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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ went to the police station. He told Rafe he wanted the money Bonnie took. He said she stole it from Xander who was supposed to give it to him for his legal fees. Rafe said the D.A. was holding the money because it was evidence. He said EJ wasn’t getting the money until the case was resolved. EJ and Rafe ended up arguing. Rafe told him he couldn’t help him. Gwen told Xander she couldn’t tell Jack the truth so she used Xander’s prostitution story. She said Jack wad understanding about it. Xander said he and Jack were back on good terms thanks to her. He wanted to know where they stood. Gwen told Xander that she wasn’t used to men doing things to help her. She said she learned how to turn off her feelings as a survivor instinct. She said the one man she thought she could open up to left her for Gabi. Xander said he knew what she meant because he slept with different women, but he only loved Sarah. He said she ended up choosing someone else. Gwen told Xander that she hated Sarah for hurting him. She said things like that were why it was better not to have feelings. She wanted to end things before it got messy. She said she didn’t want to end things. They kissed each other and fell on the bed. Ava told Philip that Gabi was plotting to get him thrown out of Titan so they could take over. She said she wanted him to give her a job in exchange for the information. He thought she wanted to be a chef. She said Doug cursed her out. She said she was tired of working with crazy people. Ava told Philip he could hire her after he fired Jake and Gabi. Ava said she had fashion sense. He said he couldn’t fire Gabi because her company was profitable. He said he wasn’t going to let her get away with what she did. Rafe showed up. Rafe wondered why Philip was at his house. Philip wanted Ava to explain it to him. When Philip left, Ava told Rafe she asked Philip for a job. She changed the subject by bringing up Jake and Gabi moving out. Rafe wondered if Gabi said where she was going. Ava said she didn’t.

Victor asked Brady if they had a deal. Victor asked if he was going to take Chloe away from Philip. Chloe walked in and wanted to know Brady’s answer. Brady said it wasn’t what she thought. Victor said it was. Victor told Chloe she was clouding Philip’s judgment. He said she wasn’t any good for Philip. She asked if she was good enough for Brady. Victor said Kristen set the bar so low that she could crawl out of it. Victor left them alone. Chloe talked to Brady about Victor. She asked Brady what he said to Victor. Brady said he told him Philip was losing focus at Titan. She said he wasn’t out to steal her. He was out to take his job. Brady told Chloe that Gabi and Jake told him Philip was acting erratically. She said they had their own motives. Brady said he knew that, but he wasn’t after Philip’s job. He said he wanted Philip to be more focused. She said Philip was trying to change. She said Brady was turning into Victor. Brady said Philip goes crazy when he was around her. Philip showed up at the mansion and wondered why Brady was there. Brady said he was visiting his grandfather. Philip was happy to hear that because Victor has been down since Maggie has been gone. Philip said Victor missed Brady. Gabi and Jake went to the DiMera mansion. They saw that Abby was back. Jake and Gabi said they were moving back in the mansion. Chad came in and said they weren’t. Gabi said it was her house. She said she inherited it from Stefan. She said she was letting him stay out of the kindness of her heart. She said that was done. She wanted him out. Chad wanted to know why Gabi wanted him gone now. Gabi said she and Jake were making big moves. Abby tried to reach out to Gabi as a mother. Abby said her kids lived there. Gabi said she and the kids could stay, but Chad had to go. Chad said he would leave so he wouldn’t cause a scene, but he would be back. Chad went back to the mansion with EJ. Gabi told EJ that she kicked Chad out. She said he was next. EJ said he owned the house now. EJ handed her the deed. She looked at the deed. He said he bought the bank that owned the deed to the house. He said she and Jake were the ones leaving. Gabi threatened to get a lawyer. EJ told her to do that somewhere else because she was trespassing. Rafe went to Xander’s room. Xander answered the door. Rafe told him the charges against him were reinstated. He said Xander was under arrest.

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