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Recap written by Christine

Jack and Ashley were on the Newman jet after checking every hotel and restaurant in Valencia. There was no sign of Abby. Jack didn’t think she was there, but Ashley suggested that Abby was laying low. Jack said that Abby didn’t exactly blend in, and he noted that even Victor’s security team was striking out. Everything in Ashley’s body told her that Abby was in Spain looking for Chance. Phyllis called Jack to ask how things were going, and he brought her up to speed. As Phyllis thanked Jack for his lovely gesture on Thanksgiving, brightening what could’ve been a sad day, Amanda walked into the hotel. The call ended.

Victor called Ashley. It had occurred to him that Abby wasn’t in Spain. Ashley said she and Jack were thinking of splitting up. Finding the military pin in Abby’s room made Victor think Abby might try and contact the people Chance served with in Iraq. Victor’s team was putting together a list of people in the unit Chance served with. Ashley requested a copy of the list. Victor asked Ashley to be careful.

Ashley needed a diversion, so she brought up Phyllis. She recalled Jack saying he had some conflicting feelings for his ex. They didn’t discuss it on the flight over, because they’d been focused on Abby. Jack told Ashley that her initial reaction when he started talking about Phyllis didn’t make him want to open up about his feelings. Ashley promised to try and keep her attitude in check. She wanted to help. Jack admitted his feelings for Phyllis resurfaced, but he had concerns about acting on it. Being friends and confidants with Phyllis worked out pretty well, but starting a new relationship was fraught with pitfalls. Ashley noted that Jack sent Phyllis Thanksgiving dinner and chatted with her for an hour while she ate it. To Ashley, that didn’t sound like the actions of a man who was conflicted and concerned. “It sounds like a man who’s falling back in love,” Ashley said.

Jack admitted Phyllis made him happy, but he didn’t think she was going to jump into a relationship right after ending one. Ashley countered that Phyllis jumped from one relationship to the next, sometimes before the prior relationship was even over. When Jack reminded Ashley that she’d said she’d keep her attitude in check, she said it wasn’t an attitude, it was honesty. Jack was aware of Phyllis’s history, but he hadn’t been a saint, himself. Ashley understood the pull toward one you’d loved and lost. She’d tried it a few times herself, and it never worked. He asked if she was saying that because she failed in her second and third relationships with an ex, he was doomed too. She just didn’t want to see him stuck in the middle of something before he’d thought everything through thoroughly.

Jack appreciated the sisterly advice, but he was ready to change the conversation. Ashley was concerned she’d hurt Jack’s feelings, and he said she didn’t. There was just nothing he could do while they were here in Spain. They shifted their focus back to Abby.

Back at the hotel, Phyllis gave Amanda a mimosa on the house to celebrate Sutton being found guilty. Amanda felt relieved by the verdict. The sentencing wasn’t for a few weeks, but at Sutton’s age, any sentence would be a life sentence. Amanda said Imani and Naya were fine with the verdict. Amanda never imagined this was the way her search for her birth parents would turn out. She said Sutton forced Naya to give Amanda and Hilary away to protect his image, and he killed their father for the same reason. Now the granddaughter he never wanted was standing shoulder to shoulder with Naya and Imani, and they were still a family despite everything that Sutton did. Phyllis said that was because of Amanda, who forgave Naya and Imani for pushing her away. Amanda understood that they rejected her because they were afraid of Sutton, and she’d wanted to help them get out from under his thumb. Her life was richer with them in it. “You won,” Phyllis said. She suggested that it may have been Amanda’s dad looking over her like a guardian angel. Amanda liked the idea of her dad looking out for her and being proud of her.

When Amanda came in earlier, she noticed Phyllis beaming while on the phone with Jack. Phyllis didn’t think she’d been beaming. Amanda thought Phyllis took her advice, did some soul searching and realized that she wasn’t over Jack. Phyllis admitted she was having some feelings about Jack that she didn’t understand and that scared the hell out of her. Amanda didn’t think Phyllis looked scared on the phone. According to Amanda, Phyllis looked more like she’d wanted Jack to come to the hotel so she could hug him. Phyllis scoffed. Amanda thought that Phyllis looked happy earlier. Phyllis admitted Jack did make her happy. She sang his praises – kind, generous, witty, charming and he had an edge. Phyllis didn’t know what was going on between her and Jack, but it was complicated.

Phyllis was confused by her feelings. Amanda thought that was understandable, especially since Phyllis just broke up with Nick. Phyllis still loved Nick, and she always would. Initially, things with Nick were amazing, but then they took a turn, and she didn’t know why. She was always bracing herself for the next argument. It wasn’t like that with Jack. Phyllis could be herself with Jack, but the question was – was she ready for it. Amanda understood that Phyllis wasn’t looking for anything with anyone right now, but this wasn’t anyone – it was Jack. Amanda knew the timing wasn’t right, but it never was. She thought Phyllis knew what she wanted, but she didn’t want to admit it. Amanda asked how Jack felt. Phyllis was pretty sure he felt the same way she did. Amanda asked what Phyllis would do next. Phyllis didn’t know.

Abby was at Kim’s house in Majorca, Spain. An excited Abby bombarded Kim with questions about Chance’s condition. Kim urged Abby to breathe. Abby was sorry – she got like that when she was excited. Kim knew, because Chance told her. Abby was hopeful when she heard Chance was able to speak. She rattled off questions about when she could see him, and again, Kim urged her to calm down. Kim had been in Spain so long that she wasn’t accustomed to American energy. Abby said that everyone believed Chance was dead, but she held out hope. Kim promised to take Abby to Chance, but she said there were things Abby needed to know first.

