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Kayla: All you had to do was not fall.

Steve: Sweetness, are you talking to a pie?

Kayla: [Laughs] Well, I got distracted for a second, and I left it in too long. And I’m so glad you’re back. Tell me that you found john.

Steve: No, and I don’t think I was meant to.

Kayla: What do you mean?

Steve: I’m pretty sure somebody sent me on a wild goe chase.

Kayla: Who would do that?

[Knocking on door] Sorry.

Marlena: Oh, hello. Hello, thanksgiving. Oh, it is my favorite holiday of all time.

Belle: Julie?

Julie: Oh, darling. Look at this smile on doug’s face. How he loves thanksgiving. You know, every year we’d be doing the dishes after dinner and he’d say, “what is more fun? What is more fun than all your family and friends gathered around the table stuffing themselves into a stupor?”

[Laughter] Yeah. And now it’s thanksgiving, and he’s all alone… on thanksgiving.

Belle: Oh, julie. I’m so sorry.

Julie: Oh, darling, you’re hardly to blame. You took my case against your own mother. I’ve put you in a horrible position.

Belle: Oh no, I’m just– I just wanna settle this.

Julie: Is there any news? There is. And it’s not good.

Allie: Hey, I thought I was meeting you two at the apartment.

Tripp: Well, henry had other ideas.

Allie: Oh, you did, did you?

Tripp: Yes, he wanted to show you this asap. Happy thanksgiving, mommy.

Allie: [Small laugh] Ohh…

Paulina: Well, look what the cat dragged in.

Chanel: Hey, I was just gonna grab some clothes and leave.

Paulina: Hmm. Well, I can see why it makes sense why you don’t wanna face me. That you’re scared of me. See, you not only ruined my wedding day, ruined my life, princess… not just hurt me, but think about what you did to abe, to lani.

Chanel: I’m sorry.

Paulina: So you think you can just sashay in here and pack up all the expensive clothes, jewelry, and shoes that I bought you and just breeze out?

Chanel: No, I–

Paulina: Well, it’s not gonna happen you ungrateful little bitch.

Chanel: Mama!

Paulina: Mama? Mama? Don’t you dare call me that. I am no longer your mother. And thanks to you, I have nothing. Thanks to you, lani hates me. So I don’t have any daughters anymore.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Chanel: You can’t mean that.

Paulina: The hell I don’T. Thanks to you I’ve lost lani forever. Thank to you–to you…


Chanel: Mama!

Johnny: Hey, hey.

Chanel: Oh, god, where–wha– oh, god, johnny.

Johnny: I’m right here.

Chanel: Oh, johnny, thank god.

[Chanel breathing hard]

Johnny: When you, uh…when you woke up you said, “mama.” Were you, uh…were you dreaming about her?

Chanel: Johnny, I-it was so real. I was there in her apartment and–

Johnny: Tell me. Tell me. What happened?

Chanel: I killed her.

Paulina: [Sighs] Ohh… paulina, paulina, paulina. Ooh! You sure made a hot mess of it this time.

Olivia: Well, you got that one right.

Belle: It’s not bad news, julie, it’s just frustrating. So I filed the motion to rescind my mom’s medical power of attorney. And if the judge rules in our favor, then you’ll be able to make all the decisions for doug’s care, and you’ll be able to see him. And my mom won’t have anything to say about it.

Julie: When does that happen?

Belle: Well, that’s the frustrating part. I didn’t hear back from the judge yesterday, and today is the beginning of a long holiday weekend.

Julie: So I do not get to see him today or anytime soon.

Steve: Careful. Straight out of the microwave.

Marlena: Fine. Thanks. Lovely. Oh, what a darling pie. Just for the two of you?

Kayla: Well, unfortunately, joey and stephanie can’t come home, but, uh, later on–

Marlena: Oh. That’s a shame. I mean, thanksgiving really is all about family, isn’t it?

Kayla: Well, we will be with family. We’re going to go with roman and kate at the pub. They’re making a thanksgiving dinner. And then we’ll video chat with the kids afterwards.

Marlena: Well, I guess that’s something. The pub. Yeah. Maybe I’ll stop by myself after all my holiday calls.

Steve: Oh, is that why you’re here? Holiday call?

