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Jake: So you really think that chloe is philip’s achilles’ heel?

Gabi: You saw how crazed he got when he thought brady was moving in on her. And now we know victor wants chloe out of philip’s life.

Jake: Okay, so question is, how do we use that information to get philip out of titan?

Gabi: Not even sure. I can’t even think before I’ve had my coffee.

Jake: Why didn’t you have any before you left the house?

Gabi: Rafe wouldn’t let me.

Jake: Why not?

Gabi: Because he was punishing me for the way I was treating his stupid girlfriend.

Ava: You want me to help you bring down gabi hernandez?

Philip: Why do you seem so surprised?

Ava: Well, yesterday when I offered you help, you weren’t interested.

Philip: As I told you, I can’t fire gabi until I’m able to gain control of gabi chic.

Ava: It’s that valuable to you, huh?

Philip: As much as I hate to admit it, it’s become a very lucrative piece of titan.

Ava: So how would this partnership work?

Philip: You overheard gabi and jake plotting against me under this very roof, right? So you’re clearly in the perfect position to gather more intel. So what do you think?

Ava: I think you should go fly a kite.

Abigail: Oh, those are fancy.

Jack: Yes, yes, yes they are. I told thomas and charlotte I’d get some good ones. The last ones we took in the park were consumed by a voracious oak tree.

Abigail: They’ll love ’em. Did you–did you wanna stick around for a bit? I was going to make some tea.

Jack: Um, okay. That would–that would be–would be nice. Thank you.

Abigail: Great. You know, I was reading today’s “spectator.”

Jack: Oh, really? See anything interesting?

Abigail: Yes, actually. Couldn’t have been easy to run that article about xander being arrested on drug charges.

Jack: Especially since I know for a fact that he’s totally innocent.

Xander: You have a plan to get me out? What is it?

Gwen: More like seeds of a plan. Now we know that ej somehow got the judge in his pocket, right?

Xander: No question.

Gwen: Yeah. So we have to either prove their collusion, or– or we get our own leverage over judge smails.

Xander: How are we gonna do that?

Gwen: Ej tried to beat you up, yes?

Xander: Yeah but, you know, I got the better of him mostly. Wait, what’s that got to do with the judge? Do you think ej threatened him with bodily harm?

Gwen: I don’t know, but maybe we could.

Nicole: Ej dimera, are you seriously asking me on a date?

Ej: I can’t tell if this is good shocked or bad shocked.

Nicole: Do I need to remind you of our history? I think it has its own wiki page.

Ej: That was such a long time ago I hardly remember it.

Nicole: Well, I remember and I’m pretty sure you do too.

Ej: Well, I’d hoped you’d gotten past it. Will you at least give me the chance to redeem myself by taking you out to dinner tonight?

[Door opens]

Brady: Please tell me you’re too smart to say yes to that question.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]


Ej: Lovely to see you, chloe.

Chloe: Hello, ej.

Brady: What the hell are you doing, ej?

Ej: What I do and with whom is really none of your concern.

Brady: Well, nicole is my friend so it is my concern if she’s in herself in a dangerous situation.

Nicole: Oh, I wouldn’t say– wouldn’t call it dangerous.

Brady: Really? How did it turn out last time you two were together, hmm?

Nicole: Not great.

Brady: Not great. Yeah, you’re lucky you survived it.

Nicole: Okay, it was a long time ago. We both made some bad choices.

Brady: You think he’s changed?

Ej: Oh, let’s stop dancing around what’s really happening here. What’s bothering brady is that back then he wanted you all to himself, but you chose me instead.

Abigail: Now, I know that xander is your friend. I’m sure he claims to be innocent.

Jack: He is innocent.

Abigail: Dad, you know as well as I do that you cannot take anything that man says at face value.

Jack: I didn’t state it clearly enough from my retraction at the op-ed, but I know for a fact that xander didn’t deal drugs.

Abigail: How?

Jack: Because he only confessed to it to protect your sister.

Abigail: Gwen? Are you telling me that gwen is the person who is dealing stolen opioids?

Jack: It’s complicated, but I have to say I’m grateful xander stepped in to protect her.

Abigail: But why would he do that?

Jack: Well, it–it seems there’s something going on between them.

Abigail: You mean something besides dealing drugs and lying to the police about it?

Jack: I get the sense there’s something romantic.

Abigail: Wow. There’s a match made somewhere other than heaven.

Xander: Physical intimidation has always been an arrow in my quiver but I’m kind of stuck in here for the time being, you know?

