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Jake asks Gabi about thinking that Chloe is Philip’s Achilles’ heel. Gabi points out how crazy Philip got when he thought Brady was moving in on her and that they know Victor wants Chloe out of Philip’s life. Jake asks how they use that information to get Philip out of Titan. Gabi complains about not having her coffee since Rafe was punishing her for how she treated Ava.

Ava questions Philip wanting her to help him take down Gabi Hernandez. Philip asks why she’s so surprised. Ava points out that yesterday, he wasn’t interested. Philip reminds her that he can’t fire Gabi until he’s able to gain control of Gabi Chic since it’s become a very lucrative piece of Titan. Ava asks how this partnership would work. Philip goes over how Ava overheard Jake and Gabi under this roof and says she’s in the perfect position to gather more intel. Philip asks Ava what she thinks. Ava tells him to go fly a kite.

Abigail sits in the living room of the DiMera Mansion with her tablet until Jack walks in with kites for the kids. Abigail invites Jack to stay for tea which he agrees to. Abigail mentions reading today’s Spectator and acknowledges that it couldn’t have been easy to write the article about Xander’s drug charges. Jack says especially since he knows for a fact that Xander is totally innocent.

Xander asks Gwen what her plan is to get him out. Gwen says it seeds of a plan as they need to prove EJ and the judge’s collusion or they get their own leverage over Judge Smails. Xander asks how to do that. Gwen brings up EJ beating Xander up. Xander asks what that has to do with the judge and asks if she thinks EJ threatened the judge with bodily harm. Gwen says she doesn’t know but maybe they could.

Nicole questions EJ asking her out on a date. EJ can’t tell if she’s good shocked or bad shocked. Nicole brings up their history. EJ hoped that she had gotten past that and asks for a chance to redeem herself by taking her out to dinner tonight. Brady and Chloe walk in the office as Brady hopes Nicole is too smart to say yes to EJ’s offer. EJ tells Chloe that it’s lovely to see her. Brady questions what EJ is doing. EJ says it’s none of his concern. Brady states that Nicole is his friend so it is his concern if she’s in a dangerous situation. Nicole says she wouldn’t call it dangerous but Brady asks how it ended last time they were together. Nicole says they both made bad choices. Brady asks if she thinks EJ has changed. EJ remarks that back then, Brady wanted Nicole all to himself but she chose him instead.

Abigail knows Xander is Jack’s friend and that he claims to be innocent but says they can’t take what he says at face value. Jack insists that Xander didn’t sell drugs and only confessed to protect Gwen. Abigail questions if Gwen was the person selling stolen opioids. Jack says it’s complicated but he’s grateful that Xander stepped in to protect her. Abigail questions why he would do that. Jack reveals there is something romantic going on between them. Abigail calls that a match made somewhere other than Heaven.

Xander tells Gwen that he’s stuck in here while Gwen says she’s not. Xander doesn’t think Gwen has a threatening physical presences. Gwen brings up being accused of killing Abigail’s grandmother which might give Judge Smails pause. Xander appreciates her offer but thinks it’s better for her to keep her clean. Gwen suggests hiring someone to intimidate the judge. Xander asks if she knows someone. Gwen brings up Jake being in the mob so he might be willing to do her a favor for old times’ sake.

Gabi and Jake get coffee and sit together in the town square. Jake can’t believe Rafe would be cruel enough to deprive her of caffeine. Gabi complains about Rafe making her apologize for calling Ava a bitch. Gabi insists that Ava hasn’t left her past behind and asks if Jake believes her. Jake admits that most people never make it out of the mob. Gabi guesses Jake must have met enforcers and hitmen during his time in the mob. Jake asks why she’s asking. Gabi wonders if Jake knew someone that could run Ava out.

Philip thought Ava hated Gabi. Ava says she does but she is Rafe’s sister. Philip points out that Rafe doesn’t have to know that she’s working with him. Ava questions what she’s supposed to do. Philip mentions that she could find evidence of the key logging software that she and Jake put on his computer, but he’d take any skeleton from her closet as he’s sure she has plenty. Ava feels Gabi is too smart to leave any evidence lying around the house. Philip suggests she spy on them then since she overheard something once. Ava says she just got lucky once. Philip questions if she’s saying she won’t help him take them down. Ava responds that upon further consideration, she wants to know what’s in it for her.

