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For speaking upabout my bipolar disorder. Mm-hmm. I know it’s a — it’s a difficult subject to start. I mean, we’ve been through worse, right? No kidding.

[ Both chuckle ] Um, but you’re right. I got to get my blood work. I got to get the scripts. Whatever I got to do. You don’t have to stay. No, I — look. I got to call diane because I got to figure out what we need to do to have you declared legally alive. I have a feeling you, me and carly are gonna be signing a lot of paperwork. Paperwork can wait. I — I gotta go see carly and tell her that nina’s known I was alive the whole time. You stole sonny’s life, and, bitch, you’re gonna pay. Well, I see sonny told you. Okay. You have every right to be angry with me. Don’t tell me what I have a right to feel! Tell me why! And then give me one good reason I don’t kill you. Mom, I know that you are mad at nina. So am I. But she’s still wiley’s grandmother, and the last thing anybody wants is for him to get stuck in the middle, so if you haven’t found her yet… and you get this message, just…

[ Sighs ] I don’t know. Count to 10. Bye. Hey. Hey. So, are we really doing this? Hell yes. Okay, then. Get amped. Today’s the day spencer and esme get what’s coming to them. It’s been hours, and your father’s not back yet. Which isn’t unusual or alarming. You don’t find it alarming that your father went after ava? Really wish you’d tried harder to stop him. It’s moot now. Ava is probably halfway across the atlantic. Here’s to hoping her plane crashes and she’s the only casualty. Uh, yeah.

[ Both chuckle ] And more great news.

[ Clears throat ] I cannot believe that my uncle sonny is alive. Yes! Um, josslyn mentioned it. How wonderful. Did she tell you how it all went down? She was in a hurry, so she wasn’t too informative. He can tell me himself. I cannot wait to see him. I’m sure he’d appreciate a visit, you know, once he’s settled. Right. My feelings for ava aside, I am happy for avery. I know that little girl and her daddy adore each other. So…we’re gonna get you unhitched. Ava. What’s the big deal? It gets easier every time, divorce. How many times have you been divorced?

[ Sighs ] Too many. So…I want to get my fee. Do you want me to file this with the court? Do you want to stay married? It’s your call. I knew I would find you here. One last visit with wiley? Before willow and michael found out? Man, you are a stellar human being. Look at it like this. All my lies are blowing up in my face while you got your husband back. Can’t that be enough? You played god with sonny’s life for the past nine months, and now you’re caught, and you want it to be enough?! Hell no! You did it, and now you’re gonna pay the consequences!

[ Telephone ringing ] I had heard, but I needed to see it with my own eyes. Hello, epiphany. This is a miracle.

[ Epiphany chuckles ] It’s good to see you. Well, I-I’m here to see, uh, dr. Sullivan. Ah. Very sensible. But first, let’s get you into a room. I need to take your vitals so I can declare you officially back from the dead.

[ Laughs ] Twice in one day. Yeah. Um… is that a — is that a problem? Not for me. I’ve been looking everywhere for you. Nikolas. How did you get past bubba?! Just hear me out before bubba comes to. A-are you saying that you knocked him out? Oh, okay. You know what? I am gonna go give mr. Bubba my card because when he comes to, he might want to sue you for personal injury. You were always a charmer!