Marlena: No, no. I’m here to apologize. I just haven’t been myself lately. Want your clothes to smell freshly washed

Allie: You know, I am no art critic, but I think that that’s pretty magnificent.

Tripp: Early picasso springs to mind, yeah.

Allie: Well, one thing is for certain–he did not get his artistic ability from me. So that must be from… forget I said that.

Tripp: Why?

Allie: Why? Because it’s thanksgiving, and we are going to have a wonderful day, and we don’t need to be thinking about him.

Tripp: Allie? Hey, you say whatever you wanna say whenever you want. Okay?

Allie: Yeah, but I don’t want to talk about him.

Tripp: But you did, and it’s probably a good thing. You don’t have to pretend like the past didn’t happen. Just hold on to the fact that he is dead and buried and can never hurt you again.

Allie: Tripp, halloween. I mean, we can’t be sure of that.

Tripp: Actually, we can.

Allie: What’s that supposed to mean?

Tripp: Well, rafe was worried–I mean, we and ava all thought we saw him that night. So rafe, you know, ordered charlie’s grave to be exhumed.

Allie: And?

Tripp: He’s there. Absolutely undisturbed.

Allie: Then who or what did we see that night?

Marlena: Look, I know you both have been leaving me lots of messages, and I’m– I know I haven’t gotten back to you.

Kayla: Well, just we were–we were worried about you.

Marlena: Well, of course you were. And you must have felt like I was–oh, what’s that word the kids use now? Ghosting you.

Steve: Now, obviously we know you’re a busy woman.

Marlena: I’m so busy with my practice and of course officiating at abe’s wedding. Well, abe’s not wedding I guess.

Kayla: What do you mean?

Marlena: Oh, dear. I guess you haven’t heard. It was–it was–it was terrible. I mean, even by salem standards.

Steve: How so? What happened?

Marlena: Well, you know, uh, paulina’s daughter, the little baker–what is her name?

Kayla: Chanel.

Marlena: Chanel. Well, chanel stood up in front of everybody as the ceremony was getting underway, and announced that…that paulina was lani’s mother. And that abe wasn’t even the father.

Kayla: What?

Marlena: I know, I know, it was so disturbing and it was–well, you can imagine how everybody felt. I mean, of course paulina knew and of course, I mean, of course god knew. But…it was just devastating for abe and for lani.

Kayla: They must have been devastated.

Marlena: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, after all that time, the lies and the deception that must have been going on.

Kayla: So tamara was most likely in on the deception.

Marlena: Of course, of course she was completely involved. And…I’m sure it just made abe feel, well, foolish a-and like a chump.

Steve: Yeah, marlena. It’s not hard to figure out how abe’s feeling.

Marlena: Well, but the thing is just to be there with it all going on, you know, it was one thing to hear about it. But, oh, he was so devastated. I haven’t seen him that upset since–well, since he lost lexie.

Steve: I’m gonna give him a call.

Marlena: Oh, you’re such a good friend. Well, I should be going.

Kayla: Oh, you know, marlena, I was going to call you about doug.

Marlena: Why? Has he taken a turn for the worst?

Kayla: Well, no, not medically. But he’s still despondent. And julie’s a mess. And I just thought maybe you could let the two of them see each other today. You know, it’s thanksgiving.

Marlena: Look, I-I know how strong you feel about this, but I just don’t think it’s a very good idea.

Kayla: Well, I strongly disagree with you. It’s at bayview. They will take all the precautions. And, I mean, what is the harm in a supervised visit?

Marlena: I know how much you care about doug and julie. I do too. They’re like family to me.

Kayla: Well, that’s why I thought that, you know, you would change your mind.

Marlena: Well, I-I– I couldn’t bear it if doug attacked julie again on my watch. I just–I-I couldn’t do that. I’m sorry that I can’t help here.

Steve: Well, maybe you can help me then… to find your husband.

Chanel: And then she had a heart attack right in front of me and…died.

Johnny: You know what we have in common? We both have these larger than life moms, right? And not only are they flamboyant and attention grabbing, but they don’t think twice before switching a paternity test or pulling down the town square.

Chanel: I know, but–

Johnny: No, but we do one thing to cross them and we feel like we’ve killed them. And they don’t even have to be there. It’s like they have this guilt remote control.

