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ohh. That was so unsatisfying. Well, that’s just what every man longs to hear.

[ Chuckles ] No, I mean retracing chloe’s steps, you know? Ah. I was hoping to — thank you — just be able to find something more than just the site of the accident. We did find something more. We found a road to this quaint little tavern. So what do you say, anna devane? Should we take a night off sleuthing, just one, have ourselves a little drinky? I’m in.

[ Cell door opens ]

[ Groaning ] You’ve got company. Oh, you brought me a roommate. How thoughtful. I was getting a little lonely. Enjoy.

[ Dr. Obrecht grunts ]

[ Cell door closes ]

Mein gott. Drew cain? You’re alive? Dr. Obrecht, right? But you vanished. It’s been years. So, I’m getting the sense that you’re not the reason that I’m in here, which… begs the question, who managed to capture you? That’s my boy. Hey, wiley is the next picasso. That’s your boy, alright. So, are you suggesting that I’m not artistic? I’m not saying you’re not

not artistic. Wow. I am wounded.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, you’ll get over it.

[ Door opens ] Willow: Yuri, hi. Yuri: Hello, ms. Willow. I told you you could just call me willow, okay? Ms. Brook lynn take ms. Bailey upstairs for nap time, but, uh, I have treat from charlie’s for wiley. Oh, that is so sweet. I think we’ll save it for dessert. There something else, yuri? Wiley have visitor. Oh? Hi. Good. You’re here.

[ Door closes ] Hi, maxie. What’s, um, going on? Maxie has something she wants to tell you. Okay, th-this sounds serious. It is.

[ Sighs ] Okay. I’m of two minds. A big part of me thinks, “it’s not your business. Just stay out of it.” But another part, also big, thinks that I have information you have a right to because you’re sonny’s wife. And if I were you, I would want to know. Yeah, it was my idea to have the funeral. You know, carly wasn’t ready. I mean, nobody was — was ready. I just said we should do it. You did right. I mean, you — you s– you had to send a message that I was gone and that you were in charge. I know, but… that’s the business. …I hated every minute of it, because it felt like, doing business, I couldn’t — couldn’t actually grieve. Well, the good news is you don’t have to grieve anymore. Now, we all know progressive offers 24/7 protection, but we also bundle outdoor vehicles with home and auto to help people save more!

[ Laughs ]

[ Humming ]

[ Door creaks ] Oh.

Life is so strange, isn’t it? In what way? It’s cyclical. It, uh, teaches us the most interesting lessons in the most unexpected ways. Oh, you’re in a mood. I’m in a brooding mood. Is that a turn-off? No. I like it. Keep going. Why is life unexpected and interesting? Being back in greece, for one. I think it’s, uh, reminded me or maybe helped me to see how after, in my mind, you rejected me because of the way I looked — it had nothing to do with your looks. I said in my mind. I became obsessed with re-creating myself, with getting my hands on the cassadine inheritance. Yeah, and taking your place as the cassadine. Yeah. And all that evil crap with the chimera and the rest — oh, it was so much. Mm-hmm. It was about paying for my expensive spinal surgeries and also to fund my quest for the cassadine fortune. But… it was also about circling back to you. I wanted to stand tall in front of you and say, “look at me, anna devane. I’m strong. And I’m rich. I’m a cassadine.” But I don’t think I ever really appreciated how much of a burden that was to me. Of course I’m not the reason you’re here. You think if I wanted to hold someone captive, I couldn’t come up with a better facility than this? Ah. I see you’re not into the accommodations. Don’t worry. They grow on you. As do the bruises and lacerations. Mm. It’s a look. That’s quite the professional beating you received. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wh-what is that? Antibiotics. I’ve been told to check your injuries and treat you for possible infection. Uh, no, I-I-I don’t — I don’t think that’s a good idea. Why not? If memory serves, and I could be wrong about this, you were some kind of evil villainess, weren’t you?

[ Chuckles ] Oh, you have much bigger problems than me. Is that so? You really don’t know who’s holding you here, do you? And let me guess, you’re not about to tell me. On the contrary, I would be delighted.

[ Grunts ] It’s okay, yuri. Nina’s family. Yeah, come on in. Wiley, look who’s here. Hi. You know, whatever growing pill you’re taking, it needs to stop right now. You’ve grown like a foot since last time I’ve seen you. Hey, wiley, I have missed you so much.

[ Chuckles ] He’s missed you, too. Yeah. Can I have a hug? Oh, yeah, of course. Yay! Come here! That’s wiley’s specialty. Yay. Oh, honey.

