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Philip brings Chloe a large present in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion. Chloe asks what is in it so he tells her to open it up and find out.

Brady sits at John and Marlena’s with his laptop. Jake shows up at the door and says he thought he’d stop in and say hello. Brady questions him knowing where he lives. Jake reminds him that he sent him a fruit basket back when he got shot. Jake says he wanted to check in and see how his talk with Victor about his concerns about Philip went. Brady responds that the funny thing is he never confirmed having that talk with Victor, so he questions how exactly Jake knows that he did.

Rafe is making coffee at home. Gabi walks in and says she’d love a cup. Rafe thought she moved out again, but Gabi informs him that she’s back again.

Nicole works at the Basic Black office. She opens a drawer and finds her and Rafe’s teddy bear Duke. EJ then shows up and startles her. Nicole comments on EJ showing up unannounced again. Nicole brings up that last time EJ was there, he told her to hire Xander or she would be let go. EJ says that’s exactly what he has come to discuss.

Gwen goes to see Xander in the interrogation room at the police station. Xander tells her that he’s going to prison any minute now. Gwen complains about Xander getting dragged off and how he shouldn’t even be in this mess. Gwen tells him that she’s so sorry. Xander tells her not to be, because she’s worth it. Gwen promises to make this up to him and declares that she will get him out of here, no matter what it takes.

Rafe tells Gabi that Ava said that Gabi and Jake got in a fight with her then took off. Gabi blames it all on Ava. Rafe asks Gabi to just tell him what happened. Gabi tells him that she’s sick of Ava’s crap so she and Jake decided to move back to the DiMera Mansion, but that didn’t happen, because it turns out EJ owns the house now as he pulled a dirty trick and stole it from underneath her. Rafe says he’s sorry to hear that. Gabi argues that EJ is the one that will be sorry as she is not going to take this lying down and already has her lawyers on it. Rafe guesses she’s going to be here for awhile in the meantime. Gabi didn’t think he minded having them. Rafe says he doesn’t, but he does mind the way she treats his girlfriend. Gabi remarks that it’s not her fault that he’s dating a heartless bitch. Ava then walks in and says good morning to her too.

Nicole asks EJ if he has another ultimatum for her. EJ says he only use such tactics as a last resort and she wasn’t being cooperative. Nicole mentions hearing that Xander is in jail, so she hopes he never gets out. EJ reveals that Xander has been terminated for not holding up his end of the bargain to return the money that Sami paid him, so he rescinded his legal services and the job offer. EJ declares that she will never see Xander in this office again since as far as he’s concerned, Xander can rot in jail for the rest of his miserable life.

Xander tells Gwen that this is not her fault, it’s EJ’s, since he’s the one who got the judge to make the charges against him go away, but when he couldn’t get his money back, EJ got him arrested again. Gwen repeats that Xander does not belong here as he didn’t even commit a crime. Xander responds that he’s done plenty, just not what he’s currently accused of. Gwen insists that Xander is not staying behind bars. Xander jokes about a jail break. Gwen tells him that she wants to make things right. Xander tells her not to worry about it. Gwen declares that she’s the one who was running drugs for Snyder so she’s the one who should be arrested and she’s not allowing him to take the blame for her any longer. Xander asks what she’s going to do. Gwen responds with what she should’ve done a long time ago; she’s going to confess. Xander argues that she can’t confess. Gwen suggests she can tell the police what she told Jack about being a sex worker. Xander worries that she would still be admitting to a felony. Gwen says at least it would get Xander out. Xander complains that he’s not in here because he’s guilty, but because EJ has a judge under his thumb. Xander adds that if Gwen confesses, she’ll just end up hurting herself and it won’t change anything. Gwen feels she can’t just do nothing. Xander tells her to stop blaming herself as this could just be karma catching up with him. Gwen says it’s catching up with her too as they finally took a risk and put their feelings out there. Gwen then stops and declares that they don’t give up. Xander thinks they don’t have any moves outside of a jailbreak. Gwen states that they are going to get him a fantastic lawyer. Xander says he already tried but they all refused as soon as he mentioned EJ. Gwen says there must be somebody in town with a law license that isn’t terrified of the DiMeras. Justin then enters the room, so Gwen says there he is.

