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Ciara: And ben, just be honest now, okay? If you’re saying that you don’t wanna pass down your bad genes to our baby, does that mean you might never wanna have a baby with me?


Ben: I did not say that.

Ciara: Okay, well it sounds like you did. Ben, want to have kids. I do. And if you don’t, I mean, isn’t that something you should have talked to me about before I married you?

Chanel: How can you call your movie “the sami brady story” if it’s all about your grandmother?

Johnny: My mom has had a very interesting life. But demonic possession? I mean, my movie could become a classic, like “the exorcist”! Except better, because it’s true.

Chanel: Are you sure you should be messing with this stuff?

Johnny: Of course I’m sure. It’s great material.

Chanel: Yeah, but–


Johnny: But what?

Chanel: Don’t you think some people might find it a little…sacrilegious?

Marlena: Put that damn thing away! I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to snap at you. I guess you’re right. I guess you’re right, you know? This whole conversation, all these bad memories, I guess I’m just a little bit on edge.

Allie: Hey.

Tripp: Hey. I know I’m a little early. I hope that’s okay.

Allie: Yeah, no. It’s great. Come in. Henry’s asleep and dinner is in the oven. Chicken and mashed potatoes.

Tripp: You’ve been baking all day for work and you’re making me dinner? You didn’t have to do that.

Allie: I wanted to. And I know you’re coming off a long shift at the hospital.

Tripp: Yeah, it was a rough day, you know? But I do have some news to share about doug.

Allie: Oh, no. Grandpa roman said he was having some tests done because he was having some issues with his memory.

Tripp: I’m afraid things got a lot more serious.

Julie: I wish marlena had let me go in there with her.

Eli: Grandma, come on. You gotta trust her. All right, I’m sure she’s knows what she’s doing.

Julie: I trust her, darling. I trust her as a doctor. I trust her as a friend. But remember what doug said to me when I said she’ll be on her way? He said marlena is the one who needs help. What did he mean by that?

Eli: I don’t–maybe he was just confused. But marlena, she’s gonna get to the bottom of it.

Demon marlena: Well, doug, it appears you’ve been a little tattletale.

[Tuts] We can’t have that. Isn’t it ironic that I persuaded marlena to let me into her in order to save your life? And now I’m gonna take it anyway.

Doug: No. No.

Demon marlena: Of course family and friends will be devastated! But they’ll think you died of natural causes. But it’s going to be anything but natural causes.

[Demonic growling]

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]


Ciara: Ben, we both talked about wanting kids together.

Ben: I know. And I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to mislead you. That’s not what I’m trying to do.

Ciara: Why didn’t you say anything, ben?

Ben: Because I don’t think I even admitted it to myself before, until you said you wanted to stop using birth control, and then everything just got real, fast. And I love you so much. I want to give you everything you want. I really do.

Ciara: Yeah, but you already have! Baby, don’t you get how happy you make me? That’s why I wanted to have a baby with you in the first place.

Ben: I know that. I know that. I’m afraid. I’m afraid because I don’t want to have a baby and have him turn out like me. I’m not trying to bring evil into this world right now.


Marlena: No, stop! Don’t do this!

Demon marlena: Your friend marlena is trying to stop me from doing what I have to do. You see, she hasn’t entirely given herself over to my powers yet. But she will.

Marlena: No, I won’t! You can’t make me hurt him!

Demon marlena: Yes, I can, and I will. We can’t have doug sharing our little secret.

Limu emu & doug

Chanel: I just think you’re playing with fire.

Johnny: You have to take chances in this life, chanel.

Chanel: What you’re talking about is a lot riskier than just “taking chances.” You are literally tempting the devil to walk right through that door.

Tony: Good evening.

Chanel: Oh, my god!

Johnny: Relax. Relax. It’s just my uncle tony. Uncle tony, this is chanel.

Tony: Ah, chanel. Pleasure. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to frighten you.

Chanel: No, it’s not you. Johnny just had me watch “the exorcist,” so I’m just a little jumpy.