Gwen: I’m not.

Xander: Yeah, but gwen, I– I don’t know if I’d describe you as having a threatening physical presence.

Gwen: Look… I was accused of killing abigail’s grandmother. That might give judge smails pause.

Xander: I appreciate the offer but I think it’s probably better for you if we keep your nose clean for now, huh?

Gwen: [Sighs] What if I hired someone?

Xander: Hired someone to intimidate the judge?

Gwen: Yeah, yes. I could hire an independent contractor who’s willing to do bodily harm on his honor until he says that you’re not guilty.

Xander: Do you know someone like that?

Gwen: My ex, jake, he was in the mob. Might be willing do me a favor, you know, for old times’ sake.

Gabi: Bless you. I feel better already.

Jake: Glad to hear it. Can’t believe rafe would be cruel enough to deprive you of your caffeine.

Gabi: Oh, not only that. He made me to apologize to his princess mafia girlfriend.

Jake: Apologize for what?

Gabi: For nothing. I mean, yes, I did call her a bitch but that’s exactly what she is.

Jake: Ah, and knowing ava, I’m sure she said a few choice things back to you.

Gabi: Oh no, that’s the thing. In front of my brother, she’s all sweetness and understanding.

Jake: Which only makes you look like the bad guy.

Gabi: But I could see the murder in those beady eyes of hers–I know she hasn’t left the past behind her. Do you really believe her? Do you?

Jake: You saw first hand how hard it was for me to get out. Most people never make it out.

Gabi: Hey, you must’ve met a few professionals during that time, right?

Jake: Professional whats?

Gabi: You know, enforcers? Hitmen?

Jake: Why are you asking me this, gabi?

Gabi: Well I’m just asking if–if you knew someone that could… rub the bitch out?

Philip: I thought you hated gabi.

Ava: I do, but she is rafe’s sister.

Philip: He doesn’t have to know you’re working with me.

Ava: What do you want me to do? Wear a wire? Go through her underwear drawer?

Philip: Might not be a bad place to start. Maybe you’ll find evidence of the keylogging software she and jake put on my computer.

Ava: Seems like a stretch.

Philip: Honestly, I’ll take any skeleton in her closet. I’m sure she has plenty.

Ava: Maybe but gabi’s too smart to leave evidence lying around the house.

Philip: Then spy on them. You overheard them once, maybe you’ll hear something again.

Ava: It was a lucky break.

Philip: Are you really saying you won’t help me take her down?

Ava: No. Actually, upon further consideration, I’m saying what’s in it for me?


Brady: You think I’m jealous of something that happened another lifetime ago?

Ej: Why else would you care about me dating nicole?

Brady: Like I said, she’s my friend so I just wanna make sure you’re not taking advantage of her.

Ej: [Laughs] Can anyone really take advantage of nicole?

Brady: Is it just a coincidence that you’re swooping in here as her marriage to my brother ended? Aren’t you still married to sami by the way?

Ej: Not for long.

Chloe: Okay, maybe you should let nicole speak for herself, brady.

Nicole: Thank you, chloe.

Brady: You’re not seriously thinking about going out with this guy, are you?

Nicole: Brady, I appreciate your concern, but let’s not make a big deal out of this okay?

Brady: Have you forgotten what he’s capable of?

Nicole: No, I haven’t forgotten.

Ej: Maybe instead of worrying about nicole’s love life, you should focus on your own relationship.

Brady ah, well I’m not involved with anyone right now.

Ej: So you claim to my sister yet kristen felt compelled to break out of prison to keep you away from chloe.

Brady: Your sister at the time was out of her mind and paranoid.

Ej: Well, however you chose to see it, now that kristen’s out of your life, there’s nothing stopping you and chloe from being together.

Philip: So you’re open to negotiation?

Ava: I’m open.

Philip: Good, because I think we would learn some interesting things from you spying on gabi and jake.

Ava: Mm-mm. I have a better idea.

Philip: Okay.

Ava: Turns out that jake used to work for my family business. Turns out he did a lot of illegal stuff for them.

Philip: I like where this is going.

Ava: Now I was out of commission for a lot of the time jake was there. But my cousin angelo, he runs a tight ship and he’s obsessive about paperwork.

Philip: Are you saying that he might have evidence we could use against jake?

Ava: Oh, I guarantee it.

Philip: What kind of crimes are we talking about?

Ava: The kind jake would spend significant amount of time in jail for.

Philip: My favorite kind.

Ava: And if gabi’s boy-toy, we threaten with prison–

Philip: That would make her very, very sad.