[ Sighs ] It’s the best hug ever. Okay, guess what. I got you something. You want to see it? Look at this. Do you like it? Yeah? Yes. Why don’t you go look at it? Go look at it.

[ Chuckles ]Yeah, he loves it. Yeah. I understand that you two got back together. I’m so happy for you. Oh, yeah, thank you. Uh, yeah, we’re happy for us, too. Feels like the whole family has been given a second chance, now that sonny’s home. So, what about you? Is this another quick visit, or are you back for good? So now that I’m back, I want you to give me details on what happened while I was gone. Yeah, go ahead. Ask me anything. Well, I know you wouldn’t have had a funeral, first of all, and you definitely wouldn’t have gotten married to carly if — if, uh, the situation didn’t require it. Yeah, we — we had no choice. And then dante showed up when I came home? Was that a police matter? Yeah, there was a-a limo explosion outside of the wedding. Your wedding? Who was in it? Novak and buscema. What are the odds? I mean, I can’t see you inviting two guys to a wedding you’re gonna blow up, but I can see them coming to a wedding to blow you and carly up, but you were one step ahead, right? We, uh, owe a real debt to ms. Wu. I always liked her. Yeah, me, too. What is it that we’re talking about, here, maxie? What do you know? Well, I-I’m going to tell you. Then tell me. Okay, can I do it in my way and in order? A-and please try and reserve any judgment, which I know will be difficult. It would be for me, too. We’re kind of alike in that way. Okay, look, I get that you’re trying to help, but the way you’re building this up is making it sound really bad. Yeah, well, it is. Well, then, what is it? Maxie! Come on. Okay, fine! Nina has known for months that sonny was alive.

My name’s caleb. What’s yours? I’m grace! Did you just move here? Yeah! Cool!

I hate that helena cassadineis my mother? Of course I do. But I’m free of it. Mm-hmm. Yes, you are. I have two beautiful daughters that I love and adore. I have money of my own. I’m my own man. What’s happened happened. Of course, you and I still have a very messy history. So messy. But I’m not tethered by it. I don’t drag it around like a ball and… chain? …Chain. I’m free to pursue you because I want to, because you’re gorgeous, and you captivate me. And I could make you dizzy with a million other fancy words for why I just like being around you. Okay, that’s enough ouzo for you, I think. I don’t know. Maybe it’s not enough ouzo for you. You trying to get me drunk? Hell yes. You think I’m handsome now? Wait till you get a buzz going.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Speaking greek ] This is the perfect atmosphere for this conversation. Is this a conversation? ‘Cause I think it has to be two ways. We would never have this conversation back in port charles. You are so guarded. I’m not guarded. I just like to keep up a professional demeanor. You’re guarded. You never let your defenses down. But here we are, just the two of us, in the field.

[ Speaks greek ]

[ Speaks greek ] Oh, yes. Tomorrow, when the sun comes up, you can pretend this never happened. Or you can admit that it did and just dismiss my words as those of a drunken fool. But tonight, I’m saying everything. What is the last thing you did as a free man?

[ Groans ] I, um… I sent andre maddox back to port charles, and then — and then I got on a charter plane to afghanistan. At least it was headed to afghanistan, because I was gonna return the money that my… “good buddy” archer stole. And then sometime mid-flight, the plane veered off-course and — and we landed on some island. And then what? Well, then two guys with guns, they boarded the flight. I tried to resist them, and then — and then lights out. For me, not for them. I woke up in this place, and I’ve been here ever since. And what does that tell you? Man, you must really like the game “20 questions.” It tells me that somebody wanted me abducted, and I didn’t know why then, and I still don’T. It was two people working in tandem. And those people would be…? The first, the one responsible for your original abduction, was none other than peter august. So, I assume with buscema and novak out of the picture, nothing ties us to their deaths? I mean, you know, diane and i will probably have to go down to the station, sit there for a while, but there’s nothing to find. Good. That means we’re in a-a decent position. Am I right? Uh, I don’t know. I mean, because buscema and novak wouldn’t have acted on their own. Renault? Even from prison, he’s still connected. Cyrus is definitely not gone. We got to work on a strategy. What? Well, I mean, you know, I could just — I could just picture that bastard sipping coffee, learning about the two guys that died and I’m alive.

[ Laughs ] And I’m standing here in front of my grave, and I’m not in it. I feel like a winner. I cannot be touched. Then, uh, we need to have this conversation. It’s a little early to say if I’m back for good. Uh, tbd, how about that? Fair enough. But no more… where were you again? Pennsylvania. Uh, no, I said goodbye to my time there. Ah. Well, hey, one chapter closes, another one begins. Yes, that’s what they say. Wiley, he looks so happy.

