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Quinn: Justin?

Carter: What the hell, man? How’d you get in here?!

Justin: Oh, that’s what you’re worried about?

Quinn: No, I’m worried about what you’re doing here!

Justin: I know exactly what this is. Just save it, the both of you. You’re caught.

Ridge: Quinn is up to something.

Katie: Well, when is she not?

Ridge: I know. But this is different. I don’t know what it is, but I just… getting a bad feeling.

Katie: Well, what do you think she’s up to?

Ridge: No good. What that means, I don’t know. But um… we’ll find out. We’ll find out what she’s doing.

Steffy: I said get out!

Sheila: Steffy, please, just give me a chance.

Steffy: Get out! You are not supposed to be here.

Sheila: I just want to see my grandson and my son.

Steffy: You are never gonna see them. Never! Now, walk out the door right now! I said, get out!

Steffy: How– how did you get past my guard at the gate?

Sheila: I’m a mother that loves my grandson and my son. There’s nothing that’s gonna keep me away from them.

Steffy: You’re never going to see them again.

Sheila: Why are you so angry, steffy?

Steffy: Oh my god, oh my god. Don’t try to play me. I know what you’re doing. Finn told you to stay away and yet… yet here you are. You snuck onto my property? If finn knew you were doing this, he’d be so disappointed in you.

Sheila: Yeah, well, I know he’s not far because I– I saw him go down to the beach.

Steffy: Okay, it’s time for you to go. I mean it, sheila. You got five seconds.

Sheila: One thousand one… one thousand two… one thousand three… or what?

Katie: Do you really have someone keeping an eye on quinn?

Ridge: Ah, this is weird. I’m just getting strange vibes from her, so, yeah. I’m having someone follow her.

Katie: So, like, a private investigator?

Ridge: No, nothing like that. It’s uh… someone I know, someone who’s been scratching the underbelly of society for a long time.

Katie: Oh. Sounds like this person is used to working with a lot of low-lifes. So, where’d you find him?

Ridge: Spencer publications. Former employee.

Katie: Justin?

Justin: Ah! Nice place you got here. See you’re still hooking up with the boss’s wife? Even after eric allowed you to remain coo. You swore it was over; this is the thanks he gets?

Carter: Why are you here?

Justin: Huh. All alone in your apartment, hands all over each other, half-naked.

[ Laughing ] I know what I walked in on, quinn. Soon everyone else will, too. I thought I was getting my floors clean.

Steffy: You’re not welcome here, sheila. You never will be.

Sheila: I know that you were– were taken off guard, me just showing up. I probably should’ve reached out to you before coming here.

Steffy: That wouldn’t have made a difference. My feelings about you are never gonna change. Finn knows that. He doesn’t want you in his life. And the sooner you realize that, the better. Stop coming by here expecting to see people who don’t want to see you.

Sheila: People? Finn isn’t just anyone, he’s my son.

Steffy: And he told you to stay away, and you didn’t respect his wishes.

Sheila: Well, no, I did. I stayed away. I haven’t contacted him since the hospital.

Steffy: Do you want a medal for that?

Sheila: I’ve given him space, steffy.

Steffy: Yeah, like for a minute. Until you snuck back into my house!

Sheila: I could’ve rang the bell, but– look. I came to see you, woman to woman, mother to mother.

[ Stammering ] Since I’m here, I was hoping maybe I could… I could see hayes? Just for a little bit? Spend some time with my boys?

Katie: So, you hired justin barber?

Ridge: No, that’s not what I said. I didn’t hire him. He owed me a favor. And why not him? He’s a great lawyer.

Katie: Okay, sure. No one’s arguing that, but you’re not exactly using him for his legal prowess.

Ridge: I’m using him for research. What’s the difference?

Katie: “Research” into how quinn is spending her spare time?

Ridge: Research into finding out why she’s not at home at night anymore. Seems weird to me, so I’m trying to find out what that is.

Katie: Well, we all have our secrets. Quinn probably takes that to a whole other level.

Ridge: Yeah. My dad has no secrets. Open book. He always told us exactly what was going on. Not now. Doesn’t talk to anybody.

Katie: He’s definitely keeping us guessing, isn’t he?

Ridge: I don’t even care about that. I just don’t want his heart broken again.

Katie: Which is where justin comes in?

Ridge: Which is where justin comes in. Worth a shot.