[ Chuckles ] I’m glad I caught you. You didn’T. You’re too late. Aside from a few practical matters, I’m ready to leave port charles. Next stop, london. That’S…my new base of operations. Is this one of those practical matters? It’s the most practical of all — our divorce papers. Signed and sealed. And all scotty has to do is deliver them. Then I got here just in time. Because there’s no longer any need for scott, no need for divorce papers, no need for you to head anywhere but home, to wyndemere, with me. Nikolas, we have gone over and over and over this. I have news, something that will change everything. What is it? Sonny is alive. I know. You do? Yeah, I know. I-I stopped by his house this morning to say goodbye to avery, and there he wa– why would you say goodbye? Don’t you see, ava? This changes everything. It doesn’T. Nikolas… it changes nothing. -We need to move fast. -Then let’s do this. It’s “go” time. Okay. Hold on. Are we really sure about this? You’re backing out now? Nobody’s backing out of anything. I’m just asking you guys to hear me out. I mean, yes, esme and spencer’s behavior, it could warrant suspicion regarding their involvement with the stalking of ava and nikolas, but — -exactly. -That’s why we’re doing this. But should we really move forward without any evidence? Why? We’re not a court of law. Cam, it’s like I said. When there’s smoke, there’s fire. Okay, but what if it’s just smoke? If we’re wrong, great. We’re not wrong! Then we’ll exonerate spencer and esme once and for all. They will not be exonerated. I’ll buy spencer a new designer belt, and esme and I will braid friendship bracelets together. That is not even in the realm of possibility. No, but I get what cam is saying. We need to keep an open mind. Okay, but if they find out what we’re up to, even if we prove them innocent, do you think they’re just gonna let that go, no hard feelings? And spencer? I mean… that guy can hold a grudge longer than anyone I know. Which would explain his motive for stalking ava. -Hmm. -Which is why I still think it’s a risk worth taking. It is for me. I barely know spencer, and I don’t like esme anyway. Can you imagine who does? My point is, if we’re right, ava can stay in port charles with her husband and daughter. And those two will be exposed for the schemers they are. It’s a win-win. For the last time, cam, are you in? Let’s spring this trap. I know what I’ve done. Do you? Really? Because I want to hear it from your own mouth! Okay! I kept sonny from his family for months, and my lies put a lot of people in danger… in port charles

and nixon falls. It wasn’t enough for you to make a scene at sonny’s funeral. You had to make sure he stayed dead to the rest of us? I will forever regret the unintended consequences of my actions. Unintended consequences?! My husband almost burned to death because of you! Is that what he told you? He said he was trapped in a fire, so I’m guessing you had something to do with it. I am so sorry for all the pain that I have caused. Really? Because I don’t think you are. Maybe, carly, I’m not as contrite as you want me to be because you have not owned up to your part in all this. How is any of this my fault?

So, I’m trapped, right? Epiphany: Mm-hmm. There’s fire everywhere. And suddenly… it came to me. Just in time to remind you about everything you have to live for. It’s good to be alive.

[ Chuckles ] I mean, it’s good to be myself, to know who I am and… I’m sure your family is over the moon. Well, t-they’re not happier than I am because I — when I saw them after all that time, I saw — it was michael…

[ Chuckles ] …Dante and josslyn and kristina. They all came over. Hmm. I’m sure they were happy to see you.

[ Both chuckle ] Donna was a little — she was, you know, too little to know who I was. I mean, she knew who I was, but she was just too little. And then avery held onto me so tight. Like, she would not let go and… of course she did!

[ Chuckles ] And even though, you know, it’s — it’s been… so long… it didn’t matter, I was — I was home. Believe me. It mattered. Everybody was devastated when you died. Especially carly and jason. Yeah, they had a lot to deal with. So, I heard jason got arrested or something? Did you, now?

[ Laughs ] Ha! Even in death, you don’t miss a trick. I-I’d love to hear the details. Well, I was not here for some of it, so it’s secondhand. I’m not asking you to swear to anything. Okay. So… jason was framed by peter august for killing franco. He ends up in pentonville, where he conveniently gets stabbed then brought here, where someone — I don’t know who — arranges for his escape. Well, somebody realized that it’s a lot easier to break somebody out of the hospital than it is prison. Indeed. Now, rumor has it that jason was free and clear, but then he ran back into the hospital to save britt westbourne from a couple of cyrus renault’s thugs. But at the time, everybody thought that he had taken her hostage. Jason would never do that. But not everybody knows that. Well… mm-hmm. He got shot. She fixes him up. They end up on the run for a while together. And the rest, as they say, is hospital gossip. So, why is sonny here? Uh, just a check-up with his psychiatrist. Uh, any word about your mom? No. Not yet. Finding liesl obrecht isn’t exactly a high priority for the wsb. I mean, I know she’S… who she is, but she’s still my mother. She’s all I have. Well, m-my offer still stands if you want me to look into it. Well, I meant what I said the first time. Marriage or no marriage, I don’t need your help anymore. I know you and sonny aren’t each other’s favorite people. I can’t imagine why. But he has resources we don’T. What resources don’t we have, nikolas? You’re a cassadine!