Ava: Oh, yes, it would.

Philip: Maybe even sad enough that she’d betray gabi chic for his freedom.

Jake: Please tell me you didn’t just ask me to have ava vitali killed?

Gabi: I’m just tossing out a hypothetical.

Jake: Yeah, well toss it back in. Can’t even believe you said that out loud.

Gabi: Why are you so nervous?

Jake: Because you’re talking about killing ava vitali, a boss.

Gabi: I thought she’s wasn’t in the mob anymore.

Jake: She’s still a vitali and anyone who touches her would have an immediate target on their back. You’re gonna insight a mob war.

Gabi: Okay, okay, I get it.

Jake: I don’t think you do, gabi. Look, I came to salem to get out of that life okay? So I don’t want to think about my past with the vitalis or the crap that they had me do when I worked for them.

Gabi: Jake, have you ever killed someone?

Xander: As much as I enjoy the idea of a goon like jake roughing up that judge, do you–do you think he’d actually do it?

Gwen: Why not?

Xander: Well, he was the ceo of a large corporation. He’s gone legit, hasn’t he?

Gwen: Yeah, theoretically.

Xander: And I didn’t think you two ended on such good terms.

Gwen: That’s true. I wouldn’t put it past jake to flip on me and tell the honor that I hired him.

Xander: So this is just a really bad idea all the way around.

Gwen: I’m just spitballing ideas here, xander.

Xander: Let’s just dispense with the violence angle.

Gwen: We could bribe him.

> Xander: With what? I don’t have any money, neither do you. Although… dirt can be its own currency.

Gwen: We can dig up something to use as blackmail against him.

Xander: And everybody has vices. Maybe the judge has a gambling problem or he cheats on his wife or maybe he frequents prostitutes.

Gwen: [Gasps] Maybe he’d hire me.

Xander: [Laughs] Yeah right.

Gwen: What? No, seriously, I think we’re onto something here.

Xander: You’re gonna offer him your services as a hooker?

Jack: Let me be clear. Gwen was not a drug dealer. At least not willingly.

Abigail: So what, are you saying she was coerced?

Jack: The real kingpin was clay snyder, the doctor who treated her for her miscarriage.

Abigail: What? Hol–hold–hold on. Her doctor forced her to deal drugs. How?

Jack: Gwen and snyder had a history. He was using it to blackmail her.

Abigail: What kind of history are we talking about? I mean, what was he blackmailing her with? I’ve lost count of how many asthma attacks I’ve had.

Brady: You know that I loved your sister very much.

Ej: Not enough to stand by her side.

Brady: I was with her the entire time she was in prison, ej and I took our commitment very seriously. But in the end, I couldn’t forgive her for hurting all those people that I cared about.

Ej: Like chloe here?

Brady: Yeah, like chloe there.

Nicole: Kristen tried to kill her.

Chloe: Twice.

Ej: Jealousy is a powerful emotion. I can understand how it could drive someone to do something rash.

Brady: Wow, you’re condoning what she did?

Ej: I’m simply saying sitting in prison imagining chloe cavorting with the man she loves, the father of her child–

Chloe: Okay, I’m sorry. I was not cavorting with brady then and we’re not cavorting now. I happen to be seeing philip kiriakis.

Ej: I see. So brady lost out again.

Chloe: No, it’s not like that.

Ej: Well, for what it’s worth I think you made the right choice. Provided you’re not sharing any corporate secrets with our competition.

Philip: What are you waiting for, get your cousin on the phone, let’s see what he’s got on old jakey. I hope it’s nice and felony-ish.

Ava: Okay, slow down, killer.

Philip: What’s the problem?

Ava: I told you the problem. I understand what you get out of this deal. You get gabi chic without the gabi part. But I’m not lifting a finger to help you until I get what I want out of the deal.

Philip: Okay. What is it that you want?

Jake: I was not a hitman if that’s what you’re asking.

Gabi: So you never killed anybody?

Jake: Why are we even talking about this?

Gabi: I made a joke about–

Jake: Was it gabi? Was it a joke?

Gabi: It was half a joke. Only you didn’t think it was funny.

Jake: There is nothing funny about working for the mob, okay? It’s a violent, scary, soul-sucking trap.

Gabi: I’ve seen the movies.

Jake: It’s nothing like the movies, okay?

Gabi: Well, then tell me what it was like. What exactly did you do for them?

Jake: I did my job, which was to make money for the family.

Gabi: How?

Jake: The bosses, they would make arrangements with local businesses, you know, for protection.

