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Recap written by Christine

Sally was heading toward Adam’s office, but she stopped when she heard him talking. Chelsea was on a video call, wanting to talk about what they were getting Connor for Christmas. Adam saw something on his phone that made him end the session with Chelsea. Sally walked in and said that didn’t sound like good news. Adam said there was a new wrinkle in the plan to acquire ChancComm. Jill had put it up for sale to the highest bidder. Sally thought the whole scheme with Victor regarding Billy was about getting control of ChancComm. “Maybe so, maybe not,” Adam said. He added that Jill opening up things like this gave Newman Media a lot less control over the situation. A bidding war came with a lot of unknowns. Sally assumed all you had to do was bid high, but Adam said it wasn’t that simple. Newman Media would have no idea who they were competing with. The one positive was that Billy would lose no matter who won. Sally was just glad that whatever happened wouldn’t negatively impact Newman Media, because she had big plans for the fashion platform. He was counting on that. She offered to help if he needed her. He said thanks, but no. He got a call that he had to take, and he asked her to shut the door on her way out. Sally put her ear to the door, but she couldn’t hear anything, so she sighed and left.

Nikki entered Victoria’s office and announced that Jill put ChancComm up for sale to the highest bidder. Victoria wasn’t surprised. She was sure Jill wasn’t too pleased about the precarious situation Billy put it in. Victoria was a little disappointed that Lily and Billy couldn’t convince Jill to sell to Newman/Locke. Nikki said this wasn’t that different than the way Ashland sold Cyaxares. Victoria thought that Ashland actually cared who ended up with his company, and he’d ferreted out the best possible candidates to buy it, while Jill seemed to want to wash her hands of the whole matter. Nikki didn’t blame her. Victoria said nothing in the announcement seemed to protect Lily’s place in the company. She thought that meant that Lily and Billy were both being left in the cold. Victoria wondered if Jill blamed both Lily and Billy for the hit ChancComm took.

Nikki wondered if Victoria was going to make an offer. Victoria had to talk to Ashland first. Nikki was just curious about Victoria’s gut feeling. Victoria took no pleasure in Billy being humiliated by Adam taking over ChancComm. Adam made it clear he wanted to dismantle everything Billy accomplished. Victoria said that Newman Media’s whole plan was to undermine Billy and weaken ChancComm. She thought that Adam and Victor would bid aggressively to win ChancComm. Nikki didn’t think Victoria should get involved, since the last thing the family needed was more conflict. Victoria wasn’t going to let her personal feelings get in the way of a business decision. Nikki didn’t see how that could be avoided when this involved Victoria’s brother, father and ex-husband. Victoria said her father had been in similar situations over the years, and she intended to be the kind of businesswoman he taught her to be.

Billy and Lily were at home when they learned Jill was selling ChancComm to the highest bidder. Billy hated to admit it, but it was a smart move. He thought that could be fun to see the bidding war. Lily told Billy that he didn’t have to pretend to be okay with this. They’d put their heart and soul into this company. He said they did, and now it was done, and they were moving on to bigger opportunities. He asked if she told his mom she was accepting the job as Chancellor CEO. She hadn’t yet. He wanted her to do so soon, so that the announcement could be made ASAP. He didn’t want anyone to think that the mess at ChancComm was her responsibility. She wasn’t thinking about her reputation right now. She was proud of what they built at ChancComm. She knew they argued a lot because they had different styles, but they worked so well together. She asked him to come to Chancellor with her and be her COO. He said he couldn’t because she didn’t need him and his baggage complicating the situation. She asked if he was declining because he didn’t want to be her subordinate. He wouldn’t mind working for her, and he had no problem acknowledging she was his superior. He said he had two areas of expertise, media and cosmetics, and once ChancComm was sold, neither of those things would be under ChancComm’s umbrella. “Who cares. You’re a very fast learner,” Lily said. Billy said that his mom already admitted the only reason she offered him the job was to keep him out of trouble, which he found a little embarrassing. Lily didn’t care; she saw the role as vital, and he’d have a lot of responsibility. Billy said Lily didn’t need him, and he thought it’d be better for her if he wasn’t there. He knew a lot of people thought her only role at ChancComm was to babysit him, and they didn’t know what she was capable of. Lily said that when she was announced as sole CEO, people would see that, and Billy coming to work with her wouldn’t change it. Billy said he loved Lily and planned to spend the rest of his life with her, and he’d cheer her on from the sidelines. As for himself, he had other plans. She knew, and that’s what she was afraid of.