We are cassadines. Not for long. Did you tell sonny why avery’s mother was leaving? Yes, of course I did. And what did he say? Well, he wasn’t happy that avery has been approached. See? He wasn’t too broken up about me leaving. Are you suggesting that sonny corinthos is no longer the type of man who would find the person who threatened his daughter and make them suffer? Right? Why leave at all if avery is safe? She’s not! Avery will be in danger as long as I stay. This psychopath set fire to my car! Who knows what else they’ll do? What — what about that don’t you understand?! You’re right. I’m sorry. I… I thought sonny could be the solution that we needed. The only solution is the one I’ve already arrived at. I have to walk away. Uh, um… uh… you know, I can’t believe I’m gonna say this, especially to you, but I really think it’d be a shame for you two to give up on each other. Well, if it isn’t the townie. Mm-hmm! Live and in person, hey, esme. Hi, cam. So, to what do I owe this unexpected pleasure? The pursuit of higher education. Did you take the roman civ notes today? ‘Cause I-I don’t know what’s up with me, but I couldn’t make heads or tails of it. That’s because you’re intellectually ungifted, cameron. Spence! Be nice. Not everyone gets to grow up in boarding schools and haunted castles. Wyndemere is not haunted. It is so haunted. Oh, I know. What is with you two? Look, esme, can you back me up here? Isn’t it spencer’s duty as my intellectual superior to help me out? It is. Great. Unfortunately, I can’T. I didn’t take notes. Because you remember everything you hear. I didn’t take notes because I’m not taking the test. I’m auditing the class to keep my father off my back. Uh-huh. How’s that working out? So far, so good. So does that mean there’s gonna be another rager here? Why would I do that? Well, when the cat’s away… well, your dad is leaving, right? I take it that, uh, carly and jason brought you up to speed? Yeah. You know, I wish I had gotten out of that burning building before jason and carly got married so they didn’t have to put so much money on the deposits.

[ Both laugh ] I guess my timing was off. Oh, boy. I tell you, for a man who just barely made it out of a raging inferno, you have remarkably good vitals. You can head upstairs to your appointment. All right! Um… hey. Sonny? Yeah. It’s good to have you back. I missed you. Thank you. At the heart, this is about my grandson. Who happens to be my grandson! And sonny’s grandson! I realize that. That’s why I called you the first day I was in nixon falls to tell you I had seen sonny! Do you remember that?! But before I could even get a word out, you threatened to take me to court over visitations with wiley. So I deserve this? Months of grief, loss, and pain over one rude phone call? I never, ever intended things to go this far. You have to believe me, and if you don’t believe me, then ask jax. Jax knows? Yes, he — he figured things out, he went to nixon falls, and he encouraged me to tell sonny the truth. He encouraged you? Insisted. I agreed, and he trusted that I would do the right thing. Well, why the hell would he do that?

-What do you mean he’s leaving? -Oh, sorry. That was wrong word choice. I shouldn’t say “leaving.” No, my father can’t leave now. We just moved in. No, no. It’s just the — just the trip to bora bora. What makes you think spence’s dad is going to bora bora? Well, I was — I was talking to trina, and she said she booked two first-class tickets for mr. Cassadine and ava. You know, to celebrate calling off their divorce. Anyway, that was one long boat ride. Mind if I use the bathroom? Help yourself. Awesome. When will you learn that I am always right?