Gabi: Protection from what?

Jake: From us, basically. And I would enforce those arrangements.

Gabi: Meaning you would hurt them if they didn’t pay.

Jake: Look gabi, I did what I had to because I didn’t have a choice. But the entire time I was in, I was trying to get out.

Gabi: That’s why you stole that book with all the account numbers to force them to let you go.

Jake: That was the plan, until gwen stole it from me.

Gwen: This–this could work. This could work, xander! Especially since my dad thinks that I’m a happy hooker of philadelphia.

Xander: Stop saying hooker.

Gwen: You just said it.

Xander: I know, but I shouldn’t have, should I? In fact, I said that because I didn’t think you were serious about that.

Gwen: Okay, fine. Then we will go with sex worker then, shall we? Look, the point is, the point is–is when I give the judge a chance to sample my product, he won’t be able to resist.

Abigail: A sex worker? So–so gwen was a prostitute?

Jack: During a low point in her life. She needed money to keep from living on the streets and she made some bad choices.

Abigail: And so, what, dr. Snyder was one of her clients?

Jack: Yes, yes. They met when he at some medical convention in philadelphia. I’m sure she never expected to cross paths with him again.

Abigail: Mm-hmm. But then he was–he’s her doctor here in salem.

Jack: You can imagine how awful that was for her. The man threatened to expose her past right after she lost her baby.

Abigail: So all of this happened to gwen because of me?

Xander: So what exactly are you gonna say to this judge? “Oh, hello. I’m a sex worker. Would you like to hire me, please?”

Gwen: I don’t know. I haven’t thought about all the details yet.

Xander: What makes you think he’ll even go for it? Maybe he’s a boy scout or just really cheap.

Gwen: Well, it’s worth a try don’t you think? I offer him sex and in exchange, he dismisses your case.

Xander: Now, that is an offer that any man would have great difficulty refusing.

Gwen: Mm-hmm. Especially when I make it clear there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do to save my boyfriend.

Xander: Are you saying I’m your boyfriend?

Gwen: I don’t know, are you?

Xander: Yeah, I guess I am.

Gwen: That was nice. I would’ve much preferred a more romantic location, though, and you not in handcuffs. Well, actually you in handcuffs in bed would be very nice indeed.

Xander: You have no idea how badly I want to get out of here so I can be with you again.

Gwen: So it’s settled. We are going with operation: Seduce smails.

Xander: No, we are not.

Gwen: Why not?

Xander: Because I’m your boyfriend. I’m not just gonna let you shag some other man. When I heard about the science behind the new

Xander: It’s not gonna happen. I’m not gonna allow you to have sex with this judge just to save my sorry ass.

Gwen: Hello? I’m not actually gonna have sex with that old fossil, you dummy.

Xander: Wait, you aren’t? I–

Gwen: No. Of course not. Xander, I’m gonna go in there with a recorder. I’m gonna get smails to agree to the trade and bam, we’ve got him. He either throws out your case or he loses his job.

Xander: Ohh, yeah. That makes a lot more sense.

Gwen: Yeah. So it’s a plan, yeah?

Xander: Absolutely not.

Jack: Snyder blackmailing gwen was not your fault, sweetheart.

Abigail: Yeah, but if we hadn’t been fighting–

Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold it right there. Just stop. There’s only one villain in this story and he’s dead.

Abigail: You know, I went to go see gwen yesterday.

Jack: You did?

Abigail: Mm-hmm. Just to apologize for everything that happened.

Jack: That couldn’t have been easy for you.

Abigail: No, but it was the right thing to do.

Jack: How did it go?

Abigail: Gwen and i are never gonna be close. I am never gonna forget that she tried to destroy my family and my marriage. However, she didn’t deserve to lose her baby.

Jack: She knows it was an accident. You didn’t mean for it to happen.

Abigail: Still… it happened.

Jack: Did she accept your apology?

Abigail: She did, yeah. Just not sure that I can forgive myself.

Philip: You want a job at titan?

Ava: I think we already talked about that.

Philip: Then you know that my father still blames you for forcing me to launder money, nearly getting me killed in the process.

Ava: Ah, you could talk to him.

Philip: He would never go for it.

Ava: What about at one of your subsidiaries? I mean, would he even have to know I was there?

Philip: Sounds like you have something specific in mind.

Ava: You could say that.

Philip: Well, don’t be coy. Out with it.

Ava: Okay. If you want my help, you’re gonna have to put me in charge of gabi chic.