Brady questions EJ thinking he’s jealous of something from a lifetime ago. EJ asks why else he would care if he’s dating Nicole. Brady repeats that Nicole is his friend so he wants to make sure that EJ is not taking advantage of her. Brady asks if it’s any coincidence that EJ is swooping in as soon as Nicole’s marriage to Eric ended. Brady adds that EJ is still married to Sami but EJ says not for long. Chloe suggests letting Nicole speak for herself. Brady questions if Nicole is seriously thinking about going out with EJ. Nicole appreciates his concern but doesn’t want to make a big deal out of this. Brady reminds Nicole of what EJ is capable of. EJ suggests Brady focus on his own relationship instead of Nicole’s love life. Brady responds that he’s not involved with anyone right now. EJ brings up Kristen breaking out of prison to keep Brady away from Chloe. Brady remarks that Kristen was out of her mind and paranoid at the time. EJ declares that now that Kristen is out of his life, there’s nothing stopping Brady and Chloe from being together.

Ava tells Philip that she’s open to negotiation. Philip is glad because he thinks they would learn some interesting things from her spying on Gabi and Jake. Ava has a better idea and informs him that it turns out that Jake used to work for her family business and did a lot of illegal stuff. Philip likes where this is going. Ava says she was out of commission but her cousin Angelo runs a tight ship and was obsessed with paperwork, so she guarantees that he has evidence they can use against Jake. Philip asks what kind of crimes they are talking about. Ava reveals it’s the kind that Jake would spend a significant amount of time in jail for. Philip is excited about the idea that Gabi might trade Gabi Chic for Jake’s freedom.

Jake questions Gabi asking him to have Ava killed. Gabi says she’s just tossing out a hypothetical. Jake can’t believe she’d even say that out loud and warns that anyone who touches Ava would still have an immediate target on their back and it could incite a mob war. Jake reminds Gabi that he came to Salem to get out of his life, so he doesn’t want to think about his time working for the Vitalis or the crap they had him do. Gabi then asks if Jake has ever killed someone.

Xander tells Gwen that as much as he enjoys the idea of a goon like Jake roughing up from the judge, he questions if Jake would actually do it. Gwen asks why not. Xander brings up that Jake was the CEO of a large corporation so he’s gone legit and he didn’t think Jake and Gwen ended on good terms. Gwen admits she wouldn’t put it past Jake to flip on her and tell the judge that she hired him. Xander guesses it’s not a good idea and decides against the violence angle. Gwen suggests bribing the judge but Xander points out they don’t have any money. Gwen says they can dig up something to use against him. Xander wonders if the judge has a gambling problem or cheats on his wife or hires a prostitute. Gwen then points out that maybe the judge would hire her since they used the story of her being a prostitute. Xander tries to laugh it off but questions if she’s going to offer the judge her services as a hooker.

Jack tells Abigail that Gwen was not a drug dealer, at least not willingly. Abigail asks if he is saying she was coerced. Jack explains that the real dealer was Dr. Snyder, who treated her after her miscarriage. Abigail questions how he forced her to deal drugs. Jack informs her that they had a history and Snyder was using it to blackmail her. Abigail asks what kind of history they are talking about and what he was blackmailing her with.

Brady tells EJ that he loved Kristen. EJ says not enough to stand by her side. Brady argues that he was with her the entire time she was in prison and he took it very seriously but in the end, he couldn’t forgive her for hurting all the people he cares about like Chloe. Nicole points out that Kristen tried to kill Chloe twice. EJ calls jealousy a powerful emotion so he could understand how it could drive someone to do something rash. Brady questions EJ condoning what Kristen did. EJ talks about Kristen sitting in prison while imagining Chloe with the man she loves. Chloe informs EJ that she happens to be seeing Philip Kiriakis now. EJ remarks that Brady lost out again. Chloe says it’s not like that. EJ thinks Chloe made the right choice as long as she’s not sharing corporate secrets with the competition.

Philip wants Ava to get Angelo on the phone to see what he has on Jake. Ava tells him to slow down. Philip asks what the problem is. Ava tells Philip that he gets Gabi Chic but she’s not lifting a finger to help him until she gets what she wants out of the deal. Philip asks what she wants.

Jake tells Gabi that he was not a hitman. Gabi asks if he’s never killed anybody then. Jake questions why they are talking about this. Gabi says she was just joking but Jake argues that there’s nothing funny about working for the mob. Gabi asks what it was like and what exactly he did for them. Jake responds that he did his job which was to make money for the family. Gabi wants to know how. Jake explains that the bosses would make arrangements with local businesses for protection from them and he would enforce those arrangements. Gabi asks if he means he’d hurt them if they didn’t pay. Jake says he did what he had to do because he had no choice, but the entire time he was trying to get out. Gabi recalls Jake having the book with the account numbers to force them to let him go. Jake says that was the plan, until Gwen stole the book from him.

Gwen tells Xander that this could work, especially since Jack thinks she was a hooker. Xander didn’t think she was serious. Gwen says the point is that when she gives the judge a chance to sample her product, he won’t be able to resist.

