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[ Upbeat music ]

Carter: I should’ve stopped justin.

Quinn: Why couldn’t ridge just leave it alone? Sending justin after me. I mean, how did he even get in here!

Carter: If we didn’t convince justin to keep quiet, this is going to be a disaster.

Quinn: Carter, we told him everything.

Carter: Right now, he could be sharing all of that with ridge.

Ridge: How much do you know about eric’s marriage?

Justin: How much do I know?

Ridge: Quinn betrayed him and I’m not gonna let that happen again.

Justin: I get that, but when you ask him, like what does he say?

Ridge: He says nothing! That’s why I asked you to follow quinn. So, where did she go?

Justin: You’re not gonna like iT.

Ridge: Justin! I don’t like any of this. I don’t like what it’s doingto my father. I want this woman out of his life, but I can’t do that unless I have some proof. So, what do we have? Is she betraying my father or no?

Katie: You don’t have to treat me like a guest. We’ve known each other too long for that.

Eric: I actually enjoy playing host. Especially to you.

Katie: Well, thank you for the invite.

Eric: You’re good company, katie.

Katie: Well, you’re not so bad yourself. I’m just sorry that you feel like you need company.

Eric: Katie, we agreed.

Katie: I know, I know. No talk of quinn.

Eric: Yeah, or our relationships.

Katie: No. No relationship, marriage talk at all.

Eric: Thank you very much.

[ Laughing ] Except I’m wildly curious about yours. How’s everything with you and bill?

Katie: You wanna know about my relationship with bill?

Eric: You’ve been very worried about me being alone, here. But I’ve been surprised to know that you’re alone next door.

Katie: Yeah, yeah. Will is at boarding school, and I just… it devastates me. Like I miss him so much. Like I can’t even talk about it or I’ll start crying, but, you know, he wanted to go so badly and it’s such a good school, and it just… it floors me how independent he is sometimes. It’s been rough having bill in jail. It was just… it was really, really hard.

Eric: It’s been hard for everybody in this family. You’re right.

Katie: Bill was just so reckless. And I tried to shield will, but, you know, it’s just a lot for a kid his age.

Eric: It’s a lot for you too. You were considering reconciling with bill before all this happened, right?

Katie: Yeah, we were.

Eric: So, you still see a future with him?

Quinn: How did this get all so out of hand? Justin could be telling ridge everything right now about our arrangement. About eric’s ed!

Carter: What was ridge even thinking? Hiring bill spencer’s henchman to spy on us.

Quinn: Not on us, on me! Me. Quinn, the wrecking ball.

Carter: Stop.

Quinn: No! No, eric could’ve been done with me. He didn’t have to let me back into his life. He didn’t have to give us permission to be together so I wouldn’t have to give up that intimate part of my life.

Carter: And we made justin understand that.

Quinn: Did we? There’s no telling what he might do.

Ridge: Justin, we had a deal.

Justin: I did what you told me to do.

Ridge: You’re not doing it now. I’m asking you a question, answer me. What is going on? What is quinn doing? Is she abusing my father or not?

Brooke: What’s going on?

Ridge: That’s what I’m trying to find out.

Brooke: Did you uncover something about quinn?

Brooke: Justin, we know the kind of person she is, so anything you tell us, it’s not gonna surprise us.

Quinn: If this gets out can you imagine what this is gonna do to eric? Please, that’s why you can’t say anything. That’s why you have to keep this secret to yourself.

Brooke: If you found out something about quinn, you need to tell us.

Brushing only reaches

25% of your mouth.

Katie: Sometimes I feel like I’m caught in this endless loop.

Eric: Because you feel like bill keeps pulling you back in?

Katie: Or maybe I’m just too stubborn to let go. I’ve told myself that… I keep holding on because of will. You know, I wanna give him the family that he deserves. The family that I promised him. But I think a lot of it’s about me. I just… I remember, I remember who we were when we first met. And what we used to mean to each other before brooke, before all those insecurities and doubts crept in.

Eric: Well, you shouldn’t feel insecure about yourself. You know, you’re an incredible woman. You really are.

Katie: Thank you, that’s lovely to hear from you. And I’m not fishing. I’m really not.

[ Laughing ] Because the truth is, I will never really be able to forget that the man I gave my heart to gave his heart to someone else. And… I’ve heard him say that brooke is the love of his life.