Tony: “The exorcist”? That’s not exactly fun. My idea of fun is watching billy wilder. “Sunset boulevard,” “double indemnity,” “some like it hot.” Actually, that’s anna’s favorite. You know, maybe I should just go and see anna and see if she’d like to see it now.

Johnny: Uncle tony, wait. There’s actually something I wanted to ask you about, since you had a ringside seat.

Tony: To what?

Chanel: Your nephew wants to make a movie about when his grandmother was possessed by the devil.

Tony: Really? You failed to mention that to me when you asked me to invest.

Johnny: I didn’t know at the time.

Tony: Ah, I see. Well, if you’re looking for me to reconsider, I would say that that particular subject is hardly enticing.

Johnny: Look, I know you can’t help with the financing because my dad thinks you’d be “acting against the best interests” of his precious company, but you could still be a consultant.

Tony: And what would i be contributing?

Johnny: Well, you were there. You saw the whole thing up close and personal, when the devil tried to tempt my grandpa john into sleeping with your wife.

Tony: Wrong. I didn’t see it up close and personal. As a matter of fact, I didn’t see it at all.

Johnny: What? But I–

Tony: Look, johnny, that wasn’t me.

[Phone beeps]

[Line rings]

[Phone rings]

Julie: Hello?

John: Hey, julie. It’s john. Has doc seen doug yet?

Julie: She is in there with him now. But eli and I haven’t heard a thing yet.

John: Oh, hopefully we’ll hear something soon.

Julie: I feel terrible about asking her to come down here so late, but doug was asking for her. At least I think he was. I just feel rotten about interrupting your evening.

John: No, no, no. No, no, julie, absolutely no need to apologize.

Julie: I’ve been trying to say my rosary, and I am so upset and I am so worried, I can’t even concentrate on that.

John: I hear you on that. I just sat down with the bible to read psalm 23, hoping it would bring a little inner peace, but no such luck. Hey, I’ll tell you what. How about if I come down to the hospital and you and i head on over to the chapel, and we’ll say a prayer together. How does that sound?

Julie: Oh, john, that would be wonderful.

John: I’m on my way.

Julie: Thank you.

[Phone beeps] John’s coming down here to pray with me.

Eli: I’m sure that’ll make you feel a lot better.

Julie: I’ll tell you what would make me feel better: Getting some answers, finding out what in the world is going on with my husband, and why is it taking so long?

Eli: Grandma, it’s only been a few minutes.

Julie: Well, it seems like forever. I want to check on him. I want to see how he’S… but if I rush in there, barge in– I don’t want to upset him.

Eli: Okay, then why don’t you let me check on him?

Julie: You’d do that?

Eli: Yes. Of course, grandma. I’ll be back.

Tripp: And how was your day? Thank you.

Allie: Uh, can’t complain. The bakery did really well again, and I’m starting to recognize a lot of, like, repeat customers.

Tripp: Ah, that’s great.

Allie: Yeah. Oh, and on my lunch break, I ran into my brother.

Tripp: How did that go?

Allie: Actually, pretty well. He forgave me for the issues that I caused for him and chanel.

Tripp: Good. I’m glad he let that go.

Allie: Yeah, me too. Though it probably helped that his mind was on other things, like his movie.

Tripp: Is he still trying to convince you to play your mom?

Allie: Actually, we didn’t talk about that, because he was too focused on this weird family secret that he uncovered in will’s script.

Tripp: Oh. And what secret would that be?

Allie: That my grandma marlena was possessed by the devil.

Tripp: [Chokes]

Demon marlena: Stop fighting me, marlena. You’re not strong enough to resist me.

Marlena: No. You’ll never win! Never!

Demon marlena: No. Doug has to die. He knows too much.

Eli: Hey, everything okay in here?

[Thunder rumbles]

Ciara: You…you are not evil, ben. And our child wouldn’t be either.

Ben: Maybe not evil, but– you know mental illness runs in my family.

Ciara: Yeah, well, it runs in a lot of families.