Nicole tells EJ that it’s not like Xander went on a spending spree with the money but the cops are holding it as evidence. EJ asks if she’s suggesting he give him a second chance. Nicole assures no as Xander deserves to be in a cage for all he’s done, but she figured once the charges were dropped, that would be the end of it, so she asks how the charges suddenly reappear. EJ says the less she knows, the better. EJ then asks about the teddy bear and if she brought her daughter to work. Nicole clarifies that the bear actually belongs to Rafe.

Rafe tells Gabi that she owes Ava an apology. Gabi argues that what she said is nothing compared to what Ava said to her. Rafe blames Gabi for provoking Ava. Gabi questions why he is taking Ava’s side when she is his sister. Rafe states that Ava is his girlfriend which makes Gabi’s skin crawl. Gabi remarks that Rafe is scraping the bottom of the barrel. Rafe tells her that she cannot say those kind of things to Ava. Gabi complains that maybe she’d be nicer if Ava wasn’t in her face all the time. Rafe argues that Gabi decided to move back in. Gabi argues that it’s her house as she grew up here. Rafe points out that he pays the mortgage. Gabi asks if he’s saying she has to move out. Ava stops them and doesn’t want them fighting over her. Ava offers to find her own place but Rafe says he never said that, though Gabi does want that. Ava tells Rafe that family means everything to her too. Rafe is not asking Ava to move out, but for Gabi to be reasonable and take the high road for once, like Ava is. Ava then thinks back to telling Philip about Gabi plotting against him as she smiles.

Jake tells Brady that he happened to pass by the Kiriakis Mansion and saw Brady’s car, so he figured he was there talking to Victor since he seemed pretty concerned about what he and Gabi told him. Brady questions Jake happening to know what kind of car he drives. Jake reminds him that he used to be a mechanic so he pays attention to those things. Brady brings up that Jake used to be in the mob, so he asks if this is Jake’s way of telling him that he’s keeping tabs on him.

Chloe opens Philip’s present to find a water pot vase of fire and ice roses. Chloe can’t believe he remembered from their time in high school. Chloe says after all these years, he’s still surprising her. Philip says he couldn’t resist. Chloe calls it so thoughtful and thanks him. Philip talks about the tree they planted needing love and care. Philip explains that the water pot symbolizes a 22nd anniversary gift as it’s been 22 years since they met. Philip tells Chloe that she’s always been the one that got away and he made so many mistakes back then, but he’s learned from them. Philip promises her that he’s going to take perfect care of their tree and of her as they kiss.

Gwen is excited to see Justin and says she’s grateful that someone in Xander’s family cared to come. She thanks him for deciding to represent Xander but Justin reveals that’s not why he is here. Justin says he came to see Bonnie. Xander says they haven’t seen her, but if he does, they will have a nice chat about taking things that don’t belong to you. Justin goes to leave but Gwen stops him. Gwen says fate brought Justin in to this room and asks him to help his cousin Xander, who is innocent. Justin apologizes but says he can’t take on anything else right now as he’s working around the clock on Bonnie’s case. Gwen brings up Bonnie murdering two people and stealing Xander’s money which is why he’s back in jail, so she feels Justin owes him. Justin argues that Bonnie is very remorseful and there were extreme circumstances. Justin declares that he can’t do this right now as he has 12 hours to get Judge Smails to reconsider Bonnie’s bail. Xander stops him and asks about the name of the judge.

EJ asks Nicole about Rafe collecting teddy bears and calls it unconventional. Nicole explains that she won it for Rafe in a game on his birthday so EJ asks why she has it. Nicole tells EJ that she doesn’t have to explain anything to him. EJ guesses whatever it is would be deeply embarrassing for Rafe. EJ calls Rafe an enormous embarrassment so Nicole yells at him to stop talking about Rafe.