Eric: I’ve heard him say similar things about you.

Katie: Yeah, I have to. And I believed him. I believe it when he says them. I do. But, I just always have to wonder if he had the choice, would he choose me? And I hate that question. I hate that that question even enters into my mind when I’m with him. Because it’s something that I have tried to fight through. And I’ve have to work on, and honestly, the real question that I should be asking myself is… don’t I deserve to be the love of someone’s life? Don’t I deserve to be loved like that? I don’t want to be the runner up.

Eric: You don’t have to be katie, you never should have to be. Bill should absolutely give you the respect and the acceptance that you deserve.

Katie: He says I make him a better man.

Eric: Katie, he adores his children and his grandchildren.

Katie: He does, but bill, there’s never any moderation. It is always the extreme. Even how he protects his family. And he says that he does everything for his boys, and for his family, and everything he does is for them, but you know what? It’s not. It’s for himself. He feels like the only way to show strength, is to be unflinching. Never show any weakness. And I just don’t buy that. I don’T. I feel strongest when I’m surrounded by people I love, and who care for me. And who I can trust enough to show my weaknesses to. Because I know that they’ll be there for me, and they’ll sit next to me, and they’ll hold my hand. I mean, like my sisters, and like you. Gosh, no matter how much I try to explain that to him, he just–he doesn’t get it.

Eric: So, you don’t feel that he’s ever been listening. You don’t feel you’ve ever been heard by bill?

Katie: I think bill hears what he wants to hear. And sometimes I don’t think we speak the same language.

Eric: I’ve had the same trouble in my marriage too.

Katie: But unlike bill, there’s nothing you wouldn’t do for your wife.

Quinn: We were gonna stop, carter.

Carter: We did stop.

Quinn: But eric pushed us back together.

Carter: He encouraged it.

Quinn: Ridge is never gonna see it that way. He’s never gonna understand why eric did what he did. He’s never gonna see eric’s unconditional love and faith in our marriage.

Carter: Coming from justin, you saw the way he reacted.

Quinn: He could twist this a million different ways.

Carter: And none of them good.

Justin: You wanted to know if quinn was playing games. Doing things that eric didn’t know about.

Ridge: Tell me where she’s running off to.

Brooke: And why eric’s spending so much time alone.

Ridge: Where’d she go?

Justin: She left the office, she drove to the beach. The way she was acting, I thought you had it all wrong. She wasn’t being evasive. She parked out front. Hell, when she went inside, they didn’t even shut the shades.

Brooke: They? You mean she was with somebody?

Justin: It wasn’t just anyone. I caught them together. She went to carter’s place. Lactaid is 100% real milk, just without the lactose.

Eric: Katie, I want you to be able to tell me anything you need to tell me about you and bill. I want to be there for you the same way you’ve been there for me.

Katie: I’m conflicted.

Eric: I see that.

Katie: He loves our son and will adores him. Looks up to him. Honestly, he’s not the kind of man that I thought that I would end up with at all. I mean, that’s part of the attraction is the fact that he is so volatile and dangerous. And that can be exciting and romantic. But it can also be terrifying and I thought that if I loved him enough, then I could smooth out the rough edges.

Eric: Yeah.

Katie: But at the end of the day, bill is who he is. And he likes who he is. He likes sitting behind the desk and intimidating everyone and barking out orders. And he can be passionate but he can also be vengeful. For a while I thought I could change him. It’s silly of me, maybe I don’t even have that right. Because I don’t think that people really change for other people. I think that you have to change for yourself. And I don’t think that bill wants to change and I don’t think he would change for me.

Eric: Well, then he’s a damn fool. A man of substance will do anything he can to give the woman he loves what she needs. And the life she needs, no matter how much it costs him. I don’t think bill is willing to do that for you. And if he’s not, then– look, he’s not giving you any of the respect and the acceptance that you deserve. He’s not.

Katie: He does love me. I know he does.

Eric: Enough to give you the life that you deserve?

Katie: Is being alone better?

[ Sighing ]

Eric: Well, you mustn’t reconcile with bill just because you don’t want to be alone.

