Days Short Recap Friday, November 26, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve broke in the DiMera crypt and found Susan covered in blood. She was also holding a knife. She said she didn’t have a choice. She fell to the ground. John said she stabbed herself to protect her son. John said to take her to the mansion so she could get help. Steve came in with Susan and EJ asked what he did to her. Steve told him to call an ambulance. Tony went in the crypt and saw John. Anna came in with an ax. She used the ax on the shackles. They brought him to the house. John told everyone that Marlena was possessed again. Doug called Marlena the devil. Marlena called him delusional. Julie said she believed him. She wondered if they should call her Satan. Shawn said it made sense. Marlena asked Belle if she believed it. Belle wanted to hear what Doug had to say. Everyone told Marlena how she’s been acting. Marlena said she was Marlena. Shawn arrested her. Marlena said they were going to be sorry. Julie said the handcuffs wouldn’t hold the devil. Shawn said he didn’t have many options. Kayla got a message from Steve. He wanted her to meet him and John at the hospital. Marlena said Shawn couldn’t make her go where she didn’t want to go. She broke the cuffs. Marlena’s eyes were yellow. The lights started flickering. She said none of this had to happen. She said she had to cause more pain on the family. She grabbed Shawn’s arm and flung him across the table. He was unconscious.

Marlena said she had plans for Doug and Julie. Julie told her not today. Marlena picked up a knife from the table. She threatened them. Julie pulled out a rosary. She said love was her power. She said the god of love was stronger than the devil’s hatred. She said the devil couldn’t defeat them. Julie said it was over now that the truth was out. Marlena said it would never be over. EJ went to see Susan in the hospital. When she woke up, she told him Marlena was the devil. She said Marlena wanted her to kill him. He thought she was talking about Johnny’s movie. Steve didn’t believe it. Steve got a message from Kayla and left. Susan told EJ what happened with the devil. She said she couldn’t kill John not even to protect EJ. She said she thought the devil would accept her body as a human sacrifice. EJ couldn’t believe she was willing to die for him. She said she would do anything for him. She said a mother always protected her son. They said they loved each other. Steve met with Kayla and Belle. They told each other what was going on. Belle asked Anna about her father. When Belle was sure John was okay, she said Shawn had Marlena at the Horton house. She said he was taking her to the station. Anna and Tony went to the hospital and told Belle John gave them the slip. They said he was determined to get Marlena. John went to the Horton house. Shawn, Doug and Julie told him that Marlena went to fulfill her purpose.

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