Kim’s husband, Errol was away on business in Berlin. Chance showed up at the house a few days after the explosion. He had a concussion and a leg injury. He came to the couple because they were medics. They stitched him up and gave him a place to stay. Kim and Errol knew they were putting themselves in danger helping him. Abby was grateful. Kim had no doubt Chance would do the same for them. Kim said that Chance had a lot of rage and guilt over the death of his colleagues, and Abby needed to be prepared to deal with that. Abby asked why Chance didn’t let her know he was alive. “Because he knew it would put you in terrible danger,” Chance said as he entered the room. Abby hugged him tightly.

Abby and Chance had a tearful reunion, in which she said she never gave up hope. He apologized for making her suffer. All he’d wanted to do was complete the mission and come home to her, but sometimes things didn’t work out the way you hoped. She felt that things did work out. He said Kim never should’ve brought her here. Abby said Kim wasn’t to blame. Abby had been determined to find Chance no matter what. Chance faked his death to protect the family. He was concerned that, by coming here, Abby undid all the work he’d done to make the people who set the explosion believe that he was dead. Abby assured Chance that she’d been careful. No one knew she was here, and not even Victor had been able to track her.

Abby said she was going to bring Chance home to meet his son. Chance was shocked he had a son. Abby showed him pictures of Dominic Phillip Newman Abbott Chancellor. He loved the name. She explained that the D was for Devon, the M for Mariah, and the Phillip was obviously after Chance. Chance asked where the baby was, and Abby said that Devon had him. She explained that people thought she was taking time alone to process things. Chance was worried that people would be able to put things together. Abby said nobody would ever know she was in Majorca. She’d covered all the tracks. She wanted to know everything about what he’d been through.

Chance had been on his way into the safe-house when the explosion happened. It blew him back about thirty yards. He hit his head and a beam landed on his leg. He didn’t lose consciousness, but he wished he had, because he’d heard the screams coming from the building. He went inside and looked for people, but he didn’t find anyone. The people who planted the bomb showed up to make sure there were no survivors, so Chance buried himself under concrete and played dead. Once the people left, he headed here for medical attention. He snuck onto a freighter to Majorca. Once Errol and Kim patched Chance up, he contacted his director. He and the director agreed that, for the sake of the mission, and for Chance’s safety, they shouldn’t tell anyone he survived. Abby said that the authorities withheld the truth, and that was why Christine thought Chance was dead. Abby knew it would take a lot of time and effort for Chance to get through this, but she was here to take him home. She could get him out safely and anonymously. He was sorry he put everyone through this, but he had to stay in Spain and finish the mission. Abby asserted that the mission was over, since everyone was dead. Chance saw the guys who killed his friends, and he recognized one of them. He had to find him, because that would lead Chance to the guy on top. Abby thought another agent should do it, but Chance was adamant that he had to see this through. He’d never failed or left a mission, and he wouldn’t stop now. He’d bring down the men who killed his team – they deserved no less.

Devon and Dominic were at Crimson Lights. Devon recalled Abby dropping Dominic off at his house. Nate joined them, and they talked about what a great Thanksgiving dinner they had. After their family dinner, Amanda went to see her mom, and Devon took Dominic to see his grandparents. Nate enjoyed having a full day off from his job as chief of surgery. Nate said there was a lot of bureaucracy stuff, but he enjoyed his job. Nate asked how Devon was doing with Dominic. Devon wished Abby never left, but he was enjoying every second he got to watch the baby. Devon was learning to care for the baby day by day and figuring out what his cries meant. Devon said Dominic was advancing – they did tummy time, and he was trying to lift his head. Devon didn’t think Dominic would be with him for long, since the goal was to have Abby come home, but in the meantime, he’d monitor the baby’s progress. He said he’d always keep an eye on Dominic.

Nate could tell how much Dominic meant to Devon, and he knew it must be amazing for Devon to know this was his biological son. However, Nate wanted to be sure Devon was prepared for what would happen when Abby came back. Devon was enjoying this special time with Dominic, but he knew Abby was the mom, and the sooner she could come back and be the mother Dom deserved, the better.

Victor visited Devon at the penthouse. Victor let Devon know that Ashley and Jack’s search was unsuccessful. Victor had informed Christine, and he said that she was very unhappy with Abby for putting herself in danger. Victor was determined to find Abby. Victor watched Dominic sleep and asked how he was doing. Devon said the baby didn’t sleep very well last night, probably because he was getting used to his new environment, and he missed his mother. Victor thanked Devon for taking care of the baby and for bringing him over for Thanksgiving. It lifted Victor and Nikki’s spirits even though there was an empty seat at the table. Devon thought they’d made a mistake discouraging Abby from going to Italy – if they’d been supportive, she probably would’ve contacted them now. Victor said they had to try and make Abby listen to reason. Devon knew, but he wondered if Abby really needed to go on this trip to get closure. Victor said that Abby had always been stubborn, so even if Devon had told her to go to Spain, she would’ve insisted on going incommunicado.

Back on the jet, Jack suggested that Abby was at the house that Dina left her in Paris. Ashley said Abby rented the home out because she didn’t think she’d have time to travel once the baby was born. Victor called from Devon’s house. Victor had just spoken to Christine, who confirmed that everyone in the safe house had been killed in the explosion, so there was no one left for Abby to contact. Ashley asked what about the soldiers from Iraq. A list was being compiled, and calls had been made, but so far, none of the people on that list had heard from Abby. Devon added that there were a lot of people on the list who were yet to be contacted. Jack figured they should keep searching Valencia. Ashley worried about what would happen to Abby once she realized she wasn’t going to find Chance.

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