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[ Upbeat music ]

Katie: Have you heard anything from justin since you texted him last?

Ridge: Nothing yet.

Katie: What do you think that means?

Ridge: I don’t know what it means. He followed quinn when she left and hopefully he’ll find out something.

Katie: Eric said that quinn was gonna be out this evening.

Ridge: That’s par for the course, isn’t it?

Katie: Where do you think she is? What do you think she’s doing?

Ridge: Who’s she doing it with? I have my suspicions, but I hope I’m wrong. For dad’s sake.

Quinn: Please, justin. You have to listen to us.

Carter: If you say a word about this to anyone–

Justin: See, that’s exactly it. I’m still not sure what this whole thing really is. You expect me to believe that a husband is allowing his wife to sleep with another man? As a matter of fact, encouraging it. Look, I’m no prude, but–

Carter: I realize it’s not something you hear about every day–

Quinn: Okay, we’re not running around behind anybody’s back. We’re not having an elicit affair. This was my husband’s idea.

Steffy: You’re not going anywhere near hayes.

Sheila: I just want a moment with him. With my grandson.

Steffy: If you take one more step to the nursery–

Sheila: Are you threatening me now?

Steffy: I’m protecting my son.

Sheila: You don’t need to protect him from me. I love him.

Steffy: You don’t know what that word means. Now get out.

Sheila: Not until I hold my grandson.

Steffy: You’re never gonna hold him again. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever.

Sheila: Well, we’ll see about that, then, won’t we?

Steffy: You take one more step and I swear to god, sheila, you’re gonna be sorry.

Paris: Hey, hey.

Zende: There she is.

Paris: You’ve been looking for me?

Zende: So I can do this.

Paris: Oh. Glad I stopped by.

Zende: I’m glad you did, too. My day is not complete without one of your smiles. So, how’s everything?

Paris: Well, work is good. But you already knew that.

Zende: No, I guess I’m asking more about life at the beach.

Paris: What do you want to know?

Zende: Well, I know you’re grateful to finn and steffy for giving you a place to crash, but how long are you planning on hanging out there?

Paris: Oh, you think I’m overstaying my welcome?

Zende: No, I just meant that I thought, you know, you might like your own spot at some time, or…

Paris: Yeah, I know what you meant, but you’re right. All good things do have to come to an end. And this one does. And it has.

[ Sighing ]

Sheila: Okay, can we just not do this?

Steffy: Then go.

Sheila: I just… I just want to spend a moment with hayes. You can be with me the whole time.

Steffy: No! No.

Sheila: Oh, come on, steffy. How can you continue to deny a grandmother the opportunity to see her grandson.

Steffy: You’re never gonna be hayes’ grandmother. He’s never gonna know you exist.

Sheila: You don’t mean that. You can’t be that vindictive.

Steffy: Calling what you want, I’m doing what’s best for my son.

Sheila: You’re denying him family.

Steffy: He has family! He has finn, he has me, he has kelly. He doesn’t need you. You are not family! Now, for the last time, get out! Before I throw you out.

Finn: Steffy, what’s going– sheila.

Katie: Maybe you should text justin again. Maybe he didn’t get the first one.

Ridge: Maybe I got the wrong man on the job. He better not let me down.

Eric: Who better not let you down? What are you talking about?

Ridge: Nothing.

Eric: How can it be nothing when the two of you are so intense? What is it?

Justin: You’re telling me that eric’s really cool with this, the two of you?

Quinn: Look, we realize it’s shocking.

Carter: It’s hard to believe, justin, eric’s coming from a place of love.

Quinn: Right, I love eric. Eric loves me, he just can’t express that love physically like he used to.

Justin: Just, tag, you’re it. Just like that, huh?

Carter: Why am I even explaining myself to this– imagine our reaction when eric proposed it. He wants quinn to be fulfilled in every aspect of their marriage, so he found a way to make it work for himself, for quinn, and I have to respect that.

Justin: Of course you do! You’re the lucky recipient.

Quinn: Okay, look–

Justin: Get out!

Quinn: I realize how this looks to you, to anyone if this information got out, but this is my marriage. This is eric’s marriage. I’m asking you to respect the privacy between a husband and wife and their personal relationship. I’m not asking you to agree with it, or condone it. But nobody is getting hurt here, so please just forget what you saw. Forget that you know anything about this.

[ Scoffing ] – Bedtime!! – Bedtime.

Zende: No problem, I’ll get right on that.

Paris: You’re busy. I should go.

Zende: No, no, no. Not so fast. You still have to fill in some blanks. So, you are ditching your cozy digs in malibu, for where? Have you found a new place, yet?

Paris: I’m closing in on one.

Zende: Look, don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m against you moving out of steffy and finn’s, but why now?

Paris: It was just time. I need to move on.

Zende: Okay. Well, I’m all for it. Means you and I get to have a little bit more alone time.

Paris: I would like that too.

Zende: Oh yeah?

Finn: What are you doing here?

Steffy: She got past the guard and bolted in here the moment you went surfing.

Finn: Why? Why would you do that when you know how steffy feels?

Sheila: All too clear, yes. But how do you feel, sweetheart? How do you feel about me? Your mother?

Steffy: Oh, for…

Ridge: I sent someone to do a job and now I’m wondering if maybe it was the wrong person, but it’s my problem, I’ll deal with it.

Eric: Am I getting the whole story here?

Ridge: Are we getting the whole story? You and quinn? I mean, what?

Eric: Oh, I wondered how long it would be for me to come in here before you asked me about my marriage.

Ridge: Dad, look–

Eric: You look, ridge. Both of you. Quinn and i are fine. My marriage is fine.

