Days Short Recap Monday, September 27, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Ben told Ciara he was afraid his baby would be like him. He said he wasn’t trying to bring evil into the world. She said he faced his demons and overcame them. She told him to let her love help him get through this. He said her love couldn’t change his DNA or what genes he passed down. She said how the baby was raised made a difference. Ciara told Ben he would be the best father. She said that would make a difference. She said she knew she wouldn’t change his mind in one conversation. She said she wanted them to focus on loving each other. Allie talked to Tripp about Johnny’s movie. She told him Johnny wanted to write about Marlena being possessed by the devil. Tripp thought there was an explanation for what happened. He found information to prove his point. Allie said she understood his skepticism, but she trusted John. She said if her grandfather said Marlena was possessed, that was good enough for her. Chanel was afraid his movie would tempt the devil to show up. Tony walked in and scared Chanel. Johnny asked Tony to be a consultant for his movie since he was there when Marlena was possessed. Tony said it wasn’t him it was his cousin. Tony told Johnny that he was stranded on an island while Marlena was possessed. He told Johnny to ask John and Marlena about what happened. Johnny said he tried, but it didn’t work. Tony said the past if best left buried.

Chanel told Johnny he should drop the movie. He said he wouldn’t give up on his movie. She wanted to talk about something else. They made out. She said she wasn’t having sex with him. She told him she wanted to have fun before they had sex. Eli tried to make Julie feel better about Doug. Eli told her Marlena would find out what was going on. Julie was upset about what was going on with Doug. Eli offered to check on Doug. John showed up at the hospital. Julie told him about Marlena’s behavior. He reassured her. He suggested that they pray for Marlena and Doug. Marlena taunted Doug before she smothered him with a pillow. Marlena told the devil not to hurt Doug. Eli came in the room before she could smother Doug. She asked Eli to leave so she could talk to Doug. Doug struggled to saying. He told Eli not to leave him. Eli told Marlena to go pray with Julie and John. Marlena left the room. Marlena saw John and Julie praying. She overheard John tell Julie that his love and prayers brought Marlena back when she was possessed. He said it proved that no matter what they faced, they got through it together. Marlena interrupted them. Julie left them alone.

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