Billy said yesterday, he was sifting through all the damage Victor and Adam inflicted. He wanted to get back at them, but not at the expense of losing Lily or before her future was secured. He didn’t want to do anything to distract from his accomplishments or undermine her. Lily appreciated that Billy was waiting, but she said he had to tell her his plan. He promised he would, but he admitted that he didn’t think she’d like it.

Billy told Lily his plan off screen. She was concerned. It was so complex and risky, and it could blow up in his face. Billy though that was the case with everything in life. Lily said if Billy pulled that off, and that was a huge if, what would Billy accomplish besides revenge. He said Ashland was guilty, and everything in that article was true, and Victor and Adam knew that, but they were only concerned about cutting Billy off at the knees. Billy said if he pulled this off, he’d stick it to Adam where it hurt most and turn the tables on the Newmans. Most importantly, this was about un-tarnishing his reputation. He didn’t plan to fail this time. He hoped she could be in his corner.

Ashley arrived at the ranch, and she and Victor embraced. Ashley had incredible news that she wasn’t able to share with Victor over the phone earlier for security reasons. She announced that Chance was alive, and Abby brought him home. Victor had worried that Abby would go off the deep end. Ashley knew – she’d experienced that kind of grief, and it was unbearable to think her daughter would have to as well. He asked how Chance was. She said all the other team members died, so Chance was buried under the grief and trauma. So much so that he felt obligated to stay and finish the mission. It was a testament to Abby’s strength, love and will that she was able to convince Chance to come home. Victor thought that Abby inherited strength from him and Ashley. Speaking from experience, Victor predicted that Chance’s priorities would change once he got to know his son.

Abby and Chance walked into their home. He surveyed his surroundings and said that it’d been so long that he felt like a complete stranger. He felt disconnected from his life. She said this was his life, and everything that happened in Spain was his job. She told him that he belonged here, at home. Jill came in calling for Abby, and she burst into tears when she saw Chance. Jill rushed over and hugged her grandson. Abby and Chance told Jill how Abby tracked Chance down and brought him home. Jill said this made her believe in miracles. “Thank you, Abby. Thank you for finding my grandson and bringing him home,” Jill said. Jill chided Chance for putting everyone through this. He said it was good to see her too, and they hugged again. Jill was alarmed when she learned that Chance got hurt in the explosion. Chance and Abby reassured Jill by telling her about Kim and Errol, who healed Chance and kept him safe. Chance felt terrible about what he’d put everyone through, but he couldn’t risk something happening to any of them. Jill understood, and she said that Chance acted heroically and honorably, not even meeting his son. Chance smiled because he’d be meeting Dominic today. Jill asked where her great grandson was, and Abby said he was with Devon. Jill couldn’t wait to meet Dominic. Chance’s section chief called to say that there had been a positive development in the mission. The work Chance and his team did lead to the breakthrough, so their work was not in vain. Chance’s family would have a security detail in Genoa City, though they’d stay in hiding. This meant Chance’s part in this was all over, and Abby hugged him.

At the penthouse, Devon told Amanda that he was trying to wrap his head around the fact that Abby found Chance alive. Amanda said they must be looking forward to starting a life as a family. Devon started packing up Dominic’s toys, and the baby started crying, so Devon picked him up (Note: Dominic is being played by a real infant for the first time). Amanda noted that Devon had grown attached to Dominic in the short time he’d been here. She thought it’d be difficult for Devon to send the baby home. Devon said he couldn’t be happier that Dominic would have both his parents, then he abruptly walked off. Later, Chance and Abby came and hugged Amanda and Devon. Devon said Abby scared them to death when she disappeared the way she did, but she’d proven them all wrong about Chance. Chance said he was ready to meet his son.