Gabi remarks that the only way Ava would take the high road is if she took a wrong turn. Rafe tells Gabi that he does not want to wake up in a warzone every morning. Gabi calls Ava the enemy. Rafe tells Gabi that he and Ava want to make this work and since Gabi has nowhere else to go, he suggests she suck it up and apologize. Gabi says that’s not necessary but Rafe thinks it is. Gabi questions not making Ava do the same. Rafe points out that he hasn’t heard her say anything to apologize for. Gabi then gives in and apologizes to Ava and promises to be more respectful in the future. Rafe suggests she say it like she means it. Gabi then repeats it and asks if Rafe is happy.

Jake asks Brady why he would keep tabs on him when they are on the same side as they both want to keep Philip from running Titan in to the ground. Brady says he does want that despite working for the competition as he wants his family legacy to be okay. Brady adds that the real question is why Jake cares when he’s been at Titan for a couple weeks. Jake doesn’t want to see Gabi’s company go down in flames and he doesn’t want a boss who has his head up his ass. Brady questions who Jake wants the boss to be and if he wants it to be himself.

Philip tells Chloe that he’s working hard to turn over a new leaf. Chloe acknowledges that since he came home last night and saw her talking to Brady, she could tell his head wanted to explode but he was very understanding and that was nice. Chloe calls it civilized which Philip says is the way it should be. Philip admits he feels bad for accusing Brady of corporate espionage. Chloe asks about the information he found out. Philip thinks he may know who put spyware on his computer and tells Chloe that this stays between them. Philip then reveals to her that it was Gabi and Jake, who were working together to get rid of him and take over Titan. Philip says he still needs to find the proof, but when he does, they will regret ever thinking they could play him for a fool. Chloe asks how he found out that Jake and Gabi were spies. Philip claims an old business associate tipped him off and then he remembered I.T. first telling him that he found a keylogger on his laptop and he accused Gabi of putting it there but she denied it even though he caught her using his computer in his office and right after that, his machine got all glitchy. Chloe says he should’ve just fired her on the spot. Philip says he did but then Jake claimed she was having problems too and they found spyware on her computer too. Philip guesses they planted that and as soon as the heat was off of them, they put it on Brady to make him think he was behind it. Philip apologzies for freaking out but says now it’s all making sense as to why Gabi wanted him to hire Jake and putting suspicion on Brady. Chloe points out that he knows now that Brady wasn’t part of it and that Brady said he was perfectly happy at Basic Black so he has no interest in using hostile tactics against Titan or them. Philip acknowledges that it wasn’t easy to apologize for pointing the finger at Brady but he has to admit that the three of them sitting down for a meal was pretty nice. Chloe thinks Brady would agree. Chloe tells Philip to uphold his end of the bargain to never badmouth Brady to her again. Philip promises not to. Chloe kisses him and calls that a relief. Chloe adds that she’s pretty sure Brady would be happy to help him bust Jake and Gabi.

Jake laughs off the idea of Brady thinking he wants to be the boss of Titan. Brady says that when Jake and Gabi came to ask him to talk to Victor, he expected they had ulterior motives. Jake insists it’s just because Philip was acting crazy. Brady admits he believed that part, but now Jake is at his place pumping him for information. Jake claims he’s just curious. Brady says he’s been CEO of Titan a couple times and he can smell when the sharks are circling. Brady warns that Jake is going to have to be more slick than this if he wants this to be successful. Jake tells Brady that nobody is going to make a brand new employee CEO. Brady points out how Jake went from mechanic to DiMera CEO until he got thrown out, then he lands at Titan with his girlfriend. Brady asks if Jake is sure that he doesn’t want he and Gabi to be the next big power couple in Salem. Jake claims he never thought about that but Brady tells him to cut the crap as he knows Jake and Gabi are used to running their own company so they have ideas and visions for the future and they want Philip out of the way. Jake asks Brady if he doesn’t want the same thing.

