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EJ is at the Brady Pub making dinner reservations for his date with Nicole. Lucas approaches and questions if Sami came back to him, adding that he didn’t think she’d be that stupid.

Chanel and Allie work at the Bakery. Chanel comments on being tired after her bed was rocking all night. Allie asks if Johnny finally wore her down and if it was worth the wait.

At the DiMera Mansion, Johnny calls John and asks if Marlena is there. John responds that she is but she’s not feeling that well, so she’s in her room resting.

Marlena is asleep in bed, dreaming of the Devil planning to kill Doug.

John tells Johnny that if he’s calling to talk about his movie, they had that discussion and decided to pass on investing in it. Johnny knows John isn’t thrilled but questions if Marlena feels the same way. John confirms he’s speaking for the both of them. John repeats that this isn’t a really good idea as the memories of that time are painful. Johnny argues that confronting the memories could be a good way of exorcising them. John is sure he thinks demonic possession is big box office but what happened to Marlena was horrific, painful, and needs to stay private. John warns Johnny to leave that part out if he makes his movie and hangs up. Johnny remarks to himself that Marlena’s possession is the only part he’s leaving in.

Chanel says that Allie has a dirty mind while Allie thought she was sharing details of her sex life. Chanel clarifies that she and Johnny did not have sex, but he made her watch the Exorcist last night so she was rocking the bed, unable to sleep, as she kept dreaming of being the girl in the Exorcist and that the Devil was coming after her.

Julie remains at Doug’s side in the hospital. Tripp enters and greets her. Julie asks where Kayla is. Tripp responds that Kayla had an emergency so he’s going to be checking on Doug. Julie notes that Doug did not have a good night. Tripp worries that Julie didn’t either and suggests she go get some air. Julie says she can’t leave but thanks him. Julie supposes she was naive to think Marlena could help Doug right away, but after he saw Marlena, everything got worse.

Marlena wakes up from her nightmare in a panic. John rushes in to the bedroom to ask what’s wrong.

Allie tells Chanel that Johnny is so obsessed with making his movie that he doesn’t see it’s going to freak out every person in their family. Chanel adds that he’ll upset more than just his family. Chanel worries that making a movie about the devil is just begging for trouble. Chanel adds that she read about the making of the Exorcist before going to bed. Chanel says you don’t go messing with the devil if you don’t want him messing with you back. Allie calls Chanel superstitious. Chanel jokes that Allie is her good luck charm. Allie asks if she will talk Johnny out of making his movie. Chanel doesn’t see the point since Johnny is just as stubborn as Allie is. Chanel adds that she likes how passionate Johnny is. Chanel questions if Allie really meant that she’s okay with her and Johnny seeing each other.

Abigail walks in to the living room of the DiMera Mansion and comments that Johnny doesn’t look very happy. Johnny informs her that he just spoke to John, who said he and Marlena won’t be investing in his movie. Abigail says she’s sorry but asks what the movie is about. Johnny shows her Will’s script for The Sami Brady Story. Abigail remarks that it definitely won’t be dull. Abigail looks it over and asks Johnny if Will happened to write about her affair with EJ while he was engaged to Sami, which Johnny confirms that he did.

EJ tells Lucas that Sami is not back in Salem, not that it’s his concern. Lucas argues that Sami is the mother of his children and his friend. EJ asks if he or Allie have heard from her. Lucas says they haven’t. EJ points out that Johnny hasn’t either so he thinks that indicates that Sami is not interested in being Allie and Johnny’s mother or Lucas’s friend. Lucas finds it hard to believe that Sami is not keeping in touch with anyone. Lucas argues that Sami would not run away. EJ agrees since she never has before, but it seems despite Sami always being shameless, she finally realized how much she embarrassed herself by reaching the bottom of the barrel with Lucas. Lucas calls him a smug son of a bitch. EJ calls Lucas a loser. Lucas says that’s not how Sami saw it. EJ warns Lucas to watch what he says because he’s very close to making him angry and he doesn’t want that.

John asks if Marlena is okay. Marlena responds that she doesn’t know as she just had the most horrible nightmare. John encourages her that it’s all over and asks her to tell him about it.

Kate goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and greets Philip. He asks her what’s going on and if everything is alright. Kate asks if a mother can’t just visit her son. Philip says she’s a very busy woman so she doesn’t make casual visits to her son. Kate admits it’s not just a casual visit as she’s feeling concerned with her children today. Philip says if it’s not about him, he doubts it’s Austin, Billie, Cassie or Rex as they are all doing fine as far as he knows, so he guesses she’s worried about Lucas. Kate confirms that she is and asks if he’s not. Philip responds that he’s not. Kate argues that he is Lucas’s brother and he’s suffering, so she questions how he can’t be concerned. Kate talks about Lucas being sad and mopey about Sami. Philip says that Lucas is a grown man and suggests they stay the hell out of it.