Chanel: You never seem guilty.

Johnny: Yeah, neither do you. It all, uh… crops up in our dreams.

Chanel: But I don’t think that she’s making me guilty. I did a pretty crappy thing. A very crappy thing.

Johnny: I-I-I think that you felt that your back was against the wall. There were all these lies. Her lies. She just kept pushing on. Focusing on what she wanted. She pushed too hard and you snapped, that’s all.

Chanel: It’s weird how much–how much you get it.

Johnny: And my mother, uh, she left town and can’t be bothered to tell any of us where she’s at. I somehow think that’s my fault.

Chanel: It’d be a lot easier if we didn’t love them, wouldn’t it?

Johnny: A lot easier, but– and I really believe this– we have to lead our own lives. Not feel guilty about it.

Chanel: I wish it was just us. That we could just stay here forever, and I wouldn’t have to face my mom… face abe. Lani.

Johnny: Well, I don’t know about forever, but we could have one hell of a nice day. You see, your boyfriend lives in a mansion with a full staff at his beck and call 24/7. I could have harold bring us breakfast, lunch, and dinner in bed if you want.

Chanel: That sounds like heaven.

Johnny: Hey, speaking of heaven, I was there last night. And I would love to go back.

Olivia: Have you heard from chanel?

Paulina: No. Would you like some coffee?

Olivia: Have you heard from abe or lani?

Paulina: No. I take it you’re not interested in coffee.

Olivia: Not until we sort out this mess you made.

Paulina: Yeah, mess. With a big assist from chanel.

Olivia: You know how I feel about blame shifting.

Paulina: Oh, believe me. I know how you feel about every topic under the sun.

Olivia: Watch your tone with me.

Paulina: And you know what I really know in minute detail is how you felt–how you feel about me coming to salem. I think your exact words were, “bringing my fast behind to salem.” Uh-huh. So go ahead, mama. This is your big “I told you so” moment. Enjoy it.

Olivia: I’m not enjoying one second of this, and you know it.

Paulina: Yeah. Yeah, I know. I just wanted to see lani again. When I heard my baby was having a baby, well, I had to be here.

Olivia: And how did that work out for you?

Paulina: I don’t wanna hear this.

Olivia: Well, that’s too damn bad, because I’m the only one left who can talk some sense into you. And this time you are going to listen. On the outside, I looked fine.

Paulina: When you get like that, it’s just best to just sit down and get it over with.

Olivia: Why couldn’t you have just left well enough alone?

Paulina: For who? Because watching my daughter grow up without me, well, that’s well enough for you and tammy, but not to me.

Olivia: We all agreed.

Paulina: Agreed? We didn’t agree. I submitted. I caved. H-have you ever tried standing up to you with tammy as a backup? Mama, I was pregnant. I was scared. And I know you and tammy, you helped me clean up my big mess. And here I go again, making another big mess and just pushing myself into lani’s life. And now I’m starting to fool around with a man she thought was her daddy.

Olivia: Yeah, that’s what I was gonna say.

Paulina: But you know what, mama, it happened. You know why it happened? Because I followed my heart.

Olivia: Well, baby, your heart needs a gps. So it’s time for you to stop following it and start using your head.

Allie: You really think we need a spreadsheet?

Tripp: I mean, it’s a logistical nightmare. Okay, my mom and rafe want us at their place for dinner. Your father and grandparents went us at the brady pub. My dad and kayla will also be at the pub, but they’re also wanting to have something at their place.

Allie: Talk about a movable feast.

Tripp: Well, at least now we have a clear picture of all of our options. Just how the hell are we gonna make a decision?

Allie: You know what? I have an idea.

Tripp: Come here. Come here, big man.

Allie: Be right back.

Tripp: Well, one thing, man. I think you’re gonna get plenty enough to eat.

Marlena: You know, the only thing john told me before he left town was that he was, uh, he was going on a mission for black patch.

Steve: Well, that’s not true. John hasn’t checked in with me, and he’s not following any of our usual protocols.

Marlena: Hmm. I bet I know what happened. I bet he’s on a mission for the isa and just used black patch as a coverup.

Kayla: Well, that’s what steve thought, so he checked in with shane and–

Steve: And he told me that not only is john not doing any freelance work for them, he’s gone completely off the grid.