Philip: You want to run gabi chic?

Ava; oh, I do. But we are gonna have to do something about that name. What do you think of… ava chic?

Nicole: Chloe would not share corporate secrets with philip or anyone and brady knows that.

Brady: Not that I wouldn’t put it past philip trying to get it out of her.

Chloe: He can try whatever he wants, he already offered me a job at titan and i turned him down.

Ej: Why not work with your boyfriend?

Chloe: Because I like my job here. I feel valued. Or at least I did until this conversation.

Ej: If nicole values you, then so do I. I’m sorry for questioning your loyalty.

Chloe: Thank you. Now if you’ll excuse us, brady and I have a meeting.

Ej: Nothing else to say, brady?

Brady: No, I think I’ve said everything I have to say. Nicole, I hope you decide to listen.

Nicole: Well, that escalated quickly.

Ej: Who is brady to tell you who you should or should not date?

Nicole: Well, like he said, he’s just a concerned friend. And to be honest, I’m a little concerned, too.

>>Ej: Look, I’m not going to deny that we did hideous things to each other back then. But that shouldn’t get in the way of us enjoying a lovely evening together now, should it? I’ve seen how cancer can affect

Jake: I stole that book so that I could get away from the violence for good.

Gabi: And you have done that.

Jake: I’d like to think so, but gabi, the mob will play the long game. So if they suddenly decide that I am useful to them again.

Gabi: You know, let’s not think about that because we’ve got so much going for us.

Jake: Yes, we do.

Gabi: Although I did just get an idea, I mean, if there was some way to connect ava to a crime, one she was never charged with, we could use it against her.

Jake: I don’t know, gabi. Digging back into that world feels like tempting fate.

Philip: I understand why you’d want to run gabi chic, but I can’t risk you running it into the ground.

Ava: A word of advice– don’t underestimate me. I ran my own corporation and I was the head of another business that’s a lot less welcoming to lady bosses than the fashion industry.

Philip: Yeah, I don’t think i can make that pitch to the board members nor my father.

Ava: Fine. It is your choice. But unless you agree to my terms, I’m not helping you. And without me, you don’t get the dirt you need on jake and gabi maintains control of gabi chic.

Philip: Why does it feel like you’re blackmailing me again?

Ava: No. No, I’m just countering your offer. What’s your answer?

Philip: Okay. Fine. Ava chic it is.

Nicole: Ej, I– I don’t know if I’m ready for this.

Ej: Not ready to date, or you’re not ready to date me?

Nicole: Both.

Ej: Your marriage is over.

Nicole: Yes.

Ej: And didn’t you just tell me you were trying to put your feelings for rafe behind you?

Nicole: This isn’t about rafe or–or eric. Okay, maybe it is a little bit but–

Ej: Look, the way I see it, there’s no better way to move forward than to share the company of a man who enjoys sharing your company.

Nicole: Well, I’m just having a really hard time trusting you and your motives.

Ej: What possible ulterior motives could I have?

Nicole: Oh, I don’t know, ej, do you really want to go out with me or is it just your way for you to sticking it to sami?

Abigail: [Sighs] I just–I knew gwen was pregnant when I fought with her, and I should have been more careful.

Jack: Sweetheart, stop it right there. You didn’t start the fight. She seduced your husband and her resulting pregnancy was a threat to your marriage.

Abigail: But I was out of control, I was actually trying to hurt her, dad.

Jack: Just stop, please. Please, take it from someone who has made more mistakes in his life than you ever will. You can’t change what happened. You can only commit to growing and learning so that it doesn’t happen again.

Abigail: You never did what I did.

Jack: Are you– are you kidding? Just in our little family, how many times have I hurt you, hurt your mother, hurt jj? And yet, you always found it in your heart to forgive me.

Abigail: Because we love you.

Jack: And I’m grateful for that every single day. But I’ve also learned to live with my regrets and to not let them wreck me. Sweetheart, abigail, it is time for you to forgive yourself. Oh, sweetheart, you and gwen both need to forgive yourselves.

Gwen: You didn’t like my physical violence plan. You didn’t like the sex angle plan and now, you don’t like this current plan.

Xander: It’s too dangerous. What–what if you offer this judge sex and he decides to take it whether you want it or not?

Gwen: It won’t happen.

Xander: Gwen–

Gwen: Xander. Please let me help you.

Xander: Not like this.

Gwen: How many risks have you taken for me? Hmm? You disposed of a dead body, didn’t you? You confessed to drug dealing and you’re facing prison. Now, it’s my turn to take some risks for you.