Ben: Not like mine. Ciara, I was a murderer. My sister was a murderer.

Ciara: Hey, it was because of clyde. It was because of clyde. If he hadn’t abused you like that… what you and jordan did, that wasn’t inevitable, ben. That was circumstantial.

Ben: I don’t want anyone to feel that way.

Ciara: What way?

Ben: The way jordan did when my mother was pregnant with me. I don’t want anybody to think that my child would be better off dead than with me as a parent.

Ciara: Look at me. Baby, look at me. Look at me. Look at me. No one is gonna think that.

Ben: You don’t know that.

Ciara: Yes, I do. Yes, I do, ben. You faced your demons. You overcame them. And you said that my love helped you do that. At our wedding, you said that you were broken, and that my love fixed you.

Ben: It did.

Ciara: So just let my love do that again. I want to help you face this. We have overcome every single challenge we have ever faced. And we can overcome this, okay? I have no doubt in my mind.

To be a thriver with

metastatic breast cancer

Ben: No matter how much you love me, you can’t change my dna or control what traits I pass down to our children.

Ciara: But your genes don’t control your destiny. I mean, look at me. I was born with great genes.

Ben: Mm.

Ciara: And I was still headed down a bad path. But my parents guided me in the right direction. Without them, who knows where I would be? It was the way I was raised that mattered the most.

Ben: I was raised by a monster.

Ciara: And so it makes sense. It makes sense that you had demons, baby. But later on in life, you finally got that nurturing that you were deprived of as a kid in the form of therapy from your doctors at bayview and marlena and–

Ben: You.

Ciara: Me. Me. And it’s because of that care that you are now on the right path. And I know our child will be too. Because we’re gonna give him unconditional love. Ben, I know in my heart that you would make the most amazing father. Like, you would be the best, and that would make all the difference.

Johnny: What do you mean it wasn’t you, uncle tony? It says right here in will’s script that you were married to aunt kristen, but she was in love with grandpa john. By the way, how did that happen? Aren’t you two brother and sister?

Tony: We’re not related by blood.

Johnny: Okay. So anyway, she didn’t want to leave you because you were blind, and grandpa john apparently was a priest at the time.

Tony: Oh. “Tony” should be in quotes.

Johnny: What are you talking about?

Tony: Well, everybody thought it was me. Even kristen was fooled. But it was my evil cousin andre.

Johnny: You two look exactly alike.

Tony: Well, that’s because he had plastic surgery to look like me. Only I turned out to be much more winsome, witty, and wise. Anyway, as I was saying, I was stranded on some deserted island when andre was running around salem posing as me.

Chanel: White people are crazy.

Tony: Uh-huh.

Johnny: So you’re telling me you didn’t witness any of the devil stuff?

Tony: No, I’m afraid not. I wasn’t here when all this allegedly happened to your grandmother.

Johnny: Allegedly?

Tony: Well, yeah. Yes, it wasn’t– as I said before, I wasn’t here. What you need to do is to find someone who actually lived through it. Back in the ’90s, when it all went down.

Allie: It was back in the ’90s when my grandma marlena was possessed by the devil, and supposedly she terrorized the town for months.

Tripp: And you’re just hearing about this now?

Allie: Well, yeah. I mean, it’s not something my family likes to talk about, obviously.

Tripp: Or will made it up for his movie.

Allie: I thought that too. But then I talked to my grandpa john. And he said it was all true.

Tripp: You don’t really believe that, do you?

Allie: He was pretty convincing.

Tripp: I’m sorry, allie. I just don’t buy it.

Julie: Thank you. Thank you so much.

John: Julie, it’s me. You don’t have to thank me. Doc and I, we love you and doug, and obviously we’re very concerned about this.

Julie: I know. When kayla ran those tests and they were inconclusive, and then marlena stepped up and said she’d give her assessment, I was so grateful. Who better to analyze his bizarre behavior and the things he’s been doing and…and they had their session, ad he collapsed. And I was terrified.