Ridge: Okay, how are you fine? You’re home alone and she goes out and does whatever she wants? What is that?

Eric: We have an arrangement, ridge.

Ridge: Okay, there’s that word again. Arrangement. What is it? What is your arrangement? What’s going on with you and quinn?

Justin: So, you want me to forget what I saw? Just kinda like unsee it, right? Pretend that you and carter, with eric’s permission, right? Pretend like this didn’t happen. Is that what you want me to do?

Quinn: Yes.

Justin: Oh, come on.

Quinn: Come on! For eric’s sake. Do you know how many doctors and therapists he’s been going to to try and fix his situation, and nothing has worked? And no matter how many times I’ve told him, that he is enough for me, that our love is enough for me, he’S… he’s determined. He thinks that this is the answer to a very delicate and sensitive situation. And even though, at first, I refused–

Carter: So did I.

Quinn: Ultimately, he convinced us. And this is just… it’s uncharted territory for all three of us.

Carter: Justin, if this were to get out–

Justin: What?

Carter: I’mma slow this down for you, eric made a decision to put his wife’s needs before his own. Okay?

Quinn: If this gets out, can you imagine what this is going to do to eric? Please, that’s why you can’t say anything. That’s why you have to keep this secret to yourself. Read my eyes.

Zende: You know I support you at anything you do, right? That’s the kind of relationship we have. Mutual support and admiration.

Paris: Oh, so that kiss just now is you showing me how much you admire me.

Zende: I do, a lot. You’re so positive, accomplished. You’re also smoking hot. Ouf!

Paris: I am so appreciative of you too, you’re kind, and you’re caring, and you’re so understanding.

Finn: You’re doing it again.

Sheila: What?

Finn: You’re putting me in the middle between you and my wife.

Sheila: Finn, I just want to know how you feel about me.

Finn: You already know how I feel. And why I can’t have anything to do with you. Look, I don’t want to hurt you, but your history with steffy and her–

Sheila: Please don’T.

Finn: Her family–

Sheila: Just don’T. Please don’T. Don’t do this. You and my grandson mean everything to me. I already lost you once for years, and years, and now we’re in a position to make up for lost time. Don’t turn your back on that. Please don’t turn your back on me. Your mother.

Ridge: I don’t want to upset you, I just, I’m trying to understand. Quinn betrayed you with another man. You were set to divorce her, and then out of nowhere, you change your mind. I’m trying to figure out why, because you don’t talk to me, you don’t talk to your family. No one you love. You don’t talk to anybody.

Katie: We’re just, we’re worried about you, eric. I mean, we want you to be happy, and you don’t seem happy. You just reconciled with your wife, a woman you supposedly love.

Ridge: But you’re leading separate lives. It seems that way to us. Do you know what she’s doing? Where she is? Where she’s going? Do you know any of that stuff?

Eric: Yes, I do. I know exactly what she’s doing. And I know where she is. I want you to drop this. I mean it, ridge. Drop it now.

Quinn: Look, I realize, I am not your favorite person. Bill has made sure of that over the years. But, I’m not asking you to keep quiet for me. I’m asking you to do this for eric.

Carter: If it were to become public knowledge, justin, people would never understand.

Quinn: Can you imagine if his family found out? I mean, eric having to tell them this. It would be humiliating to him. Please, don’t do that to eric. He’s dealing with enough. He shouldn’t have to go through any more. Please, justin. Just keep this to yourself. Please don’t tell ridge.

Bogeys on your

six, limu.

Ridge: Dad, come on. No one’s attacking you.

Eric: Ridge, stop this. Will you, please? I don’t want to hear another word about my marriage or about quinn. From either one of you, katie.

Katie: Eric, I’m sorry. You’re right. You have every right to your privacy.

Eric: Thank you.

Katie: Of course, that doesn’t mean that your friends and your family can’t be concerned– but, okay. Fine. No more. I’ll shut up. Can I still come over later?

Eric: Yes, that’ll be fine, as long as we don’t say anything about quinn. Or him.

Katie: Deal.

[ Phone beeping ]

Eric: Yeah? Yeah, she’s here. I’ll tell her. The new interns are gathered in the conference room downstairs.

Katie: Oh, okay. I just have to grab a few things from my office.

Eric: Good, I’ll come with. I want to see them as well.

Katie: Okay.

Quinn: What do you think justin will do?

Carter: Let’s just hope and pray we got through to him.

[ Sighing ]

[ Door opening ]

Ridge: Hey, it’s about time. Did you get my text?

Justin: Yes.

Ridge: Never mind. Did you follow quinn?

Justin: Yes.

Ridge: Okay. What did she do? Where did she go? Was she alone?

Quinn: I’m not asking you to keep quiet for me. I’m asking you to do this for eric. Just keep this to yourself. Please don’t tell ridge.

Ridge: Justin! Is she being unfaithful to my father?

Sheila: I know that I have begged and pleaded and I will do it again and again and again if that’s what it takes to have a place in yours and hayes’ lives. I gave you away once. And it was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I was… I was so different back then. I’m a different person now, I am not the monster that she says I am. Just let me show you, please. Just give me that chance. Please, finn. Is that really too much to ask for? The opportunity to have a meaningful relationship with my son? One that we’ve both missed out on for far too long.

Finn: I wanna believe everything you say is true. And I really, really hope it is. But it doesn’t change the fact that I stand with my wifE. I’m sorry. Sheila, you gotta go.

Sheila: No, no. Don’t, don’t, don’t do this. Don’t let steffy come between us. Don’t–

Finn: I’ll see you to the door.

[ Sighing ] Goodbye.

[ Door closing ] It’s okay. I’m sorry.

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