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Steffy: Liam, no, no way. No way. You must have misunderstood.

Liam: It’s not an misunderstanding and the only reason I’m saying anything is for kelly and your safety.

Steffy: Finn would never do something like that.

Liam: I saw it. I was standing right there. It happened right in front of me, right in the courthouse right after sheila was released and I’m– I’m– I’m telling you finn and sheila were physically embracing each other.

Li: Sheila’s out of prison? How? How– how on earth is that possible?

Finn: The judge dropped the charges. It– ruled that the sheila was a victim of illegal search and seizure when she confessed and he just– it– it was thrown out.

Li: A victim? You’ve gotta be kidding me.

Deacon: Sheila.

Sheila: In the flesh.

Deacon: You escaped? You– you came here? Sheila, what are you thinking?

Sheila: You know, that wasn’t the welcome that I was hoping for.

Deacon: What did you do?

Sheila: Relax, would you? I didn’t escape. They let me go.

Deacon: Okay, what the hell is going on?

[ Sheila laughing ]

Sheila: You’re looking at a free woman.

Ridge: Hey, I got your text. Uh-oh. What?

Brooke: There’s something you need to know. Wanna go ahead?

Ridge: What’s going on?

Hope: Well, you know that liam has moved out.

Ridge: Yeah, I’m sorry to hear that, but I– I’m convinced you two kids could work through it.

Hope: I’m afraid not.

Ridge: What happened?

Ridge: Divorce?

Hope: Liam asked for one. It’s not what I wanted, initially, and I– I tried to get liam to forgive me after what happened in rome, but…

Ridge: And he had divorce papers drawn up.

Hope: No. I did.

Deacon: A free woman?

Sheila: That’s right.

Deacon: All right, come on. Fess up. Tell me the truth. Guthrie. What, he helped you escape again?

Sheila: Nope. You know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you speechless.

Deacon: You have that effect on me sometimes.

Sheila: I know that this is a bit of a shock.

Deacon: And yet, not the first one today.

Sheila: Well, hopefully, this is a good one.

Deacon: Tell me exactly what happened.

Sheila: The judge dropped all charges. They set me free.

Li: I still don’t understand this. I thought bill’s plan was foolproof.

Finn: Well, apparently not.

[ Li sighing ]

Li: Sheila carter? Serial criminal, free to roam the streets? Oh, how could the judge allow it? She shot you and steffy! Say you’ll testify now.

Finn: Can’T. The D.A. Dropped the charges. Unless there’s new evidence, there’s– look, I didn’t make the law. Look, mom, just please try not to worry.

Li: Of course, I’m worried. I’m sure you are too! Whatever sheila has planned, you need to protect steffy and those children of yours. Do not let sheila come back into your lives ever again.

Liam: I’m really sorry, steffy. I know this is a shocking thing to hear.

Steffy: Well, you must have misinterpreted because there’s no way finn would be in contact with sheila, let alone embrace her.

Liam: I’m sorry, steffy, but I thought you needed to know. I used to wait to run my dishwasher

Ridge: Now, you said you were desperate to hold on to your marriage, to work things out with liam. Next thing I know, you draw up divorce papers.

Hope: I realize this may seem sudden to you–

Ridge: It’s a little sudden. Let me ask you something. Does this have something to do with you sleeping with my son at all?

Brooke: Ridge!

Hope: Mom, you told him?

Brooke: Honey, I– I can’t keep secrets from him. You know that. Nobody else knows.

Hope: Uh-uh.

Ridge: It doesn’t matter. Guys, I don’t care about that. If you and liam can figure it out, that’s great. If you can’t, that’s great. That’s up to you. What I care about is my son. He’s been working really hard to get his life back together and not be obsessed with you. So, I’m asking you, despite of what happened before, how do you feel about him? How do you feel about thomas?

Deacon: So, the judge said bill’s plan didn’t hold up in court because of the way he got the confession.

Sheila: That’s right.

Deacon: Un-frickin- believable.

Sheila: I– I’ll tell ya, I was– I was fully prepared, walking into the judge’s chambers, thinking that I was gonna spend the rest of my life in prison. I can’t even put into words how scared I was. I mean, waking up every morning thinking that I was never gonna be able to touch the people that I love ever again.

Li: I can only imagine what it was like for you and steffy sitting there, looking at that woman, hearing the judge set her free.

Finn: Steffy wanted to be there to face sheila. Clearly, this was not the outcome she expected.

Li: And what about you? How are you able to hold yourself back? I would not have been able to control myself.

Finn: Yeah, um, I had a very– very strong reaction.

Liam: I don’t love having to come here and drop this bomb on you, but if finn really is vulnerable to his birth mother, then you need to know that.

Steffy: No. No, no, no. This does not make– it does not make any sense. Sheila shot me. She shot finn. She held him captive for months. Look, I can’t– I can’t explain this video, but there is no way finn would put me or my family in jeopardy.

Liam: I agree with you. I agree. It doesn’t make any sense, especially after finn saying for months and months that he’d sworn off sheila and he wants nothing to do with her and he’s gonna do everything in his power to protect you and your family from her. This is why I took the video because there is no way you would believe it otherwise. Hell, I know I wouldn’T. But steffy, at this point, you don’t know that you can trust finn to keep you and kelly and hayes safe from sheila and that’S… that’s information you deserve to have. Glad with clorox eliminates food and bacterial odors.

Hope: Well, of course I have feelings for thomas. We share a son together. We’re a great team, you know, with hope for the future and I think we are on a path that is just getting started.

Ridge: Okay. I don’t know what any of that means.