Dominic was upstairs asleep. Abby thanked Devon for taking care of him and promised that Devon would always have an important role in the baby’s life. Chance knew he owed Devon more than words could say. Chance acknowledged that Devon had been the father figure that Chance couldn’t be at the time. Devon said he got involved to help Chance and Abby start a family. Abby promised they’d repay Devon somehow. All Devon wanted was to know Abby was in a better headspace now than before she left. Abby was great now, and she punctuated the point by hugging Chance. Devon brought the baby downstairs and told him that Chance was his father, then he placed Dominic in Chance’s arms

Jill met Billy and Lily at Society. Jill was glad Lily was on board, and she hoped Billy was okay with all this. She knew he was afraid Adam and Victor would get ChancComm, and she wanted him to understand why she was selling to highest bidder. Billy was able to step back and see this from a business perspective. He said it didn’t matter how he felt, because they had more important things to discuss like making an announcement about Lily taking over at Chancellor. He said the world needed to know that Lily wasn’t responsible for the situation at ChancComm. Jill was impressed with Billy’s attitude, but she was way ahead of him. She told them to check their emails. There was a press release about Jill stepping down as CEO, but staying on in and advisory role. It said that Jill Abbott was proud to announce that she was appointing Lily Winters as her replacement. Jill was proud of Billy for getting past his anger and focusing on what was best for Lily. Now, she had something to tell him.

Lily and Billy were surprised and happy about the news that Chance was alive. Jill said they were keeping this private for Chance and his family’s safety. Billy hoped that Jill knew he could be trusted to keep her confidence, despite some of the decisions he’d made recently. Jill was focused on the future, and she encouraged her son to do the same thing. She said this wasn’t an ending, she hoped it would be a brand new beginning for them all, and she was sure something good would come out of it. Billy felt the same way. Jill left to meet her new great grandson.

Billy was glad that Jill already put out the press release. Lily asked if he felt that way because he was eager to put his plan into motion. He said he was glad because the rest of the world would find out what he already knew – that a talented star was on the rise. Lily thought they needed to go to ChancComm and speak with the staff face to face. He had something to do first. She knew he was more upset than he let on with Jill. She asked if he was moving forward with the plan. He wasn’t ready to make a move just yet, he needed to get everything into place to ensure that he got what he wanted. He said he was proud of her. As she was leaving the table, she looked back at him with a worried expression.

Billy was alone at the bar. Sally joined him and said she heard the news, and it had to hurt. He admitted he’d had better days. She thought it looked like he could use some company.

Jill went back to the Chancellor house, and Ashley was there waiting for Abby and her family to return. Jill was glad to have a moment alone with Ashley because she wanted to hear more about Spain and why Chance couldn’t find a way to tell them that he was alive. Ashley said there was a security issue. Jill was sure that there was someone in the government who could’ve told them the truth. Ashley assumed that everyone in the government thought Chance died along with everyone else in the explosion. She said Chance wasn’t sure who could be trusted, and he didn’t want to put his family in danger. Jill said that Chance was lucky Abby found him instead of Jill, because if Jill had found him, she would’ve throttled him. Ashley knew that Jill was a softy under that tough exterior. Jill was getting really tired of fighting in business and in life, and that’s why she was stepping down from Chancellor. She was ready to be the laid-back matriarch of the family. Ashley laughed and wished Jill luck with the laid-back part.

Victor arrived at Newman Media, and as soon as he walked inside, Adam showed him the news on Lily. Victor thought that was a brilliant move on Jill’s part. Adam said that Jill appeared to be distancing herself from her own son. “Of course she is. She’s a smart businesswoman, he’s an idiot,” Victor replied. Adam said that now that Jill put ChancComm up for sale, they might have to pay more for it than they originally intended, and it that would blow up their plan to cannibalize and dismantle it. Adam said Billy got humiliated privately when he had to beg Victor for mercy, and publicly when he had to print the retraction. Adam asked if Victor wanted to leave it at that or if he wanted to make a play for ChancComm. “We’ll see,” Victor said. Victor said that Jill putting the company up for sale made things more complicated, but he knew Adam liked a challenge. Victor also knew that Victoria would join the bidding just to prevent Newman Media from getting control, since she’d think Billy suffered enough. Victor was curious to find out how far Victoria would go to get what she wanted.

Back at Newman/Locke, Nikki and Victoria learned about Lily’s new job. Nikki was sure Victoria wondered how this was affecting Billy. Victoria assumed Billy was happy for Lily and relieved this didn’t ruin her future. “I know Billy and I – even though he’s not admitting this to anyone, I know that this is hurting him,” Victoria said. Victoria was glad that she made the decision to sending the kids to boarding school for the rest of the year. She hadn’t told Billy yet, but she was going to make it clear that she was committed to doing this. She believed that this was the kind of situation that could push Billy over the rails.

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