[ All chuckle ] We’re trying. And you’re succeeding. Michael, willow, there’s something that I need to tell you. Wait, I’m sorry. Did you just say that nina knew? Yes. So when I went to pick up my dad in nixon falls, nina knew that sonny was there? Yes. She was hiding him away, letting all of us grieve and putting my mother through hell?! I want to know what she knew and when. And I want to know how and when you found out. I did not know when I planned your wedding, okay? I swear. I didn’t find out till this morning when nina came to me, and she was really upset and — and very remorseful. She said she made a terrible mistake. A mistake. Is that what we’re calling it?

Okay, your turn. What, to drink or talk? Both. We don’t have to talk about me all night. We can talk about you. What do you think of me?

[ Chuckles ] Okay. Since you’re not even going to remember your name in the morning, I will tell you.

[ Exhales sharply ] I missed you. I missed what we were to each other. Our friendship. And, yeah, I know it was me who messed it up. But then when everything happened and you came back into my life… it was a problem. What was the problem? I like you. And I didn’t want to. And it keeps getting worse. And I think, in a way, you understand me better than anyone else. I mean, robert is the closest, obviously. But he’s the… good soldier. That’s the difference. He never sold out. He never compromised himself like — like I did. How we both did. I’m not saying that he looks down on me. What I’m saying is that I look down on myself when I’m with him. But not with me because I’m so much worse? Yes, you are. Right. That’s not what I meant. No, I know, I know, I know. I’m good. I’m good. You know, the first thing that changed my life completely… was the birth of my daughter charlotte. And you know the second thing. It was you. Oh, my god. Of course. Peter was in afghanistan. He paid david archer to hand me over to helena. Something you didn’t remember at first, but when it started to come back years later — that son of a bitch didn’t want me to rat him out.

[ Scoffs ] Yeah, peter was anxious to keep hidden what a wretched human being he is, someone who stole you from your life and — and scrambled your memory. He — he saw me as a threat. Specifically to your standing with the people he held most dear — maxie and his unborn child. So peter went “extreme,” as they say — not that I haven’t been there myself. But there’s a difference between doing nefarious things because you’re blindly in love with the person you’re doing them for and doing them just because it’s expedient. Wait. What did peter do to maxie? Well, I mean, carly was gonna talk to you about it, but since, you know, the moment came up, uh, I thought I will. Yeah?Yeah. H-h-how you doing with your, uh, bipolar disorder? I mean, have you been on your meds? H-how you dealing with it? Because you seem like you’re doing okay right now. I-I was — I was lucky, ’cause the people that took me in, uh, phyllis, she was a nurse, and she — she saw my erratic behavior from the beginning. Did it get bad? Nah, it didn’t get — didn’t get really bad, but I couldn’t — I didn’t sleep couple nights, and, um… you know, uh — you know how I get when I’m having a manic episode. And anybody else would have thrown me out, called the cops. But they were fantastic. They just told me to go to the doctor and get treatment. I mean, that — well, that sounds like a real blessing. Yeah. But that doctor was treating a bartender named mike. Right. Sonny, you — you should see your psychiatrist. I just want to tell you how much it means to me that you gave me a second chance. I mean, to be able to be with wiley, it’s such a gift. Look. What it boils down to is wiley loves you and you love him. So much. How could we take that away from him? And I am so, so grateful. And not only that, but also that you’re wiley’s parents both of you. And you’re really great parents. I mean, you put him first, and you can tell. He’s such a happy, all-around awesome kid. And I give you guys all the credit. Thanks. Yeah. I don’t know about that. No, I do. You’re decent. You’re… decent, kind, good people. And you didn’t have to let me be part of wiley’s life, but you did it anyway. And I know there was a little coercion with jax, but I truly believe that if you thought that I was bad for wiley, there’s no way that you would let me in his life. You gave me a chance. Thank you. You’re very kind to say all that. No, I mean it. I’m very, very grateful. Well, so are we. The situation with wiley had gone really bad, as you know, and nina wanted to get out of town to clear her head. So she stopped by nixon falls to say hello to a friend, and she was floored when she saw sonny. So floored she couldn’t tell me? She was gonna call you, carly. She said she did call you to tell you that, uh, she saw sonny, and you guys got in some sort of argument? Oh, whoa, so now this is my mom’s fault? Wait, no, I didn’t say that. She wasn’t nice to nina, so that gave nina the right to lie and keep sonny a secret for months? That is crap!

