Days Short Recap Monday, November 29, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Maggie thought Brady was in love with Kristen. He said he was always going to love her. He felt like Philip. She said that Philip wasn’t like Kristen. He mentioned Philip being jealous. Maggie asked him if he was jealous. She wondered if hew as going to go after Chloe. She thought he wanted Philip and Chloe to break up. She thought their relationship was why he was in a bar. He said it hurt to know that he could have had a future with her if it weren’t for Philip. Chloe talked to Philip about him seeing her go to the Salem Inn with Brady. She told him that Lucas was how she found out about it. She wanted to know why he didn’t talk to her about it. John was determined to get in Ben and Ciara’s place. He wanted to find Marlena. Ben wanted him to leave. John said he was going to stop her once and for all. He was going to kill the devil. Shawn called Belle and told her that John was gone. She wanted to know what he meant by that. He said he couldn’t find him. He walked back in the room and saw John on the floor. The other John was trying to get in the room with Ben and Ciara. Ciara told him to close the door. Mardevil pretended to be John.

Brady told Maggie about the advice Marlena gave him about Chloe. She was shocked Marlena would tell him to take Chloe on a conference room table. He said that he didn’t take her advice. He didn’t want to keep badmouthing her stepson. She said she wanted them to be happy. Philip said he didn’t tell Chloe about seeing her because he trusted her. Chloe confessed to him that she thought he was going to get jealous. She said she was relieved that he trusted her. He said he learned his lesson. John was admitted in the hospital. Steve talked to Shawn about Marlena getting away from him. He wondered why he didn’t handcuff her. He didn’t think she could get away from him that fast. Mardevil talked to Ben and Ciara about John. She made it seem like something was wrong with John. She said they had to leave town. Ben was surprised she wanted them to leave town with her. She was afraid John would find her. Mardevil realized they had to think about their family. She wanted to give them a chance to talk. Ciara said they couldn’t leave town. Ben told her that she saw the way John was acting. Ben said Marlena never asked him of anything. Ciara felt the situation was weird. Shawn told Belle that he had to report her mother. Ben and Ciara decided to go away with Marlena.

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