Marlena: Hmm. Well, wouldn’t be the first time.

Kayla: And that doesn’t bother you? You don’t think that’s out of character that john would be gone at thanksgiving and not let you know that he’s okay?

Steve: Are you sure you don’t have any idea where he could be?

Shawn: You and granddad are gonna get through this. I mean, come on, look at everything that you’ve been through already.

Julie: We’ve been through everything together. We’re not together now. What if he hasn’t been told that I’m not allowed to see him? What if he thinks I don’t care?

Shawn: Oh my gosh. Are you kidding me? He would root for st. Louis before he’d think that you didn’t care.

Belle: Well, it looks like we won’t have to worry about that. Somehow we got a compassionate judge, and he said the case was heartbreaking, so he didn’t wanna wait until monday to rule. So you officially have medical power of attorney.

Shawn: What?

Julie: Does that mean–

Belle: It means you can see him today.

Julie: Oh! Oh, you dear beautiful belle. Oh, god bless you.

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Chanel: You were right. This is a wonderful idea. Staying in bed all day. Making love. Ordering room service.

[Both chuckling]

Johnny: I have a better idea.

Chanel: And what is that?

Johnny: You and I leave salem together.

Paulina: So it’s all right for tamara to follow her heart and be a singer, and I needed to be the logical one?

Olivia: There you go living in the past. This is not about your rivalry with tamara.

Paulina: Oh, yes, it is. That’s what it’s always been about. I grew up in her shadow with you thinking that she, the end-all and the be-all, I was always wrong. She was always right. And then when I finally, finally get something that’s mine, all mine, you– you decided that she would be the better mother.

Olivia: Paulina, it was to protect you and the baby. There was no other way.

Paulina: Yeah. Well you see how your way went, don’t you? You see what happened. I ended up losing both my babies. But I always got you. Don’t lie. You, I got you. But you just kick me when I’m down. Well, I never been more down in my entire life. And my mama, she can’t even gimme a little hug. She just wants to give me a lecture.

Olivia: Oh, baby. You know, you may think tamara was my favorite. But from the second you were born, you had my heart in your hand. Come here, baby. Mama loves you.

[Paulina sniffles]

Julie: All of doug’s favorite show tunes are on this. The only man in the world who finds “76 trombones” soothing.

[Laughter] Oh, should I bring his puzzle books?

Belle: Oh, julie, I don’t think he’s gonna care what’s in that bag when he sees you.

Julie: I suppose not. Do I look all right?

Shawn: You look gorgeous.

Julie: I feel so nervous. This is like I suddenly have this big date.

Belle: Oh, but it is. You’re going on a date with your prince charming.

Julie: He is prince charming, darling. You don’t know. He always will be, in spite of all the years. Oh, lord.

Shawn: Oh, what?

Belle: What?

Julie: The turkey. The turkey has to be basted. I have the cranberries, and the sweet potatoes are ready, but I can’t make the gravy yet.

Shawn: Wait, hold on. Wait. You made thanksgiving dinner?

Julie: Well, of course, it’s doug’s favorite. Well, not to make it would seem like I’d given up hope.

Belle: Oh, well, I could tell something smelled wonderful. Listen, shawn is gonna take you down to see doug. And I’ll tend to dinner, and make sure everything’s ready when you get back so you can tell us everything about your visit.

Julie: You angels. Okay. As doug would say, let’s get the show on the road.

Belle: Bye.

Marlena: Oh, no, I have no idea where john is.

Kayla: And that doesn’t bother you?

Marlena: Doesn’t bother me? Of course it bothers me. It terrifies me. But these kind of things happen with john, and when they do, I just have to go on autopilot.

Steve: So you don’t even want to try to track him down?

Marlena: Well, no. I mean, to track him down, that would be so disrespectful. It would show a lack of trust.

Kayla: How? I don’t get it.

Marlena: What’s not to get? John is off doing his job, a-and when it’s over, he’ll come back to me.

Steve: So let me get this straight. You’re not interested in finding him?

Marlena: Of course–look… if I could do anything I would. But at times like this, we just have to trust in a higher power.

Steve: A higher power? Okay.