I changed your life? Oh, this should be good. Yeah. It was miraculous, seeing you again, how you’d completely changed your life around. You’d gone from a sad, flawed, compromised sellout — mm, don’t hold back. And you’d become something so much better. I admire you. I could never reach the level that you’ve reached. But you showed me that I can make better choices. I can see that. I see you. I know you do. And you see me. Yeah. Better than anyone does, I think. Oh. Just don’t go and get all juvenile about this. Where have I heard that before? Wait, wait — not the juvenile part, the other bit. Okay. Oh, there we go. Yeah, you’re getting juvenile, I see. I know — me! I’m the one who said that. I’ve been saying that all along. I get you, anna devane, right down to your socks. I’m not wearing any socks. It’s a good start. Peter and maxie conceived a child together. Ah, I thought maxie had better instincts than that.

[ Chuckles ] He won her over. And he was convincing. Completely sold maxie on the fact that he was reformed. I fell for it, too, for a while. Maxie was my daughter-in-law. I wanted to be on good terms with her. And how’d that work out for you?

[ Scoffs, chuckles ] When peter’s past was on the brink of coming out to haunt him… he framed me for his own crimes and had me shipped off to steinmauer. S-so that’s it. So you were at steinmauer and then — and then they sent you here. There was this whole interstitial with maxie realizing how despicable peter was, rejecting him, and then him arranging to induce her labor so he could kidnap her and his child. As one does. So what happened?

[ Scoffs ] It backfired. The woman he hired to preside over the birth ended up stealing the baby, handing her off to someone else, and meeting an untimely end. So now that precious baby is out there. Maxie doesn’t know where to find her. Are you sure this wasn’t a setup by peter? Positive. The only thing he cares about is finding his daughter. Which is clearly why he’s working with victor. Who the hell is victor? You know, we haven’t forgotten how much you came through for wiley at the original custody hearing. I mean, you got on the stand, and you just told the truth about nelle, and I know it made a huge difference.

[ Chuckles ] It’s funny. At that time, I didn’t know that he was my grandson. Yeah. You know, I’ve — I’ve, uh — I’ve thought about that, you know, knowing what we know now, if it would have changed what you said. Willow: But it doesn’t matter. Yeah. You came through for wiley when he needed you, and… we will always be grateful. Yeah, I mean, I-it was — seriously, it was the definite turning point in the custody fight. You know what I remember about that day? What? I just genuinely wanted to do the right thing. And even though in my heart, I wish that things could have been different for nelle, and for me, the — the fact that things turned out the way they did for wiley, I was so thankful for. And that part, I will never question or regret, because he has you two. Josslyn: I’m sorry. I’m not mad at you. No, I know you’re not. It’s nina I’m mad at. But I’ve got to say, it kind of seems like you’re defending her. No, I’m not defending nina. What nina did was indefensible. But… do I feel empathy for her? Yes, okay? Because I’ve been at a place in my life where I’ve convinced myself out of fear or anger or pain that doing something wrong was okay. I’ve been there. So I’m not — I’m not really in a position to judge her. Are you, carly? Well, I really hadn’t thought about it, ’cause I was on my medication, so… I was doing well. That’s good. I’m glad. But you’re — you’re right. Um, I got to check it out. I got to take care of myself. You and carly talk about this, uh, about me? Yeah, of course. I mean, it’s a — it’s a big deal that you’re back. There’s a lot to figure out. Sorry you got stuck with this and, yeah, you know, all this hell that you’ve been through, and I-I wasn’t there to help you. It’s not your fault. No, it’s not. It’s nina’S.

[Music: “I swear”]Jaycee tried gain flings for the firs mm. Okay. That happened. I know. You’re a good kisser. Um, we need to sober up. I thought you said you weren’t drunk. Okay, you need to sober up. Oh, where’s the fun in that? Uh, so, I’m gonna get us a gallon of water, a gallon of coffee, and then we’re gonna sober up, and we’re gonna go back to the hospital. Oh, I want to hear more about your socks. Oh, boy. Be right back. Hi. Uh, I need two ice waters, two large coffees, uh, please and thank you. Of course. Yeah. Okay. Wow. Victor cassadine didn’t die in that explosion at crichton-clark. No, he survived and has been pulling strings ever since. To what extent, I’m not certain. All I know is that while on my way to st. Lucia — st. Lucia? To kill peter, which he so richly deserved — I was abducted and wound up here, with a pit stop at victor’s lavish compound. Huh. Bet you’re missing that place right about now. The company’s better here. So let me get this straight. Victor and peter are working together because peter wants to find his daughter. Yes. But peter is an incredible lowlife. I mean, victor has got to know that. Oh, please. Anyone who’s met peter for five minutes knows that. So then what’s in it for victor? I mean, obviously, he’s not doing it from the goodness of his heart, so what is he getting out of this arrangement? Alright, I think you probably want some alone time with wiley. Want to take a walk with me? I would love nothing more. Did you get the feeling that something was going on with nina, like she was upset or lost or…I don’t know. I don’t know. It’s probably part of the reason why she’s here, right? Seeing wiley will be good for her. It always does wonders for me. Hey, can I help you with this? Okay. Listen, I’m sorry I was gone for so long. Oh, it’s okay. We got to make up for lost time, right? Yeah.