Abigail questions Jack informing her that Gwen was a prostitute. Jack says it was a low point in her life and she needed money, so she made some bad choices. Abigail asks if Dr. Snyder was one of her clients which Jack confirms. Jack talks about how awful it must have been for Gwen to have Dr. Snyder threatening to expose her past right after she lost her baby. Abigali declares that all of this happened to Gwen because of her.

Xander questions what Gwen is going to say to the judge or if he will even be interested. Gwen feels it’s worth a shot. Xander admits that any man would have difficulty turning her down. Gwen adds that she’ll make it clear that there isn’t anything she wouldn’t do to save her boyfriend. Xander accepts the idea of being Gwen’s boyfriend. She leans over the table and kisses him. Gwen says that was nice but would prefer it in a more romantic location. Xander tells her how badly he wants to get out to be with her again. Gwen declares they are going with Operation: Seduce Smails then. Xander says no because he’s her boyfriend and is not going to let her just shag some other man. Xander refuses to allow her to have sex with the judge just to save his sorry ass. Gwen clarifies that she won’t actually have sex with him but she’ll go in with a recorder to get him to agree to the trade, so he’ll either release Xander or lose his job. Gwen asks if it’s a plan then but Xander still says absolutely not.

Jack assures Abigail that Dr. Snyder blackmailing Gwen was not her fault and that Dr. Snyder was the only villain in this story. Abigail informs Jack that she went to go see Gwen yesterday to apologize for everything that happened. Jack knows it couldn’t have been easy for her. Abigail calls it the right thing to do. Jack asks how it went. Abigail says they will never be close and she’ll never forget that Gwen tried to destroy her family and marriage, but she didn’t deserve to lose her baby. Jack assures that Gwen knows it was an accident and asks if she accepted her apology. Abigail confirms that she did, but she’s not sure that she can forgive herself.

Philip questions Ava wanting a job at Titan, when Victor still blames her for forcing him to launder money and nearly getting him killed. Ava argues that Philip could talk to him, but Philip says Victor would never go for it. Ava asks about one of his subsidiaries and if Victor would even have to know she was there. Philip asks if she has something specific in mind. Ava reveals that if Philip wants her help, he’s going to have to put her in charge of Gabi Chic, but they’ll have to do something about the name. Ava jokes about the name Ava Chic.

Nicole assures EJ that Chloe would not share corporate secrets with Philip or anyone and Brady knows that. Brady wouldn’t put it past Philip to try to get it out of Chloe. Chloe informs them that Philip already offered her a job at Titan but she turned it down because she likes her job here. EJ states that if Nicole values Chloe, then he does too and apologizes for questioning her. Chloe informs them that she and Brady have a meeting. EJ asks if Brady has anything else to say. Brady thinks he said everything he has to say and tells Nicole that hopes she decides to listen. Brady and Chloe then exit. Nicole comments that things escalated quickly. EJ questions who Brady is to tell her who she should and shouldn’t date. Nicole calls him just a concerned friend and admits she’s a little concerned too. EJ acknowledges that they did hideous things to each other back then, but feels that shouldn’t get in the way of them enjoying a lovely evening together now.

Jake tells Gabi that he stole that book to get away from violence for good. Gabi encourages that he’s done that. Jake worries about the mob suddenly deciding he’s useful to them. Gabi tells him not to worry as they have a lot going for them. Gabi adds that if there was some way to connect Ava to a crime that she was never charged with, they could use it against her. Jake fears that digging back in to that world could be tempting fate.

Philip understands why Ava would want to run Gabi Chic but says he can’t risk her running it in to the ground. Ava advises him not to underestimate her, reminding him that she ran her own corporation and was the head of another business that is a lot less welcoming to lady bosses than the fashion industry. Philip doesn’t think he can make that pitch to the board or his father. Ava tells him that it’s his choice, but unless he agrees to her terms, then she’s not helping him and without her, he doesn’t get the dirt he needs on Jake and Gabi retains control of Gabi Chic. Philip feels like she’s blackmailing him again. Ava says she’s just countering his offer, so she asks what his answer is. Philip then agrees to Ava Chic and they shake hands.

Nicole tells EJ that she doesn’t know if she’s ready for this. EJ questions if she means not ready to date or not ready to date him. Nicole says both. EJ points out that her marriage is over and she just said she’s trying to put her feelings for Rafe behind her. Nicole says it isn’t about Rafe or Eric but admits maybe it is a little. EJ feels there’s no better way to move forward than to share company with a man who enjoys sharing her company. Nicole is having a hard time trusting EJ and his motives. EJ asks what possible ulterior motives he could have. Nicole questions if he really wants go out with her or if it’s just his way of sticking it to Sami.