Hope: It just– it means that thomas and I share a connection and I get why you would be curious about my relationship with thomas. I mean, he’s your son. Of course, you would be concerned.

Ridge: I’m concerned about all my kids.

Hope: Steffy too?

Ridge: Yeah, steffy too.

Hope: Okay, so then he’s aware about the role that steffy kinda played with what happened with liam and me?

Ridge: What?

Brooke: Hope feels that liam is still in love with steffy.

Ridge: Okay.

Hope: We all know that steffy, liam and me, we’ve had a dynamic that has been going on for a very long time now and I just realized that I… don’t want to spend my life with a man who has divided feelings because I have seen the kind of damage that that can do. Whereas thomas has always been very clear about his feelings for me. So, I do not know what the future holds. I don’t have an answer for you. I just know that I want to work and concentrate on hope for the future and concentrate on raising my kids. I just– I don’t want to let this drag me down.

Deacon: Bill and ridge vowed to keep quiet about our relationship. Nobody knows. They’ve kept the promise.

Sheila: Yeah, but me being free doesn’t change anything. That’s why I put on this adorable little disguise. No need to draw unnecessary attention.

Deacon: I just can’t believe you fooled me again.

Sheila: Can you take a moment to– to enjoy the fact that I’m free?

Deacon: I am so happy you’re free. I hated the fact that you were rotting away in that prison cell.

Sheila: Yeah, but you know, when you came to see me, you, uh… you really helped me forget about the reality that I was living in. You helped me, you really did and I thank you for that.

Deacon: I’m just glad I could do something.

Sheila: No, I… I really felt like I– I was living in a very hopeless situation and look at me now. Look at me now! I’m here with you and a second chance. It just goes to prove that you should– you should really never give up. You just never know what gifts life is gonna give you.

Deacon: I am glad you’re free.

Sheila: I’m just really hoping that– that finn will be happy for me too.

Li: Doesn’t the judge know releasing sheila puts you, steffy and the kids in danger?

Finn: His hands were tied.

Li: I can’t believe we’re in this position again. This is just wrong! Sheila should be spending the rest of her life behind bars, right, finn?

Liam: The most important thing is keeping sheila as far away as humanly possible from you and the kids, right? And the second she’s set free, finn is cozying it up with her, so– so you just have to be realistic here and consider the possibility that finn is not capable of standing up to her to protect you and your family.

Steffy: Ugh. It makes me nauseous to see finn with his arms wrapped around sheila. Like, I can’t tell you how many times we’ve discussed sheila staying away from us. But there has to be some kind of, like, explanation. Finn just wouldn’t let his guard down. He wouldn’t endanger our family. It’s impossible.

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Deacon: I admire your positive attitude after getting sprung, but I’m just saying, I don’t see any scenario where finn just forgives you for what you did to his family.

Sheila: Come on. Who– who would’ve thought that I– I would be here. Anything is possible. I am living proof.

Deacon: I just don’t want you to set yourself up for disappointment, you know? Finn and steffy went through a lot because of you. That’s reality. Maybe it’s time you accept it.

Sheila: Deacon, I– I know this is hard for you to understand, but never underestimate the bond between a mother and her son.

Deacon: I’m not. I’m just saying, I think it would take a miracle for them to let you back into their life.

Sheila: Look at me now. I mean, anything is possible and I’m not gonna give up until finn forgives me and allows me to be a part of his life.

Li: You do agree sheila should spend the rest of her life in prison, right? Finn. I know this isn’t what you or steffy expected. Justice wasn’t served. But you have to think about steffy and the kids. The judge’s decision puts all of you at risk.

Finn: Don’t worry, all right? I will do whatever it takes to keep my family safe.

Steffy: I– I just can’t believe finn would allow himself to vulnerable to sheila after everything she’s done to us.

Liam: It’s right here, steffy. It’s on video.

Steffy: It’s a hug. That’s all.

Liam: Look, nobody wants to believe that finn has this emotional attachment to sheila, but he didn’t push her away, he didn’t scream at her, right? I mean– you know how I feel about you and kelly. I’m not– I’m not gonna sit back and put your safety at risk while finn tries to figure out his relationship with his birth mom. She’s a dangerous person.

Steffy: I know.

Liam: Okay. You know that, I know that and kelly is my daughter and it’s my job to protect her and she’s living under this roof with finn. And it’s not– it’s not– it’s not just kelly. It’s obviously– it’s hayes and you too.

Steffy: Yeah, but you’ve always been protective of us.

Liam: I know and I’m– I’m just– I’m just saying– I’m not saying there’s not some explanation. What I am saying is you cannot bury your head in the sand here.

Steffy: I’m not.

Liam: Okay, then you know exactly what you have do, right? I mean, you have to confront finn about this. You have to force him to give you an explanation for this. Now, maybe– I don’t know, maybe there’s an answer. Maybe, you know, maybe tensions were running high and he was emotional and there’s like a mother/son bond.

Steffy: What? No, no, no. He hates sheila for what she did to us.

Liam: Absolutely and he should because she has proven time and time again that she’s dangerous. Not just dangerous, but lethal and she’s manipulative and she happens to be obsessed with finn and hayes. And she’s– look, that hug, whether he knows it or not, it sent a message to sheila. He’s basically saying, “hey, guess what? I’m vulnerable to you.” And sheila is gonna take that information and she is gonna use it however she can to get close to him and hayes and kelly, and I’m not gonna just let that happen. I love kelly way too much to put her in harm’s way. And I know we’re not together, but I love you too, you know.

[ Steffy sighing ]

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