John: Okay, well, hey, julie, he’s stable now and doc’s in there with him. She’s trying again.

Julie: I’m so grateful. I know I’m asking a lot of her, coming down to the hospital in the night like this, and…she would never say anything, I know, but you must let me know if this is burdensome to her.

John: Why would I even think that?

Julie: She seemed a little stressed, john.

John: Well, she’s dealing with something, but it’s nothing compared to what doug’s going through. And I know how important it is for her to help him right now.

Julie: Well, I don’t want to impose on our friendship, so I’ll count on you to tell me if it’s just too much.

John: Well, of course I will. You know that. But right now, our spouses are together, and one is trying to heal the other, so what do you say you and I, we go on down to the chapel and we say a prayer for both of ’em?

Eli: Is everything okay?

Marlena: Yes. I was just trying to make doug a little more comfortable.

Eli: How’s he doing? Were you able to ask him what he meant when he told julie that “he went into her”?

Marlena: No, not yet. We were on the verge of that conversation when you came in, so… if you just step outside, we can continue.

Doug: No, no! Please, don’T. Don’t leave me! Please! On the outside, I looked fine.

Johnny: Who else in the family can I talk to about what happened?

Tony: Well, certainly not andre. Poor thing is no longer with us. Why don’t you ask john?

Johnny: Allie spoke to him. He told her the whole story, said it was all true. But he made it very clear that he never wanted to discuss that topic again. My mom hasn’t called me back, and no one has any idea where aunt kristen is, so…

Tony: Well, that’s probably for the best.

Johnny: I’m sorry?

Tony: What I was saying is, why don’t you go directly to the source and ask marlena?

Johnny: [Scoffs] I don’t think john would be cool with that.

Tony: Perhaps that’s a sign. You know what they say. Sometimes the past is best left buried. Enchantée, chanel.

Chanel: Nice to meet you, mr. Dimera.

Tony: Nice to meet you, too. Johnny.

Johnny: Right.

Chanel: I’d hate to say I told you so, g, but I think you’d be doing everyone in this town a big favor if you just dropped this whole movie idea.

Johnny: [Sighs]

Eli: Why is doug so freaked out?

Marlena: Well, I think he’s just tired of being in the hospital. You won’t be here much longer. I promise. Now, if you would be good enough to leave us alone…

Doug: No, eli! Don’t go!

Eli: You know, my grandmother and john, they went to the chapel to pray. I think julie wanted you to meet them there.

Doug: Yes. Julie.

[Machines beeping]

Marlena: Fine. Fine.

Tripp: Look, as someone who firmly believes in science, I just think there has to be a rational explanation.

Allie: Like what?

Tripp: I would hypothesize that marlena was suffering from a neurobiological disorder, something along the lines of schizophrenia.

Allie: I don’t think that schizophrenia would explain her levitating several feet off her bed.

Tripp: That happened too?

Allie: According to grandpa john, yes.

Tripp: Is there any proof?

Allie: Like, a video or something? Not that I know of. But my grandfather saw it firsthand, and a few other people did too.

Tripp: It could be mass hysteria.

Allie: Wow, you really are a skeptic.

Tripp: Look, here, let me borrow your laptop. I’ll prove to you that I’m right.

Ciara: I mean, just tonight, you proved that you’re gonna be an amazing father.

Ben: What are you talking about?

Ciara: Well, when we came back, I was a wet and sloppy mess, and you told me that i looked perfect.

Ben: Because you did. You always look perfect.

Ciara: Mm. And that is exactly what you would say to our daughter if she came home from kindergarten with a painting of a cat that looks like a hamburger. You would tell her that it was perfect.

Ben: Mm. Our daughter, huh?

Ciara: Mm. Wouldn’t you love to have a little girl?

Ben: Long as she looked like you. What if we had a boy?

Ciara: Well, then bo brady weston would be as amazing and as handsome as his father. Either way, our kid would know their way around an engine.

Ben: Mm. For sure.

Ciara: Mm-hmm.