Ava thanks Gabi for her apology. Gabi tells her to go choke on a ravioli and storms out. Ava jokes that she could’ve said a lot worse. Rafe notes that Ava could have as well. Ava calls Gabi her own worst enemy, but notes that people used to say the same thing about her and they were right. Ava states that most of her heartache was brought on by herself. Ava is afraid that Gabi is going down the same road.

Justin questions Xander knowing Judge Smails. Xander says he’s the one who threw the book at him and argues that he’s corrupt as hell. Justin asks what makes him say that. Xander explains that EJ got the judge to drop the charges against him. Justin points out that he wasn’t complaining then. Xander adds that he agreed to pay EJ a million dollars in exchange for his services and he had it ready to go but then Bonnie stole it and the police seized it, so when he couldn’t pay immediately, EJ punished him by having the charges reinstated. Xander asks how that could happen if the judge was on the up and up. Xander advises Justin that the judge might not be swayed by the facts of the case. Gwen suggests that Justin and Xander can help each other. Justin questions how they could possibly help each other. Gwen tells him to use the judge being dirty to encourage him to see Bonnie’s case in a more favorable light and do right by Xander. Justin argues that he has no right that the judge has done anything wrong. Gwen tells him that they will get the evidence while he gets the ball rolling. Justin questions blackmailing the judge using evidence he doesn’t have. Gwen encourages him to see the bigger picture and how the citizens of Salem would be better served if they could get the judge out of EJ’s pocket. Justin argues that he has sworn an oath to the court. Gwen brings up him being with Bonnie. Justin states that he has a defense to prepare. Gwen asks if Justin honestly thinks Bonnie would get off on two murder charges and if the judge is crooked and refuses to cooperate, Justin will lose no matter how strong his argument is. Gwen adds that it doesn’t look good as he can’t just roll the dice here. Gwen urges him to take control and asks if Justin wants a future with the woman that he loves. Justin says hypothetically if EJ did bribe the judge, he supposes one could trace the transactions. Xander says it’s not bribery as it wouldn’t make sense for EJ to pay money just to get his own money back. Gwen agrees that EJ got to the judge some other way but they have to figure out how. Justin feels this is a fishing expedition. Gwen feels it’s worth it if they catch the big one.

EJ asks Nicole if he hit a nerve. Nicole reminds him that she and Rafe are friends. EJ acknowledges that he can’t stand Rafe but apologizes for being rude. EJ notes that she looks stunned. Nicole points out that he never apologizes. EJ says only on the rarest occasion. EJ adds that he had no idea Rafe was such a sensitive subject and asks if there’s something going on between them. Nicole says definitely not but EJ senses that she wishes there were.

Rafe asks Ava if she heard from Philip on the job she applied for at Titan. Ava says not yet and she knows it’s a long shot as she doesn’t have a ton of skills. Ava says it’s been a long time since she’s worked in corporate America and she knows how to get what she wants but Titan might frown on some of her methods. Rafe admits he was surprised she wanted to work there considering her history with Philip. Ava notes that being a chef didn’t turn out and it doesn’t look like Basic Black will either, so Titan is kind of her last option. Rafe hopes it works out for her. Ava jokes that Victor used to be in the mob back in the day so she might fit in.

Brady tells Jake that he doesn’t want any part in taking down Titan as he likes his job and where he’s at. Brady then says they are putting their cards on the table and asks Jake if he and Gabi put the keylogger on Philip’s computer. Jake claims not to know what a keylogger is and argues that Gabi obviously didn’t put a keylogger in her own computer so his theory needs work. Brady tells Jake that he needs to get to the office. Jake points out that Brady never told him how his conversation with Victor went. Brady tells Jake that Victor is pleased with what Philip is doing at Titan and that’s all he needs to know. Brady tells Jake to have a good day so Jake exits as Brady gets a call from Victor. Jake stops outside the door to listen in on Brady’s call. Brady tells Victor that he gave it some thought and he knows that Victor thinks Philip would be less distracted without Chloe in his life, but he has no interest in getting between the two of them.