Marlena: Yeah. Well, I’ll be off. Oh, and I hope you have a very, very happy thanksgiving.

Kayla: Thank you. You too. Do you buy any of that?

Steve: Not a word. Is struggling to manage your type 2 diabetes

Kayla: I have decided that I am gonna go see julie and tell her in person that I could make no headway with marlena.

Steve: Marlena is just not making any sense these days, baby. I mean, she wants a higher power to find john, and she thinks it’s better for doug to be alone on thanksgiving?

Kayla: I just couldn’t get through to her to see how julie feels.

[Groans] Ugghhh! I’ll see you at the pub.

Steve: I think I’m gonna head over there early, ask roman if he’s been talking to marlena. See if he knows why she’s so–i don’t even know what to call it.

Kayla: Well, certainly not warm and fuzzy. I mean, really. To keep doug and julie apart. To keep doug isolated. That is cruel and unusual punishment as far as I’m concerned. All right, see you over there.

Steve: [Softly] Okay.

Tripp: Oh, what’s that?

Allie: This is our excuse to visit everyone tonight. We are on dessert duty. Cookie patrol. I have lemon drops for my dad, grandma kate, and grandpa roman. And then snickerdoodles for aunt kayla and your dad, and the devil’s food for grandma marlena.

Tripp: All right, henry. It’s over the river and through the woods time, big man. Ah, yes. Uh…what about johnny?

Allie: I’m sure he’s at the dimeras with chanel. Let them eat cake.

Chanel: I can’t just leave salem. What about the bakery?

Johnny: Allie can handle it while we’re gone.

Chanel: Okay, I get you’re twins and everything, but you can’t speak for her. And I can’t just be all, “girl, bye. I’m going to italy with your brother. You do my work for me. You hear?”

Johnny: All right. Look, you just leave allie to me. Think about it, chanel. Gondola rides on the venice canal.

Chanel: But it’s december. It’ll be freezing.

Johnny: I’ll keep you warm. Or we could go skiing in turin, or get a house on the amalfi coast. Don’t you wanna see where I grew up, where my ancestors came from?

Chanel: You never give up, do you?

Johnny: No. So what do you say? Let’s just run away.

Paulina: Where you going with that fancy hat on?

Olivia: Lani invited me for thanksgiving.

Paulina: What?

Olivia: She said eli’s coming to pick me up. I wait outside.

Paulina: So I’m ostracized. I’m in siberia, and you-you get to have a place of honor at the table?

[Scoffing] I mean, you lied too. It was your idea to come up with the lie, and you kept it going all these years. You know, what about tammy? Maybe she could fly in for a turkey leg or two. Juggle my grandkids on her knee.

Olivia: Paulina, I’m just as surprised as you are that lani invited me. But she did. Maybe you should reach out to chanel.

Paulina: After what she did?

Olivia: Yes, after what she did. I’m sure she’s hurt too. And she’s still your baby.

Paulina: [Sighs, groans] Uhh. You know, last night I was lying in bed, looking up at the ceiling, and I was thinking about it over and over. And how did she know? How could chanel possibly know?

Olivia: It was that woman.

Paulina: What woman?

Olivia: That marlena evans woman, the shrink. Mark my words. It was her. To be a thriver with metastatic breast cancer

Paulina: Marlena’s a doctor. And she doesn’t break confidences. And she’s tammy’s friend.

Olivia: Something in that woman’s spirit didn’t sit right with me.

Paulina: You and your spirits. Can you gimme something a little more concrete?

Olivia: Yeah. How about the smug look on her face when chanel stood up and blew our family into smithereens? It was like she knew already that you were lani’s mother.

Paulina: There are two secrets. Abe is not lani’s father, and tammy is not her mother.

Marlena: How can that be? Tamara raised her.

Paulina: Yes, she did. But I gave birth to her. I am lani’s mother. She did.

Olivia: How?

Paulina: I told her.

Olivia: Good lord. Paulina, why would you do that?

Paulina: Well, I told you, she’s a doctor, a psychiatrist. She’s bound by doctor/patient confidentiality.

Olivia: Well, baby dr. Feelbad busted right out of those confidential bonds and put all your business on the street.

[Beep beep] I gotta go. But you trust me on this. That marlena woman is no damn good.

Chanel: So if we take off to italy, what’s gonna happen to your movie?

