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Jack: You got to stop this. Listen to yourself. Listen to the leaps of logic you’re willing to make to justify what you’re doing.

Billy: I’m protecting the mother of my children, Jack.

Jack: I know you keep saying that. Victoria is no longer your responsibility. And let’s be honest. This is not protecting Victoria or protecting your kids or maybe even about Ashland. This is about you trying to stop Victoria from moving on.


Billy: You’re not the first person to claim that I’m having a hard time getting over Victoria, but like them, Jack, you would be wrong ’cause I am happy with Lily, very, very happy. My life has taken a different direction, and I am great with that.

Jack: Historically, that would be about the time that you start to sabotage yourself.

Billy: There you go.

Jack: You’re my brother, and I love you, Billy, but you know that’s the truth.

Billy: It’s not what this is about, okay? This is about protecting Victoria and my children. That’s it. Their welfare. Nothing more. And given the amount of lies and half-truths that Ashland has told us in the short amount of time that he has been in our lives, I would be remiss not to look into him.

Jack: This is your ego talking. Victoria is perfectly capable of looking after her own life without any of your help.

Billy: Okay, you mentioned Nick as having the same thoughts. Does that make him an egomaniac, as well!

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