Gwen asks Justin if he wants to beat EJ at his own game by getting the goods on his judge. Xander says he certainly does but he can’t do much from his cell. Gwen tells Xander to just leave that to her and Justin. Justin points out that he did not say he was on board with this plane. Justin says he has to go meet Bonnie. Gwen argues that Xander still needs an attorney but Justin exits. Xander points out that Justin didn’t say he was on board, but he didn’t say he wasn’t either.

EJ jokes about Rafe dating Ava. Nicole warns him that Ava is her friend too. EJ questions that even if Ava stole her man. Nicole clarifies that Rafe was never her man. EJ thinks she would like him to be. Nicole tells EJ to stop it as she’s in the middle of a divorce and not ready to move on, while Rafe and Ava just started a new relationship that’s going well, so she decided to take herself out of the equation. EJ asks if she really thinks that’s for the best, because she looks miserable. Nicole responds that she has a lot of work to do. EJ says as much as he hates seeing his favorite ex-wife unhappy, his experience with Ava says staying out of her way is a wise move.

Rafe tells Ava that he has to go to work. Ava gives him some cookies to take with him. Ava adds that she would never want to cause trouble between he and Gabi. Rafe appreciates that Ava is making the effort to get along with her and just wishes Gabi would do the same. Rafe adds that if Gabi doesn’t change her attitude, she won’t like him choosing who stays or who goes. Ava jokes with him as they kiss.

Gabi finds Jake in the town square and asks how it went with Brady. Jake says that Brady was a little suspicious so he worries that he might have come on a little too strong. Gabi feels they have no choice since EJ stole her house from under her, so they have to get aggressive and get this plan moving. Gabi asks if Victor is going to fire Philip. Jake says no, but he did come out with a very interesting piece of information.

Philip tells Chloe that he doesn’t need Brady’s help busting Jake and Gabi, noting that Brady is the competition after all. Chloe points out that she is too but she’s still 100% on his side. Philip thanks her. Chloe assumes the next step is to fire Jake and Gabi again. Philip wishes he could, but if he fires Gabi then she could regain control of Gabi Chic as part of her deal and that’s hugely profitable. Chloe asks about firing Jake then. Philip doesn’t want to tip his hand and will wait until he’s ready to make his next move. Chloe asks what move that is. Philip responds that Gabi is trying to steal his company, so maybe he will try to steal hers.

Gwen tells Xander that even if Justin doesn’t help them, they still need to find a way to prove the judge is on the take. Xander says it would be so much easier if he was taking money, but questions how to get to the judge if they don’t know what he wants. Gwen thinks she has an idea.

Rafe goes to work where Justin questions him about Bonnie not being brought up. Rafe reveals that he just got word from Judge Smails that Bonnie’s visiting privileges have been restricted due to bad behavior. Justin questions that. Rafe says it’s Bonnie Lockhart, so it could be anything. Justin argues that she’s his fiancée. Rafe says then he knows and walks away.

Nicole tells EJ that Ava has changed since he last knew her and she’s completely given up her old life. EJ argues that they both know she will revert to type eventually. Nicole disagrees because Ava lost a son and her other son means the world to her, so she wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize what they have. EJ remarks on Rafe always being attracted to bad girls. EJ tells Nicole that she can do much better and she has with him. Nicole jokes about EJ’s ego. EJ thought she liked it. Nicole repeats that she has a lot of work to do. EJ says he does too and invites her out to dinner together when they are both done with work.

Chloe goes to the Basic Black office with her flowers from Philip where she runs in to Brady. Brady calls the flowers beautiful and very nice. Chloe asks if he told Victor that he won’t take him up on his suggestion to try and steal her away from Philip. Brady confirms that he did and he got an earful because of it. Brady gives Chloe his word that if things don’t work out for her and Philip, it won’t be because of him.

Jake informs Gabi that he overheard that Victor wanted Brady to break up Philip and Chloe, but he refused to go along with it. Gabi calls this very useful information as she declares that Chloe is the Achilles heel they will use to bring down Philip.

Philip goes to Rafe’s where Ava asks if he gave any more thought to their conversation. Philip then asks how Ava would like to help him bring down Gabi Hernandez.


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