Lucas tells EJ to take his best shot but Roman interrupts and tells EJ to get out or sit down. Lucas says it’s alright as he will go because he has things to do anyways. Lucas tells EJ to tell Johnny that he’s set things in motion. EJ questions what he means. Lucas reveals that he’s investing in Johnny’s movie which infuriates EJ. Lucas remarks that he doesn’t want to spoil The Sami Brady Story for him, but he’ll be surprised by who Sami’s love interest is. Roman holds EJ back as Lucas walks out of the Pub.

Abigail asks Johnny if Will wrote about her affair in detail. Johnny calls it the most cinematic scene in the script and talks about how Sami was planning her wedding, completely unaware, and it also includes striking visuals like a long shower montage. Johnny jokes about how Will described EJ’s naked body in his script. Abigail worries but Johnny then reveals that he’s cutting the whole storyline so there won’t be anything about her and EJ. Abigail is relieved, calling that not her proudest moment. Johnny then informs her that with Will’s blessing, he’s begun rewriting the script to focus on the darkest, most dramatic thing that’s ever happened to his family; when his grandma was possessed by the Devil.

Allie assures Chanel that she meant it and that she only worried that Johnny would want to hit it and quit it, but Chanel is a big girl so it’s fine by her. Chanel insists that Johnny has changed. Allie says that’s good since he is her brother and she does love him. Allie wants them to be happy and jokes that they should spend more nights together watching scary movies. Allie mentions that she didn’t sleep much last night either. Chanel asks if it’s her and Tripp.

Tripp informs Julie that Doug’s vitals are good and his condition is stable. Julie worries that Doug had a terrible night, tossing and turning. Tripp says he’ll talk to Kayla about increasing his sedative but notes that agitation is a fairly common side effect of dementia. Julie argues that Doug doesn’t have dementia. Tripp acknowledges that Doug is still being evaluated for more tests. Julie insists that if she prays for him, he will get better. Tripp encourages Julie. She questions believing that everything has a scientific explanation.

John asks Marlena what her dream was about but she claims she can’t remember. John points out that she’s still shaking. Marlena thinks it had something to do with Doug. John knows how worried she is about him. Marlena says everything has been going so fast and it’s all a blur so she can’t quite figure it out. Marlena recalls talking to Doug and then he was on the ground and Julie was there. John asks if she’s thinking it’s his heart. Marlena says that after he was stabilized, she wanted to check to see if he was alright and to make him feel better. Marlena doesn’t remember exactly what she said to him but she thinks she made him feel worse. John asks how she could do that. Marlena says she doesn’t know.

Kate decides she shouldn’t have come to talk to Philip about this then. Philip apologizes and says he’s kind of sensitive to her interfering in their lives. Kate argues that she does it because she cares and she hates seeing Lucas so unhappy, pining away for Sami, who has broken his heart once again. Philip reminds her that he tried to help Lucas with Sami, but she obviously doesn’t seem to want to get back with him so he needs to move on. Kate says that’s easy for him to say. Philip remarks that Kate might stop obsessing over her kids’ love life if she had a love life of her own.

EJ comments to Roman on the nerve of Lucas for sleeping with his wife and now giving money to his son for his cinematic pipe dream. Roman then reveals that Lucas is not the only one giving Johnny money for his film.

Johnny asks what Abigail remembers about Marlena being possessed. Abigail says not much since she was just a kid. Johnny asks if people were talking about it. Abigail notes that not many people wanted to talk about it.

Allie confirms to Chanel that Tripp did spend the night but says she didn’t get much sleep because she’s dealing with Henry teething. Allie tells Chanel how Tripp offered to come over every morning until the nanny gets there. Chanel is happy that Allie has someone who wants to take care of. Allie calls Tripp incredible and says she really cares about him. Chanel asks if she wants to talk about it.

Tripp tells Julie that it’s clear how important her faith is to her. Julie asks Tripp if he really believes there is a scientific explanation for everything. Tripp confirms that he does, but he doesn’t think faith and science are mutually exclusive, as he’s convinced that life is a miracle. Tripp brings up Johnny’s script about a story that happened in Salem, about Marlena being possessed by the Devil. Tripp asks if Julie remembers what happened. Julie says she and Doug were out of town, but she’s heard the stories. Tripp asks if she believes the stories are true.

John can’t imagine Marlena doing or saying anything that would hurt Doug. Marlena says she loves Doug and doesn’t think she would. John thinks Marlena is just working too hard and taking care of everyone but herself. John suggests she take a day off but Marlena says doing nothing would drive her crazy, so she has to figure out what’s wrong. John asks if Marlena might have recorded her session with Doug. Marlena remembers that she did, so she has to go listen to it and she has to do it now. John offers to drive her to the hospital since he wants to see Doug and Julie anyways. Marlena agrees and says she’s glad to be doing something as she goes to get dressed.

Philip jokes that it must have been good for Kate’s ego to have Roman pursue her. Kate states that Roman just let her know that if she was ever ready, he’d be there. Philip points out that she still didn’t answer his question so he asks her why she and Roman are not together. Kate responds that love is risky and she doesn’t want to take that risk. Kate talks about being hurt and humiliated so she’s just going to concentrate on family and work for awhile. Kate then admits there’s something about Roman as she’s always admired him.

