Days Short Recap Tuesday, September 28, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Philip and Chloe spent time together. He said he knew Brady wasn’t the one spying on him. He said it was Jake and Gabi. He said he was going to make them pay for what they did. Chloe wanted him not to say anything bad about Brady. He said he wouldn’t. She said Brady might be willing to help them go after Jake and Gabi. Philip didn’t think he needed Brady. He said he was going to steal Gabi’s company. Jake went to see Brady. Jake asked how his conversation with Victor went. Brady asked how he knew he talked to his grandfather. Brady asked if he was keeping tabs on him. Jake tried to come up with an excuse, but Brady thought he was going after the CEO job at Titan. Jake started asking Brady questions. Brady was suspicious and wanted him to leave. Jake went in the hallway and listened to Brady’s conversation with Victor. Jake overheard Brady tell Victor he had no interest in coming between Philip and Chloe. Rafe confronted Gabi about the way she has been treating Ava. Gabi called Ava a heartless b*tch. Ava walked in while Gabi was talking about her. Ava watched Gabi and Rafe argue. Ava said she would move out so she wouldn’t cause trouble between Rafe and Gabi. Rafe told her she wasn’t leaving. He wanted Gabi to be the bigger person. Gabi ended up apologizing to her. Rafe was thankful that she was trying to get along with Gabi. He said if Gabi didn’t change her ways, she wouldn’t like who he chose.

When Rafe went to work, Philip came by to see Ava. He asked her how she would like to help him go after Gabi. Gabi met up with Jake at the town square. He told her about what was going on between Brady, Philip and Chloe. Gabi said Chloe was the Achilles heel they could use to bring Philip down. EJ went to see Nicole at Basic Black. He told her she would never see Xander in the office again. They talked about Xander getting arrested. EJ asked her if something was going on between her and Rafe. She said there wasn’t anything going on. He thought she was upset about it. He said she could do better. He asked her out on a date. Gwen went to see Xander at the police station. She said it was her fault he was in this mess. He said she was worth it. She said she was going to get him out of there. He said a jailbreak would be sexy. She said she was going to confess. He didn’t want to go along with the plan. He said they could get another lawyer. Justin came in the interrogation room looking for Bonnie. Gwen asked him to defend Xander. Justin wouldn’t do it. When Justin brought up the judge he was going to see, Xander said he was corrupt. He said he was the same judge EJ bribed about his case. Gwen said he should blackmail the judge to help Bonnie. She said she would help Justin get the evidence to help Xander. When Justin left, Gwen and Xander tried to figure out what they needed to do to prove that the judge was corrupt.

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