Katie: You know, you two make an unlikely duo. Didn’t he throw you out of a helicopter one time?

[ Ridge sighing ]

Ridge: That was bill’s idea. But if justin’s capable of doing that, then…

Katie: Then I guess he’s pretty much up for anything, huh?

Ridge: Yeah. But if I want to find out what somebody else is doing, if I want to find out what quinn is doing… justin’s the man for the job.

Carter: Why are you really here, man? Breaking into my place, chastising us? This is none of your business.

Justin: The person that I’m working for made it my business.

Quinn: Person that you’re working for– who? Bill? Bill put you up to this?

Justin: No. No, no, no. Bill and I aren’t speaking anymore. We had a falling out. I’m working for someone else. Someone that will be very interested in the two of you and your cheap, ongoing affair.

Carter: Okay, this is– this no one’s concern.

Justin: Hah. Obviously, it is.

Quinn: You have no idea what you walked in on. So, just– just tell us who it is. I know it’s not eric.

Justin: For the record, you two aren’t really good at this. Not even being discreet!

Quinn: Uh–!

Justin: Shameless. Not even bothered by the thought of hurting eric.

Carter: Just tell us who sent you.

[ Justin laughing ]

Justin: I’m not gonna stand here and play name games all day long. I’m working for ridge.

Carter: For ridge?

Justin: I didn’t stutter. You heard me.

Quinn: Okay, justin. Please, you… you can’t tell anyone about this. But you especially can’t tell ridge!


Sheila: Look, steffy, you’re a mom, too. You have– you have two beautiful, beautiful children–

Steffy: You made a choice! You put finn up for adoption when he was a baby.

Sheila: But I thought I was doing what was best at the time.

Steffy: And I’m doing what is best for him now. And that’s you staying far away from him and my son.

Sheila: But I’m not a monster.

Steffy: Oh yeah, you are.

Sheila: No, I’m not. I– I didn’t come here to cause you any trouble, I just– I just want to hold my grandson.

Steffy: You already held him! You did it last time when you came here without my permission.

Sheila: Look, just– just put your feet in my shoes for just a minute, because it would break your heart. This is breaking my heart!

Steffy: You need to stop with this obsession. You’re reliving this pattern over and over again. You’re going after my husband and my son? It’s really– it’s really starting to scare me.

Sheila: Look,

[ Stammering ] I don’t mean to frighten you. I understand how it would be difficult to trust me. I– I don’t have a great track record with your family.

Steffy: You tried to murder half of my family.

Sheila: I’m not that person anymore! I’m a grandmother and a mother that would just love to have a place in finn and hayes’s lives.

Steffy: You’re trying to make this sound so innocent.

Sheila: It’s because it is! It doesn’t have to be ugly or complicated. If you could just empathize with me on any level at all. Give me a chance to prove to you that I’m not the woman that i was back then. Please, please, steffy. Don’t keep me away from my son.

Ridge: I hate this. I hate all of it. But you know what? More than anything else, to see my dad waste time with this woman breaks my heart.

Katie: Well, he certainly does seem like he’s defending her an awful lot.

Ridge: And why is that? What does– what does she bring to the table? He just– he just seems upset all the time, no?

Katie: There were a lot of good years, you know, in the beginning, and eric was thriving. He seemed energized, really happy to have this new woman on his arm.

Ridge: But that was then. What about now? What’s happening now? It just– it seems this whole marriage is a chore.

Katie: You know my theory? He’s afraid of being alone, of having no one to go home to.

Ridge: Huh. I see. So, all the women in los angeles, southern california– let’s– let’s say he didn’t want to travel anymore. All women in walking distance–

[ Katie laughing ] This is the only option?

Katie: Okay, you– you’re preaching to the choir, okay? I have been trying to convince him that there are many, many women who would love to share a martini with him. I mean, he is the kindest man I–I have ever known. He’s so loyal and– and principled, and maybe to a fault.

Ridge: These are all great qualities. Qualities that quinn takes advantage of. Why would she stop now?

[ Katie sighing ]

Katie: I don’t know. Maybe because she doesn’t want to lose him. You know, she pleaded with him to take her back. I just can’t imagine that she would be stupid enough to cheat on him again.

Ridge: Unless… it being quinn, likes to live on the edge. Unless she wants to be caught.

Quinn: If ridge were to find out–

Carter: What do we have to do to forget this ever happened?