[ Voice breaking ] Lost time might be all we have left. Sonny, what — what are you talking about? Nina who? Reeves. Re– I-I don’t — I don’t understand. Remember phyllis who I told you about? She hired me to work at her bar? Um, she was friends with nina. Nina left port charles to come and see phyllis. And she saw me. And I was, uh — you know, she knew that I was dead, but she saw me alive. She knew where I was. For how — for how long? Well, pretty much most of the time. So she — she — she knew, but she didn’t say anything to anybody? Yeah, it was complicated. That doesn’t sound that complicated to me. Well, what happened is nina was upset at carly over the whole nelle thing and then the — the wiley thing spilled over. I know, but we went through hell, sonny. Yeah, I know you did. I know you did. Carly and the kids, they were devastated. And now you’re telling me that they didn’t have to be devastated, that nina held the key to all this pain, and she didn’t use it? I get that you’re angry. And I’m angry, also. You’re not angry enough. I’ve done some terrible, questionable things. But that doesn’t justify what nina did. She stole sonny’s life for months, maxie! And for what?! Out of spite?! I mean, she literally took sonny’s free will and sat back and watched his family grieve. So no. Nina doesn’t get an excuse. I don’t disagree with you. You know, what you did today is the opposite of what nina did to sonny. She kept him a secret because it suited her. You came here and you told me the truth because you believed I deserved to know. Okay, I’m gonna feel really bad if I don’t say this, but… I still love nina, even though she did something very wrong. Well, that’s the painful part of loving someone… who messes up, right? But this was nina’s choice. And she’s gonna have to live with the consequences.

You’re a very shrewd man, drew. You cut right to the heart of it. Victor never does anything without an ulterior motive. There’s always a goal he’s working towards. And peter is helping him achieve that goal. Peter has something victor wants or needs or plans to acquire. And I hope he gets it, because once he’s no longer useful to victor, that will be the end of peter august. But none of which helps us. I don’t know about you, but I’m not gonna wait around to find out how it plays out between those two psychos. I’m getting the hell out of here. Music to my ears.

[ Cell door opens ] Time’s up. This man is very ill. His kidney may be bruised. I need to see him again soon. I’ll tell the boss. Let’s go. Um, excuse me, sir? Uh, uh, excus– do you speak english?

[ Chuckles ] Yes. Uh, sorry. I know. Tourist. Um, I’m headed to the U.S. Consul hospital to check on a patient there, and my friend is asleep upstairs. Uh, I may not be back until the morning. Mm. Not to worry. I’ll make sure your friend gets the message. Oh, thank you. Mm. I appreciate that. Night. Um, I loved your playing.

[ Speaks greek ] This woman stole nine months from you, nine months where you weren’t living your life with your wife and your kids. Why aren’t you furious? I-i was furious. But what’s the point? Nina, you know, she’s a sad woman. Her mother screwed her over. She went through a bad period in her life. She finds out she has a child, and it’s nelle. That would mess anybody up. I’m not making excuses. She absolutely should have told the truth. She made a bad decision. It’s more than one bad decision, sonny. She took so much from you. I’m not happy about that. But I don’t — I don’t see the point in wasting my energy hating her. I mean… maybe I just don’t want to — maybe I just don’t want to let myself get angry. I’m gonna have to talk to a psychiatrist about that one. Well, that sounds like a plan. Let’s get out of here. We got to get — get rid of this. This should have been gone yesterday. Okay, say cheese. Cheese. Cheese! Can you make a silly face for me?

[ Growls ] I don’t know how to —

[ Laughing ] Yes, you do. Mr. Wiley, you have another visitor. Well, of course he does, ’cause he’s irresistible.

[ Chuckles ] Can you take wiley? We’re going to need some time alone. Yuri: Of course. Come on. Wiley? Fist bump. You stole sonny’s life. And, bitch, you’re gonna pay.

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