[ Sighs ]

[ Cellphones dinging ] It’s done. Thanks to cam, phase one is in motion. Too late to turn back now. So, what you are saying, scott… is that nikolas and I should not get divorced? Yeah. I-I’m still gonna get my fee, though. What — where is this coming from?! I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about love, life. You know, how sketchy it can be. You know, the separation and uncertainty is — is kind of death in its own way. You know, okay. You know, you get bounced out of an airplane like a guy that’s had too many martinis, ava, you get to thinkin’! Oh, scott. Is there any word on liesl? No. But, you know, I’ll find her. I’m gonna turn over every rock if I have to. I’m gonna say this. You know, true love… that’s worth fighting for.

[ Chuckles ] Never pegged you for a romantic. Well, I’ve been hopeless at times. But, you know, um, this — this whole thing with liesl, I-I can’t control any of that, but you know what i can control? You two. I-I’m not just gonna let you throw in the towel. There must be something that we can do to keep you two together. No. We’ve — we’ve been through all of that. Who knows? Scott is a clever guy. Maybe he can come up with an unconventional solution. Well, thank you, nikolas. So, you got a little… stalker problem.

Little problem? I don’t think it’s so little!

[ Nikolas chuckles ] Well, okay. Well, h-here’s what I’m thinking. So, this weirdo goes crazy when you guys make eyes at each other. So there’s only one solution! Do tell. Date other people. Well, uh, I’m always gonna care what happens to you, whether I help you or not. Yeah? Well, I don’t give a damn about you. Mr. Corinthos. Welcome back. Dr. Westbourne. Seems like we have a lot of catching up to do. Yeah. You were gone a long time. And one thing I’ve learned about port charles — you miss a day, you miss a lot. Renault tried to have her killed, right? Yeah. And you got shot trying to get her. Yeah, that’s right. Epiphany filled me in. Um, I guess you weren’t going to. I mean, there’s not much to say. It happened. It’s over now. Did — did you leave britt for carly? You had nine months to do the right thing. Right? While sonny’s kids grieved, while donna forgot her father, while jason went to prison, sonny tended bar in some dive, and you did nothing but lie to our faces, so why the hell would jax expect you to tell the truth?! And you feel qualified to judge? Because you know so much about the truth. Screw you, nina! Screw you! You stole nine months of sonny’s life because I hurt your feelings? At least you got sonny back! You got him back! I will never see my daughter again. Well, now the truth comes out. This was payback for nelle.

I’m never gonna forget that you and carly made that sacrifice to marry, to protect what’s mine. But you know what? You — maybe now you can go and pick up the pieces with britt. Eh. I don’t — I don’t think britt agrees with that. You can change her mind. Not sure that’s possible. Okay. Do me a favor. Ask yourself… does she make you happy?

[ Cellphone dings ]

[ Ominous music plays ] I should, uh — I should handle this. How — how long’s your psych evaluation? Don’t worry about it. I can have tony pick me up. Okay. Joss. What’s up? Okay. I’m kind of meddling here, but I feel like if I don’t, things could escalate. What happened? Mom found out something about nina,

and now she’s on the warpath. She’s not responding to any calls or texts. Okay. Don’t worry about it. I’ll find her. Spinelli. I need you to find carly and track her phone for me. You’re advising my wife to date another man? Don’t be thick, nik. I mean, you’re a cassadine. You of all people understand subterfuge. So she should date another man…for show. Yeah, exactly. Put on a little show for this crackpot. Won’t work. I tried it. I mean, well, I — just flirting. I flirted with austin at the bar that night. Yeah, and her car was still set on fire. All right, well, you know, austin, h-he’s a good choice on paper. Did you give it the old college try, ava? Well! [ Scoffs ] Okay. What about you? Have you stepped out with anybody? Of course not! I mean, but I would if I thought it would help. Subterfuge! Oh. Oh… look! Look who’s a little jealous. You want him to be jealous, but not you. There would be nothing to be jealous of. Wouldn’t there? Okay. Okay. The fake dating, it’s — it’s not gonna work. How about this? Skip town. We’ve discussed that. Yeah, I was all for it, but we can’t leave our children behind. Take the little germs with ya.