Ben: That’s true.

Ciara: Baby, I know I’m right about how amazing you are gonna be as a father. I know I am. But I also know that I’m not gonna change your mind in just one conversation. So we don’t have to settle this tonight, okay?

Ben: You sure you’re not upset with me for hiding how I really felt?

Ciara: No. Mm-mm. I’m just glad that you told me the truth. So we can just put this baby conversation on the back burner, okay? Because right now, I just want to be with you. I just want us to love each other. That is all I want. Frequent heartburn? Not anymore.

Johnny: I’m not giving up on my film.

Chanel: Okay, but do you really want to spend the rest of the night talking about the devil?

Johnny: No, I don’T.

Chanel: So maybe we can do something else? Whoa, whoa, what if your uncle comes back?

Johnny: Well, we could go upstairs. We’d have total privacy up there. And just so you know, I have protection this time.

Tripp: Okay, see, this article says that there has never been any substantial proof of a demonic possession. Okay? Nothing caught on video. Nothing that can’t be explained away by trickery or science.

Allie: Okay, but there are many instances where exorcisms are successful. So, I mean, how do you explain the victims getting better?

Tripp: Power of suggestion. You know, if you truly believe that you’re possessed and a priest performs a sacred ritual, you’re gonna believe it worked.

Allie: And you think that’s what happened to my grandmother?

Tripp: I’d bet money on it.

Allie: [Sighs]

John and julie: Lord, make me an instrument of your peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love. Where there is injury, pardon. Where there is doubt, faith. Where there is despair, hope. Where there is darkness, light…

Doug: She…she…

Eli: Wait, who, doug? Who are you talking about? Julie? Marlena?

Doug: Marlena…

Eli: Okay, doug, look, I– no, no, no, hey. Don’t get worked up, okay? Look, you really gotta just relax. It can wait.

Doug: No, it can’T.

Eli: Doug, c’mon. Julie’s on her way, all right?

Doug: I need to say it now. Listen to me. Please.

John and julie: O divine master, grant that I shall not seek so much to be consoled as to console; to be understood as to understand; to be loved as to love. For it is in giving that we receive. It is in pardoning that we are pardoned. And it is in dying that we are born to eternal life. Amen.

Julie: Saint francis. He really tells us how to walk in the light.

John: Julie, you don’t have to put on a brave face for me. I know that the man you love more than anything in this world is suffering right now. I know how hard that is.

Julie: Doug is my world.

John: I know. And your love and your prayers, they’re gonna get him through this.

Julie: Do you really believe it, john?

John: Oh, I believe that with all my heart. Julie, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about a time years ago when I almost lost marlena, when she was taken from us, when she was doing things that were truly evil, horrifying. It was such a frightening time. But no matter how dark things got, I never gave up. And I know that it was my love and my prayers that brought her back to me.

Julie: It must’ve been terrible for you.

John: But you see, it didn’t drive us apart. It brought us together. It reinforced our bond. And it taught me something. It taught me that no matter what challenges life throws our way, we can get through them together. Together, we can face anything. People everywhere living with type 2 diabetes

Allie: Okay, I get what you’re saying. And I would probably share your skepticism, except that when grandpa john told me about it, he was visibly shaken. I mean, he even admitted to being scarred, especially because he had to perform the exorcism.

Tripp: Are you saying that your grandfather used to be a priest?

Allie: I’m a little fuzzy on that part. But I trust grandpa john. And if he says that my grandmother was possessed, that’s enough for me.

Marlena: Oh, john, I’m glad you’re here.

John: Oh, of course I’m here, sweetheart.

Julie: How is doug?

Marlena: Oh, doug has been through a lot. He’d like to see you, julie.

Julie: Oh, good. Before I go, I wanna thank you, marlena, for coming back here tonight. And doug thanks you too.

Marlena: Well, I’m not sure how much I helped him, but I tried my best.

Julie: Why, I know you did. And he really needed you.

[Sighs] In his confusion, poor darling, he said you were the one who needed help.