Justin: Eric forgave you. You still have your job. You, too. You’re still his wife. He saw fit to give you another chance. Yet, here we are, creeping around behind his back. With him, again. I hope it was worth it.

Quinn: Okay, look. We have A… we have an understanding.

Justin: So, you’re not a married woman?

Quinn: Yes! No, I– I am a married woman. You just–you–you– you don’t have any idea what it is you walked in on.

Justin: Okay, quinn. You can keep telling yourself that. I feel terrible for eric. Oh, I hear he’s a sweet man. He’s not going to take this too well. This is going to be tough on him.

Quinn: Eric knows. Okay? He knows. He– he knows about me and carter. Eric gave us permission.

[ Quinn sighing ] Want your clothes to smell freshly washed

Steffy: Nice try. But I’ll never believe you changed. Not after all the horrible crimes you’ve committed against my family.

Sheila: I’m a– I’m a different person. Now, I– I was really struggling with some dark demons back then.

Steffy: Ooh yeah, demons for sure. Too many to count. But I see you. I know who you are. You’re fake. You are so fake. Finn may have sympathy for you, but I don’T. And I feel bad for him. I feel so bad. He’s now realized what his birth mother is, who she is, and what she’s capable of. And that fake collapse, oh please. Get out of here. You know how terrified he was? He thought you were going to die, and he rushed you to the hospital.

Sheila: He rushed me because he cared about his mother.

Steffy: Well, thank god he realized it was all a manipulation, shut you down.

Sheila: That’s because of you. You gave him an ultimatum, steffy.

Steffy: He told you to stay out of his life and hayes’S. He did that to protect his family. He sees you for who you truly are. And now you come in here, disrespecting me and my family? You’re only alienating yourself more.

Sheila: Why do you force this hatred on finn? Why do you think you’re the gatekeeper? I– I mean, you’re hellbent on making sure that I never see them! I’m asking for one moment. One more time!

Steffy: No.

Sheila: That’s all I’m asking.

Steffy: No.

Sheila: Is he in the nursery?

Steffy: Do not do this. You take one more step and I promise you, you’re going to regret it.

Katie: Have you heard anything from justin since he left to follow quinn?

Ridge: No, he’s been gone a while. So maybe that’s good news. I’m texting him now.

Katie: I wonder if he’s found out anything interesting.

Justin: So, eric knows about this?

Carter: Yes, justin. Eric knows about this. In fact, it was his idea.

Justin: Come on. You expect me to believe that? No. No way. Eric doesn’t roll like that.

Quinn: It’s true. Why would I lie?

Justin: Cover your little ass.

Carter: She’s being straight with you, justin. Not that it’s your business.

Justin: Okay. Let’s say that you’re both not lying through your teeth. Give me one reason why eric would allow his wife to sleep with another guy.

Quinn: E.D.

Justin: E.D.? What?

Quinn: The reason that carter and I ended up together in the first place is because my husband showed no interest in me the bedroom.

[ Justin scoffing ]

Quinn: I found out later that the reason why he didn’t want to make love to me wasn’t because… wasn’t because he didn’t want to. It’s because he couldn’T.

Justin: He couldn’t?

Quinn: Right. He couldn’T. He was unable to. It was so difficult for him to share this information with me. Look. My husband is an incredible man. He’s very giving, and he’s– he’s very selfless, and he’s understanding. He didn’t want me to give up my intimate life because he wasn’t able to fulfill me anymore.

Justin: So, basically eric gave you permission?

Quinn: Yes! He did! And fought it. We fought it. But he just kept pushing and pushing because he believed that this was the only way to save our relationship. I… carter and I, we had a history, and… look, I know this is shocking.

Carter: Yes, yes, justin, it was very shocking. But eric, he basically insisted. Quinn’s not lying, okay? What she’s saying is fact.

Quinn: Look. I understand, okay. I understand it’s really hard to believe that eric would–would condone this kind of unconventional behavior, but I’m telling you. This was his idea, okay? And–he got it in his head that this is the only way that we were going to save our marriage. And we have had such a difficult time processing this, but I’m telling you, we’re not doing anything behind his back. We are not betraying him. Eric wants this. And if you go and you tell anybody else– if you–if you tell ridge… you’re going to embarrass and humiliate him. So, please. Justin, please. This is so personal, okay? This… my husband is a very private man. Please don’t report back to ridge. Just do the right thing. Keep eric’s secret.

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