Roman tells EJ that he’s not going to tell one of his grandkids no when they are following a dream. EJ argues that Johnny’s place is at DiMera, working for him. Roman asks if he ever thinks about how stupid he is. Roman tells EJ that if he wants Johnny completely out of his life, then forcing him to do something he doesn’t want to do and sneering at his passion will do that. EJ mocks Roman raising Sami. EJ argues that Roman is wasting his money as Johnny will abandon his movie when there’s actual work involved. Roman asks if EJ is taking out his anger at Sami on Johnny. EJ remarks that he’s trying to help his son grow up while Roman is indulging him, just like he always indulged his tramp daughter. Roman says EJ obviously came here for a fight. Roman warns EJ to be careful what he wishes for because if he keeps talking like that, he’s damn well going to get a fight.

Johnny tells Abigail that even though John turned down investing in his film, he told Allie that it was all true. Johnny thinks a documented story about a possessed grandma is marketable. Abigail asks why he doesn’t see that his family might see the movie as exploitative. Johnny doesn’t see why everybody is so offended by it and remarks that possession is nothing to be ashamed of. Abigail doesn’t think Marlena wants a movie made about it and asks how Allie feels about it. Johnny hopes she feels good because he asked her to play Sami. Abigail questions him not using actors. Johnny responds that lots of directors use real people for their movies all the time. Johnny says this is a Salem story so he wants people that are connected to the town and connected to the people that had to go through this unspeakable horror.

Allie tells Chanel that she really wishes Sami would answer her texts. Chanel says Allie can try to change the subject all she wants, but she can just ask Tripp what she’s keeping from her. Allie then agrees to tell her. Allie tells Chanel that Tripp is so great, she really likes him, and the sex is the best. Chanel asks what the problem is then. Allie reveals that Tripp told her that he loved her and she didn’t say it back.

Julie tells Tripp that in her life experience, the Devil takes many forms including Gabi. Julie says Tripp can keep his faith in science and she will keep her faith in God, so between the two of them they can do Doug some good. Tripp agrees. Julie thanks Tripp for the care he has shown them. Tripp says he’s off his shift now and offers to go to the chapel to say a prayer for Doug. Julie calls that a wonderful idea as Tripp then exits.

John and Marlena arrive at the hospital. John says he’s going to check on Doug and asks Marlena not to push herself too much. Marlena thinks she’ll feel better when she hears what’s on the recording as it all happened so fast that she must have missed something. Marlena sends her love to Doug and Julie as she then heads to her office.

Marlena goes to her office and plays the recording of her session with Doug. She then reaches the part where Doug said he locked Julie in the freezer on purpose.

John checks in on Julie. Julie worries that Doug is still so agitated and not getting the rest he needs. John worries that Julie hasn’t either since she was there all night. John says Doug will need Julie to be strong, so he suggests she go home to get some sleep. Julie says she won’t get sleep but she could use a shower and a change of clothes, so John agrees to stay with Doug. Julie thanks him and says she won’t be long. John tells her to take her time. Julie then exits the room. Doug’s heart rate starts to drop.

Abigail asks if Johnny will get Allie to play Sami, then will he get Sami to play Marlena. Johnny laughs at the idea but says no one knows where Sami is. Abigail says he might have to get a real actress then. Johnny says it’s a tough role as it’d have to be someone strong but vulnerable and really beautiful. Johnny then suggests Abigail for the role.

Chanel wishes she could relate but she and Johnny are nowhere near the “I love you” stage. Allie laughs off the idea of Johnny as a pure-hearted white knight. Chanel points out that Allie got her off subject of her and Tripp again. Chanel asks Allie what’s going on and what the problem is with her and Tripp. Allie tells Chanel that she knows Tripp is so great and they are serious about each other, but she doesn’t think that she’s ready. Allie thinks when she tells someone that she loves them for the very first time, she wants to be sure she really means it. Chanel asks what she thinks is holding her back. Tripp then appears and questions what they are talking about. Allie says they were just talking about Chanel and Johnny. Chanel adds that Tripp is Allie’s 5 AM hero. Tripp guesses they are all pretty lucky as he and Allie kiss in front of Chanel.

Roman tells EJ that he’s not going to just stand here and listen to him badmouth his daughter. EJ apologizes for being out of line but points out that Sami broke her vows and left. Roman says he’s not defending her, but they both know EJ was far from a great husband. Roman adds that EJ pushed Sami away and he’s about to do the exact same thing to Johnny.

Johnny praises Abigail. Abigail doesn’t know anything about being possessed, but guesses she knows about someone taking over her life. Johnny asks if Abigail will do it.

Marlena continues listening to the recording of her session with Doug, where Doug became possessed by the Devil.

John sits at Doug’s side as Doug wakes up. John tells him that they are all here for him and that Marlena is in her office now, trying to figure out what to do next. Doug’s monitors start to increase. John tells him to hang on but Doug says Marlena’s name.

Marlena continues listening to her recording between her and the Devil.

John tells Doug that Marlena is trying to help him. Doug responds that Marlena needs their help because she tried to kill him.

Marlena’s recording has the Devil’s voice asking if she really needs to listen to it as if she already forgot their reunion.

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