Days Short Recap Friday, September 24, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Ben talked to Ciara about the tour guide telling them they had to reconcile with the past before they could move on. He said he felt she was talking about him. She said he didn’t ignore the past. She said he faced up to what he did. She said he was going to therapy and was trying to make up for what he did to others. He said it didn’t change what he did. He said it would always be a part of him. Ben told Ciara he hasn’t stopped thinking about what he did since she mentioned having a baby. He said he was concerned that he would pass on his mental illness to the child. She realized that was why he didn’t want to have a baby. She wanted him to be honest with her. She asked if he would ever want to have a baby. Steve and Kayla talked about Doug. They thought it was a mystery what he was going through. Abe and Paulina showed up and went over to Steve and Kayla. Steve asked Abe how John was doing. Abe said John was thinking about the past. He said John was thinking about Marlena being possessed. Paulina thought he was kidding. Steve and Kayla said they heard about Marlena’s possession, but they weren’t in town. Abe said he was in Salem and it did happen. Paulina couldn’t believe Satan was in Salem. Kayla wondered why John was thinking about it now. Abe said Johnny was making a movie about Sami’s life. He said Marlena’s possession story was part of that life. When Paulina went to the bathroom, Abe asked Steve and Kayla about Paulina. Abe wanted to know what they thought about her. They said they liked her. Abe said he wanted to propose to her. Paulina came back from the bathroom. She heard Kayla tell Abe they were happy for him. Paulina wanted to know what they were talking about. Kayla said she was happy for them. Eli went to check on Julie. She was with Doug. She told Eli that Doug collapsed in Marlena’s office. She said something was wrong with Marlena. Julie told Eli that Doug said he went into her. Julie felt he was trying to tell her something. Doug started to wake up. Julie told Doug why he was in the hospital. She asked him if he remembered what happened to him in Marlena’s office. Doug said Marlena’s name. He kept saying her name until he became upset. Julie asked Eli to stay with Doug while she got the nurse. She called Marlena.

Marlena found John’s memories of when she was possessed the first time. When she touched the collar, it burned her. She thought about what they did to the town years ago. She said Salem hasn’t seen anything yet. She looked in the mirror and said she looked good after 25 years. John came home and apologized to Marlena for being late. He asked if she was okay. She said she was thinking about Doug. John said she seemed a little shaken. He noticed his mementos. He apologized for leaving out. She asked why he was looking at it. John told Marlena that he was talking to Johnny about his movie and what happened to her. He said he was hoping they never had to deal with it again. He said he had a bad feeling about Johnny trying to bring those memories back. Marlena asked John about the movie. John said Johnny hasn’t read the whole script yet. He said he told Allie about the possession. He said it was their love and their belief in God that defeated the devil. He took out the bible. She told him to put the bible away. He asked why she was so mad. She apologized. She said the bad memories had her on edge. She told him to put the bible back. She wanted to stop talking about it. He said that was why Johnny shouldn’t make the movie. Julie called Marlena and told her about Doug. She said he was upset. She said she couldn’t understand him. She said he kept saying Marlena’s name. Marlena told John that she had to check on Doug. John said he would pray for Doug. Julie told Doug that she called Marlena. He said no. He said Marlena needed help. He passed out. Marlena showed up at the hospital. Eli and Julie told her Doug said she was the one who needed help. Julie said she hoped she could help Doug. Marlena wanted to see Doug alone. Marlena went to Doug’s room. He was awake. Her eyes were glowing. She told him they had to do something about him telling on her.

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