Johnny: I’ll work on the script while we’re over there. We’ll only be gone a couple weeks.

Chanel: And your dad’s just gonna hand over the dimera jet to you?

Johnny: Yeah, well, he’s in one of those phases where he’s trying not to be a complete jerk. So might as well try and capitalize on it, right?

Chanel: Oh, where are you going?

Johnny: Allie’s gonna be at the pub, so I’ll let her know that she has to handle the bakery. And all you have to do is go home, pack your bags.

Chanel: Going home to pack was the beginning of my nightmare.

Johnny: Ah, then don’T. We’ll stop in milan. Fashion capital of the world.

Chanel: I still have to get my passport.

Johnny: Okay. You want me to go with you for moral support?

Chanel: No, I’ll just try to sneak in and out without seeing my mom. I can’t believe we’re doing it. And mostly, I can’t believe you’re doing this for me. Thank you, gio.

Johnny: Di niente, carissima.

Allie: Hey, drop that.

Tripp: What?

Allie: That biscotti is for your mom and rafe.

Tripp: They’re not gonna miss one biscotti.

Allie: It’s more than that. We have three, possibly four dinners to get through. We need to pace ourselves.

Tripp: It’s like a food marathon.

Allie: Not to add any more pressure, but the brady family does measure a man’s worth based off of how much he eats at thanksgiving.

Tripp: Oh, great. So we go from that to my italian mother.

Allie: The things we do for love.

Tripp: Let the games begin. Okay.

Kayla: Julie? Ah. Hi. Is, uh, julie upstairs?

Belle: Uh, no, she’s gone. Shawn took her to bayview to see doug.

Kayla: Oh, no. I just got off the phone with your mother, and she was adamant that he have no visitors. I mean, they’re gonna turn her away.

Belle: Well, it’s not mom’s call anymore. I got a court order giving julie her medical power of attorney.

Kayla: I wonder how your mother’s gonna react to that.

Belle: Not looking forward to finding out. But, you know, I had to do something. Julie was miserable.

Kayla: I agree.

Belle: Although now that they’re on their way over there, it’S…it’s really hitting me. Now I got a court order overturning one of my mom’s medical decisions. Like I was questioning her competence. I don’t know. What if she’s right and I’m wrong?

Kayla: I have had questions about this decision myself. Your mother is one of the best doctors I know, but I–

Belle: Something’s wrong, isn’t it? I mean, my mom is like the most compassionate person I know. She has empathy for ben weston. To do this to doug?

Kayla: I know. She’s not the doctor or even the person that I have loved and admired for as long as I can remember.

Belle: What’s happening to her?

[Eerie off-key notes]

Demon marlena: Well, john, you certainly are the most popular guy in town. All your friends are out looking for you, which means I’ve gotta find a way to make sure that you and that imbecile susan disappear…permanently. Like pulsing, electric shocks,

Paulina: Well, look what the cat dragged in.

Johnny: Hey. Uncle steve, happy thanksgiving. How you doing?

Steve: Same to you, man. Hey, before we go in, can I talk to you for a minute?

Johnny: Sure. What’s up?

Steve: Well, kayla and i were just talking to your grandma marlena.

Johnny: Yeah?

Steve: I’m wondering, have you noticed anything strange about her lately?

Johnny: Strange? In what way?

Demon marlena: Time to kill two birds with one stone. Or maybe… I should say dagger.

Belle: Well, in a way it’s a relief that you think I did the right thing, but–and it also scares me that you’re worried about mom too.

Kayla: Well, I tell myself that she’s just too close to the case. That she loves doug and julie so much that it’s out of an abundance of caution that she wants to keep doug isolated to keep them both safe.

Belle: Right. But it’s not just this one decision, is it? I mean, you might say it’s out of an abundance of caution, but it just doesn’t seem like that, does it? It seems like she’s doing all the things she’s doing deliberately.

Kayla: Well, why don’t we just…focus on today? It’s thanksgiving, and we should be grateful that doug and julie are back together again.

Belle: Oh, I would love to be able to see them together again.

Kayla: I know.

Julie: Then turn around!

[Gasps, murmuring]

Belle: Oh my goodness.

Shawn: He’s home.

[Stirring music]

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