Y&R Short Recap Monday, November 29 2021

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Recap written by Christine

Jack and Ashley searched Valencia and didn’t find Abby. Jack told Ashley that Phyllis made him happy, but he was conflicted about acting on his feelings for her. Ashley thought Jack sounded in love, but she warned him about the pitfalls of trying to rekindle a past relationship. Amanda celebrated Sutton’s conviction with Phyllis. Phyllis was confused by her feelings for Jack. Amanda thought Phyllis knew what she wanted, but she wasn’t ready to admit it. Phyllis wasn’t sure what she was going to do next. Abby met with Kim, the medic who was nursing Chance back to health and providing him a place to hide out. Kim warned Abby that Chance was harboring a lot of rage and guilt over the death of his colleagues. Chance and Abby reunited, and she told him about his son. Chance saw the people who set the explosion. He’d faked his death for his own safety and so that he could complete his mission and get justice for his dead colleagues. Abby wanted to take Chance home, but he refused to leave without bringing down the group who set the bomb. Nate was concerned Devon would have a hard time letting go of Dominic when Abby returned. Devon was sure that he was prepared to give Dominic back to his mother. Devon spoke with Victor about the lack of results in the search for Abby. Victor and Devon spoke with Jack and Ashley. Victor was having someone put together a list of people that Chance worked with in Iraq. They were contacting the people on that list to ask if any of them had heard from Abby.


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