[ Stammers ] Any plan that includes uprooting or leaving the kids is out of the question. Okay. All right. I got another idea. You’re very resourceful, with resources a-and everything. You get mr. Bubba to just take this guy out. Or you get a real assassin and really get the job done. You know, we were just talking about the cassadine resources, weren’t we? Hm. Yeah. We’ve exhausted those options and have no new intel to show for it. Right. Well… then I guess we’re just gonna have to put our thinking caps on. Scott… I appreciate you trying to help, because it has helped me finally realize something. Ava’s solution is the right one. Until we figure out who this stalker is and how to handle them, we have to cut all ties with one another. You were so sure we had scared ava into leaving, but I told you your father could still win her back. I just can’t believe that my father is choosing ava over me again. Just when we started rebuilding our relationship. What the hell did I do all of this for?! If he can just leave me at the drop of a hat.

[ Chuckles ] I’m sure ava’s dropping a lot more than just her hat. That’s why your father can’t think straight. But don’t worry, spence. I’ve got this. Your father just needs to be brought back down to earth. They already called off the divorce. They’re probably already on the cassadine jet. It’s too late. I… do you trust me, spence? I’ve saved your cute little butt before, and I can do it again. Yeah, yeah. Of course I trust you. I just wonder if maybe this has all gone far enough. Hmm… let me decide how far is too far. I’ll be back later. So will your dad. Oh! Cam. Sorry. I’ve got to run. But please come again soon. Ciao. See ya.

[ Beep ]

[ Door closes ] Hey. You okay? Yeah. Never better. Okay, I thought we were past this. Past what? Hiding how we really feel… because we’re worried that one will make fun of the other. Okay, then. Cards on the table. Total honesty. Absolutely. What’s the real reason you stopped by? She-devil is on the move. Cam might have needed a little nudge, but he definitely delivered. Well, the launch will be here any second. Are you still tailing esme like we discussed? I don’t know. Spencer’s a slippery one, right? I mean, anyone who managed to avoid everyone they knew in port charles for weeks needs two sets of eyes on them. I’ll follow esme and report back. Joss. Be careful, okay? If we’re right, then esme set ava’s car on fire. Who knows what that chick is capable of? Please. I survived nelle. I can handle whatever esme’s got. Nina, you act like nelle was some kind of a martyr. She was a murderer. And the world is better off without her. And so is wiley. How can you say that to me? Nelle was my child! And I didn’t know that till after she died. You mean after you watched her fall? After you watched her plummet to her death and you did– how dare you laugh! You stayed silent all those weeks. You didn’t tell the police anything and you let her rot, not allowing me any kind of closure! So what did you decide to do — balance the scale? Lie about sonny for nine months? Let us grieve a man who wasn’t really dead? Are you kidding me, nina? I mean, you want to hate me and make me suffer? That’s fine. But what about sonny’s kids? What about sonny himself? How the hell do you justify what you did to them? I will gladly apologize to sonny and his children and his family and all of his friends… and his seventh-grade math teacher while I’m at it, but I’ll be damned if I ever apologize to you.

Cameron. You should be out of there by now. Esme, what the hell are you doing? You’re obviously not here to get my roman civ notes. Of course not. You’re auditing the class. Then why? Come on. It’s obvious. I practically told you. Told me…? I came to check up on you. Last time when we all hung out, I felt that there was tension. You mean when you, trina, and josslyn all huddled around and gossiped about me and my girlfriend? You sensed a little tension there? I’m sorry. That was not cool.