Woo! You are busy…

Abigail: You know, there is just–there’s one thing that bothers me about what happened between gwen and snyder.

Jack: What’s that?

Abigail: I totally understand her not wanting people to know that she’s a sex worker. However, keeping that a secret by becoming a drug mule instead.

Jack: Who knows what people do when they’re desperate?

Abigail: You’re right. Yes, but I just think if it were me, I would have rather told the truth than commit more crimes.

Xander: I can’t tell you what it means that you’re willing to do this for me.

Gwen: We’re in this together now, xander.

Xander: Yeah, I just wish we had a better plan.

Gwen: Yeah, but there is no better plan. You’re facing years in prison because of me. Because I was afraid to tell my father that I lied about my miscarriage.

Xander: I have no regrets. I’d never want you to lose him.

Gwen: But now I could lose you. I grew up without a father. I lost my mom to a drug overdose. I thought that I loved jake, but that was a very, very unhealthy relationship. And you– you are the first man that actually means something to me. So I will be damned if I let you go to prison.

Ava: Hey, angelo. It’s me. How are things going in philly, cuz? Listen, I need some information on a former friend of ours. He used to go by the name of jake lambert. Now he calls himself jake dimera. Give me a call.

Gabi: You’re right. I don’t want to look back on that dark past. Let’s just count our blessings that the mob let you go and that we’re both safe.

Jake: And part of a very legitimate business. Oh, don’t we have that meeting with that new distributor this afternoon?

Gabi: Oh, yeah. I’ve been so caught up with the whole ava thing I forgot to tell you it got rescheduled.

Jake: Oh. Well, should we go back to the office or–

Gabi: I wanna focus on how we use philip’s jealousy of brady to oust him from titan.

Jake: We can’t really do that with him working down the hall.

Gabi: Exactly. So let’s just go to my house.

Jake: And if ava’s there?

Gabi: To hell with her. I don’t care. If she doesn’t wanna see me, I-I really don’t care. Let’s just go home.

Jake: Come here.

Gabi: What’s this?

Jake: I just want you to know how grateful I am for you. And I’m never gonna stop trying to make you happy.

Gabi: You’ve already done that.

Ej: Why would me dating you have anything to do with samantha?

Nicole: Oh come on, ej. Sami hates me and knowing that we went out on a date would drive her insane. Well, more insane.

Ej: I suppose it would. But why would that bother you?

Nicole: Because I don’t want to be a pawn in some sick game of revenge.

Ej: Oh you’d hardly be a pawn. She destroyed your marriage, exposed your infidelity knowing all along that she was sleeping with lucas. Don’t tell me that you wouldn’t want to stick it to samantha as much as I would. In life there are people who,

Xander: So I guess you’re telling me… you think we have a future?

Gwen: Does that scare you?

Xander: A little.

Gwen: Why?

Xander: Because I want it so much. I didn’t think I’d ever be in another relationship after sarah dumped me. Didn’t think anyone else would have me.

Gwen: Well, I guess I’m not anybody else.

Xander: No, you certainly are not. The rest of salem is probably hoping that I get locked up for decades just for ruining nicole’s marriage.

Gwen: I did the same thing to abigail’S. Look at us. We’re the town pariahs. I suppose it makes sense that we’re together.

Xander: You and I, we– we make a lot of sense.

Gwen: Right, then. It’s settled. I will get the goods on the judge, he’ll throw out your case again. And you can tell ej dimera to go to hell.

Nicole: Well, sami left town. Maybe she won’t find out that we went out on a date.

Ej: Oh, I’m quite sure she would find out.

Nicole: Well then, fine, let’s do it.

Ej: Wonderful.

Nicole: Yeah.

Ej: I’ll pick you up at 8:00.

Brady: Wonderful, huh?

Ej: Brady, chloe, I didn’t hear you come back in.

Chloe: Sounds like we didn’t miss much.

Ej: Perhaps we can double date sometime, you and philip. I mean, sorry, brady. You’re the odd man out. See you at 8:00.

Brady: When this blows up in your face, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Ava: You staring at my phone isn’t going to make it ring.

Philip: When do you think your cousin is gonna call you back?

Ava: Angelo usually plays bocce with the crew today. Don’t worry. He’ll call soon.

Gabi: I hope she hasn’t stunk up the kitchen with garlic again.

Jake: I kinda like the smell of garlic. Don’t detect garlic. Smells more like aftershave.

Gabi: And not rafe’s but it does seem familiar.

Jake: Huh.

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