Y&R Short Recap Thursday, September 30, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Moses takes Faith to the Top of the Tower restaurant where they have dinner in a private dining room where they have a view of the entire city.

Amanda worries when Imani takes Naya to the hospital because her heartbeat is accelerated.

Mariah gets upset with Tessa because she told Sharon she wants to have a baby.

Nick confronts Ashland and Victoria and tells them that he knows his real name is Bobby Terrance and he should tell Victoria the rest of the story. Ashland admits that he assumed the identity of his best friend Ashland Locke when Ashland died in a fiery car crash. Ashland (Bobby) explains that his best friend was driving fast down the highway because they were trying to leave town before his abusive father could find them and the car hit a tree and caught fire. Ashland (Bobby) was ejected from the car but the real Ashland was pinned to the car and Ashland (Bobby) picks up the real Ashland’s wallet and drops his wallet inside the car. The real Ashland was burned beyond recognition but Bobby’s father identified him because of a tattoo he had on his calf but nobody knew that the two friends had the same tattoo on their calves. Victoria tells Ashland she needs time to think because she is upset that he kept his past a secret from her. Victoria is angry with Nick because he continued to dig into Ashland’s past when he promised he wouldn’t do it anymore. Victoria is so upset with Nick that he isn’t invited to her wedding.

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