[ Clears throat ] So what did you guys talk about? What did you have to say about us? Or can you not tell? Well… we just all think that esme… I don’t know how to say this without sounding weird. You always sound weird, cameron. Just spit it out. We think that she has some kind of…hold over you. A hold? Like an influence. Esme loves me. I — and I didn’t say that she didn’T. She looks out for me, which is more than I can say for my own father. You don’t mean that, man. You know your father loves you. The way that emperor augustus loves his stepson, tiberius — by exiling him and choosing him last every damn time! Well, it looks like you did take your roman civ notes. If I’m not enough for my father, then… why am I still fighting for him? How are you fighting for him?

[ Scoffs ] It doesn’t matter anymore. Look. My relationship with franco was really rough when he first started seeing my mom. But we worked at it. We developed a relationship. And with time, with effort, he became like a real father to me. Your point? My point is, is that if franco and I made the father/son thing work, it’s not too late for you and your dad to put everything behind you guys and move forward together. But that’s just it, cameron. I’m not you. And I never will be. Thank you for trying, scotty. Hey, I know that you’ve been going through a very difficult time. I really appreciate you coming to meet me here. I’m still gonna bill ya. Oh, I know. You too.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. So, I got to meet a client. Should I take the papers with me?

About the time you spent scott.

[ Clears throat ] Uh, my resources are at your disposal to help you find liesl. I may take you up on that. That was kind of you. True love is always a worthy cause. Everything all right with you, dr. Westbourne? Yes. Why are you asking, nurse johnson?

[ Chuckles ] I get that you have to be the, uh, “untouchable” chief of staff. But just so you know…

[Singsong voice] I see through you. You let my daughter die. You lied to me for weeks. And then you did everything in your power to rob me of my grandson. And I would do it all over again. And if you want to hate me for it… come and get me. But don’t use someone like you used sonny. You know, look at the bright side. At least sonny’s back. You should be overjoyed. Is that supposed to make this all okay? All’s well that ends well? None of this — none of this is okay. It’s just better. Everybody is happy that sonny is back. The real question is, carly… will sonny stay happy? What the hell is that supposed to mean?

You see through me. Mm-hmm. Always have, always will. And what is it you see, nurse johnson? By all means, enlighten me.

[ Chuckles ] That you’re going through a lot right now. That it might even become overwhelming. So…if you ever need to talk it through… …consider me a safe space. Within reason. I should get going. Fine. I’ll let you go. But I’m not giving up. I will move heaven and earth to find who’s doing this to us. And when I do… we will be together again. Thank you. For not standing in my way. Anymore? Anymore. I just have one request. Wait for me. Spencer: I mean this sincerely. You — [ Chuckles ] You are, like, the poster child for upstanding sons.

[ Laughs ] Clearly, you have been away far too long. How do you figure? No, even for a short time, you and franco, you were like father and son.

[ Chuckles ] You had that bond. And maybe, uh — maybe I don’t deserve to have that kind of bond with my own father. Not after everything I’ve done. W-what does that mean? Spencer, what — what have you done? Epiphany. Am I good to go? Mm-hmm. Not bad for a member of the recently deceased.

[ Laughs ] I’ll go get your after-visit summary. All right. Thank you. Esme: Excuse me. Are you… sonny corinthos? Who’s asking? Thank goodness I found you. Things were simpler in nixon falls. Mike was actually happy there. Stop calling him that! No, but that’s who we was, carly! That’s who he wanted to be! He wasn’t consumed by ambition. He wasn’t riddled with guilt or regret. He wasn’t mourning the loss of a child to mob violence! -Don’t mention my son’s name! -No, no, no. Don’t you mention my son’s name! Stop! Hey! Let go of me! No. Come here! Come on! You need to leave! Oh, are you kidding me?! Fine. Get out. Tell wiley I’ll come back to see him. Oh, you’re never seeing him again! You will never see wiley again! You can never change the fact that I will always be his grandmother. You are nothing to him! Nothing! She threw morgan up in my face! Because she knows she lost. You got sonny back. She’s got nothing. Just let it go. I am going to burn nina’s life down and spit on her ashes.

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