Abigail tells Jack that she knew Gwen was pregnant when she fought with her and she should’ve been more careful. Jack encourages that she didn’t start the fight since Gwen seduced her husband and her resulting pregnancy was a threat to her marriage. Abigail feels she was out of control. Jack says he’s made more mistakes than she ever will and she can’t change what happened but can only commit to learning and growing so that it doesn’t happen again. Abigail points out that he never did what she did. Jack asks how many times he’s hurt her, Jennifer, or JJ, and yet they always found it in their heart to forgive him. Abigail says that’s because they love him. Jack is grateful for that every day, but he’s learned to live with his regrets and not let them wreck him. Jack tells Abigail that it’s time for her to forgive herself as he hugs her. Jack declares that she and Gwen both need to forgive themselves.

Gwen complains that Xander didn’t like her physical violence plan, the sex angle plan, and now this plan. Xander feels it’s too dangerous. Gwen pleads with him to let her help him. Xander says not like this. Gwen brings up the risks he took for her including getting rid of a dead body and confessing to drug dealing, so now he’s facing prison and it’s her turn to take some risks for him.

Abigail tells Jack that there’s one thing that bothers her about Gwen and Dr. Snyder. Abigail gets Gwen not wanting people to know she’s a sex worker but questions becoming a drug mule instead to keep that secret. Abigail feels she would’ve rather told the truth than commit more crimes.

Xander tells Gwen what it means that she’s willing to do this for him. Gwen tells him they are in this together. Xander wishes they had a better plan. Gwen states that Xander is facing years in prison because she was afraid to tell her father that she lied about her miscarriage. Xander has no regrets as he’d never want her to lose Jack. Gwen worries that now she could lose Xander. Gwen talks about growing up without a father and losing her mom to a drug overdose. Gwen thought she loved Jake but that was a very unhealthy relationship. Gwen calls Xander the first man to actually mean something to her, so she will be damned if she lets him go to prison.

Ava calls her cousin Angelo and leaves a message, saying she needs some information on a former friend of theirs who went by the name Jake Lambert, now Jake DiMera.

Gabi agrees with Jake that she doesn’t want to look back at his dark past, so they should count their blessings that the mob let him go and now they are both safe. Jake adds that they are now part of a very legitimate business. Jake remembers a meeting with a new distributor this afternoon. Gabi forgot to tell him that got rescheduled. Jake asks if they should go back to the office then but Gabi wants to focus on how to use Philip’s jealousy over Brady to oust him from Titan. Jake says they can’t do that with Philip working down the hall. Gabi decides they go back to her house. Jake asks what if Ava is there. Gabi doesn’t care if Ava doesn’t want to see her and wants to just go home. Jake hugs her and tells her how grateful he is for her and says he’ll never stop trying to make her happy. Gabi tells him that he’s already done that.

EJ questions why dating Nicole would have anything to do with Sami. Nicole talks about Sami hating her and knowing that they went on a date would drive Sami more insane. EJ asks why that would bother her. Nicole doesn’t want to be a pawn in some sick game of revenge. EJ talks about Sami destroying Nicole’s marriage and exposing her infidelity while she was sleeping with Lucas. EJ questions if Nicole wouldn’t want to stick it to Sami as much as he would.

Xander guesses that Gwen thinks they have a future. Gwen asks if that scares him. Xander admits it does a little because he wants it so much. Xander didn’t think he’d ever be in another relationship after Sarah dumped him because he didn’t think anybody else would have him. Gwen guesses she’s not anybody else. Xander agrees and notes that the rest of Salem is probably hoping he gets locked up for decades for ruining Nicole’s marriage. Gwen relates that she did the same thing to Abigail’s marriage. Gwen supposes it makes sense that they are together. Xander agrees that they make a lot of sense. Gwen declares that it’s settled then that she will get the goods on judge so he will throw out the case and Xander can tell EJ to go to Hell.

Nicole tells EJ that Sami left town so maybe she won’t find out that they went on a date. EJ is sure she will find out. Nicole then agrees to go out with EJ. EJ tells her that he’ll pick her up at 8 as Brady and Chloe come back in. Brady makes a comment as EJ says he didn’t hear them come back in. Chloe says it sounds like they didn’t miss much. EJ suggests they could double date sometime with Chloe and Philip. EJ tells Brady that he’s the odd man out. EJ then tells Nicole that he will see her at 8 and exits the office. Brady warns Nicole that this will blow up in her face.

Philip asks Ava when she thinks Angelo will call back. Ava tells him not to worry as he will call soon. They then hear Gabi and Jake coming home so they head to the back to hide. Jake walks in and comments on it smelling like after shave. Gabi remarks that it’s not Rafe’s but it does seem familiar.

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