Katie: Isn’t that what you’re doing with quinn? I mean, I’m sorry. I know, we’re not allowed to talk about your marriage, or quinn. But–I feel the same way about her that you feel about bill. I don’t trust her, I don’t feel like she treats you the way that you deserve to be treated. I mean, here you are, this beautiful, beautiful human being, just standing in front of her, wanting to love her. And, where is she?

Quinn: I should go home. Or I should call eric. I need to warn him that justin could blow all of this up.

Ridge: You sure? You saw quinn at carter’s place?

Brooke: You actually saw them together?

Ridge: What happened?

Justin: They were in the bedroom.

Brooke: I knew it! I knew quinn couldn’t be faithful to eric.

Ridge: What happened?

Justin: Well, I followed her to carter’s place. She pulled up, walked in, and I made my way up to carter’s bedroom window. And they were all over each other.

Brooke: Ugh! He never should’ve taken her back.

Ridge: And either way you confronted them?

Justin: Yeah, I mean, I thought interrupting them was what you wanted before–

Ridge: What I want is that woman out of his life today.

Brooke: Once eric finds out what she’s up to, she will be.

Ridge: How does carter do that? Why? He’s gonna throw away his family? His career? All for quinn?

Justin: They begged me not to tell you what I saw.

Brooke: We told eric to cut her loose. But he wanted to give her one more chance. And now what? She’s back in carter’s bed?

Ridge: This doesn’t make sense to me.

Ridge: That’s not the carter I know. He made a mistake. But he wouldn’t do it again. There’s no way.

Justin: They said it wasn’t cheating. That it was okay.

Brooke: What? No, of course it was cheating. Quinn is married.

Justin: Well, no. They said it wasn’t like that. They could explain.

Ridge: Explain? They can explain it to me.

Justin: Whoa, hold on, ridge. I haven’t told you everything.

Ridge: Let ’em tell it to me.

Brooke: I’m coming with you.

Ridge: You did a good job today. You did a good job for this family. Come on. I’ve been telling everyone…

Katie: Eric, I am your friend. Please tell me what’s going on with you.

Eric: Look, katie, I appreciate how… how open and honest you’ve been with me.

Katie: It’s because we trust each other. We’ve always trusted each other. I’m just trying to understand. Quinn has this beautiful, loving, charming husband. How could she not be satisfied?

Eric: She is. She is satisfied more than ever.

Katie: Well, then where is she? Why don’t you want to tell me?

Eric: I do, katie. I do. But I… I’ve done something, katie. Uh, I’ve done something that I don’t think anyone’s really gonna understand. Most especially you, I think.

Katie: I would never judge you, never.

Eric: I know. But if you… if you do, I’ll understand. When quinn and I got back together, I wanted it to be everything it had been before. But it couldn’t be. I couldn’t, uh… it wasn’t the same. It couldn’t be and so I made a choice, I made a decision, and um… I want to tell you the truth. I want to tell you the truth about quinn and me. And carter.

Quinn: I don’t want eric to be blindsided by this.

Carter: We would’ve known by now if justin told ridge.

Quinn: Or ridge could be grilling eric right now as we speak.

Carter: And that’s why eric didn’t want anyone to know. One person finds out, and the entire family’s questioning his judgment.

Quinn: Or they could be questioning ours. I mean, aren’t you?

Carter: We haven’t done anything wrong.

Quinn: Yeah, I know. I was telling myself that too, and then justin walked in on us and I’m still trying to convince myself of it.

Carter: ‘Cause you saw his reaction?

Quinn: Look what this is gonna do to eric when his secret gets out. I mean, this is going to hurt him and I don’t want that to happen, he’s my husband!

Carter: You love him.

Quinn: Of course, I love him. And I love you!

Carter: I love you too. Enough to accept another man’s ridiculous terms to be with you, quinn. But I love you way too much to put you in a situation you might regret.

[ Knocking ]

Ridge: Carter, quinn, open up. We know you’re in there.

[ Knocking ]

Brooke: How dare you?

Ridge: Again?

Quinn: We don’t expect you to understand.

Brooke: You took eric’s forgiveness and you threw it right back in his face. How dare you betray him again?

Quinn: We’re not betraying him!

Ridge: How do you have the audacity to say that?

Carter: Because it’s true.

Ridge: Huh? What? So, you’re not sleeping together?

Quinn: Not behind eric’s back. We’re not lying to him. Eric knows, ridge. He knows.

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