Marlena: Huh. Well, maybe he was right. Maybe I did need some help. And I found it.

Chanel: Ooh, you’ve got protection? So you thought we were gonna have sex tonight?

Johnny: No! No, not at all. I just–I wanted us to be safe if and when it happens.

Chanel: Mm. Well, it is not happening tonight, romeo.

Johnny: Is this because of what my sister said? All that stuff she said about me?

Chanel: About you being a total player, and all you’re interested in is getting me in bed, and then you’ll lose interest?

Johnny: That is not true, chanel. I am very interested in spending time with you and eating pb&j with you, talking, laughing, hanging out.

Chanel: I like that too. You know, when we met, we went from 0 to 60 really fast.

[Sighs] But, you know, maybe we can just slow things down a bit.

Johnny: We could watch more movies.

Chanel: As long as no one’s head is spinning around.

Johnny: Ah, I think you actually liked that, even though you were scared.

Chanel: I was definitely scared. But I admit it was kinda fun.

Johnny: Yeah, for me, too. Actually, everything is fun with you.

Chanel: Well, maybe we can just do that for a while, have fun, before we end up in bed.

[Soft music]


Ciara: [Sighs] I am so impressed, dear husband, that you managed to get a restaurant in salem to recreate the first meal we had on our honeymoon. And I’ve gotta say, the bread pudding was as good as what we had in new orleans.

Ben: Well, guess what, my dear wife. There’s some general tso’s chicken right over there in that fridge for when we’re hungry later.

Ciara: Oh, are you planning on working up an appetite?

Ben: You already know it.

Ciara: No, wait, I can’t believe it’s been ten years.

Ben: Well, happy anniversary.

Ciara: Happy anniversary, mr. Weston, who I love more today than I did on the day that we got married. And I love this necklace. It’s perfect.

Ben: You’re perfect.

Ciara: Oh, gosh! Oh, I guess the…

[Toy squeaks] The babysitter wasn’t too strict on putting all the toys away.

Ben: I guess not.

Ciara: Oh, oh, sweetheart.

Ben: Hey.

Ciara: What are you doing up? And where’s rita?

Bo: She was mean to me. So I punished her.

Ben: What happened, buddy?

Bo: She made me play with these toys instead of what I really wanted to play with.

Ciara: And what did you really want to play with?

Bo: Daddy’s necktie.

[Suspenseful music]


Ben: No, no, no! No!

[Breathing heavily] I’ve lost count of how many asthma attacks I’ve had.

Ciara: Ben, are you okay?

Ben: I just had a nightmare.

Ciara: I can see that. What was it about?

Ben: Don’t really remember.

Ciara: Well… it was just a bad dream. Doesn’t mean anything, babe. I’m right here and I love you and everything is gonna be okay. I promise. Everything’s gonna be okay.

Johnny: I see what’s going on here. Yeah, you want me to woo you.

Chanel: Not the word I’d use, but yes.

Johnny: Well, okay. Prepare to be wooed.

Chanel: You sure you know how?

Johnny: Oh, yeah. No, you’d better brace yourself, because I am going to wine you, dine you, serenade you, the whole nine yards.

Chanel: Mm, well, I can’t wait. But, um, wooing aside, please don’t make that movie. Like I said, g, you’re playing with fire.

Johnny: Noted.

Doug: I need– I need to tell you now.

Julie: How’s he doing?

Eli: He’s been trying to tell me something, but he’s just wearing himself out.

Julie: Oh. Oh, darling. Darling, you don’t have to talk right now, sweetheart.

Doug: She was trying to–

Julie: Yes, yes. Marlena was trying to help you. And she’ll help you again. But right now, my precious one, you just need to sleep. You just rest. And we’ll talk about everything in the morning.

Marlena: Thank god you’re here. It’s as if you knew I needed you.

John: Well, since you give so much to the people you love, I think it’s important that you know that I’m always here for you to lean on.

Marlena: You are my rock.

John: I love you.

Marlena: I love you.

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