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Part of this is missing due to news interruption; we’ll have it up soon.

All: Happy thanksgiving.

Hope: Hello, hello, hello.

Liam: Happy thanksgiving.

Ridge: Oh, you brought the jell-O.

Brooke: Oh wow! You made grandma’s famous dish.

Hope: Yes. I had to. It wouldn’t be thanksgiving without it. Plus it is a total crowd pleaser, right?

Liam: Total crowd pleaser. Been looking forward to it all year.

Ridge: Yeah, it’s a very unique flavour.

Brooke: Yeah, it’s hard to put words to it.

Hope: Finn, I mean wait– wait until you taste it.

Steffy: Oh yeah, you’re getting a big slice

Finn: Oh, well, can’t wait.

Ridge: Yeah, there’s a few thanksgiving traditions we’re gonna have to explain to you.

Liam: Yes, one of which is that the newbie is on dish detail.

Finn: That’s fine. Put me to work. It’s just… it’s great being here with all you guys.

Ridge: Well, it’s gonna be just you because it’s a very small gathering.

Hope: The kids are all settled upstairs with amelia.

Brooke: And I made sure they had plenty of arts and crafts to keep them entertained.

Steffy: Thank you. Well, brooke, this is really lovely.

Liam: It’s actually really nice that we’re all together. Especially now.

Ridge: Do you guys want to come in or… please.

Steffy: Yes!

Finn: Yeah, of course.

Deacon: So, this is it, huh? Just you and me on thanksgiving.

Sheila: Oh, don’t sound too excited.

Deacon: I’m not even supposed to be associating with you. Now we’re spending holidays together. This is my life.

Sheila: You think this is what I want, deacon? You should think again.

Deacon: I know. I know you’re just as frustrated as I am.

Sheila: Actually, yes, I am. We should not be cooped up here in this hotel room, we should be celebrating with our children.

Deacon: So, brooke is having the big forrester turkey day at her place.

Sheila: How nice for them. It’s going to be a lavish, catered event and brooke is going to pretend she cooked the whole thing.


Deacon: Yeah, hope’s gonna be there. I don’t know. I just figured with all the progress I was making, maybe I’D… I’d score an invite.


Sheila: Like ridge would ever allow that.

Deacon: Yeah, I don’t think so. Instead, I’m stuck here with you on thanksgiving. I’d rather be with my daughter.

Zende: Happy thanksgiving!

Hope: Welcome.

Paris: Thanks for having me. It’s way more fun than a microwave dinner at my apartment.

Zende: We are all looking forward to see how uncle ridge’s turkey turns out.

Ridge: Turns out? It’s gonna be perfect. I’ve been basting it all day. What you got?

Zende: A little bit of wine.

Ridge: Ah, there he is.

Carter: You sure about this?

Ridge: We invited you. What’s all this?

Carter: Peace offering.

Ridge: Peace offering? Trying to butter me up?

Carter: Is it working?

Ridge: Let me taste it and we’ll see.

Zende: You gonna share that, uncle?

Ridge: Nope.

Paris: Looking sharp. I’m happy you decided to come.

Carter: Me too. Happy thanksgiving, paris.

Brooke: Okay, well, now that everybody’s here.

Zende: All right, all right. Now I’m much lighter.

[Brooke laughing]

Brooke: Ridge and I just want to welcome you all to our home and say we’re so happy that you could join us on what we know is going to be a fantastic thanksgiving.

Liam: Amen to that.

Ridge: That’s right.

[All talking over each other]

(Missing part here)

Sheila: You know, one day, we will be included. I’m tired of being shut out.

Deacon: Oh, you better get used to it. I mean, you think the forresters are gonna let you within a hundred feet of their mashed potatoes.

Sheila: Someday. Someday, we will be with our children.

Ridge: All right, everybody. Um, good news, and bad news. Food’s almost ready, but I would love to say a couple of things before we eat if that’s okay.

Liam: Yeah, speech!

Ridge: Thank you. Uh, all right, life creates challenges. Families creates challenges. And how we deal with them, that’S…that’s what defines who we are as a unit. And this unit has had a pretty rough year. But we’ve had some remarkable things happen as well. I mean, look at paris and zende, so happy they found each other. And that voice, right? Is it just me, or no? You got to sing at dodger stadium. That is very impressive. You know what? Maybe next year, they’ll let you play a couple innings.

[Laughing] Speaking of players, carter is here.

Carter: Oh boy.

Ridge: Carter walton, I don’t even want to get into the year you had, because it really doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, you’re my best friend. We all make mistakes, but if somebody knows a single lady that likes out of shape coos, maybe you could hook him up, ’cause… it sucks to be alone. Hope knows a little bit about that. With liam going to prison, she thought she had to raise her kids on her own. You know what? She could’ve done it. She’s a strong woman. But, it worked out, you came back, and… I know this is not a competition, but it would be you if it had to be the most thankful people here, you’d be the ones. Because you came back, and you… you get to raise those kids the way you want to. Right? Life creates challenges, and that’s– my heart goes out to you. Look at you, finn. You started off so well. You saved the princess, right? You married the princess in a beautiful castle, beautiful ceremony. And then sheila showed up. And then you find out that jack is your real dad. That’s a lot, man. That’s a lot to carry on your shoulders. But again, you’re not alone. You’ve got steffy, and you’ve got all of us. You know what my dad always said, it doesn’t matter where you leave from, the important thing is where you land. I like where you landed, son. Okay, god! You’ve been here the whole time. Sorry, I’ve just been talking.

Brooke: Forgot about me.

Ridge: No, I never forget about you. Look at you. You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. And without you, I… hang on, I made a mistake. It’s not you. It is not you. You’re not the most thankful people here, it’s me! I’m thankful for you, because… without you I don’T… I don’t think I could breathe. I love you.

Brooke: I love you.

Ridge: And I’m so hungry.

Brooke: You are? Okay, yes. Hang on. Hang on, let me say something, okay? Um, to the brightest future. You know, we could all accomplish so much if we just stick together. So, let’s go forth with kindness and gratitude in our hearts and have a happy and healthy thanksgiving.

Ridge: Let’s eat, please.

Brooke: Let’s eat! Yes, all right.

Hope: Yummy!

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