thought there was a way to rectify this without involving his mother. Jill said Billy allowed himself to get hacked, and worse, he took the word of a blackmailer. She was frustrated because he never learned, and he was so blinded by hatred of Adam and Victor that he didn’t think of the consequences. He said that if he could go back and change some things, he would. She said it was too late. When she handed her media division to him, he’d sworn he was up to the challenge. He still thought she was right to believe in him. He was only holding onto Gaines to protect ChancComm from Newman Media. “If you think that scoundrel is your idea of protection God help us all,” Jill bitterly laughed. Billy acknowledged that he screwed up.

Billy admitted this was his fault, but he still thought they could turn things around. If he stepped down and Ashland dropped the lawsuit, they could salvage this. Lily wasn’t so sure about that, and neither was Jill. Jill thought Billy should step down – in her opinion, that was the one smart thing Billy said today. Jill wasn’t sure that would get the Newmans to back off, but at least that would give Lily the chance to run ChancComm the way it should be. Lily told Jill about Newman/Locke’s offer to buy ChancComm. Jill thought it was very interesting that Victoria was willing to go against her father again. Billy said they didn’t know if the offer could be trusted – maybe the Newmans were just toying with ChancComm. Jill would prefer not to have this headache. She’d hate to hand the company over to Newman/Locke, though. She asked what the terms of surrender were. Lily said that Newman/Locke was willing to keep her on as CEO. Jill wanted to talk to Lily in private. Lily said Billy was her life-partner, so she wanted him to stay. Billy left anyway, though.

Jill was impressed with the way Lily ran ChancComm. She thought Neil taught Lily well. Lily knew Billy made mistakes, but he had good intentions. Jill thought it was the way Billy went about doing things. Lily conceded that Billy didn’t play by the rules. Jill added that Billy left them to clean up the mess. Jill said that Chance’s death affected her deeply. He was so young, and she never expected to outlive him. Lily couldn’t imagine losing a grandchild. Chance’s death put things into perspective for Jill, and she’d decided to step down from the day to day running of Chancellor Industries and move into a more advisory role. She wanted Lily to become head of Chancellor Industries.

Phyllis saw Billy sitting at the Grand Phoenix bar. She asked if Lily was joining him. He said he’d been kicked out. Phyllis guessed Lily came to her senses, but Billy said he was only here because Lily and Jill were talking. Billy was worried about his mother and business partner discussing the fate of the company without his input. Phyllis thought that sounded interesting, so she took the seat next to Billy.

Billy said that if Phyllis was here to celebrate his downfall, she should know there was nothing she could say to him that he hadn’t already said to himself. She said that she was here to be charitable, because he looked like hell. She changed the subject and said Jack and Ashley were in Spain. Billy knew because Jill told him right before she ripped into him about the debacle at ChancComm. Phyllis grinned about how much of a mess it was. Billy wanted to be left alone. Phyllis said she had a crazy dream that Billy was in, and he gave her advice, and it seemed like he had the answers about her love life. Billy thought that, in reality, the best thing anyone could do was ignore his advice. “The real me has managed to alienate everyone in my orbit,” he said. All he’d tried to do was protect the people he cared about and save ChancComm. “From one screw up to another, it’s gonna be okay. Even us screw-ups deserve love. That’s what a really wise person in my dream said to me,” Phyllis stated.

Billy went to Society, where he ran into Victoria and Ashland, who were on their way out. She asked if Jill made a decision. He said that Jill and Lily were discussing it. Ashland thought it was a good sign that Billy was excluded from the talk. Victoria told Billy she was sorry that it’d come to this. Billy found it hard to believe Victoria was sincere. Ashland said Billy brought this on himself. Billy went to the bar, and Ashland took Victoria’s hand. They walked out, but she kept looking back at Billy.

Jack called Phyllis and said they found Abby. From what Jack gathered, Abby was having a rough time accepting that she’d never see Chance again. Jack had to call Nina and Jill, but he’d wanted to call Phyllis first. He asked if they could have dinner and talk once he got back, and she said she’d love that.

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